ATWT Update Monday 4/24/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 4/24/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

In the basement of their home, Jack is holding Carly, who is unconscious on the basement floor. He is gently trying to rouse her. Carly slowly regains consciousness, opens her eyes and then sees the skeleton in the wall again, and lets out a loud scream. Jack tries to comfort her as Mike and Katie nervously look on.

At the police station, Meg is pacing in the interrogation room. The door opens and as Meg whips around to face the people who are coming in the door, she is saying that she hopes they have finally gotten her lawyer into see her. She is surprised to come face to face with two officers standing there with Paul. She asks, what he is doing there?

At the Lakeview, Henry is talking to a waiter, who is reassuring him that Paul is crazy, and it is a good thing the police hauled him off. Henry smiles nervously remarking that he needs many martinis to calm down. The waiter tells him he will bring them and they are on the house. Henry immediately gets on his cell phone and calls Emily to leave her a message. He pronounces that this will be the last message he ever leaves for her. Her husband is onto her and he just threatened to rearrange his face, but he had him arrested so she has time now, thanks to him. It gives her time to get out of dodge. He signs off with a resolute sounding “good bye Emily”. He slams the phone shut and comes face to face with Susan, who knows he has been talking to her, and wants to know what her daughter has done now?

At the abandoned house, Emily is holding her gun on Dusty. She wants him dead quiet or else. Jen is calling out to him. Emily continues to hold the gun inches from him, as Dusty secretly tries to free his hands from the duct tape that binds them.

Carly manages to mutter if that is a person in there? Jack tells her that it is just old bones. Carly is really anxious; it is in their home though. Jack tries to comfort her, shielding her from the sight, promising to get her out of there. He gently leads her out of the basement and asks Katie and Mike to follow them out, not touching anything. Upstairs, he asks if she is ok? A worked up Carly explains she is not alright. Who was that? Jack doesn’t know, but he needs to get a team of forensics over here right away so they can get started looking into this. Jack stands and goes to use the phone, as Carly watches his every move. Mike tells Carly it is all his fault. Carly continues to intently watch Jack. Mike apologizes to her; he wishes this never happened. Carly answers casually and a bit out of it, as she continues to watch Jack, that she agrees with that.

Susan presses Henry; what is going on with her daughter? Henry explains that she is a grown woman and she will have to ask Emily herself. Susan thinks that Emily swore him to secrecy. He needs to tell her though because she is really worried about her. She has been acting erratically and irrational. Henry tells her that he is out of the business of helping Emily and he turns to leave, but Susan goes after him. He is supposed to be her friend; he stood up for her at her wedding. Henry remarks sullenly that she gave him no choice in that matter. Has he gotten Emily in trouble? Is he working for Paul? Henry scoffs at those statements. Paul and he are not working together; he just tried to kill him. She can call the police if she doesn’t believe him. Henry takes off as Hal arrives. Susan runs to him telling him that she knows he has washed his hands of Emily but she is beyond worried about her; she has disappeared and Henry just told her that Paul tried to kill him. She pleads with Hal to put aside is frustration and help her.

There is a commotion in the squad room and both officers that brought Paul in rush to help leaving him alone with Meg; Paul quickly closes the door behind them; he only has a minute to talk. What happened, Meg wonders? He explains that he told Jen about Emily and now she went after her. They had a plan to make Emily believe that Dusty escaped so they could follow Emily to where she is holding him, but somehow he got knocked out and now Jen is out there alone with Emily. He went after Henry to find out anything about Emily and landed himself here thanks to the bartender at the Lakeview, and now he doesn’t know what to do.

Emily sees Dusty trying to free himself and warns him that she will kill him and then his girlfriend if he tries to trick her or get free. Jen walks into the house still calling for Dusty. She sees bits of Dusty’s clothes covered in blood, stifles back a sob, picks them up and runs out of the house continuing to call for him. Emily pushes Dusty forward into the room Jen just left. She tells him menacingly that this is it; it is over. Jen knows the truth and she needs to finish this now. She lifts the gun and points it at him.

Carly can’t believe that all these years there has been a body in her wall. Mike doesn’t know when or how it got placed in there. She is hurt that he never told her about the rubies; they had lived there together, and he should have trusted her. Mike tells her he is sorry again but he must have pushed down the memories; he was just a kid. It only came to light when he found out his past was in the limelight thanks to Katie’s book. Carly starts to say something further when she realizes what he said. Katie wrote Oakdale Confidential? Katie breaks in asking Carly not to say this to anyone. She doesn’t want Jack to know it was she who authored the book because he was so upset about his and Carly’s portrayal. Carly half jokingly remarks that she won’t tell Jack because it is not like they have been having a lot of conversations lately anyway. Katie apologizes for that again, but Carly tells her not to worry about it. She is more concerned with the idea that some man has been buried in her wall for that long of a time. Katie pipes in that it could be a guy or woman; they won’t know until they do forensics testing. Meanwhile, Jack is downstairs looking around in the wall. He pulls out an old style change purse, and looks in it. He tells the officer to bag this piece of evidence.

Susan is telling Hal about what Henry told him; she is concerned because he looked fearful. Hal can’t believe that Henry would be afraid of Emily. Susan doesn’t know if it was that he was afraid of Emily, Paul or both? She does know the look of fear though. It is strange how suddenly Emily disappeared though. She had called her earlier trying to mend some fences and maybe catch a cup of coffee but Emily declined claiming she was waiting for a package to arrive for Daniel. She knows that must have been a lie because she has a doorman that could have gotten it. There was something strange that she said though before she hung up; she said that she had everything under control. Hal also wonders what she meant by that? Susan is worried between Henry and Paul, Emily could be in a lot of trouble. Henry had said Paul had been arrested again though. Hal’s cell phone ringing interrupts them. He needs to go back to the police station because of Paul.

Paul gets a call from Jen; she is frantic because she is here all by herself and she had been trying to reach him but couldn’t and then there was no signal. Paul tries to calm her; where is she? She followed Emily to the house and went inside; she starts to cry as she relays that she found pieces of Dusty’s clothes with blood on them. She can’t do this alone; she needs him. He needs to know where is she is? Just then it goes silent as Jen thinks she hears a noise and tip toes over to get a better look. Paul is nervous, as he needs her to tell him where she is? She tells him she thought she heard something. Paul demands she stays out of sight and he will get there pronto. She tells him she is at an abandoned house out on Old Mill Trail. Again, Jen thinks she hears something; she is sure Emily has Dusty close by. They hang up. Meanwhile, Dusty tells Emily to go ahead and shoot him in the back. Emily is on the edge, promising to if she has to. Dusty tries desperately to get Emily to rethink her obvious next move. Paul is not going to save her from this; he hates him. She needs to rethink this, get her story straight, go to the DA, and tell him her side of the story until Paul beats her to it. She can walk away clean, but all she needs to do is let him go. Emily seems to be considering this, but then she starts to break down crying; she can’t lose Paul. Dusty snaps at her that Paul won’t be waiting around for her while she is in jail; she can be sure of that! He sent her to do his dirty work. Emily further breaks down; it is not fair because she would have done and has done anything for him, she blubbers. Dusty continues to try to struggle to get his hands free from the duct tape. He used her and Meg, and Paul doesn’t deserve her. She needs to reclaim her life; she needs to think about taking care of Daniel now. Emily sobs that she just wanted her, Paul, him, and Jen to be happy. She doesn’t want to be alone; all she ever wanted was to be loved. Dusty assures her that she is not alone because she has her son and her mother. She needs to put the gun down, get some rest and to take a good hard look at her life. When she is ready she needs to find a good man who will love her, take care of her and put her first. Emily is losing it completely. She is racked with sobs as she admits that everyone uses and leaves her; she is a good girl. Why do they do it? If she loves someone then she is the loyal to a fault. She is there for that person, but noone ever does that for her in return. She is sick of it she yells, suddenly angry about this revelation. She is getting angrier now; she is not going to jail because of him; he is using her just like everyone else, and she is going to put an end to it. She starts to raise her gun as Dusty begs her to stop. He screams no!

Jack gives the change purse to the officer and tells him and the others to be careful as they are looking for evidence. There may be more bone fragments in the wall. Meanwhile, upstairs Carly is wondering if Mike has any idea of who the skeleton is? He doesn’t know, and it wasn’t there when he hid the rubies there. Katie prefers to believe that this whole mystery is not connected to Mike. Jack comes back upstairs and tells them that the team will be processing for a while and they can go to the cottage where he will meet with them later to talk. Katie tells him she would rather get a drink so he should meet them at the Lakeview instead. They apologize again and then leave. After they are gone, Jack asks if they explained things to her? They did. Jack then seems to try to distance himself from her by taking on a colder tone. The basement is a crime scene so she cannot go down there or even touch the door. She also cannot tell anyone about this either. Carly promises him that she does not intend to take out a banner ad about this. She knows she needs to keep quiet about this. Does he think she is going to ruin this case? Jack doesn’t know what she is capable of doing or if she is capable of keeping quiet. Carly smiles sadly and snidely thanks him for saying that to him. Jack changes the subject; he doesn’t think the kids should stay there tonight. Carly agrees and tells him she will make a few phone calls. Where is he staying? He tells her that noone will be getting any rest tonight. He needs to get going though. As he heads for the door, Carly stops him by telling him she has something. She brings him a bag of his laundry she did. He tells her that she didn’t have to do that for him, but she explains they were already in the machine. She also has Parker’s washed uniform; could he get it to Hal for her? He promises to and thanks her for the laundry. As he takes the bag, their hands touch and both let them linger for a moment. Jack then takes the bag and Carly quickly turns around. Jack stares at the back of her for a moment before he leaves.

The officers start to lead Paul away when Meg snaps that she has been there all day and he gets brought in and receives drive through service. She would like them to call her lawyer and her mother, Emma, who also happens to be Jack’s aunt. They must be aware of her connection to Jack so they better do this quickly otherwise Jack will be angry, and they wouldn’t want that. The officers leave to do this for her. Paul is desperate to get out of there since Jen told him about finding Dusty’s bloody clothes. They need a plan. The officers come back a minute later and tell her they can’t reach her lawyer, which prompts Meg to feign an outburst. She will just call her lawyer herself then as she angrily reaches for the phone. Both officers reach for her in hopes of stopping her and calming her down. Both officers are preoccupied with her and do not notice that Paul has slipped out of the room.

Henry has picked up his cell phone and calls Emily again to leave another message. He knows he promised in his last message that he would never call again, but in his last message when he suggests that she and her “pointy hooves” high tail it out of town, he forgot to mention that he would like her to do the right thing and tell her where his money is. He did the right thing and warned her about Paul. As he is leaving this message, Barbara has wandered up behind him and has overheard him talking. He thinks she can repay the favor. He slams the phone shut again and is surprised to find Barbara standing inches from him. Couldn’t she wear a bell, he asks? Barbara lights into him; why is he warning Emily about her son? Henry covers and tells her that was because Paul acted like a lunatic and attacked him. However, he is back where he belongs – behind bars. Barbara is irate; he involved the cops? He did and he is glad he did, he declares as he walks off, because Paul is a danger to society. Barbara yells after him that she is sure anything that happened was Emily’s fault because she always brings out the worst in people. Susan, who has just walked up, hears this, and tells Barbara that she is sure the people outside hadn’t heard her yelling.

Emily is bawling that she can’t go home now because she has nothing. Dusty doesn’t want her to think like that. He finally breaks free and they struggle for the gun. The gun goes off and Jen who is searching around in the woods, hears this and screeches out Dusty’s name. Meanwhile, Emily and Dusty struggle and Dusty gets the upper hand, but Emily runs off. Dusty grabs the gun and calls out to Jen.

Hal is back at the station; where is Paul, he asks the nervous looking officers? They explain that he gave them the slip when they had to deal with another prisoner and situation. Hal spies Meg through the interrogation window and charges over and into the room.

Susan is calmer now as she tells Barbara that Paul is back in the slammer. Barbara is preparing to go get him out. Susan remarks that if there were a frequent flier program at the Oakdale Police Station, all of Paul’s visits would certainly upgrade him to first class by now. Barbara smirks at this comment; she admits that they are even now, but she doesn’t have time to trade insults right now. Susan wants to know why they got married? They had broken up and suddenly Paul declared his love to Emily again. Now Emily is missing and she feels something is horribly wrong. Barbara assumes Susan is blaming Paul, but she actually admits that it isn’t all Paul’s fault. Emily doesn’t share much with her anymore. Barbara softens and admits either does Paul. She calls and calls and he can’t even be bothered to call her back. Susan softens as well as she admits that Emily does the same thing. Barbara points out that they seem to have something in common now. What should they do about that? Susan jokes that if she suggests getting a drink, the temptation might be too much for her now and she would probably take her up on it. Barbara warmly smiles and suggests if she doesn’t mind being seen with her she knows a café down the street where they could get a decaf coffee? Susan returns the offer with a smile of her own; sure, she could use the walk.

Carly is sitting in the livingroom when the officers come up to leave. They advise her to not go near the basement. They notice her nervous look; is there someone who she can stay with because they know, as their voice trails off. Carly finishes the statement; they know that Jack will be busy with the case. She would like to have someone with her, but sometimes you don’t get what you want. After they leave, Carly is talking to herself to calm herself down. She will make herself some tea. She hears Jack’s warnings in her head about the case and basement, and then decides to sketch instead. She takes out her book and the compass falls out from on top of it, as Carly stares longingly at it.

Mike and Katie are discussing the situation at Carly and Jack’s over drinks at the Lakeview. As terrible as this has all been, she is kind of glad it is out on the table. He has told the police about the rubies and now he should be able to sleep. She is more worried about Jack finding out she wrote the book. Mike calms her by reminding her Nancy is taking credit for it. Jack shows up and tells them it could be a couple of days before they know anything. They ask if he found anything else in the wall? Jack remembers finding the purse, but doesn’t get into it. They will figure this mystery out and give a name to that person so they can have a proper burial. Katie and Mike ask about Carly? Jack assures them she will be fine. Jack then asks Mike if he is planning on leaving town? He then adds that he asks because he may need his help. Mike assures him he is not going anywhere and will be available to answer any questions he may have. Jack leaves, and both Katie and Mike comment about Jack’s question about his plans to leave town. Katie thought he almost sounded as if he was a suspect. She is in disbelief that Jack could even consider this because he must know he had nothing to do with this person’s death. Mike comments that it was a long time ago and Jack is entitled to believe anything at this point.

Carly is sitting on the couch sketching when she hears some creaking noises in the back part of the house. She is startled and immediately goes for the phone. She remembers Jack saying that the team leader can help if she needs anything. She places the phone back on the receiver. What she needs, is her husband, she mutters outloud. She goes back and sits back down. Soon she hears the creaking noise again and tiptoes over towards where the noise sounds as if it is coming from.

Hal is snapping at Meg about how she helped Paul escape. She could be charged with aiding and abetting. This will cost her. Meg tells him that someone had to help Jen. Hal immediately wants to know what she has to do with this? They all found out Dusty is alive and Jen went to find him. That is why Paul had to take off. Hal wants to know why she didn’t call him? Meg tells him it is because she knew, as they all did, that he would shoot them down because he is so blinded by his hatred for Paul. Emily is the one who kidnapped Dusty and is holding him in a twisted revenge plot. She only hopes the Paul can get to Jen in time and stop Emily from doing anything to Dusty, because if he can’t then God help all of them!

Emily runs back into the house, frantically searching for her purse and keys. Her cheeks are stained from the mascara running down her face. She looks absolutely crazed. She is tearing the area apart when suddenly Jen appears in the doorway, and Emily turns to see her. Meanwhile, Dusty is in the woods calling to Jen, but it is not her who steps out from in between the shadows; it is Paul.

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