ATWT Update Tuesday 4/25/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 4/25/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At home, Carly is picking up around the room, as she remembers the skeleton in the wall in her basement. She jumps as a branch hits the window. She is picking up some dishes by a framed family picture when she stops to glance at it longingly. She finishes picking up the plates when the front door opens surprising Carly, who drops and breaks the items she is holding. It is JJ, who has come home to get a game to bring back to his friend’s house. It is in the basement. Carly looks concerned, but she simply tells him he can’t go down to get his game.

Will is at the Lakeview and he is on the phone with Gwen, who is at Crash. They talk briefly about whether they will be ready to open the club tomorrow night? She tells Will she has to go because she can see Casey stressing about something. Will asks her to meet him at the Lakeview in half an hour…don’t be late. She promises to meet him there.

Maddie is meeting Will at the Lakeview to do some more calculus work. He needs to start focusing. He seems as if he is somewhere else. Does he have a date? He tells her he does. Gwen has been working so hard at the club that he hardly sees her anymore. Maddie can understand that since Casey has been MIA as well lately. He needs to think about math for a while though because if he doesn’t pass this class then he won’t graduate. Barbara, who has just walked up, adds that without graduating he will not gain access to his trust fund either.

At the station, Hal is talking to Meg about Emily’s role in Dusty’s kidnapping. He is incredulous that she would want him to believe she is capable of that. Meg explains that Emily is not the same woman as the one he married. He tells her that in no uncertain terms would he believe her without some type of proof. Meg explains that Paul’s supposed self-inflicted gun shot wound was not that. Emily shot him… in the back! She nursed him back to health so she would know this. Emily is now capable of anything.

At the abandoned house, Jen demands to know from Emily what the gunshot was? A panicked Emily stares and then tries to recover enough to look innocent. She heard that gunshot too. She was so scared. She followed her there to make sure she was safe. Jen is stunned; she is trying to claim that Emily followed her there? Emily continues; she was worried that she would go looking for Dusty on her own, and so she tried to follow her, but she lost her and then she drove around town and then ended up here in the woods where she saw her car. Jen can’t take anymore of this; she screams, liar! She pushes her up against the door and yells for Emily to tell her where Dusty is?

Paul is babbling at Dusty. He heard the gunshot and he thought Emily had done something to him. Jen is going to be so happy to see him. By the way, where is Jen? No matter, she must be around here somewhere. They will find her together. Dusty tells him not to take one more step, as he raises the gun and points it at him. Paul stands there motionless for a minute and then nervously tells him to put the gun down because they don’ t have time to do this. They have to find Emily and Jen. An edgy Dusty snaps that Jen is not there. Paul explains that she has to be because she called him to tell her where she was. Dusty doesn’t believe him; he just wants his cell phone. Paul tosses it towards him, but wants to know what he is going to do? He is going to call the police. Paul snaps harshly back at him; they don’t have time for this. Emily is out there and is crazy; they need to stop her before Jen and Emily come face to face. Dusty bellows for him to get on his knees. Paul tries to explain that Emily is insane, but Dusty answers back that is because he pushed her toward that. Paul tries another tactic. The supposed self-inflicted gunshot was not that; Emily shot him in the back when he called off the wedding. Dusty is listening but he wants Paul to put his hands up. When he does, Dusty asks him what is on his finger? Paul knows he is referring to his wedding band, and he states the obvious. Dusty observed that Emily had the exact same one. He almost had him; he almost believed Emily might have done that, until he saw the ring. Paul tries to explain that he married her for a reason. Dusty sarcastically answers that he is sure it was to protect someone, because that is always his MO.

Jen is screeching at Emily; she did not follow her because she followed Emily. They knew that she would lead them to Dusty. Emily registers what she said. We? Paul was involved, Emily cries? Jen finally admits that Paul was involved in setting her up. The truth hits Emily like a ton of bricks; he lied to me, she wails? Jen doesn’t have time for this; where is Dusty!? Emily snaps; he is here; she kept Dusty here away from all of them. She did it to protect Paul though, she blubbers through sobs. Then she is off on a tangent. Paul promised he loved me; he promised me they would be forever; she trusted him, she bawls. She falls to the floor in a heap; Jen grabs her roughly and tells her she can cry later because she is coming with her.

If what Paul is saying is the truth, then why would he cover for Emily, Hal asks Meg? He felt bad because he had called off the wedding and he knew how devastated she would be. He wondered if he played a part in her going over the edge? Hal is dismissive of this; Paul is not wired to think of anyone beside himself. Meg wonders if Hal didn’t see Emily acting strangely? Hal agrees she was, but she had just been dumped on her wedding day. Meg counters that she was acting strangely because she thought she had killed a man. Paul needed to stop her before she kills Dusty. All of them are in jeopardy, Paul, Dusty and Jen. Hal leaves the room quickly and looks back at Meg through the window. Tom arrives and asks if Hal is ok? Has he spoken to Emily recently, Hal wonders? Tom admits he just saw her a while ago. Hal asks if he thinks Emily was involved in Dusty’s disappearance? Tom stares back at him not saying anything, which Hal can guess what that means.

Barbara tries to explain she said that because she overheard Maddie mentioning he could fail calculus; she was just worried, and wanted to give him some incentive. Will promises that he is going to graduate from high school, and he is not counting on his trust fund even when he does. He will find a job and Gwen is working hard at Crash. Barbara pretends to be insulted; she was the one who got Gwen the job and she is trying to do the right thing. Will does not trust her motives. Barbara tells him that she has some work to do then, but she is not there about them. She is worried about Jen. Ever since Dusty went missing she has been distant, not like herself. She needs support. Will thinks that Jen is trying to get away from her. Barbara coldly reminds him that she was the one who has been there for Jen 24/7 since she heard about Dusty, unlike him or Paul. Will changes his tune; when he sees Jen he will tell her to get in touch. Barbara thanks him and then leaves. Will turns to Maddie lamenting that she won’t quit. Maddie is unsure; she thinks she was just being honest. Will can’t believe it – her too! She sounds just like Gwen.

Gwen and Casey are finishing up on his play list. She makes a suggestion about playing a different version of a song he chose. Casey considers it and then aggress her idea was much better. Casey wishes she could be singing with her band; maybe she could go solo? Gwen laughs and tells Casey that he wants to get people in the club and not make them leave. Gwen tells him she is going to get going, but Casey has a favor to ask?

Carly is cleaning up the broken pieces from the plate. She tells JJ to stay away, but he reminds her he has shoes on. She cuts herself and tells him that is why she wants him to always be careful. She thinks the game is probably upstairs, but JJ thinks it is in the basement. Carly snaps that it is not down there. She realizes what she did and apologizes. There is a lot of junk in the cellar and she doesn’t want him getting hurt as she just did. She tells him she is going to put the plates in the trash and then she will help him look. After she leaves, JJ calls Jack on the phone. He tells him he came home to get a game and Carly is acting weird and won’t let him go in the basement. Jack assures him she is probably not comfortable with being alone. Can he come over? Jack asks JJ if Carly put him up to the call? JJ tells him she didn’t and did not even know he is calling. He is worried because she is acting really weird. He knows that they are mad at one another, but can’t he just come over? He can tell that Carly needs him. Jack doesn’t think he can. Later, when Carly comes back in the room JJ is sitting on the couch. She thinks that they should find him another game to play. Is he ok? He doesn’t want to leave her now. He doesn’t think she likes being alone. She tells him that she is just fine and sometimes the quiet can be nice. He admits that he called Jack. Why, she wonders? He admits that he thought she was acting strangely. He doesn’t think he is coming over though. Carly wishes he hadn’t done that. Jack will think she put him up to it. JJ tells her that he explained that she knew nothing about the phone call. He tells her that he can stay with her though. She doesn’t want him to disappoint his friend. She tells him that she loves him, but she will be fine. She offers to walk him over, but JJ tells her that he is big enough to walk next door by himself. She watches him from the door and then closes it behind her when he is gone. She starts to walk away from the door when she hears the door open again. She starts to ask if he forgot something? She then realizes it is Jack standing there instead of JJ.

Will finishes the math problem and Maddie tells him that he did it right and he should be ready for the test. Will continues to seem out of it. Is he thinking about his date? He is; it is his and Gwen’s 2-month anniversary and he wants it to be special. Does she want to see what he got her? She does, and so Will opens the box and shows her a pretty and brightly colored guitar strap. He knows that Gwen is bummed about her band not getting back together, but he wants her to know that he still supports her singing career. Maddie thinks he is so romantic and that Gwen will love it. Will thinks her and Casey will get there as well. Maddie thinks he shouldn’t count on it. Will looks at her confused.

Gwen wants to know why Casey is giving her a guitar to play? He explains that Lisa has still not given up on the idea that there won’t be live music for opening night. They need to do a sound check. She should be on stage singing; always one to put herself down, Gwen thinks she should be onstage as back up singer. Casey taunts her; is she chicken? Gwen smiles; he will owe her big time. Gwen picks up her guitar, starts to sing and Casey seems captivated by her voice. Barbara, who has just showed up, notices this.

Tom thought that Emily was way too edgy. When he talked about breaking into Meg’s room, she was very nervous and scared looking. Paul probably put her up to whatever is going on, Hal is sure. Tom is not as convinced. He doesn’t think Paul was involved. He is unsure that Emily is no longer a danger to Daniel or anyone else for that matter. Hal is in disbelief; he thinks Emily is that far gone? Tom can’t be sure she is not, and he has to think about his son now. Hal berates himself; he should have fought harder for her. He stood by and watched Emily marry Paul in his own jail. Tom thinks he is being too hard on himself. Hal isn’t so sure. Just then a police officer tells Hal that they spotted Paul’s car outside of town. Hal tells Tom he has to go and rushes off.

Emily tells Jen that Dusty got away from her. Jen tells her that she is going to take her to him. Jen thrusts Emily forward through the door and outside. A desperate Emily tells Jen that she can see Dusty in the woods far over there, as she points into the darkness, and Jen steps in front of her to see better, when Emily shoves her to the ground and takes off.

Paul tries to explain that the wedding was a sham; he was trying to get Emily to trust him so he could find out where he was. Paul is irate; they don’t have time to go over all of this. Dusty mutters that he should have killed him that night in the motel room. Paul reminds him that he wouldn’t have because Jen never would have forgiven him. Dusty tells him that weeks of being held captive have altered his thoughts; it is going to end tonight. He raises the gun and fires just as Jen is running in. She yells for Dusty to stop. Jen runs and kneels at Paul; is he ok? The shot missed him. Jen realizes then that Dusty is alive and standing there. She runs and jumps into his arms. They kiss and hug passionately. He tells her that she got him through the ordeal, and she tells him that she never gave up hope and never stopped looking for him. She tells him how much Johnny missed him too. While they are reuniting, Paul is on the ground; he is slowly and quietly trying to reach Dusty’s gun on the ground. Dusty’s attention is shifted to what Paul is doing and he tells him, not so fast.

Tom is asking Meg why she didn’t tell him yesterday about her concerns about Emily? She explains that Paul needed her to keep quiet because he thought it would be for the best. Tom is amazed; what is it about Paul? Everyone follows him blindly without a care for their own well-being. He can’t believe what Emily has sacrificed for Paul. Her son has been crying himself to sleep. Is anyone worth that? He turns and walks out, as Meg sits down and wonders about his words.

Gwen finishes singing her song, as Casey watches somewhat in awe. He is in disbelief of her awesome voice, and he tells her so. She doesn’t need a band; she is great all on her own. Barbara watches this exchange and then ducks out unseen. Can she sing for their opening tomorrow? Gwen can’t believe what she is hearing; she was lousy. Casey cuts her off; she was not, but Gwen begs to differ. Can she at least think about it? Gwen explains that she has and although she appreciates the kind words, she cannot take him up on his offer. With that she leaves.

Will asks if she and Casey are in trouble? She tells him that they are ok. Will jokes asking if she has grown tired of him? She answers not at all, but she wonders if it is the other way around? Will assures her that he does not think so. He has seen how Casey looks at her; he has never seen him look at a girl the same way and he has seen him with a lot, and he means a lot, of girls. Maddie smiles awkwardly and tells him she gets the point. Will laughs. He tells her that she is changing him in a good way. She hopes so. He jokes again about the fact that she got Casey to watch a black and white movie from beginning to end without falling asleep, so that is huge. Maddie smiles appreciatively; she tells him to get going. She wants him to go have fun on his date and she will see him tomorrow.

Carly wonders why Jack is there? He tells her that JJ called him. Carly tells him that he mentioned doing that. He just missed JJ though. He tells her he waited for him to leave and then came in. He didn’t want to give JJ the wrong impression as to why he was there. Carly quickly tells him that she did not put JJ up to calling him. Jack knows she didn’t because JJ told him and he believes him. Carly laughs sarcastically; it seems that he believes everyone but her these days. Jack changes the subject; JJ is worried about her. He said she broke some dishes? She tells him uptightly that she is a little off considering what was found in her basement, she thinks she is well within her rights. She is alone in a house where they found a dead body; she will be just fine though, she states toughly. What is wrong with her finger, Jack asks noticing the tissue wrapped around it? She answers as she said before, she is fine. Jack wants to see for himself, and so she begrudgingly shows him her finger. He holds her hand and it is obvious the bond is still there between them. He asks if she flushed it with cold water and washed it with antibacterial soap? She tells him yes, and then Carly removes her hand from his. He understands how she could be creeped out from what went down in the basement. She should have called. Carly angrily tells him that she understood it as she is supposed to deal with things on her own now. He doesn’t live there anymore, as he so often likes to remind her; he made the choice. He agreed he did, but he also made another choice; he wants her and the kids to come to the farm to stay with him for the night. Carly just stares back at Jack, stunned at his suggestion.

Dusty grabs the gun. Jen tells him that Paul didn’t have anything to do with this. Emily has gone off the deep end. Emily confessed to her everything when she was alone with her. Both Paul and Dusty are not happy to hear that she was alone with her. Paul explains that they need to find Emily; noone is safe until they do. Hal walks up and tells Paul that he was just thinking the same thing about him.

Will has dozed off at the table waiting for Gwen. The waiter wakes him to tell him his friend has still not arrived, and he thinks she probably won’t show at this point; Will is sure she is just running late. He sits there a moment more before he blows out the candle on his table, looking disappointed.

At the farm, Jack, JJ, Sage and Carly are sitting around the table; Jack is telling them a funny story about how he was chasing a suspect who ended up losing his pants. Everyone is sitting around laughing, but before long Jack tells JJ he has to get ready for bed. JJ wants Jack and Carly to read him a story together like they used to. Jack and Carly glance at one another, but Carly tells JJ that Jack will have to tell the story solo because she has lots of dishes to wash before Emma gets home. JJ agrees sadly and goes upstairs to wait for Jack. Carly quickly tells them she has to go out to the car because she forgot something. She rushes out the door and Jack follows after her asking her if she is ok? She sadly tells him that this was a mistake because the kids are going to get the wrong idea about them being here, and then they will believe that things are going to go back to the way they used to. She looks intently at Jack as she asks him if she is correct in that statement? He agrees with her; they can never go back to the way they were. Carly’s face drops again once again realizing how far apart they are. Jack tells her he is going to put Sage to bed.

Barbara comes into Crash where Casey is finishing up; she comes bearing gifts. She has a plant for Lisa as a good luck offering. She asks him how it is going finding a band, as if she doesn’t know? He tells her it is not going well at all. She tells him she can get him and Gwen two tickets to the rock concert in Chicago next week so they can scope things out. How about that? Casey is psyched; she is talking about Acid Rain? He is all for it and he thanks her. She knows someone so he and Gwen will just need to go up to the window to get their reserved tickets. It is the least she can do since Gwen is now family. She has to make sure things are right between them.

Gwen rushes into the Lakeview restaurant looking for Will. She sees him nowhere, so she asks the waiter if he has seen him? He tells her that he left a while ago. Gwen mutters more to herself about her losing track of time.

Meg is pacing in the interrogation room wondering what is going on? An officer enters and Meg pleads with him to give her any information he has on Paul. He explains that he knows no more then her right now. After he leaves, she hopes outloud that Paul is ok?

Hal tells the officer to handcuff Paul, but Jen begs him not to. He was trying to help her, and Paul echoes her sentiment. Hal doesn’t think that makes sense from someone who just married Emily a week ago. Paul pleads that he is the only one she trusts and he can find her. Hal doesn’t want to hear it; he escaped from the station and now he is seen as a fugitive. Hal looks down at Dusty’s bleeding leg. How is he? Dusty tells him it was from a bear trap, but he will manage. Was it Emily, Hal hesitantly ask? Dusty pauses, but then says yes. Hal asks if she was working alone? Dusty can’t see how it would be possible. He tells the officers to get him to the hospital. As they are leaving, Jen thanks Paul for his help, and he admits that is the least he could do. Hal wants the officers to get Paul out of here so they can turn the woods upside down to look for Emily. Before he is being led away Paul wants to know if he will release Meg now? Hal won’t give him a straight answer, but Paul pleads with him. Emily worked alone, and Meg was not involved. He still won’t answer him. Paul is getting frustrated and angry; he needs to let Meg go. Promise him that Meg will be released, he begs. Hal only smirks, but as Paul is being led away, Paul screams that all he cares about is that he releases Meg; he only cares about her. He is taken away and Hal starts to look around, and we soon see a devastated Emily crouching in the bushes with her tear stained cheeks.

Jack finds Carly asleep on the couch on the porch. Jack looks warmly down at her; he reaches for a blanket and covers her. As he does, she cuddles up to him causing him not to be able to get up without waking her up. Soon we see it is not necessarily a bad situation for Jack who can’t help but move his mouth close to hers and then to take in the smell of her hair; it is obvious his feelings are still right near the surface even though he is trying to bury then down inside.

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