ATWT Update Friday 4/14/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 4/14/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Lakeview, Paul and Meg continue to kiss and start to take their clothes off.

At the cabin, Emily demands that Dusty take of his clothes and put on the fresh clothes she brought for him to wear. Dusty wonders why Emily is being so nice to him but Emily tells him to stop asking questions and strip. Dusty once again asks Emily why he should do as she says and she responds because she is the one holding the gun. Dusty wonders what Emily is going to do next and Emily thinks that her plans are none of his business. Dusty thinks Paul is setting a trap for Emily but Emily once again refuses to listen to Dusty’s opinion.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Jack and Carly almost kiss but Sage comes downstairs and interrupts them. Sage drops the boiler valve on the floor. Jack bends down to pick it up and notices that it is the missing boiler valve. Jack asks his daughter who had this and she responds Mommy. Jack immediately figures out this was one of Carly’s schemes to get him back. Jack sends Sage upstairs to get her things so he can take her to the farm. Jack is furious with Carly for lying to him once again.

At Mike and Katie’s house, Mike worries that people may come looking for the rubies because of what Katie wrote in the book. Mike thinks the proper thing to do is to get the rubies and turn them in to the police. Katie has an idea and tells Mike to break into Jack and Carly’s house get the rubies and leave an anonymous note telling the police they found the rubies and thought they might have been stolen.

At the Lakeview, Meg stops herself and Paul from making love leaving Paul to wonder why she stopped when they both obviously want to make love. Meg explains to Paul that she wants to make love to him more then anything but she can’t because he is involved with Emily. Meg tells Paul that she doesn’t want to get involved with another man who is involved with another woman because her relationship with Dusty was very painful. Paul doesn’t understand Meg’s reason and reminds her that as soon as they find Dusty he will divorce Emily. Meg reminds Paul that his marriage may be in name only but he had sex with Emily. Meg knows that Paul slept with Emily to protect her but it still hurts. Paul tells Meg he likes her because she is spunky, sexy, bristly and edgy. Meg tells Paul she likes him because he is smart, funny, and even though sometimes he does the wrong thing he loves his sister and brother. Paul tells Meg he has fallen in love with her and Meg admits she feel the same way about him.

At the cabin, Dusty explains to Emily that Paul is probably planning to let her take the fall for his (Dusty’s) murder. Emily screams at Dusty to stop trying to help her or figure her out because he doesn’t know her or Paul well enough to figure them out. Once Emily leaves Dusty again begins to work on getting himself free from the chains.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Jack thinks Carly once again used one of the kids to help her in one of her schemes. Carly explains to Jack she never told Sage to lie to him about anything but she was with her when she broke the valve. Jack explains to Carly that her lies are the reason she must leave because he always knew she could lie easily to other people but he always thought she would tell him the truth. Jack explains that his heart broke when he realized she could lie to him and now he can’t trust her or live with her lies anymore. Carly cries and tells Jack he knows better then anyone how hard it has been for her to have a family and a man who loves her. Carly tells Jack that when she thinks she is going to lose her family she gets so afraid she becomes desperate and will do anything she must do to keep her family. Carly tells Jack she has done everything she could think of to get him to forgive him but she will do whatever he asks her to do as long as he forgives her. Carly asks Jack to take one step toward rebuilding their relationship when Jack tells her he doesn’t know how she asks him to stay with her. Sage comes downstairs and jack takes her hand and turns to asks Carly to sign the separation papers because they have finally reached the point when they can’t turn back.

At the Lakeview, Paul asks Meg to tell him at which point she knew she was in love with him. Meg smiles and explains to Paul that she knew she loved him when she felt the need to protect him despite the fact that she thought he killed Dusty a man she loved since she was a teenager. Paul tells Meg he knew he loved her about the sixth or seventh time she told him she hated him. Paul asks Meg to leave town so Emily won’t hurt her but Meg decides to stay because she couldn’t bear to be apart from him in case something happened to him. Paul tells Meg he must leave soon to go file the restraining order and Meg tells Paul she suspects Henry knows about Emily’s plans since they have become friends. Meg decides to go pay him a visit to see if she can find out about Emily’s move. Paul gives Meg a good-bye kiss and promises he will come see her the next time it is safe to get away.

At the garage, Emily meets with Henry to ask him to break into Meg’s car Henry doesn’t want to do it but Emily tells him she may have to resort to plan b, which is to kill Meg. Henry opens the door to Meg’s car and Emily puts Dusty’s bloody clothes in the back seat. Emily asks Henry to call Meg and tell her to meet him at the old mill so he can give her information about Meg’s plans for her. Meg agrees to go meet Henry and Henry feels awful about what he has just done.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Carly is sobbing when the doorbell rings and Katie asks her if she can come in and talk. Carly tells her no and shuts the door. Katie rings the doorbell again and Carly picks up the phone calls the police and tells her she has an intruder in the house. Katie quickly tells Carly that she understands how she feels about her but this is about a favor she can do for Mike. Carly tells the policeman it was a false alarm and hangs up the phone. Carly explains that she has had a bad day so she should say what she has to say quickly and leave. Katie asks Carly if they can go talk at Java because she wants to go talk to her in a public place where Carly won’t be tempted to hurt her. Carly agrees to take her own car and follow her to Java. Once Carly is gone Mike goes in the house and heads to the basement. Mike fins the spot in the wall where he hid the rubies and begins to hit it with a hammer.

At the police station, Paul tells jack that the policeman at the desk he should come talk to a detective about his business. Paul asks if Margo is around Jack says no but if he doesn’t want to talk to him Hal is upstairs maybe he would feel more comfortable talking to him. Paul tells Jack he understands how he feels about him but he has to file a restraining order against someone. Jack tells him that he hates the fact that he kept the truth from Jennifer about her baby, faked his own death, and confessed to a murder he didn’t commit and still managed to avoid jail but that won’t keep him from doing his job. Jack asks Paul whom he wants the restraining order against and Paul responds against your cousin Meg. Paul sees the expression on Jack’s face and says that maybe its best that he fined someone else to help him. Jack tells Paul he thinks it would be the smartest thing Meg could do to be forced to stay away from him.

The police stop Meg on the way to meet Henry and tell her that someone reported she cut off a car and gave the first 3 digits of her license plate. Meg tells the officer that she hasn’t past another car on the road.

At the police station, Jack thinks that Paul is filing the restraining order against Meg for one of two reasons either he is trying to frame Meg for Dusty’s disappearance or Emily is jealous of Meg and Paul is trying to throw Emily off the track. Paul is surprised to see Emily arrive at the station. Emily explains that she was just checking to see if the restraining orders against Meg.

The police give Meg a roadside sobriety test but since the results aren’t conclusive they search her car. The police find the bloody clothes in the backseat and a confused Meg tells the police she doesn’t know how those clothes got in her car. The police arrest Meg and put her inside the squad car.

At the police station, Paul tells Emily Jack is giving him a hard time about the restraining order. Emily tells Paul she isn’t worried about Meg anymore she just wants to get home and continue her honeymoon. Emily gives Paul a kissand a hug and tells him she has a feeling everything is going to be okay.

At Java, Katie invites Carly to the wedding in June Carly accepts the invitation because she and Mike are friends. Katie apologizes for telling Jack about her undercover work with Nick and asks Carly for a fresh start so they can become friends. Carly tells Katie she was never her friend because if she had been she would have talked to her before she told Jack the truth. Carly tells Katie she will never forgive her for destroying her marriage. Katie tells Carly she never thought she and Jack would get a divorce over the situation. Carly tells Katie that she and Mike are still at the stage in their relationship where they discover something new about each other but marriage is about loving each other constantly through the bad habits that annoy you and whatever problems come up ever day. Carly explains to Katie that Jack was the only constant in her life and now she has lost him party because of her. Carly leaves and Katie tries to call Mike but he doesn’t answer his phone. Katie rushes out to make sure Carly doesn’t discover Mike in her basement.

At the police station, Paul is stunned to see Meg arrive in handcuffs at the station. Paul wants to go find out why Meg has been arrested but Emily tells him to let the police handle Meg.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Katie follows Carly inside the house and tells her she is determined to get her forgiveness. Carly hears banging and heads to discover the noise with Katie following her. Mike breaks through the wall and is stunned to discover human bones.

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