ATWT Update Tuesday 4/18/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 4/18/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the cottage, Mike is sleeping on the couch when Katie walks over to him and gently rouses him. He jumps up clearly on edge. He came down there to sleep because he didn’t want to keep her awake with his tossing and turning. She jokes about him worrying too much; it is not like he killed someone. That comment draws an uncomfortable look considering what he found the other day. She apologizes again for writing the book, but if all goes well she has a plan to make things better regarding Oakdale Confidential. Katie leaves and Nick comes downstairs and wonders, considering Mike lying on the couch, if they were fighting? Mike answers that they are fine, but if he has his cop hat on then he doesn’t want to know.

At home, the doorbell rings, Carly answers it and it is Gwen. Carly immediately starts to quiz her about how Parker is and if Hal is handling things well? Gwen doesn’t want to get in the middle. Carly asks why she is here then? She tells her Parker has a keyboard that she needs to pick up. Carly becomes agitated. Parker has a lesson in a few days, and he can practice here. She can tell Hal that not one more piece of her son is going to leave her house.

Nancy and Lisa arrive at the new Oakdale club and tease Casey and Will, who is there between shifts at the hospital, about their taste in music. When they were growing up they danced to popular songs to the Fox Trot. After they leave, Casey tells Will he should ask his grandmother for a job here, since being a janitor is not exactly glamorous compared to working at a club.

At home, Paul is demanding the police officer put Meg on the phone, but he doesn’t have the authorization. When Emily surprises him, he needs to change his tone quickly claiming he is irate about the restraining order not being filed yet. Emily is more carefree now that Meg is behind bars. She remarks about how she feels bad for Dusty because all he did to Meg was dump her. Paul is preoccupied; he needs to go out. Emily wants to go with him, but Paul explains he is renewing his license and there is no need for her to be bored too. Her cell phone rings interrupting them. It is Henry and he is furious. He wants her to get rid of Paul so they can talk or he will start singing from the rooftops about what she did to Meg. Emily pretends it is her mother and Paul happily makes a quick exit. After he leaves, Henry barges into her home demanding loudly to know where she is holding Dusty?

At the station, Jack is talking to Meg in the interrogation room. Does she want to get out of there? If she does, she has to level with him. He is thinking of her and poor Emma who is out of her mind with worry. How did bloody clothes that are probably Dusty’s get in her car. She doesn’t know, but she was set up. Jack smirks. Who would hate her that much, obviously said in clear disbelief?

Gwen tells Carly she knows how it feels, what she is going through. She knows what it feels like to have everything one minute, and then without warning have it taken away from you. Carly appreciates the sentiment but what happened to her was not her fault. Gwen begs to differ, and Carly and Gwen decide to not talk about that due to the situation still being touchy. She asks how JJ is? Carly sadly tells her he is fine, but would rather have Jack home because he loves him. Gwen reminds her that he loves her too. She knows that, but he loves Jack more. Gwen laughs and says it is because the mothers are usually the ones in the trenches more. Carly is defeated; she feels she has ruined her kid’s ideas of a happy family because they all know she is the reason Jack is not living at home now. She has no more tricks up her sleeves. Their happy family has been shattered. She bucks up and tells Gwen she should leave so she doesn’t have to hear this. Gwen smiles and tells her maybe she could call Hal and at least deal with their issues. Carly returns the smile and answers that what she means is she should handle her problems as an adult?

Will doesn’t know what to do. Casey smiles and tells him that he could hold out for his trust fund. Will reminds him that is not a sure thing. Casey is sure it is because of course he will graduate. Will jokes; has he met his mother? Meanwhile, Katie shows up and rushes over to where Nancy and Lisa are sitting and talking. She needs to talk to Nancy. Lisa excuses herself; Katie gets right to the point; she needs to help her for the sake of Mike and her upcoming marriage or it might not take place.

Nick wants Mike to level with him because he will go into cop mode and nose around until he gets to the bottom of it anywhere. Mike tells him the story about how he broke into the wall to look for the rubies and came up empty handed. Nick wants to know what he found? Mike hesitates but then spits it out. He found a skeleton. There were no rubies; there was just a dead body. Nick stares at him stunned.

Emily is indignant; she did not kidnap Dusty. Henry does not believe her; it is just convenient then that Meg was picked up with evidence of Dusty’s on her then. Emily tries to calm him by telling him everything is ok. Henry is out of his mind with worry; it is not ok, he snaps. He jimmied her car door lock and she was pulled over going to meet him; all roads lead back to him. He is near hysterical when he threatens that when the police come looking for him and he ends up with jail time, her name is going to be sung from the rooftops. She will get any jail time he gets times ten.

Jack is irate; she can stonewall him all she wants. Meg tells him again she had nothing to do with Dusty’s kidnapping, and she certainly wouldn’t be stupid enough to drive around with the evidence in her back seat. Jack thinks Paul had his hand in this, but Meg staunchly defends him, which is not lost on Jack. He wants her to open up to him about how she is mixed up in this mess? Meg looks at him for a moment; is she going to let him in on things? Just then though, Paul pushes in the door with a police officer hot on his tails. He wants to talk to Meg. Jack is amazed; didn’t he just whine about needing a restraining order against her? Paul pleads for them to be able to talk, as does Meg. Paul wants him to trust him. Jack wants him to give him one reason. Paul answers because he wants Meg out of jail as much as he does. Meg tells Jack if he gives them a minute he will be able to tell Emma that she is going to cooperate. Jack begrudgingly leaves, and instantly Paul and Meg are in each other’s arms. Meg tells him that obviously she was set up. Paul wants her to stay in jail because at least he knows she is safe. She will not be charged with Dusty’s kidnapping when she is innocent. Paul is only concerned with her safety. Meg reminds him that Jack knows they are holding out. Paul also realizes that Jack knows the restraining order is now bogus too, but he can’t worry about that. He wants her to trust him because he just needs a little more time. They embrace passionately again.

Henry is adamant; he is not going to jail. Emily casually tells him he is not going to jail. He jokes about having it in writing? Emily tells him she knows what she is talking about because she married a cop. Things are in black and white for cops. Dusty dumped Meg and immediately hooked up with Jen and now Meg wants revenge. Noone knows he broke into Meg’s car either. She thinks it will make him feel better to remind him that innocent people go to jail all the time. He snaps that they don’t go to jail because of him though. He is getting really angry now finally. He no longer cares about her obsession with Paul, her twisted revenge against Meg and he doesn’t care about her anymore. Emily looks sad; thanks a lot, she responds. She lights up; she had a surprise for him and she was going to give it to him later, but she knows it will bring a smile to his face, so she wants to give it to him now. She promises it will make him feel better. Henry looks vaguely intrigued, but he is still visibly angry.

A depressed Katie tells Nancy she wished she never wrote the book. Nancy begs to differ; it was the best book she has read in a while. Mike was upset because it brought his past into the spotlight. Can Nancy tell the world that she is anonymous?

Meanwhile, Lisa is talking to Casey and Will about the book, and she is upset about it. The person who wrote it should be ashamed of themselves. Will wonders if it was Maddie? Casey and Lisa can’t believe she would have written it. Lisa has errands to run and so off she goes.

When Carly comes back downstairs, Gwen tells her she got Sage to eat her oatmeal. Carly is appreciative again. Gwen changes the subject; is she planning on calling Jack? Carly smirks; she tried the desperate housewife route and he now wouldn’t believe her if the roof was falling in. She just has to wait it out now. Gwen laughs; she is going to be patient? Carly also laughs at this. Gwen is sure Jack will be back. Carly is not so sure; he said that this time love wasn’t enough. Gwen doesn’t believe that; she has ruined her life about five times now and she still loves her. Carly smiles warmly back at her; she loves her too. Gwen has to get going, and Carly asks her to look after Parker for her, and at night could she tell Parker what she always tells him – she loves him heart and soul. Gwen promises to. After she leaves, Carly turns around and starts talking to Sage, whom she assumes is right behind her. When she sees she is not, she walks out of the room calling for her. When she still can’t find her, she calls to her as she goes upstairs; she is starting to get more frantic. By the time she gets back downstairs and opens the door and runs outside the house calling out her name, she is near hysterical.

Henry isn’t biting. She tells him his surprise is on the balcony, but Henry isn’t convinced that she wouldn’t try to throw him off of it. She laughs it off, but he is serious. He thinks she knocked out Dusty and dragged him deep into the woods; so tossing him over a balcony would be easy as pie for her. Emily tells him that she is going onto the balcony and he can sit there and worry about Meg and Dusty. After she leaves, Henry mumbles outloud sarcastic things about her and Emily calls from the balcony that she can still hear him.

Paul assures Meg that he can control Emily. Meg reminds him that she shot him. He reminds her that was because he turned his back to her, and he never plans on doing that again. She can’t tell Jack the real deal though because he will immediately go to Emily, then she will sneak away and they will never see Dusty again. He will find Dusty for all of them. Meg is really concerned for Paul’s safety, as Paul is for her. She tells him that she can’t lose him after everything, and he promises she won’t, but he couldn’t take losing her either and that is why the need to follow the plan through.

Mike is worried if he talks now he will be a murder suspect, and if he doesn’t later, he could be seen as aiding and abetting. Nick wants him to relax and try to sleep on any decisions he makes. Mike laughs at that notion since he is having trouble in that area recently. Nick has to leave to go to work, but if he needs him to call him, not to hesitate. After he leaves, Mike picks up the book, glares at it and then tosses it on the floor.

Katie explains to Nancy that she can’t stay anonymous much longer because the press won’t allow her to. If she comes forward, then they will stop digging into Mike’s past. They are trying for the angle of the ex-con trying to rise above his mistakes. Mike can’t handle the attention. At some point she feels that Mike will grow to resent her for the intrusion in their lives. Nancy thinks he may not be alone in how he feels about the book and Katie understands that but selfishly she is only worried about him right now. She really thinks that if she comes forward as the author nobody could stay mad at her a long time. Nancy smiles and says at her age, a long time is relative. She then pauses and mentions to Katie she will think about it because there is something to becoming a famous author. Katie hugs her, thanks her and leaves.

Gwen arrives at the club and plants a passionate kiss on Will; it thrills him, but he wonders where it came from? She tells him that she just came from Carly’s and things aren’t good. She wants them to promise to never hurt one another. Will promises her that they will never do that because they are not Carly and Jack. They kiss again and Casey comes in and teases them about their make out session.

Carly is beside herself when she comes back in without Sage. She rushes to the phone and calls the police station. Nick answers and Carly, not identifying herself, demands to talk to Margo. He tells her she isn’t there. Carly screeches into the phone for him to get her. Nick obviously is aware that something is a miss, asks her what is wrong? He can find Jack or Hal, but Carly begs him not to. She starts to break down as she tells him that Sage is missing. He tells her he will be right there.

Emily is sitting on the balcony with a briefcase and Mimosa when Henry joins her. He realizes what the suitcase probably holds and mentions that he thought the money was always somewhere out of reach. Emily taunts him with it. She then heads over to the balcony and menacingly holds it over the balcony. He will either keep quiet about what he knows about Meg or she will drop the briefcase over the side and make the people below very happy.

Meg wants Paul to promise to be safe. Paul seals that promise with a kiss. Jack interrupts them and wants them to make statements. Meg wants him to consider telling him, but before they can go any further, an officer interrupts to tell Jack a call came in about his daughter missing. Jack wonders if Carly called it in? When the officer says no, Jack races out without another word. Meg is concerned for Jack, but her attention needs to be quickly shifted back to her life. Paul just wants her to stall with Jack.

Carly is anxiously telling Nick what happened. He wants her to calm down and he will go search the house and perimeter again. He goes into the basement gently calling out for Sage. He can’t help but notice the wall Mike was telling him about. However, he then spies Sage hiding and gently coaxes her out. He yells for Carly that he found her daughter.

Emily continues to taunt Henry; there is a lot of money in the suitcase and most likely it is finally safe to spend, but the man with the tin cup way down on the corner may have a lucky day if he doesn’t do what she says. Henry doesn’t care because he won’t be able to spend it in Statesville. Emily tosses the case at him and tells him to take his money and get out. When Henry opens the case and sees nothing in it, he tells her coldly the next time she wants to throw something over the balcony, she should start with herself. Henry starts to leave, but Emily grabs him and tells him that noone walks away from her.

Paul wants Meg to tell him exactly what happened when she was arrested? She tells him how Henry called her wanting to talk about Emily and then she got pulled over supposedly due to her driving erratically. It is not lost on Paul and Meg that Henry was in the middle of this. They both declares their “I love you’s”. Then Paul tells her that he will handle it.

Nancy calls Kim and asks her to make arrangements for a press conference.

Mike has a nightmare that he is knocking into the wall and the skeleton flies out at him, knocking him to the ground. Katie is near him when he jumps up completely freaked out. Is he ok, she nervously asks?

Carly is gently explaining to Sage she must never hide from her again and definitely answer her when she calls her name. She thanks Nick for his help. Nick tells her that he will straighten up the boxes and meet her upstairs. After Carly takes Sage upstairs, Nick stares at the wall and then reaches out to touch it.

Upstairs, Carly is comforting Sage when Jack comes racing in. He rushes straight for Sage and pulls her into his arms. Carly stares at him, and has nothing to say to him when he asks of she had any part in lying about Sage’s disappearance to get him there?

Emily tells Henry she hates to see him upset. She wants back the martini smiling Henry she has grown to love. Their friendship has saved her life. She wants the keys to Meg’s room though. Henry doesn’t want to give it to her. The police will be there and it will probably be roped off. Emily persists; she wants the keys and Henry finally gives in. After that, he storms out and a clueless Emily calls after him that she loves him and for him to call her later. Outside, Henry runs into Paul and Paul tells him that he is just who he wanted to see.

Meg is pacing nervously in the interrogation room. When the officer comes in she asks if Jack is back? The officer tells her no, but the results came back on the bloody clothes and they are a match to Dusty. He is placing her under arrest for the kidnap of Dusty Donovan. A visibly shaken Meg tries to explain that it is a mistake, but the officer isn’t listening because he is too busy reading her her Miranda Rights and handcuffing her.

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