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Written By Eva

may be late

Mike and Katie face each other on the couch and make a deal that she won’t keep anything from him again, no matter if he’s 5000 miles away and can’t do anything about it, or if it’s for his own good. He says she doesn’t have to worry about that because he’s not going to be that far away from her again. It was hell. And all he could think about was getting back here and holding her. He kisses her. And kissing her. He kisses her again. And everything after that. He buries his head in her neck. She tells him don’t stop, it was just getting good. He proclaims they got mail. Someone just shoved an envelope under the door. He retrieves it. She notices it was hand-delivered. She opens it and announces that Lucinda Walsh is throwing a party. Mike says whoopee, what’s the occasion? Katie tells him she’s published a new book – “Oakdale Confidential.“ He chides that somebody actually wrote a book about this place? Apparently so, she replies, it doesn’t say who. Just that it’s hush-hush. Enthusiastically she tells him they are part of a select group. Can they go?

He asks is that really her idea of a good time? Going to some stuffy publishing thing? And how does she know this isn’t just a come-on? She tells him he doesn’t have to look very far to find scandal in this town. This could be the best thing that has happened to this place in years. And besides he’s been running from the construction site to his brother’s hospital room, it might be a good change of pace. He relents and says okay, put it on the calendar. She tells him it’s tonight in an hour. He’s like to groan, but says all right; he hopes she doesn’t mind being late as he kisses her and she folds backward to the couch.

Lily, Holden and Luke stop outside the front door and Luke remarks how good it is to be home. Doing her mothering bit, Lily asks if he wants to lay down first or her to make him something to eat? He chirps that’s easy – food. He’s been dreaming about a home-cooked meal for days. Hospital food is not his idea of a good time. Lily says all right. She’ll make him anything he wants, hamburgers, pasta? Holden jokes that can’t they get in the house before she gives him a run-down on the meal? Jade comes bounding up and hugs Luke. She says she missed him so much. Lily throws a damper on the situation by announcing they haven’t had time to settle in yet. Jade says she knows, she just wanted to see him for a second. Luke invites her inside, saying his mom is going to cook up a batch of hamburgers, pasta, bacon and eggs. Holden warns him to go easy; he’s going to end up with a case of terminal heartburn. Lily speaks up and says Jade probably has other things to do. Jade gets the message and says yes, she should be getting back. Luke wants to know back where? What’s going on?

Will and Jen have a confrontation in the lobby. He is furious that she let Paul walk out of jail. She says it was totally her decision, but she didn’t feel she had a choice. She points out she’s the one who was hurt and who made the decision. And, if she is okay with it, Will should be too. And she wasn’t doing it for Paul, but for herself. He tells her she’s really a good person, too good. This is about Dusty, isn’t it?

Breathing heavily, over and over, Dusty tries the fork tine to pry open his lock to no avail. He throws it down and shouts, “DAMMIT.”

Paul carries Emily across the threshold and puts her down, maneuvering her so and kissing her enough to keep her attention away from Meg’s hiding place behind the chair and he’s able to give her facial signals. She too waves to him to retrieve the keys on the floor where they accidentally fell. He calls Emily Mrs. Paul Ryan. She says he has no idea how long she has waited to hear that. What does he think of the place? Does he like what’s she done? Is it romantic enough? He tells her it’s amazing; she has outdone herself. She coos that it’s only the beginning. He has no idea what is in store for him. She tells him there is no need to rush. They can take their time; they have all night. He proclaims he wants to take advantage of every single second. She does too. That’s why she took care of every little detail. Champagne is in the fridge, and then there’s this. She holds up a scanty teddy. He says, “wow, you’re going to wear that?” She replies yes, for a second or two.

Hurrying to get her out of the room, he urges her to not waste any time; go put it on right now. She tells him no, she wants some champagne first. He’s made her the happiest girl in the world, and she thought this day would never come. And although their actual wedding day was a couple of days ago, she wants to treat tonight like their real wedding night. A new beginning for the both of them, the way it should be.

He tells her he thinks he ought to go get that champagne. She says good, because she wants to toast to their future. Weaving his way out of the room, he quietly kicks the keys to Meg who grabs them from her hiding place.

Katie squeals with delight as she and Mike play tag. He has his shirt off and a bandana around his eyes. He tells her it’s double tag and she owes him two pieces of clothing. Which two, as she is already down to her bra and sweats? Saved by the bell. Nancy Hughes is about to step into this den of iniquity. Mike wants to pretend they aren’t there, but Katie suggests he go hide or at least put some clothes on. Katie throws on a t-shirt and answers the door. Nancy offers that she feels she came at a bad time. Katie stammers that no, it’s okay, come in. Nancy knows that Mike just got home and says she’s not too old to remember how fond absence makes the heart. She apologizes and says she should have called first. But, she suspected she’d be at Lucinda’s party. She pulls out a gift to give her, a welcome home gift they could both enjoy.

Lily tells Luke that his father and her thought it would be best if Jade stayed at Cal’s place for the time being while he’s recuperating. Holden adds for him not to get the wrong idea. This is not punishment. They just want to make sure he gets lots of rest. He asks and they don’t think he can with Jade around? Lily says actually not. Jade speaks up and says she agrees with his mom. His health comes first, and he needs to get rest, and she needs to be out of the way. He gives in and says he’s outnumbered. He just wishes he’d been part of the decision. She points out that his mom is watching out for him, and swears that she is okay with this. And Cal’s den is really pretty cool. Lily cuts this short by saying they need to get in and settle; she has a LOT of food to cook.

Inside, Lily gives Luke a hug and tells him she hopes he’s not too upset about this. He says surprised, but if Jade is okay with this, then he will be. He chooses pasta, a big heaping plate of it when she asks. Holden takes his bag and asks if there is anything he can do for him? He first says no, he’s cool. Then he says he could use a big mug of hot chocolate, the kind Holden used to make for him as a kid. Holden says he could go for one of those himself. He’ll be back in a minute.

He doesn’t waste a second. He heads to Cal’s to see Jade. He tells her he can’t stay long; his folks are preparing a feast for him. Is she really okay with his mom making her stay here? She tells him it is. It’s a great place, gives her privacy and actually it’s better for their plan. It keeps his mom happy and gives him a place to sneak off to. He wonders why he would need a place to sneak to – oh yeah, to pretend they are crazy in love. She says exactly. They have to take every opportunity to make it seem like they can’t keep their hands off of each other because if his parents figure out they are faking it, Lily will kick her out of here so fast it won’t be funny. He tells her that is not going to happen, at least not yet. He states that when he’s strong enough, he’s going to tell them the truth, that he is gay. She tells him not to rush on her account; she likes it there. He says that is why he is reminding her. This is not going to go on forever. So if she really wants to stay there, she needs to find a way to get on his mom’s good side. She says she will, but in the meantime, he needs to keep the pressure up, as he is the only one Lily will listen to. And now he’d better get back before they figure out where he is.

He gets back in the house just as Holden returns and wonders where he was? Luke replies outside looking at the stars. They are really bright tonight. Holden says yeah he bets they were really bright over at Cal’s. That is where he was, wasn’t it? Luke doesn’t answer, but asks doesn’t he think that Lily is going a little overboard, making Jade stay there like that? Holden tells him just to count his blessings that she hadn’t thrown her out altogether. Luke just hopes Holden will give her a chance. Holden says he’s just trying to keep the peace, that’s all. He doesn’t want anybody to get upset. He wants him and his mother to stay happy and healthy. But, it’s going to be a tough sale on his mother. She’s already choking on kindness of sorts. Holden asks Luke to try to follow his mother’s rules as much as possible. Luke adds, and steer clear of Jade?

Gwen brings drinks while Will and Jen continue to discuss the photo and the note from Dusty. She feels that is proof that he is out there. Even her dad agrees. Will asks if she thinks Paul knows were Dusty is? She wants him to let this go, but he says he doesn’t understand. If Paul does know something, then why wouldn’t she want him to stay in jail. Because that is the only place that could wear him down so he’d talk. Gwen adds that she doesn’t get it either. He’s her brother. Can’t she just ask him? Jen warns her apparently she doesn’t know how their family works. But, she’d better learn fast, if she wants to survive them.

Slowly, methodically, twisting and turning the tine, Dusty manages to unshackle his hand chains and throws them clear of his body.

Paul retrives the bottle of champagne and puts it on the coffee table and he and Emily snuggle on the sofa. They coo to each other how ecstatic they are. He asks her to prove it by putting on that little number. Meg squirms, perturbed, yet amused as well. Emily goes to put on the teddy, then stops and says they never did their toast. He sweet talks that he’s not going to pour an ounce of that stuff until he sees her wiggle in that little thing. Emily smiles, “you are nothing but evil!”

Emily gone, Meg pounces out from her hiding spot and tosses the keys to Paul. She whispers that she doesn’t know what they are to, but she found them in Em’s makeup case. She doubts she uses it for her lashes. Emily calls for Paul, she needs help with the zipper. He tosses the keys to Meg, who tosses them right back to him. As Emily comes out, he must keep his hand behind his back. She notices and asks what’s in his hand? He stalls, stammers, she guesses it is a surprise. She knows he’s lying through his teeth; she wants to see it.

She finds the keys and he says she caught him. It’s the keys to his heart. She asks where he got them? Then it’s a game of cat and mouse, and see-sawing around the truth. He confesses he was in her make-up kit. He needed aspirin. He’d been in a cold, damn cell and he didn’t know if he was ever going to get out, the tension builds. Yes, he stammers, he has a headache. He just needed something to take the edge off. Then they can have the honeymoon they have always dreamed of. She points out there is aspirin in the medicine cabinet. Fine, he replies, what are the keys for? She tells him she doesn’t remember. And what’s with him? It’s their wedding night and he’s grilling her about some random thing in her make-up kit! She kisses him and asks isn’t there better things they could be talking about? She also tells him if she didn’t love him so much, she’d be offended. Too bad he couldn’t use this on her zipper. She puts the key in the desk drawer, then proceeds to take off her dress, down to bra and panties and kisses and rubs her body against his while he pretends to go along with this seduction, all the while glancing back to Meg. He stalls by saying he really wanted to see her in the new outfit. She claims what’s the use? He’ll only take it right off of her. He remarks but she bought it to turn him on. She asks if he isn’t turned on now? He clears his throat and says he is, but he wants her to torture him until he can’t stand it any more.

She wraps herself around him more and tells him that can wait until later. He is making love to her; she’s waited long enough. Meg looks like she’s going to have a knipchin.

Mark slips in and Nancy says hi, welcome home, he gives her a peck on the cheek. She tells him she was telling Katie about the publishing party. Katie grins that Nancy had brought them an advance copy. She doesn’t know if she stole it or what; she won’t admit to anything. Mike wants to know if Katie told her the really big news? She asks, “bigger than the Oakdale Confidential?” Katie beams that yes, she and Mike are getting married in June. Nancy thinks that is wonderful. Can she pull this off by June? Katie replies yes, if she puts her mind to it, and Mike adds if she can decide on everything she wants by then. They all agree they have waited long enough for this. Katie says this time, NOTHING, she means NOTHING is going to stop them.

Mike helps Nancy up from the couch when she says she must go. She’ll see them at Lucinda’s party. Alone, she laments to Mike who might have written the book or if it will be announced at the party…….all the more reason they should go. Sweetly, he asks if they can’t just read it in the paper tomorrow? Nancy will understand; can’t they just forget about the party? She tries to cover her disappointment; he relents and says okay, whatever is all right with him. She says she loves the way they compromise; she’ll be right down. He settles down with the book.

Lily brings the hot chocolate for the guys. Luke says this will not spoil his appetite. Holden declines after all; he needs to take care of something. The phone rings and it’s Lucinda but Lily also must decline because Luke just got home from the hospital; enjoy the party. Luke tells Lily she should go. Not to miss it on his account. This is Lucinda’s first big party since she got sick. Lily states to him she wants to miss it on his account. She wants to stay home and spoil him the way she did when he was a little boy and he would stay home from school. It’ll be fun, hanging out, talking. He asks about what? Sending Jade to exile? Lily points out she is still on the property. Luke knows it’s going to take more than an apology for Lily to forgive her. Lily reminds him that Jade lied. She pretended to be Rose’s daughter. She made Lily care about her. And she doesn’t believe hr motives are as innocent as she claims.

Holden knocks at Jade’s door. She’s getting ready for bed, listening to music. She’s dressed only in a tight, skimpy, tank top and the barest of bikini bottoms, not much more than a thong. She asks what’s wrong, is it Luke? He says he needs to speak with her, but would she go put some clothes on first? She invites him in. When she returns, she has a robe on. She asks Holden what’s on his mind. He replies his son and her. She says he’s an incredible guy and she can’t believe how much she missed him just the few days he was in the hospital. Holden admits that Luke is crazy about her too, and that worries him. He knows he was just down here. She smoothes it over by saying yes, but just to make sure she was okay. Holden says but he snuck down here and that’s not okay. Jade says she told him that and she sent him right back to his house. This surprises Holden. She tells him that Lily laid down the rules and she is going to follow them as best she can. Holden says for her sake and for Luke’s, he hopes that is true. He doesn’t want him to get stressed out about anything; he could have a relapse. Does she understand that? She says absolutely. She doesn’t want him back in the hospital any more than Holden does. Holden states he really wants to believe that, but she had put his family through a lot of pain. And when it comes to his family, he doesn’t forget or forgive very easily. He doesn’t want her to say anything; just stay away from Luke. She says she gets it, but she can’t promise that Luke will stay away from her. Sternly, he tells her let them handle that. “Are we clear?” She replies yes. He says good, because if she feeds him a line or plans on doing something behind his back, that would be a mistake.

Mike has a worried look on his face and is so engrossed in the book that he doesn’t even notice when Katie parades in front of him in her pretty dress. She comments that he’s more interested in the book than her. He tells her she won’t believe what’s in it. It’s interesting all right, but not for the reasons Katie thinks.

Jennifer tells Gwen that she can’t handle their family like a normal one. Will adds they bring new meaning to dysfunctional. She says don’t forget; she has seen Paul in action too. He tired to manipulate her before and all she is saying is that she thinks they are pouring gasoline on a fire in trying to manipulate him back. Jennifer states she knows what she is doing. Dusty is alive out there somewhere and she’s going to do whatever she has to find him. Will tells her to be careful because Paul is going to protect himself before he protects anyone else. She leaves them with the thought that he can’t hurt her any more than he has. And one way or the other, he is going to lead her to where she needs to go. Will tells Gwen welcome to the family.

Emily is in her seduction mode; trying her best to get Paul to make love to her. All she wants is him. He claims that is all he wants too but he keeps stalling by asking didn’t she make special plans? This is their wedding night; it should be special…..magical…..perfect. They needs to savor it a little bit…..the candles….the champagne….the music…..the sexy little outfit. He doesn’t want tonight to just be about sex. They’ve done that. He wants tonight to be different. Meg is crouching further behind the couch, bored to death, rolling her eyes, smirk on her face. Is Emily buying this B.S? Paul continues, tonight, something they can remember that will drive away all the bad memories they have ever had….take this to a much deeper level. She can’t believe he’s saying this. It’s like she’s listening to her own heart. He smothers her with kisses and scoots her off to go get ready for an evening they won’t forget for the rest of their lives.

Out of sight, Meg pops out again and tells him very convincing. She tells her she must go now before Emily comes back. She asks about him. How is he going to get away from Emily? He tells her he’ll have to think of something; he’ll figure it out. He rushes her out the door and gives a big sigh of relief, only to turn around and there’s Emily standing with mission at hand. Looking seductively, she asks what does he thinks?

Meg turns back to the door wanting to look through the crack. We see Dusty still working on his leg chains and he finally manages to break free of them too.

Mike points out to Katie that she is on the cover. She’s flattered, but he says she should be calling a lawyer. Half the book is about them. No, she points out, Maddie is on the cover, Carly is on the cover, probably half the people in town are in the book. He fumes that he’d like to know who gave them permission as he certainly didn’t. Somebody did a lot of digging into his past, and he’s not happy at what they decided to use here. Katie chides him for having some deep, dark secret from her. He gruffs that is not the point. She recommends that he relax. Nobody is going to take the book seriously. He says they are going to the party and find out firsthand who’s writing this garbage.

Luke helps himself to a big bowl of pasta. He comments his mother is too good to him; he doesn’t deserve it. She tells him he’s her baby no matter how old he is and she would do anything for him. And then she asks if he is okay with them having another child. He gushes that he thinks it’s awesome, especially after all that has happened this past year. It’s really a blessing and he thinks it will bring her and his dad closer together. But, it’s also going to turn her world upside down. She says it’s worth it just to see that baby smiling at him, beaming up at him. She still sees that baby every time Luke smiles at her. That’s never going to change. She adds that she loves him so much, she wants to protect him. Whatever it takes. They make a deal to protect each other.

Jade confides in Holden she is only staying because she wanted to be with Luke and has never felt like this before. She can’t imagine being without him and will do anything to stay close to him. He says him too; he’ll do anything to keep him out of the hospital and away from stress, and being around her is more than he can handle right now. She reminds him of when he was young. Didn’t he and Lily meet very young and a lot of people tried to keep them apart? He says yes they did and it didn’t work, not even today. So, he knows what she is saying, but he needs to put his son’s health first. And Lily’s. That’s the bottom line here. Jade swears that she would never do anything to put him back in the hospital. He tells her he doesn’t keep secrets from Lily when Jade asks if she is going to tell her about this conversation. She cautions sometimes life is so complicated, it’s better not to know too much.

Will tells Gwen that playing it straight in his family doesn’t work. They’ve been playing games for so long, they don’t know any other way. She tells him that is the way Barbara and Paul think, but he and Jen and their dad are smarter than that. Why do they have to stoop to their level? He says because if they don’t, they win and he and Jen lose. It’s hard trying to outmaneuver each other. And the reason he didn’t want to move back home with his dad. It’s just easier to stay away, from all of them. She tells him he can’t run away from them forever. He reminds her she is the only family that he cares about right now. Because he knows they are never going to play games with each other; or lie to each other. They pledge their love to each other and seal it with a sweet kiss.

Emily hands Paul his glass of champagne and then proclaims – at long last. She starts practically ripping off his shirt and he’d dodging her all he can without being too obvious. (though you have to wander where this girl’s brains are if she realizes she is on auto pilot, red hot and he’s not even on a slow flicker.) One excuse after another – he tells her he’s going to take a cold shower (she’s the one who needs one); he’s been in that jail cell for days and nights and just wants to rinse it all off. She grabs him and says maybe later, right now she wants him and she’s waited long enough.

Meg is still at the door, when Jen comes a’calling and spies her. What is she doing there?

Dusty has to pull the radiator down to uncoil the chains and free himself of his shackles. He walks away, FREE AT LAST! FREE AT LAST!

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