ATWT Update Wednesday 4/12/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 4/12/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Holden and Lily's house, Jade knocks on the door and since nobody is home she turns the doorknob and goes inside the house. Jade goes into Faith and Natalie's bathroom and grabs a bottle of nail polish and sits down on the floor to pain her toenails. Lily arrives home and is upset that Jade sneaked into the house when nobody was home. Lily informs Jade that she must get a job to pay rent for staying at the guesthouse.

At the Library, Will is discouraged because he doesn't think he can pass calculus in such a short time. Gwen tells him it is also hard for her to try and write an essay about a book she has never read that is why she must go meet Casey soon so he can help her. Will offers to write the essay for her if she goes to take his calculus test for him. Gwen jokes that the teacher would notice if suddenly a blonde girl walked in and answered to the name of Will Munson. Will asks Gwen if she was good in Calculus and Gwen says she was good enough to pass. Will asks Gwen to help him with a Calculus problem but the newlyweds get distracted by being so close to each other and start to kiss each other.

At Mike and Kate's house, Mike is sitting on the couch reading Oakdale Confidential and getting more worried and upset the more pages of the book he reads. Katie comes downstairs so Mike quickly hides the book so she won't see that she won't see he is reading it. Katie gives Mike a kiss and a hug and asks why he wasn't in bed when she reached out for him. Mike explains that he couldn't sleep so he came downstairs because he didn't want to wake her.

At the Lakeview, Meg gets a note and after reading it she calls someone and asks the person on the other end of line for help.

At Paul and Emily's house, Paul brings out a romantic breakfast for Emily and calls for her to come downstairs so they can have the breakfast he prepared for her. Emily comes downstairs and doesn't speak to Paul when he asks her if her headache is better. Paul wonders if Emily is mad at him and that question makes her so angry she responds that there is no reason for her to be angry because her new husband spent his honeymoon night with his sister and Meg Snyder.

At Holden and Lily's house, Jade is surprised Lily is asking her to get a job. Jade tells Lily that she is very grateful for her hospitality and for the chance to be a part of a real family. Jade promises Lily that she will get a job soon in fact she already went down to the beauty Salon but the owner wasn't hiring right now. Lily tells Jade she doesn't have to worry about Looking for a job because she already found a job for her.

At the Library, Will suggests to Gwen that they make love in the back of the library. Gwen tells Will she is very tempted by the offer but they must study so they can graduate. Gwen wants to invite Carly to dinner so she can spend some time with Parker. Will tells Gwen that is fine with him since his dad is going to be at the station all night. Will is worried about what his dad will say if he finds out they invited Carly to dinner. Will also reminds Gwen to be careful of his mom and dad because he is sure that they are planning something to break up their relationship. Gwen gives Will a kiss and asks him what he wants her to make for dinner. Will tells Gwen it doesn't matter what she makes because he likes anything she cooks. Gwen smiles and Will another kiss good-bye. Will tells Gwen that he won't be able to concentrate on calculus if she keeps distracting him.

At Mike and Katie's house, Mike tells Katie he wants to be a part of the wedding planning. Katie thinks Mike is kidding but once she knows he is serious she gives him a kiss and tells him he is the best boyfriend ever. Katie tells Mike that the wedding planning books are at the Library and she is going to meet with Nancy Hughes later because she also wants to help her plan the wedding. Katie promises to check the books out of the library and bring them home so he can look at them. Nick arrives a few minutes after Katie leaves the house and Mike confides to his cousin that he did something in his past that people could discover if they read Oakdale Confidential.

At the Farm, Meg asks her mother if she thinks the key she found could open something at a farm like a stable or a grain silo. Emma thinks the key looks like it could fit a lock used on chains which people use to keep farm equipment from being stolen. Emma wonders why Meg is so interested in the key. Emma also worries Meg is looking for trouble again.

At Paul and Emily's house, Emily screams at Paul that she doesn't trust him anymore because he led to her about seeing Meg. Paul explains to Emily that he didn't tell her about seeing Meg because he Knew she would be upset with him. Emily screams at Paul that she has sacrificed everything for him and gone farther she ever thought possible for him and he was just using her to get out of jail. Paul wonders what she has done for him and Emily reminds him that she helped him Keep Jennifer's baby a secret from her. Emily starts to leave but Paul stops her which leads Emily to think that he is afraid she will do something to hurt his girlfriend Meg. Paul explains to Emily that she is too upset to drive and he doesn't want her to get in an accident.

At the Library, Lily drops Jade off and Jade fills out an application and tells the librarian to call her if she gets the job. The Librarian explains to Jade that the application is just a formality and she already has the job. Lily asks the librarian when Jade can start and the librarian tells her right away. Lily starts to leave when Luke arrives she asks him to drive Jade home once she has finished her working day.

At Java, Gwen and Casey decide to work on the play list for the club before they study. Gwen thanks Casey for giving his grandmother the idea of using her band for the club. Casey acts like he wasn't the person who told his grandmother about Gwen's band but then he admits he gave his grandmother a CD he made when she sang at the prom and she must have liked it enough to hire her band for the job. Gwen is touched that Casey kept the CD after all this time and everything that has happened between them. Casey doesn't understand why Gwen is so surprised her band is good and he likes the music so he kept the CD. Barbara arrives and sees Gwen and Casey together and overhears their conversation so she pretends to call Lisa and thank her for giving her daughter in law the job at the club. Gwen overhears the phone conversation as Barbara expected and accuses Barbara of trying to set her up. Barbara pretends to be hurt by Gwen's accusation and tells Casey she won't be able to take the job since Barbara was responsible for getting the job for her. Casey tells Gwen to keep the song list and think about her decagon. Casey tells Gwen he will call her later and leaves Gwen and Barbara alone to talk.

At Mike and Katie's house, Mike tells Nick that if the people of Oakdale find out the reason he spent time in jail he will be in trouble. Nick tells Mike that it was just a coincidence that the novel happen to have the real reason he spent time in jail in it. Nick reminds Mike that the book is fiction and nobody will think that it is true. Nick advises Mike to let the book go and concentrate on his wedding to Katie.

At Paul and Emily's house, Paul is upset with Emily because she must not trust him at all if she thinks he would cheat on her with Meg. Paul tells Emily that Meg has a bad crush on him and she has been following him and won't leave him alone. Paul tells Emily that after he married her Meg snapped and he was trying to calm her down so she wouldn't come to the house and make a scene. Paul explains to Emily that Meg has been doing everything possible to break up their relationship. Emily tells Paul that she is happy everything she did for his sake was worth it. Paul again wonders what Emily did for him but Emily just wants to make love to him so she can be sure he only wants to be with her. Paul and Emily begin to make love but Emily stops herself when she sees the scar from Paul's bullet wound.

At Java, Barbara admits to Gwen that she might have helped her get the job at the club but she only wanted to make her happy. Barbara also tells Gwen that she hoped if she was happy it would also make Will happy and help her mend the broken relationship with her son. Barbara tells Gwen that Will doesn't need to know how she got the job. Gwen tells Barbara she never keeps any secrets from Will. Barbara tells Gwen that she can tell Will the truth if she wants to do so but then she might lose out on a big opportunity. Barbara starts to leave but Gwen stops her and they sit down to talk again. Gwen tells Barbara that she and Will want to get an apartment and that can happen quicker if she has a job. Gwen thanks Barbara for recommending her to Lisa.

At the Library, Jade tells Luke that Lily is trying to break up their relationship by forcing her to get a job and pay rent for the guesthouse. Jade reminds Luke that if they break up his parents could find out he is gay. Jade thinks she should talk to Holden and persuade him to talk to Lily so she won't have to work. Jade sees Will and recognizes him as the guy who killed Rose. Will gets upset and asks Luke to keep Jade away from him. Will leaves the library and bumps into Katie who wonders what is wrong with him. Nancy explains he is just a teenager. Katie tells Nancy she can't understand why Mike is so upset about Oakdale Confidential. Nancy thinks Katie wouldn't care so much how Mike felt about the book unless she was the author.

At Paul and Emily's house, Paul tells Emily that they must rebuild the trust in their relationship if they want to have a good marriage. Paul and Emily make love and Emily is positive that they will be happy together. Paul tells Emily he is sure she will get everything she deserves.

At Mike and Katie's house, Nick tries again to reassure Mike he is making too big of a deal out of the information in the book. Katie arrives home from the library and overhears Nick telling Mike that he won't get in trouble. Nick covers and tells Katie Mike thought his favorite baseball Pitcher won't have any trouble this season. Katie goes upstairs to look at wedding books. Nick once again tells Mike to let the book go and concentrate on the wedding.

At Java, Will arrives to pick up Gwen and is upset to see her talking with Barbara.

Katie sees Mike staring at the book which is on the coffee table and can't figure out why he looks so upset.

At the Lakeview, Meg makes a phone call to Paul and wonders why he isn't answering his phone.

At Paul and Emily's house, Emily sees Paul's phone vibrating and calls Paul who is in the kitchen but when he doesn't come out right away she picks up the phone and looks at the caller ID and tells Paul Meg is calling him.

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