ATWT Update Thursday 4/13/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 4/13/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Jack and Carly’s place, Sage asks her mom where her daddy is and Carly explains that he is gone for a while but he will be home soon. Carly hears a knock on the door and smiles when she opens it and sees Jack. Carly explains that Sage was just asking about him. Jack explains to Carly that he wanted to make a quick stop to give her something and then leave. Carly tasks Jack that Sage has already heard him so he needs to come in and say hello because Sage and all the kids miss him very much. Jack walks in says Hello to sage and picks her up and puts her on his lap and gives her a hug and a kiss. Once Jack has played with Sage a few minutes he stands up and places Sage on the couch. Jack tells Carly he wanted to stop by and give her the separation papers he asked Jessica to file yesterday. Carly sheds some tears and screams for Jack to take the papers back because she won’t accept them.

At Mike and Katie’s house, Katie comes downstairs and sees that Mike has torn out pages of Oakdale Confidential and thrown the book on the other side of the couch. Katie asks Mike what he is doing to a poor defenseless book. Mike apologizes to Katie because he didn’t want her to see him with the book. Katie doesn’t understand why one mention of his prison record in a fictional novel has him so upset. Katie assures Mike that the people of Oakdale won’t hold it against him that he was in jail once for a mistake he made when he was younger. Katie knows that Mike must have another reason why the book has him so upset and it must be very important. Katie asks Mike to tell her what the problem is so they can handle it together. Mike tells Katie he can’t tell her the reason the book has him so upset because he has to protect her.

At Java, Will demands to know why Gwen was saying than you to his mother because he is sure the reason can only mean trouble. Gwen explains to Will that Barbara suggested to Lisa that she hire her band to play at the new crash club. Will asks his mother what she wants in return for this act of kindness. Barbara tells Will that she has no ulterior motive she just wants to make amends for the things she has done to Gwen. Gwen tells Will she thinks Barbara wasn’t trying to do anything to hurt them this time. Will tells his mother that if she really wanted to make amends she would move to Paris and leave them alone.

At Paul and Emily’s place, Paul tells Emily to let the phone ring because he has nothing to say to Meg. Emily tells Paul to answer the –phone so he does so and pretends to be annoyed and frustrated with Meg as he asks her why she is calling him. Meg knows Paul is with Emily so she tells him she has an idea what the key she found may open but before she can say anything else Emily grabs the phone from Paul and screams for Meg to leave her husband alone and then hangs up the phone. Paul pretends to be mad that Meg is still bothering him but Emily doesn’t believe his act. Emily asks Paul to go to the police and get a restraining order on Meg but he doesn’t act like a guy who is being stalked by a woman he is acting like a guy forcing himself to stop caring about a woman. Paul can’t understand how Emily could think that he cares for Meg when they just made incredible love. Paul tells Emily that he will go file a restraining order against Meg but Emily doesn’t think that will keep Meg away from him. Emily holds Paul tightly and asks him to tell her she I the only woman for him. Paul tells Emily she is the only one for him and gives Emily a kiss. Emily cries and tells Paul she is terrified someone will take him away from her. Emily tells Paul she must find a way to stop Meg from hurting him.

At Mike and Katie’s house, Mike tells Katie he must postpone the wedding until he can solve this problem from his past. Katie once again encourages Mike to be honest with her so they can solve the problem together. Katie reminds Mike that she was very resourceful when she helped Nick get out of trouble while he was in Latvia.

At Java, Gwen tells Will they must talk about this alone before she decides to take the job at the club. Barbara asks Gwen not to let Will get in the way of this wonderful opportunity to do something she really loves to do. Will tells Barbara to leave so he can speak to his wife alone. Will reminds Gwen that Barbara always has something up her sleeve even though Gwen is still determined to believe Barbara was trying to do something nice.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Carly is shocked that Jack filed the separation papers without consulting her about the decoction. Carly is also surprised that Jessica filed the papers so quickly without asking him to think about his decoction. Jack explains that Jessica did try to persuade him to think things over but he insisted that she file the papers right away. Jack thinks its best that they handle the divorce quickly so the kids can get used to the divorce. Jack admits to Carly that he misses her every second of every day and he will love her until the day he dies but he can’t stay married to a woman he can’t trust. Carly pleads with Jack to stay and she will do everything she can to earn his trust again. Jack reminds Carly she has said that before but she can’t change who she is and he wouldn’t want her to change because he loves everything about her. Jack gives Sage a kiss good-bye and leaves.

Carly smiles because Jack said he missed her and the wheels in her head start thinking of a plan to get Jack to come home. Carly goes down to the basement takes a wrench and hits the boiler until steam and water start to come out then she goes back upstairs and calls Jack to tell him there is a plumbing problem at home and she can’t fix it.

At Paul and Emily’s place, Henry drops by to give the newlyweds a wedding present. Paul opens thee martini shaker and set of Martina glasses. Paul asks Henry to stay with Emily and use the new Martini set while he goes to get a restraining order on Meg. Paul gives Emily a quick kiss and Leaves. Emily tells Henry that Meg has been bothering Paul because she can’t accept that Paul married her. Emily tells Henry that she must take care of Meg in her own way.

At Mike and Katie’s place, Mike tells Katie that the book brought back a lot of painful memories from his past he would rather forget and he must solve the problem before he can get married. Mike plans to go after the anonymous author of Oakdale confidential after he has solved the problem from his past. Katie can’t stand to see Mike so hurt by the book so she admits that she wrote the book.

At Java, Gwen explains to Will that she overheard Barbara on the phone talking to Lisa and thanking her for giving Gwen the job at the club. Gwen tells Will that she was talking to Casey and thanking him for the job. Will points out that his mother probably overheard them and wanted to make sure that she (Gwen) knew who was responsible for the job offers she would have a reason to owe her a favor. Gwen feels foolish for falling for one of Barbara’s tricks. Will gives Gwen a hug and tells her not to be so hard on herself because his mother is a master manipulator. Gwen apologizes to Will for going soft but Will tells her its not her fault she just likes to see the good in people and that is one of the reasons he loves her. Gwen tells Will she won’t take the job since Barbara got it for her.

At the Lakeview, Paul tells Meg that he told Emily that she Meg had been following him because she couldn’t accept the fact that they were married. Paul explains to Meg he is really worried that Emily will do her harm so he had to sleep with her to keep her from coming to the Lakeview after her.

At Paul and Emily’s place, Emily tells Henry she will do anything she has to do to keep Meg away from Paul. Henry thinks Emily wants to kill Meg so he tries to persuade Emily to trust her husband and be happy with him. Emily assures Henry that her plan is risk free and will get Meg out of the way permantly without having to kill her. Henry is happy because he feels like he and Emily have become friends and he wouldn’t want to see her go to jail.

At Java, Will Promises Gwen he will always remind her not to trust Barbara. And he tells her to take the job because he saw how disappointed she was when she told him she wouldn’t take the job if it would upset him. Gwen gives Will a kiss and a hug and from the expression on Will’s face the audience can see that Will is worried that Barbara intends to come between he and Gwen.

At Mike and Katie’s house, Mike is upset that Katie didn’t tell him about the book or at least let him read it before she sent it to Lucinda. Katie explains to Mike that she was nervous and didn’t think the book was good enough to be published. Katie demands that Mike stop using a double standard and tell her the truth about his past. Mike admits to Katie that after he was released from jail he became an accessory to grand larceny.

At the Lakeview, Meg tells Paul Emma informed her that the key could fit locks used to chain farm equipment together to keep it from being stolen. Paul thinks she has done great work but he will handle finding Dusty because she must get out of town so Emily won’t be able to hurt her. Meg tells Paul she isn’t afraid of Emily because she can hold her own against her. Paul admits he is afraid of Emily and that both he and Dusty thought they could handle her.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Jack is trying to fix the boiler and both he and Carly are both very wet because water is gushing everywhere. Jack hits his finger with the wrench because he can’t see what he is doing because of the steam.

At Mike and Carly’s house, Mike tells Katie that when he was released from jail he got mixed up with a beautiful older woman named Maya who asked him to hide some rubies that she had stolen from someone. Mike admits to Katie he had a crush on Maya and hoped she might be grateful to him for hiding the rubies for her. Mike continues to tell Katie that he was scared to go to jail again so he didn’t give the stolen rubies to the police but instead hid them in a safe place. Katie wants to know where the rubies are hidden so that she can help Mike fix this problem. Mike tells Katie that these people are very dangerous and he doesn’t want her to get hurt. Katie gives Mike a kiss and tells him she won’t get hurt because she knows he will protect her.

At the Lakeview, Meg tells Paul that Emily couldn’t possibly hurt her more then he has already hurt her. Paul explains that he didn’t make love to Emily they just had sex. Meg tells Paul he doesn’t owe her any explanations but she is determined to see this through to the end. Paul wonders how Meg expects this to end and Meg tells Paul he is the only one who can answer that question. Paul answers Meg’s question by giving her a kiss.

At the cabin, Emily smiles because she is amused that Dusty is still trying to escape. Emily tells Dusty that he must be tired and she thinks he may want to get into some fresh clothes.

At Mike and Katie’s house, Mike tells Katie that he hid the rubies inside a wall, which is in Jack and Carly’s basement.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Carly tells Jack he should take of his wet shirt and she will put something on his hand. Carly puts some antiseptic on Jack’s hand and the two are so close they almost kiss.

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