ATWT Update Thursday 4/20/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 4/20/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Holden and lily’s house, Jade arrives to talk to Luke about the kiss she gave him. Jade tells Luke she doesn’t understand why he rejected her after the kiss. Luke tells Jade what she already knew that he is gay. Jadde explains to Luke that she thought he was just experimenting since Kevin was the only guy he ever mentioned to her. Luke makes it clear that he knows he is gay although he knows his life would be a lot easier if he was straight. Jade tells Luke he doesn’t ever need to tell his parents he is gay because a lot of men never tell their families the truth. Luke tells Jade he has decided to tell his parents the truth because he can’t stand lying to them anymore.

At the library, Casey tells Maddie she should get ready for her close up because in a few minutes there is going to be a press conference where the author of Oakdale Confidential will be revealed to the public. Casey tells Maddie that he told everyone at school and they will be watching on TV. Casey also tells Maddie he invited the popular girls from school to the library for the press conference. Maddie is mortified and worried and explains to Casey that he just assumed she wrote the book but she is not the author of Oakdale Confidential. A few minutes later the press conference begins when Kim walks in and introduces Nancy as the author of the book. Casey smiles mischievously at Maddie and she figures out he was only joking with her.

At the Lakeview, Paul shows Jennifer his bullet wound and explains that Emily shot him because he broke up with her on the day of their wedding. Paul also tells Jennifer that Emily is capable of anything because she shot him in the back while he was walking away.

At the Police Station, Tom wonders why Emily broke into Meg’s suite and caused Meg to be arrested the first time.

At the Lakeview, Paul continues to explain to Jennifer that he took her advice and put Emily first and since he didn’t want her to spend time in jail he made up the suicide attempt story to protect her. Paul also tells Jennifer that he married Emily hoping that if she felt safe and loved she would eventually tell him where Dusty is hidden. Jennifer heads out the door to confront Emily and demand she tell her Dusty’s whereabouts but Paul stops her because if Emily gets mad she could hurt Dusty and make meg take the blame for his murder.

At the Police Station, Emily explains to Tom that she knew Paul wasn’t guilty of kidnapping Dusty so the next logical choice was Meg because she was angry with Dusty for leaving her to be with Jennifer. Tom finds it hard to believe that Meg would kidnap Dusty because she loves him and then turn around and fall in love with Paul and start harassing him and Emily. Emily tells Tom that Meg isn’t rational so he can’t expect a crazy woman to think logically about anything. Tom tells Emily that a lot of people in Oakdale would disagree with her about Meg. Tom tells Emily that he will have to let Meg go because all the evidence against her is only circumstantial and since they have not found a body he has no case against Meg. Tom gets a call and has to leave.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Holden walks in on the end of Luke and Jade, conversation so Jade decides to leave them alone to talk. Holden encourages his son to tell him the truth so he can help him with whatever is bothering him. Luke tells Holden there is something he has to tell him.

Outside of Holden and Lily’s house, Lily is annoyed to see jade sneaking around outside. Jade explains she is waiting for Luke to give her a ride to the library and if lily is upset she will go wait beside Luke’s car. Lily tells Jade that Holden told her about the money she tried to leave for her the other day. Lily tells jade to keep the money because she will need to use it for rent on a new place. Lily tells Jade she only agreed to let her stay at the guest house because Luke was sick but since he is doing better Jade should move out of the guesthouse as soon as she finds a place to stay. Lily begins to have pains in her stomach and rushes into the house to tell Holden to call the doctor. Holden and Luke both worry and Luke never gets a chance to tell Holden the truth.

The press conference Lisa bursts in and tells Nancy she has some writing such terrible things about her in her trashy novel. Lisa is so upset she throws the book on the floor leaving Kim and Nancy a bit flustered.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer wonders why Emily would want to kidnap Dusty make everyone think he was dead and frame Meg for his murder. Paul explains to Jennifer that Meg was jealous of Emily because he is in love with her so he wants to get her out of the way so she can live happily ever after with him.

At tee police station, Emily tells Meg she will make sure that she spends the rest of her life in jail. Meg fires back that she should be the one to spend the rest of her life in jail for shooting Paul. Emily tells Meg that nobody can prove she shot Paul and even if they could Paul would never let her go to jail because he loves her.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer wonders what to next because it will take to long for Emily to tell Paul Dusty’s location and Dusty is running out of time. Jennifer thinks that they should bring Henry in for questioning in order to make Emily panic and lead them to Dusty. Paul tells Jennifer that bringing Henry in for questioning wouldn’t work because he doesn’t know where Emily is keeping Dusty. Paul tells Jennifer that if she calls Emily and tells her Dusty called her maybe that would make her panic and lead them to Dusty. Paul wants to be the person to follow Emily but Jennifer thinks it’s a better idea if she follows Emily to Dusty’s location.

At the Library, Lisa is angry at Nancy for calling her the Elizabeth Taylor of Oakdale and a diluted Brittany spears wannabe. Kim comes up with an idea to make Lisa feel better and takes Nancy and Lisa to the Lakeview so they can talk privately.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Lily tells Holden and Luke not to worry she is sure it is just false labor. Lily tells Luke to go to the library and study and Holden promises to call him with any news.

Outside the house, Jade tells Luke to let her know when he plans to tell his parents the truth so she can be prepared. Luke is angry that Jade can only think of one thing especially when his mom is having problems with her pregnancy. Jade sneaks back inside the house and hear Lily tells Holden he has to take Natalie to see Faith in a play. Holden doesn’t want to leave Lily alone so Jade offers to stay with Lily while Holden takes Natalie to watch Faith’s play. Lily wonders if Jade wasn’t supposed to work today but jade explains she was just going to pick up her check. Lily is so upset by the idea of jade staying with her that she gets another pain in her stomach. Holden insists Lily go to the hospital and asks Jade to take Natalie to the play. Lily whispers to Holden that she doesn’t like the idea of Jade being alone with the girls so Holden promises to call Emma to meet them at the school so she can keep an eye on Jade.

At the Lakeview, Nancy apologizes to Lisa and tells her she didn’t mean to imply she wasn’t good enough to be a part of the Hughes family. Nancy tells Lisa that she is more than good enough to be part of the Hughes family. Nancy’s words make Lisa cry and admit that maybe she shouldn’t have let the book upset her. The ladies toast to friendship and the importance of having good friends.

At the Police Station, Meg calls Paul to warn him to be careful around Emily because she is mad. Meg also tells him about the between her and Emily. Paul tells Meg he can handle Emily and then hangs up the phone when Emily arrives home. Paul tells Emily he has been waiting on her so they continue their honeymoon. Emily is distracted and tells Paul that she has things she has to do. Paul acts disappointed because the honeymoon is over so soon.

At Mike and Katie’s house, Casey knocks on the door determined to make Mile apologize to Maddie for the way he hurt her feels about the book. Casey knocks on the door but Mike isn’t home so Casey decides to stay until Mike arrives home. Casey wanting to defend her touches Maddie but she tells him she doesn’t need an apology from Mike.

At the Lakeview, Kim asks Nancy what her creative process was when she wrote the book. Nancy can’t come up with a good answer so Kim figures out she didn’t write the book. Kim doesn’t think Nancy had enough time to write because she does too much volunteer work. Kim ask Nancy to look her in the eye and tell her she wrote the book when Nancy can’t do so Kim knows she isn’t the author of the book. Nancy asks Kim to keep her secret because she has good reasons for lying to everyone.

At the police station, Meg tells Tom she thinks someone planted Dusty’s bloody clothes in her car. Tom asks her if anyone would have a reason to set her up. Meg tells Tom she can’t say anything right now but if he keeps digging he will find the truth. Paul advises Meg to reconsider her relationship with Paul because he ruins everything he touches.

At Paul and Emily’s place, Paul persuades Emily to have a drink with him before she leaves to do her errands. Once Paul goes into the kitchen Emily begins putting Meg’s fingerprints on things in the house. Jennifer calls and tells Emily she knows Dusty is alive because he called her.

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