ATWT Update Thursday 4/6/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 4/6/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

Mike pats Katie on the bottom and says he kinda missed following her around in the kitchen. They missed each other and she asks him not to ever leave her again. Amongst kisses, he tells her the next trip will be their honeymoon. Not nearly as enthusiastically as she’d like to be, she says who knows how long that might be now. They bandy that about when Mike says they can knock that out in twenty minutes; even fifteen if they talk fast. She reminds him that funny it’s April and already she’s had to give up the reception hall they booked for June, so September is probably the earliest they can get married now. He’s incredulous; that’s five months! He doesn’t want to wait that long. How about getting married now…….today, he grins?

With his hand on Carly’s shoulder, she pulls away when Nick says that was pretty rough, what just happened with Jack. He didn’t know the two of them had split up. Gruffly, she says don’t talk about her marriage. He says he won’t, but he’s sorry it happened. She tells him really? From the moment he hit town and started sniffing around her, that’s exactly what it looked like he wanted.

Barbara confides in Lisa that she wants to make Gwen welcome in the family, but she’s going to need Lisa’s help to pull it off. Lisa asks what can she do? Barbara says she can be the answer to her prayers, but there is only one thing she needs in return – to keep her name out of it completely. Lisa said she KNEW it – she was up to no good. Barbara brags no, not when she hears what she has planned.

Kissing between aisles at the library, Will tells Gwen they are lucky. He just realized his dad has double shift at the police station which means they have the house all to themselves with many rooms to explore. She says she needs to study. He suggests that she will later. He reminds her they don’t get that many chances to be alone and if they don’t take this one, they’re crazy.

Emily bugs Hal at the police station about processing Paul and letting him go. All of the charges dropped because that is what Jennifer wants. She wonders when did Jennifer stop blaming Paul for Dusty’s disappearance? Hal laments that the only thing Jennifer wants is Dusty back in her life. In the meantime, the last thing she needs is to waste her energy hating Paul. It’s just another way of letting him control her life, and she’s done with that. Cheerfully, she says she hopes that is true. Sarcastically, he adds that with any luck, one of these days maybe she’ll even be able to forget he exists. Wish he could say the same. Emily says that would work for them too, believe her. He swings around and says then everybody would win. She tells him she wants to see Paul the minute he’s free. She takes great delight in telling Hal that she’s taking her husband home with her.

Meg hugs Paul and congratulates him on going home. He leans in to kiss her, but she pulls away. He says Emily does know and she’s on her way, so they don’t have a lot of time. He thinks if Emily did leave any clues about where Dusty is, they are probably in his apartment. So she surmises that he will look around and contact her if he finds something. Rather hesitantly, he states that Emily has a lot of expectations how they are going to spend their time, so it might be a little hard for him to slip away and make that call. She gets it; he’ll be on his honeymoon. He adds not if he can help it.

Disgustingly, Dusty kicks an eating tray out of his reach in his rotten hell-hole. He spies the fork laying there and stares at it, so close yet so far away.

Meg reminds Paul that he just got married. If he doesn’t consummate things, Emily’s gonna be suspicious as hell. He states he will simply stall her. Long enough for Meg to go through his apartment. Get there before them and see what she can find. She asks what is she looking for? And he replies anything that can lead them to Dusty. He holds her hands before him, slightly rubbing them as she says she’s got it. She hopes they get out of this mess and he tells her they will, just be careful. He reminds her to look at the safe, since Emily likes to keep things there. At that moment Emily walks in and he pushes Meg away and advises her to leave him alone. He calls Emily honey and says glad she is there. Emily asks why is Meg there? And he puts her off by saying nothing that matters. Meg spits back at him, the hell it didn’t. He was walking away and thinks he can pin Dusty’s kidnapping on her, well forget it! Emily stands in front of her and asks if she came there to throw a temper tantrum? Meg tells her to butt out. Emily says, “you can yell at my husband all your want, but I don’t buy it. You’re not mad at Paul. You’re in love with him.”

Confined in chains, Dusty scrambles around on the dirty floor intent on reaching the fork. He tries desperately to move the tray, perhaps that will help him maneuver the fork.

Will and Gwen continue to good-naturedly squabble over studying or putting it off until later. She thinks he’s trying to sabotage their whole deal cause that is what it looks like to her.

Giving her a quick peck, Mike tells Katie to find Margo and he’ll get Nick and they will get hold of a justice of the peace today. She calls him cute, then a sweetheart, and he admits that’s him – a cute sweetheart. Why is she laughing? He starts looking through the yellow pages. She remarks they can’t get married today. He says sure they can and she better hurry up before he changes his mind. She asks what’s his rush? She’s not going anywhere and neither is he. Which, as he adds, is why they can fit a wedding into their schedule. She asks what is this? They have waited this long, and have beat the curse. Innocently, he asks what curse? She says, “the something will dramatically happen to break us up” curse. He wants to know what’s up with Nick? She accuses him of being jet-lagged; that’s why he makes no sense. He still wants to know what happened when he was gone. It must have been pretty bad. She remarks that Nick didn’t have the greatest month, but it had nothing to do with them. He asks then why hasn’t she told him about it yet? She answers because she’s like to just forget it ever happened. It’s not that big a deal, and it’s done. She gives him a quick kiss and turns away to go upstairs.

Nick tells Carly he never wanted her marriage to end. She asks if he just wanted to chase her around the hotel room then send her home to her husband? He says he doesn’t know. She faces him and pointblank tells him no he doesn’t. He doesn’t know anything! He states that he knows everything she did was for Jack. And, that’s why he didn’t press charges. And for what it’s worth, Jack was a fool to walk. She fumes, “don’t trash my husband to me, ever.”

Her cell phone rings and excitedly she answers and thinks it’s Jack. But, it’s Hal at the station. This isn’t something he can do over the phone but they’ll talk when she gets there.

Will is shocked that Gwen asks why he wants her to fail. He proclaims that why does she want to make it such a big drama? He’s a guy, she’s sexy, is it such a big surprise that he wants to take her home? And he doesn’t like tests or being measured or judged. She reminds him that isn’t about school, but about being home with his dad and that he’d only moved in because of her. He denies that; it was just the smart thing to do. He didn’t want to be a high school dropout. She agrees; he doesn’t want to push a broom at the hospital the rest of his life. This is their best shot to be something. Yeah, he agrees, but he doesn’t see what calculus has to do with anything useful. She states it is the stuff in between them and what they want to learn so they can be what they want. She gets an idea. He doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up, does he? He says no, and she grabs his hand and starts writing letters on it, on each knuckle. He reads it – d r e a m. He tells her to study, he’s going to take care of an important assignment. He gives her a big good-bye smooch.

As he walks off, Lisa slips up and sticks a bouquet, a blue hydrangea, under her nose saying it’s her wedding bouquet. Gwen says she remembers these. Lisa tells her to take one of the little blossoms and put it in her scrapbook, but just keep the thing before it brings her another husband. Gwen asks is she sure she doesn’t want one, and Lisa replies no, she’s too busy with her new club. Gwen remarks that Casey did tell her that she’d bought Mabel’s and was totally re-doing it. Lisa says it’s going to be wonderful, but she needs help. She wants Gwen to come work for her.

Mike looks at the note and asks Katie if she can explain why she was congratulating Nick on being re-instated. And what he did to lose it in the first place. She explains only that it was Nick’s story to tell. Mike guesses so he asked her not to say anything, and she didn’t. Mike says it must have been a real nightmare. Nick walks in at this moment and announces that he will be outta there by the end of today. Mike thinks he means he has a place of his own, but Nick says he’s leaving town. He’s going to hand in his resignation to Hal; it just didn’t work out. Mike wants to know what’s going on? Nick asks him didn’t Katie tell him? Mike gets in his face and says no, because Nick asked her to keep it a secret, but he’s not sure that’s a good thing.

Carly arrives at the police station and she and Hal exchange pleasantries. She asks what is so urgent; is Jack okay? He replies yes, and it was good to have him back. She replies it’s about time he got his job back. He should have gotten it back months ago. Hal chides yes, then maybe she wouldn’t have had to set up Nick Kasnoff. Had him drugged and almost shot. Yes, he read the report. Imagine his surprise! She remarks that Nick says he is not pressing charges. He chuckles; does she thinks that’s all there is to it? He loves the way she breaks laws and puts people in danger, and all it is to her is a NUISANCE. She reminds him she has lost Jack. He is sympathetic. She asks can anything matter that compares to that? He tells her no, that’s why he’s taking Parker. He wants their son to come live with him.

Emily tells Meg to stay away from her husband. Paul intercedes and tells her not to worry about Meg. Emily states that she is bothering her. Paul says well yeah, but she’s leaving. Meg snaps, does she really think she wants to hang around there? She only needs one thing, then she’s out of here! Emily spouts that Paul has nothing for her; does she not hear that? Meg asks if she thinks she is safe now? Because she knows he’s going to leave her hanging. She’ll think she is halfway there and then he’ll leave her hanging without a clue. She turns to Paul to make her stop this babbling. He hugs Emily with her back turned to Meg, holds up four fingers so only Meg can see, and says Meg is leaving NOW. Meg storms off and Emily asks if he can forget her? He says sweetly that he already has. She wants to take him home. He agrees, but not just yet. He wants to show her off first.

Though he is exhausted, Dusty continues to scoot around on the ground, slithering to and fro, stretching his chains as far as humanly possible, trying to reach the fork. He spies an old loose board and retrieves it, again scrambling in place to try and reach his intended weapon. Feverishly, he works until he manages to drag the fork with the board, just close enough that he can try to grasp it with his hands, and he does. He lets out a sigh of relief, finally the object of his desire is in his possession.

Meg slips into Paul’s apartment and immediately spots some of Emily’s lingerie and lovingly holds it up to herself. She fantasizes she has it on and Paul walks in. She asks what he’s doing there and he replies that he dumped Emily; he couldn’t take it anymore…..and she has no idea how much he wants her…..only her. As they kiss, Emily pulls the trigger and shoots Paul in the back. This jars Meg back to reality.

In the lobby, Paul hands Emily a drink and tells her the dining room is packed. There will be a wait. She confides she wants to be alone. He stalls more by saying after their last wedding was postponed, he knows how difficult it was for her, how people gossip. It’s his fault and tonight is payback. Tonight everybody sees them together and they can eat their hearts out. She tells him she doesn’t care who’s there; just that HE’S there. And alive. She’s prayed for this day ever since the day she took the gun and pulled the trigger. Thinking that she had killed the one person that she loved most in this world. That is one torture she never wants to relive again. He reassures her that it is over. But, she says it’s not. She sees it every night in her head. Her with the gun, over and over. She dreams it every night. He confesses he is sorry for everything that has happened to her. She reminds him that if he had just told her he was trying to do what Jennifer asked, then none of this would have happened. He tells her that’s why they need to tell each other everything from now on. She agrees, absolutely. He tells her it’s the stuff they keep secret that messes them up. She says it’s true, but it’s hard to trust someone. He strokes her face then gives her a kiss on the cheek. He tells her he trusts her; with everything. And he owes her. She kept Jennifer’s baby a secret and it cost her everything. He just wants the chance to do the same for her. “You tell me your deepest, darkest, secrets and I’ll protect you the way you protected me.” Looking deep into her eyes, almost mesmerizing her, he seduces by saying he just wants to take care of her. So, if there is something that she is hiding inside…….she would feel so much better of she’d share it with him. He presses, “there is something, isn’t there? Something you haven’t told anybody? Tell me."

Barbara comes bounding around the corner and stops dead in her tracks when she sees them. Approaching, she says, “unbelievable! My darling son’s out of jail. Did Bridezilla here get you sprung, Paul?” Emily turns to Paul and says this was a lousy idea, why don’t they go home? She gets up to go, but he restrains her and says he wants to get things straightened out with his mother first.

Lisa tells Gwen that Casey told her that Gwen helped with the music and that she had a band and she hears it was terrific. She’d like her and the girls to come work in her place. Gwen is flattered, but whoa, slow down. She hasn’t played in a long time nor does she know what the band is doing. Lisa says if the girls are as cute or prettier than Gwen, then all she has to do is show up, she just has to muddle through it cause the guys will just love it. They will all come to hear her and they will love her even if she stinks. Lisa says her problem is she has to make money and the only way to do that is put fannies in the seats. Gwen tells her she is such a trip. Lisa accepts that, okay, is that a yes? Reluctantly, Gwen says okay if it doesn’t interfere with school. Lisa says she will make sure it doesn’t. It’s important that she and Will keep their eye on the ball. Gwen thanks her for being so generous, and why is she doing this?

Nick admits in the end, he didn’t think it was worth pressing charges. Mike wants to know how is Carly and Jack? It’s bummers when he hears Jack split. Nick admits it’s his fault; he screwed up. Katie implores Mike to listen; it was Carly who torched the marriage. She put herself in the middle of that strip club in the middle of Nick’s case. She almost got him killed. There was a shootout because Carly told the other stripper that Nick was a cop….at least she gave enough information that the other girl guessed. She blew his cover. Nick says yeah, well it worked out for the good in the end. Mike resigns; if he’d known about this, he would have come home. But, Nick tells him there was nothing he could have done. He differs. He counters that Katie could go in the strip club and distract a bunch of thugs so he could search the place. She argues that she volunteered, and it wasn’t dangerous. She was fine. Nick admits he didn’t tell Mike because he didn’t want to see that look on his face. Yes, he knows he screwed up, and that’s why he’s leaving! Mike contends, “Oh, the hell you are!”

Hal ushers Carly into a room for privacy and she says that was a sucker punch. When she said nothing mattered, she didn’t mean her children. He should know that. He claims he used to. She snorts for him to be fair. How much blood does he want? How much does anybody want? She admits she made a mistake and she’s paying for it every day, with every breath. She begs him not to make Parker pay for it anymore than he has to. Hal just wants him to be safe. She points out that by taking him away from his home, his brother and his sister who love him? That’s his stability. When Jack was missing, the only thing that held him together was his routine, his family. Hal says he did think about that. Then Carly wonders, how could he uproot him now? He points out that he was ready to take him then too. She was using her son, her grief to help find Jack. And that he’d told her then if he was ever afraid for Parker, he’d yank him out of there. He’d told her that. So she asks, then is he saying that he is afraid for him now? That she’s a danger to her son? He tells her she is just on overload, and that’s one less kid…….She tells him wait a minute. Parker is not some piece of furniture that she trips over. “He’s my boy, he’s J.J.’s best friend, he’s Sage’s big brother. Hal, this is NOT right!” He tries to smooth it over by saying it is right. She’s going to be stretched too thin, take some help. Defeated, she finally says okay if that is what it is, she will pack his overnight bag and have him over tomorrow after school. But, don’t be disappointed if he doesn’t last the night. Hal shakes his head, “Pack all his bags, Carly……..Parker is coming to live with me indefinitely.”

She argues that Parker needs a real home. He counters with it is. Gwen and Will are there; Jennifer stops by with the baby all the time. It’s a real home. She maintains but it’s not Parker’s home; why is he doing this? He implies again that he is afraid for his son. She was working with mobsters. She had Nick set up and almost shot. They could have followed her home. He wants Parker living with him. She asks and what if she says no? He reminds her they have joint custody. Does she want to fight him? Does she want her record laid out in open court? He raises his voice. Her bottom lip trembles. She’s already on probation for one felony, and now she’s committed another. Not only will he get Parker, she could lose her other kids as well. She asks would he do that? He replies he doesn’t want to, but he will if he has to. She throws it in his face that he didn’t exactly win a prize for the job he did with Will.

Lisa says she has one more question for Gwen. Can she work with her grandson, Casey? Gwen assures her that she can; she doesn’t think there is any hard feelings either way. In fact, if it wasn’t for Casey, Barbara would have thrown her in jail. Lisa says that Barbara can do some pretty crazy things sometimes, but she has a good heart. Gwen doesn’t have to try to be nice about that, but don’t just write her off. She might be surprised and come to her rescue when Gwen least expects it. Gwen accepts that and says she will keep that in mind. They laugh when Lisa says if music doesn’t work out, she can always go into politics. And Lisa tells her to come by tomorrow and they’ll work all of this out. When Lisa leaves, Gwen goes around the bookshelf and grabs Will and hugs him and says he’ll never believe what happened.

Paul tries to smooth things that he knows they will never be the best of friends, but can they just manage to be civil? They don’t have to tear each other’s throat out. Emily is beside herself. He wants them to make idle chitchat now? He stalls more by saying yes he does. Barbara swings into action by asking how are those Cubbies? You think they are going to win the pennant this year? And how long before she’ll try to drive her son to suicide again, hmmm? Paul replies, “thank you, Mother, that was ever so helpful.” Barbara retaliates by telling him to call her when he’s chewed off his leg and can crawl back to freedom. She gives Emily a crazy Barbara glare as she slithers out. Paul has to stop Emily for going after her; Barbara is driving her crazy. He says he knows, but she’s not worth it. She tells him this is not how she wanted to spend her night. She wants to be home with him alone, making love to each other. Doesn’t he want that? He says absolutely, why don’t they go upstairs? Why wait? They could get the honeymoon suite. She says no, their home is their honeymoon. She has it all ready; their own private oasis. The one place they can be home and be safe. He tells her they can’t hide forever, but she begs him to take her home. He stalls more by saying he has to make a quick call, then they’ll go. She wants to know why and he lies that it’s his lawyer with some paperwork. She pleads more, no, no, that will have to wait. He’s going to take her home because they have a honeymoon that is long overdue.

Meanwhile, Meg opens the safe and picks up the marriage certificate and mouths that she better keep that locked up, Em, because Paul is going to burn it the first chance he gets. She goes through more stuff. But, then closes the safe and puts the picture back over it on the wall. She stops at the desk and picks up a bag, rifles through and finds two old keys and holds hem up trying to figure out what they are to or for?

Dusty is diligently prying the tines on the fork trying to make it bend into some sort of key to pick his lock.

Lisa meets Barbara and tells her that Gwen was over the moon; she should have seen her. Barbara says she doesn’t need to see her; just to hear about it. Lisa offers, “aren’t you the Saint?” Barbara assures her that her offer is genuine. Lisa says she would have offered Gwen the job even without Barbara pushing. Barbara says nevertheless, she will make good on her promise. If the band does not fill Lisa’s place, Barbara will cover the lost house charges. Lisa says good, but she is sure Gwen will do just fine. Lisa also cautions that Gwen and Casey are getting along just fine, so if Barbara thinks there might be a problem there, she can forget about it.

Gwen fills Will in, even with working with Casey and she thinks that will be okay. She asks if he wants to go home now and celebrate? Oh sure, now she’s interested! She asks isn’t he? He replies yes, every waking minute.

Hal tells Carly that the biggest mistake he made with Will was letting Barbara convince him that she could be a good mother. That she had his best interest at heart. And Will is still paying for that, and he regrets that every day of his life and he will never let that happen again. Carly tells him she is NOT Barbara; how could he even compare them? He says he’s sorry, but their rap sheets are beginning to match. She tells him she is sorry too, but she’ll have Parker ready tomorrow after school. And he’s going to need a lot of attention; Hal knows that. Will he be there for him in the middle of the night during a dream? She thinks Hal believed in Barbara because it was easy. He could still be a cop 80 hours a week. He didn’t have to choose. Hal says this time he chooses his son. Carly smarts that she will see to it, every day. Because if he doesn’t, no matter what her record looks like, she will take him to court herself and fight for full custody.

Nick and Mike come in from outside and Nick accuses Mike of gutting his bike. Mike has the evidence, a carburetor, in his hands. Nick doesn’t want to hear a lecture when Mike tells him he can’t run every time he makes a mistake in his life. And he wants him close enough so he can smack him around when he does something stupid like this again. A lesser man than Jack would have shot him himself! And Nick needs more common sense and more scruples. Nick wants his carburetor back. Mike asks is he staying? He says yes. Good, Mike contends, he needs a best man, either tonight or sometimes in September. They are still working on those details. He leaves and Katie brings Mike and herself a beer and tells him that worked out better than she did. He says all the more reason to call him next time. Is that all he needs to know about Nick? And are they still on for September? She says even June is back on. She doesn’t care even if they have to have it in the back yard. They joke about making their vows and he wants her to vow to him now to tell him everything in the future. She tells him there is NOT going to be a next time. Okay, she promises she will tell him everything he needs to know, if there is anything to know. He says that’s his angel and they seal it with a kiss.

As she holds up the keys and wonders what they open, Meg is startled when she hears Paul, being unusually loud announcing they are home for the whole building to hear. He’s so happy he wants the neighbors to hear, he boasts. He stalls more by saying he wants to go in first. Emily won’t hear of that. He wants to surprise her. She says no, there are many surprises awaiting him. Meanwhile, Meg is scrambling around inside, trying to put everything back in place and then she ducks behind a large chair. Paul stops at the door and insists that he do this right and carries Emily across the threshold so he swoops her through to the bedroom and hopefully won’t see anything amiss in the living room. We see the keys on the floor where Meg attempted to put them back in purse but let them fall.

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