ATWT Update Friday 4/21/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 4/21/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo


At Mike and Katie’s house, Mike and Katie’ are disappointed because Jack wasn’t at the farm when they needed to speak to him about the skeleton hidden in the wall of his basement. Mike thinks maybe the shouldn’t tell Jack the truth and just leave the skeleton inside the wall. Katie disagrees with Mike because she thinks the family of the dead person deserves to mourn the person they love. Mike is scared he will end up in jail again if he tells the police the truth. Mike tells Katie he wants to marry her and spend the rest of his life with her and that may not happen if they go to the police. Katie agrees not to tell Jack anything and stick to the original plan of sending an anonymous note to the police police. Jack arrives and Katie begins to tell him that she wanted to ask him to handle security because WOAK is going to have another telethon. Mike stops her and tells Jack that they wanted to tell him about a case that involves him.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Nick stops by and Carly tells him it’s not a good idea for him to drop by the house unannounced. Nick explains to Carly that he left in such a hurry that he left his cell phone and he came by to pick it up. Carly tells him that she has been so distracted that she didn’t even notice he left his phone. Nick hands Carly a present but Carly blasts Nick telling him she has tried in a million different ways that she is unavailable.

At Paul and Emily’s house, Emily is shocked by what Jennifer is telling her on the phone but she keeps her cool as Jennifer tells her the police are tracing Dusty’s call and she should know his location soon. Jennifer tells Emily she wanted to tell Paul the good news. Emily lies to Jennifer and tells her that Paul isn’t home but she will give him the message. Jennifer tells Emily she will call Paul again as soon as she gets news from the police. Emily tells Jennifer she is happy to hear the news about Dusty but she has something she needs to do right away.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer is heading out the door but Hal arrives and wonders if the phone call was the reason she is so happy. Jennifer explains that she has something very important to do but Hal wants to have a talk with her.

At Paul and Emily’s place, Emily tells Paul she wants to run out to get some caviar to go with the champagne. Emily goes upstairs to get her purse and Paul takes the time to send Jennifer a text message to tell her Emily took the bait. Paul tells Emily he won’t let her leave until they talk because he knows the reason she is lying to him.

At the police station, Meg is puzzled as to why they have taken her out of her cell for the third time today. The policeman tells Meg he doesn’t know the reason why they want to interrogate her again but its better then being locked in a cell. Henry arrives complaining that he was given an unfair speeding ticket. Meg asks Henry why he planted Dusty’s bloody clothes in her car. Henry is confused and tells Meg he doesn’t know anything about what was planted in her car. Meg figures out that Emily planted the bloody clothes and asks Henry the reason Emily planted the clothes. Meg is positive Henry knows something because he s Emily’s new best friend. Henry tells Meg he isn’t friends with Emily anymore in fact he is sorry he ever got involved with her at all. The policeman arrives and tells Henry that he can go pay his fine now and Henry leaves happy to get away from Meg’s questions.

At Paul and Emily’s place, Paul thinks Emily still thinks he has feelings for Meg so he reassures Emily that he loves her and she is the only woman for him. Paul acts hurt that Emily doesn’t trust him and is still keeping secrets from him. Emily gives Paul a kiss and a hug and tells him she does trust him and to prove it she will tell him who was on the phone. Emily tells Paul that Jennifer was on the phone and she said that she may have found Dusty but she was waiting on the police to trace the call. Emily explains that she wanted to make sure the lead wasn’t a false alarm before she told him the news. Emily gives Paul a quick kiss and starts to leave but gets nervous again when Paul tells her he wants to come with her.

At the Lakeview, Margo arrives because she needs Hal to sign some requisition forms so Jennifer gives her dad a kiss on the cheek and takes the opportunity to leave.

At Mike and Katie’s house, Mike tells Jack that he found a skeleton hidden in the basement of his house. Mike also explains about the woman who asked him to hide stolen rubies for her when he was younger.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Nick explains to Carly that the present is for sage. So Carly opens it and finds a bracelet which wall allow Carly to find Sage the next time she decides to play hide and seek. Carly apologizes to Nick for Jumping to conclusions and begins to cry. Carly sees Sage comes downstairs and tells her Nick brought her a present. Carly puts the bracelet on Sage and Sage goes back upstairs. Nick tells Carly that the men in the squad room don’t respect him since he went after her and he wants to earn their respect. Carlt tells Nick she will try to figure out a way for the men to cut him some slack. Carly apologizes to Nick for setting him up and Nick apologizes to Carly for going after her despite the fact she made it clear she was unavailable. Carly walks Nick to the door and says good-bye to him.

At Mike and Katie’s place, Mike explains to Jack that he intended to give the rubies to the police and leave an anonymous note so he broke into his house but instead of the rubies he found a skeleton. Jack blasts Mike for not coming to him first so he could have helped him but now he has added breaking and entering to the charge of possession off stolen goods. Jack is even more upset when Mike tells him he was so nervous he just covered up the whole in the wall and left the skeleton inside it. Jack wonders if Mike knows the identity of the body. Mike, Jack, and Katie decide to go dig up the body. Jack calls Carly to explain everything before he goes to the house but Carly doesn’t answer the phone. Katie gives Mike a hug and tells him they are in this together before they leave. Jack watches Mike and Katie and feels envious of their relationship. Jack advises Mike and Katie to continue to share their problems with each other even if they think something will hurt the other person if they knew the truth.

At Paul and Emily’s house, Emily tells Pal he should go see Jennifer and she will stay home and take a nap because she is tired. Paul tells Emily he doesn’t want her to doubt his love for her so he will have champagne with her and they can both tae a nap. Emily decides to have champagne out on the terrace. Paul toasts to their love and turns to look art the view alas he does so Emily takes the champagne out of the ice bucket an uses the bucket to hit Paul over the head and knock him out. Emily tells an unconscious Paul she is sorry and heads out the door to check on Dusty.

At the Lakeview, Hal asks Margo why Tom was questioning Emily without letting him know about it. Margo refuses to tell him the reason but tell him that given how he still feels about Emily Tom didn’t think it was a good idea to tell him he brought her in for questioning. Hal continues to blame himself for the break up of his marriage to Emily. Hal tells Margo if he had spent more time with Emily instead of at the station she never would have turned to other men and they would still be together. Margo can’t stand to hear Hal beat himself up about losing Emily and tells him Tom thinks Emily among several other people of Kidnapping Dusty. Hal refuses to believe that Emily is capable of hurting Dusty or anyone. Margo reminds him that she helped Paul hide Jennifer’s baby from her. Hal tells Margo she only did that because she is in love with Paul

A desperate Emily arrives at the cabin and franticly looks for the phone Dusty used to call Jennifer but then she realizes that he doesn’t have a phone. Emily begins to panic even more when she realizes that Paul and Jennifer know she kidnapped Dusty.

At Paul and Emily’s place, Paul wakes up with a headache when he hears his cell phone ring. Jennifer tells Paul she is following Emily but Paul can’t hear Jennifer because of the bad reception and then the call gets cut off. Paul rushes out the door to look for Jennifer.

At the Lakeview, Margo apologizes to Hal for being harsh but she doesn’t want him to get hurt when Emily disappoints him again Paul arrives and grabs a drunk Henry and starts to chocker him and demands that Henry tell him where Emily is holding Dusty. Henry can hardly breathe but he manages to tell Paul he has no idea where Emily is and the police arrive to pull Paul off of Henry and arrest him.

At the cabin, Dusty asks Emily to let him go and he will give her a head start so she can escape the police. Emily points a gun at Dusty and demands he get up because she has to find a new location for him.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Jack starts tearing up the wall and Carly hears a noise Katie hears Carly ask who is there so Jack tells Katie to explain things to Carly and ask her to take the children to the park until he is done with the body. Katie goes upstairs and Carly wonders what she is doing there and Katie explains she came with jack and Mike. Katie tries to explain the whole story to Carly but when Carly hears that Jack is in the house she immediately heads downstairs to give him a piece of her mind. Carly thinks Jack is there to get her back for her stunt with the boiler. Jack explains that this has nothing to do with them it is police business. Carly finds it hard to believe police business could be in her basement. Mike explains to Carly that it is business from when he lived in the house. before she ever moved into the house. Carly yells that she lives in the house now and she won’t let them tear up the wall so the mice and spiders can have a good time with the mess. Carly explains that if they tear up the wall even more mold will grow inside it. Carly is so mad she pounds on the wall and the skeleton come out and she screams when the bones fall on top of her head.

Jennifer calls Paul and leaves a message on his cell phone saying that she is going inside the cabin before Emily has a chance to do something to hurt Dusty Jennifer goes inside the cabin and says “Hello is anybody here?” Emily points the gun at Dusty head and warns him that if he makes a noise she will kill him and his girlfriend.

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