ATWT Update Wednesday 4/26/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 4/26/06


Written By Terri
Pictures by Boo

Carly awakes in the morning in Jack's arms on the Snyder Farm porch. They come this close to kissing, but Jack pulls away yet again. Carly expresses her appreciation for letting her and the kids stay overnight. They go inside to fix breakfast for JJ and Sage.

At the police station, Meg questions one of the cops about Paul and Emily, he has no real news and offers her a blanket after she complains of being cold. To Meg's surprise, moments later a blanket is placed around her shoulders by Paul ! Happily they embrace as he explains that after spending another night in jail and talking with his lawyers, all the charges against them have been dropped. Meg inquirers about Dusty. Paul assures her that he is in the hospital being evaluated, but he will be ok and Jennifer is with him. Unfortunately, Emily is still out there !

In the hospital, Gwen tracks Will down while he is working, she tries to apologize for being late meeting him the night before, but Will reacts to her coldly. Hal interrupts them and tells Will that Jennifer is there with Dusty. A shocked Will promises to stop by and see them later. Hal wishes Gwen well with the opening of CRASH and tells her he will try to attend the clubs' debut.

Jennifer and Dusty are enjoying a happy reunion in his room, but Dusty is anxious to be released and to see Johnny. He is delighted when Bob comes in to discharge him insisting he must us a wheelchair to leave the hospital. Hal enters to take Dusty's statement. Dusty assures Hal that Emily was his kidnapper, but he believes as Hal does that she did not act alone. Susan comes in with the wheelchair for Dusty, happy to see him well and to get the details on his captivity. Jen and Dusty respond vaguely and quickly exit.

Susan turns to Hal and asks why they brushed her off. Hal tells Susan she'd better sit down as he tells her of Emily's actions. Hal takes Susan back to New Years' Eve and Paul's shooting and subsequent events ending with Dusty's kidnapping. Susan is stunned to learn that Meg has corroborated Paul's story ! Hal warns Susan that Emily is a fugitive and she is to contact him immediately if she hears from Em !

Jen and Dusty run into Will and Gwen in the corridor. Gwen and Will tell Dusty that they are glad to see him and how Johnny missed him. Gwen asks Will if he plans to attend the opening, Will says he will try and with the tension between them Gwen leaves. Dusty gives Jen a few moments alone with Will so they can talk. Jen, sensing the distance between Will and Gwen, warns her brother that he should let go of whatever they are fighting about because that could have been the last time he would ever see Gwen and he wouldn't want things to be left that way between them. She lovingly tells him "I woke up one morning and kissed Dusty goodbye and went to run some errands and he never came home". Will smiles, admits his mistake and embraces Jen as she leaves with Dusty.

Back at Snyder farm, Emma, Jack, Carly, JJ and Sage enjoy breakfast together. As Jack leaves for the station, Emma corners him on the porch to talk about Meg. She lets Jack know about her concern about Meg's involvement with Paul, but Meg is in love with him. Jack accuses Emma of thinking of lecturing him regarding his relationship with Carly, when Emma assures him that she just wants everyone to be happy. Jack goes back into the house and Carly asks if the two of them could take the kids to the lake later. Jack cuts her off by telling her that he has heard from the forensics team and that the basement in their house has been cleared. He tells her that her and the kids can go home. Hurt, Carly smiles and agrees. Jack tells her that her brave face isn't fooling anyone including the kids and that it doesn't feel right. Carly tells him that she can't fall apart especially for JJ's stability, but that waking up seeing Jack's face "felt right". Jack says that one day it will feel right to be without him, Carly disagrees.

At the police station, Meg and Paul discuss where to go and settle on the Lakeview. As they pass through the squad room, they overhear Hal telling the officers that Emily has not been found. Paul tries to convince Hal to let him join in the search for Em. Hal refuses, and cautions Paul that Meg may be safer in jail until Emily is nabbed. Meg refuses despite Hal's warning and asks Paul to take her home to Emma's farm. Reluctantly, Paul agrees after Meg convinces him she will be safe because Jack is living there.

Jen sets a romantic scene with candles and a bubble bath for Dusty. Dusty is concerned about the time they have lost and how Paul is always in the middle of their troubles. He tells her again how the memory of her kept him alive. Jen shushes him with kisses and joins him in the bathtub as the two make love.

At Emma's, JJ and Sage come in to tell Jack and Carly about the things they have seen on the farm. Jack announces to Emma's delight that Meg has been released and is on her way there. Outside on the porch Meg tells Paul that she is grateful to him and that he has proven to her that he is a good man. Paul, uncomfortable with the compliments, tells Meg that he loves her and that she is all he wants as he removes his wedding ring. When Meg and Paul enter the kitchen, Emma expresses her gratitude to Paul for his part in clearing Meg and invites the two to have some breakfast. Carly decides it is time for her and the kids to leave and JJ wants to know if Jack is coming. Carly tells him no and explains that they are a family no matter where they live. Jack wants to drive them home but Carly insists he stay so that he can find out what Meg and Paul's roles were in finding Dusty. Jack admits to being curious about that and agrees. As Carly leaves, she looks wistfully at Jack and his family reunion. When Carly arrives home, JJ tells her she is acting weird again, Carly still trying to maintain normalcy assures JJ that she is ok and they all will be too someday.

After breakfast, Paul tells Meg that he has to find Emily before she hurts her. Meg understands and goes upstairs. Jack comes in and tells Paul it's time for him to go. Jack's cell phone rings and Paul follows him out to the porch. After being questioned by Paul, Jack tells him that a tip was phoned in that Em had been spotted in town. Paul tells Jack that he can find Emily, but Jack insists Paul stay out of it and to let the police handle it. Paul tells Jack that he is going for a walk, Jack is suspicious.

Over at CRASH, Gwen tells Casey that Will seems upset with her. Will walks in and apologizes to Gwen and presents her with the guitar strap he'd bought her. He tells her that he will attend the opening. She apologizes for not remembering their two month anniversary and as Casey puts on a slow song, she and Will start dancing.

Still reeling from what Hal told her regarding Emily's crimes, Susan sits down in a hospital alcove. She is then startled by a tap on her shoulder by none other than EMILY!

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