ATWT Update Monday 4/17/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 4/17/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At home, Holden walks into his house, and Jade soon appears and watches him through the side window. He leaves the room and she walks into the house and leaves an envelope addressed to Lily on the table. It seems she may want Holden to notice her in the house. He walks back into the room and stops Jade as she is heading for the door. He is agitated because he and Lily have explicitly asked her not to sneak around with Luke behind their backs. Where is Luke? She feigns sadness and pity; she was not here for Luke, and she doesn’t know where he is for that matter. She was doing something else; she stares in the direction of the note, and Holden follows her line of vision. He sees the note and asks what it is about? Jade tells him it is private and for Lily, probably knowing he will take the bait. He doesn’t want Lily upset anymore then she has been. Again, Jade looks wounded; she would never do anything to hurt Lily especially during her pregnancy. If he doesn’t believe her then he can open the envelope for himself. He does and pulls out some money.

At Java, Luke is getting himself a coffee when a happy looking Kevin walks in with a blonde draped over his arm. Kevin spots him and walks over, acting pretty aloof when he finally approaches him. It is obvious that Luke wants to ask him to hang out again, but when he sees the girl with Kevin, he changes his mind and tells him how he and Jade are now dating. Kevin is confused because he thought they were cousins? Luke blows it off saying it was a misunderstanding, and in fact she is staying at his grandfather’s right next door. Kevin is now impressed because he has a hot girl and she is set up practically under the same roof. He slaps him on the back. Luke gathers up his courage and explains that his dad has calmed down now and so maybe they can start hanging out again? Unfortunately, Kevin tells him that is not going to happen. Luke looks defeated.

At the place formally known as Red Hots, now in the middle of becoming Oakdale’s newest hot spot, Maddie and Will arrive fresh off their study break to visit with Casey and Gwen, who are busy trying to book a musical act for the place. Gwen has the idea to book local talent since they can’t afford to pay much. Casey teases her telling her not to get her hopes up. A nerdy looking guy with a keyboard arrives promising to rock them! They all look at each other trying to shove down the skeptical feeling they have for this ‘rocker’.

At home, Carly and Katie are standing in the doorway as Katie is still stalling her, knowing Mike has probably not left the cellar yet. There is a noise, undoubtedly from Mike. Carly whips around wondering outloud what that noise was? Katie tries to divert her attention away as Carly heads inside the house to check out the noise. Katie screams looking outside the house, as she drags a confused Carly out the door with her. Meanwhile, downstairs Mike is smashing into the wall with his sledgehammer when a skull falls out of the hole he has made and onto the floor. Mike stares in disbelief at what he is looking at.

Holden stares at his find; there is no note just money. What is this about? Jade explains that Lily wanted her to get a job at the library and she seemed very angry yesterday so she wanted to give Lily something back. Holden tells her that Lily doesn’t need her money. A dejected looking Jade heads for the door and Holden asks her where she is going? She doesn’t expect him to understand that it was never about the money with her, she just wanted a family. She understands that her actions are stupid, she is dumb and that she is not good enough. Holden assures her those words never came out of his mouth. She explains it is easy to believe people think that about her when her adoptive parents always told her that. She knows he wants her to pack up and leave, but it is not going to happen. What is holding her here, Holden asks? She loves Luke, and he loves her and she has waited a lifetime for someone to feel like that about her and she isn’t going to walk away from that. Holden tries to explain again why they feel the way they way they do about her. She pretended to be Rose’s daughter and when they thought they had found a piece of Rose again, they were thrilled. When they found out she lied, it was like losing Rose all over again. If she could possibly understand how they feel, then she wouldn’t be throwing money at them. Jade apologizes again; she never meant to hurt anyone, and she turns and walks away. Holden tells her to wait. Is this all the money she has?

Luke is determined; why wouldn’t they be able to spend time like they used to? Kevin smiles and nods in the direction of the girl. He will be spending all his free time with her now. Luke is trying to hide his frustration and sadness; a couple of months ago he claimed he couldn’t stand that girl. He chuckles and tells him not to talk about his girlfriend like that. He then admits that he made a mistake about her; she has the moves and her dad is not in his face like some people’s dads. Kevin remains pretty indifferent. He tells Luke he will see him around, and off he goes leaving a depressed Luke looking after him.

Carly is getting agitated; why is she still at her house? She dragged her to Java to talk, and it amounted to nothing and now she is acting as if there was just an accident outside her house. She wants Katie to leave now. There was no accident and they are all safe. Just then Hal arrives with Parker. They are going for a bike ride tomorrow morning and they are there to get his bicycle. Hal is surprised to see Katie. Are they ok? Katie explains that they talked things out and things are better between them now. Carly wants Parker and Hal to come inside and visit for a while. Parker can have his favorite cookies. Hal doesn’t think they will have time, but Carly stalls just wanting to spend any time she could with Parker. She isn’t sure where the bike is so it may take a moment. Hal looks at her not wanting her to make a scene. Meanwhile downstairs, Mike tentatively picks up the skull and looks at it. Then he hurriedly puts it back on the skeleton and quickly starts to plaster the hole.

The foursome asks the musician what kind of music he plays? He answers that it is a punk, pop vibe thing. He starts playing his keyboard and then starts to whistle the beginning of Celine Dion’s title song from the Titanic, “My Heart Goes on.” Then he begins to belt out the song; he is terrible and the group looks around subtly from one to the other not knowing what to say. Will whispers that his song is perfect considering it is like a shipwreck. They are then serenaded by a bunch of other singers singing the same song as badly as the next one.

Jade tells Holden that she had money when she got to town but spent it on gifts for Natalie and Faith. Holden sarcastically answers that it was done to get on their good sides. Jade answers just as sarcastically that of course that was the only reason she did it. How is she going to live and eat? She remarks that she will diet. Holden thinks it would be better for her to start paying them back after she gets a few paychecks under her belt. She thanks him. How is she planning on getting to work? She will take the bus. He explains that the bus stop is five miles from here and at night that would not be a good idea. He hands her some money and tells her it is for cab money and food. She promises to pay him back once she can. Luke sees this from the hallway, and once the phone rings and Holden goes to answer it and Jade leaves, he confronts her. Why is she taking money from his dad? Before she can answer though, he tells her he is sick of her conning his family. Jade tries to calm him down; Holden offered her the money and it isn’t even a lot. Luke doesn’t want to hear it; it doesn’t matter because he can no longer keep up their charade; he can’t lie to his parents anymore. They are done!

Hal reminds them of their plan and how it is getting late; they can’t stay longer. Carly continues; she misses Parker and now that Jack has Sage and JJ she is even lonelier. Katie answers that they probably have some talking to do so she will take Parker and get the bike. They head inside as Carly and Hal continue to talk. She admits that when she saw him she was hoping he was bringing him home. Hal reminds her that his feelings on the situation haven’t changed. What she did to Nick and how she risked so many people’s lives was unimaginable, dangerous and crazy. On top of everything now that Jack is gone, he thinks Parker is best with him. Carly reminds him that she has taken care of her kids without help before and has been just fine. Hal can’t believe the risks she took. She worked in a strip club where any number of dangerous men could have followed her home. Carly is worked up; he is a cop and has been put in many dangerous situations. He reminds her that is his job though. He no longer feels that Parker is safe with her. She pleads with him; she needs Parker. Hal thinks she should consider Parker’s needs as well. Meanwhile inside the house, Katie tells Parker she will go get his bike. He wants to go with her but Katie discourages it. He keeps at it and Katie snaps for him to stay put. Once she sees his face, she then apologizes. She tells him that it would be dark in the cellar and she doesn’t want him hurt. Parker reminds her that they have lights in the basement. Katie tries another tactic. If he stays put, then she will bring him back a treat. She rushes downstairs as Mike is trying feverishly to fix the hole. He stands in front of the small hole when she comes in. She tells him she is trying to stave Carly off but it is hard and now Parker needs his bike. Mike is anxious and pushes her out of the cellar. He needs to finish, so he gives her Parker’s bike and promises to see her at home.

Hal tells Carly he didn’t mean to upset her. He has his feelings on the subject and that is that. Carly says jokingly she wished she had rethought the idea of having cops father her children. They work hard and long hours and put themselves in harms way a lot of the time, but she makes one bad decision and noone can get over it. Hal is smirking; she didn’t make a small mistake; she nearly ruined Nick’s life. She plotted his downfall for weeks and put herself, Jack, Nick and her kids in jeopardy daily. Carly doesn’t want to hear it; things could happen in the safety of her own home. She was busy folding laundry when Jack’s car went over the bridge; she was having a meal when her sister went into a coma. Life can be horrible all on its own. Hal understands but they have one shot to get it right with Parker and he can no longer turn a blind eye. He made a mistake with Barbara in handling Jen and Will and he won’t repeat that again. Carly is angry; she is not Barbara. Then why is he feeling as if she is treating him as Barbara did; he is only allowed to be a father to his kids when it is convenient to her. Carly softens; she doesn’t want him to feel like that because he is a great dad. Then he wants her to think twice before she pulls their child apart. Parker calls to them from inside. Carly asks him where Katie is? He tells her she told him to stay put and she will get the bike; Carly momentarily looks confused but then Katie arrives in the living room with the bike; she did not want him to get hurt on the stairs leading to the basement. Katie goes to leave and Parker asks her where his treat is? Katie pulls out a biscotti cookie and Parker remarks about the cookie not being sweet. Hal smiles and tells him to thank her, which he does. Katie assures him that the next time she sees him she will get him a sweet cookie. She tells Carly thank you for their talk, Carly says the same thing back, and then she leaves.

Hal tells Parker and Carly he will give them a few minutes to say goodbye. Parker wonders if she wants to go with them tomorrow, but Carly promises him he will have fun with his dad. They have fun time to themselves and his dad has missed out working his long hours, and she thinks it is his time to have alone fun time with him now. Parker smiles and asks her if he can visit her, Sage and JJ anytime. Carly promises he can anytime he wants as long as it is cool with his dad. He is heading out the door when he remembers that Katie didn’t get his helmet. Carly grabs him by the hand telling him that they will just go get the helmet right now and they skip over to the basement door.

Jade doesn’t understand why Luke is acting like this? He is just tired of pretending. Why is he acting like this? He is just not happy to see her hitting his dad up for money. That was not part of the plan. He didn’t give her much and that can’t be what is bothering him. There must be something else. Luke hesitates and then admits that he saw Kevin earlier, and ended up telling him she and he had hooked up. He also tells her that Kevin said he doesn’t want to hang out anymore either because he has a new girlfriend. Jade thinks he is still afraid of Holden and maybe he is pretending to have fallen for this girl like they are. Luke does not believe her; Kevin is crazy about her. He just wanted to see what he thought he saw; he wanted to be with Kevin and he convinced himself he felt the same. Jade is not convinced he misread the signs, but Luke is. She thinks he should give it time. Luke doesn’t think he can do it any longer; it is hurting his mother. She counters by wondering if he doesn’t think telling his parents would hurt them as well? Jade continues trying to keep him from breaking their agreement. There are plenty other gay men around that he has yet to meet. Does he think he should admit to being gay before he has really explored his feelings; he has never even kissed a man. Luke understands it will be hard on her when he admits the truth. Jade bucks up and tells him not to worry about her. He is glad to see she is being so understanding. Jade has an idea that will make everyone happy especially him. Luke stares back at her intrigued but leery anything will work.

Maddie, Casey, Gwen and Will wonder how bad these people all could have been? Will admits there is something about watching a train wreck. They wonder if they could hire obviously bad singes since they are so bad people would be entertained? They decide that idea would only go so far. They need real talent. Gwen apologizes for her bad idea, but Casey tells her not to worry, as he winks at her. Maddie wonders what they are going to do since the club opens in a week? Casey and Gwen admit they are going to have to work tirelessly 24/7. Casey explains there are obviously going to be a lot of late nights. Maddie and Will both look a little nervous about that comment.

Luke doesn’t think any idea will work. She must be getting tired of pretending to like him as well. Jade turns from him and starts to cry. She has never felt this way about another guy. She has told him stuff she has never told anyone else. She was hoping he felt the same; he admits he does because he felt she understood him like no other. Luke admits he never pictured his life ending up like this. He thought if he grew up like his parents their life would become his. Jade thinks he is still very young and has not lived or experienced enough to really be completely sure he knows that he is gay. Luke is convinced he is though. Jade continues; there is a lot more to sexuality then the physical aspect. Love is about compatibility, making one laugh, feeling comfortable talking to the other. There is someone in this town she has fantasized kissing. Luke jokes about hoping it isn’t Kevin. Jade smiles and tells him it is her friend. Why don’t they turn this lie into something real? Luke isn’t sure, but she feels something strong for him and she thinks at times he looks at her and wants her as well. Luke explains that he looks at her and wishes he were normal like everyone else. She surprises him by pulling him into a passionate kiss.

Back at the cottage, Katie asks Mike where the rubies are? He tells her that he doesn’t know. Katie pushes; is he sure he looked in the right place? Mike snaps back that of course he knew where to look. They step back and regroup when they realize they are on the edge of a fight. When they talk again they are calmer and Mike apologizes. He thanks her for everything she did for him tonight. What was in the wall, Katie asks? Mike avoids the question and explains he looked in the exact place he put them, and found nothing. Katie wonders if they shifted when the house was remodeled? Mike doesn’t think they would have. Could the woman he was holding them for have taken them? Mike thinks it is a possibility. Katie thinks there must have been some clues in the wall that they could go on? What was in the wall she asks? Mike stares back at her not wanting to tell her of his morbid find.

Carly and Parker are downstairs in the cellar looking for his helmet; Parker walks over towards the newly plastered wall and tells his mom what he sees. The wall is a different color; it is white now. Carly looks at it confused as well.

Luke pulls away from Jade’s kiss, telling her to stay away from him, just as Holden opens the door to see this. He demands to know what is going on? A surprised Luke tries to cover; they tried to stay away and live by their rules, but they couldn’t. He apologizes and runs off. Jade announces she has to leave as well and takes off just as quickly. Holden is left there to wonder what just went on?

Casey and Gwen are completely engrossed in their work trying to find an act for the club and Maddie and Will feel like third and fourth wheels. They mention they are going back to study. Casey and Gwen hardly notice that they are leaving. As they are walking out the door, they both look back at Casey and Gwen happily and closely working together and they both look quite uncomfortable with it.

Carly decides that the wall must be that color when it got wet due to problems with the boiler earlier. She continues to look for Parker’s helmet while he just stares strangely at the wall. Carly finds the helmet and is ready to go back upstairs when she notices Parker not moving and still staring strangely at the wall. She gently pulls him away and they go upstairs; Carly does glance back confused at the wall that seems to look differently now, but continues to go upstairs.

Was the bag the rubies in there? There was nothing left of the bag. Katie thinks it was a good thing; there will be no connection to him then. Mike is not convinced; he wonders if someone knew he put the rubies there? Katie thinks some construction worker probably took them; Mike looks unconvinced. She thinks they should forget about this because the rubies are gone and they have no idea who took them. Mike continues to look upset and tells her he needs to take a walk. Is there something wrong, Katie asks? He blows the question off; he had convinced himself that the rubies weren’t real and he never did that, and now he can’t escape it. He just needs some air. Katie looks concerned by his reaction. He walks out of the door and stops on the steps remembering what he found. Who was that, he asks himself?

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