ATWT Update Wednesday 4/5/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 4/5/06


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

Jennifer faces her dad at the station and pleads with him to let Paul go for her sake. Hal insists that Paul should stay locked up and reminds Jennifer about how he kept Johnny away from her. Jennifer tells Paul that she knows that Dusty is alive and that she thinks Paul knows something. Hal says that letting Paul go free is not an option. Jennifer matches his intensity, and says that not bringing Dusty home is not an option. Jennifer accuses Hal of wanting to keep Paul locked up for personal reasons. She tells Hal that Emily is gone. She acknowledges that Emily was a fool to let Hal go, but she is in love with Paul now, and she does not want him. Hal stands there with his stern face. Hal still does not budge, so Jennifer tells him that she will not testify against Paul. The murder charges have been dropped in light of the new evidence about Dusty being alive, and Emily does not have to testify against her husband. Jennifer tells Hal that without her statement, Hal’s case against Paul will fall apart. She gets loud and tells Hal that if he wants to play hardball, she will play hardball. Hal looks stiff as if he is backed into a corner. Jennifer tells him that she needs him to love her more than he hates Paul, and let him go free.

Emily goes to visit her husband in jail. She is all lovey dovey. Paul is still somewhat distant towards her, but Emily is to blind in love to notice. Paul tries to get Emily to tell him what she did with Dusty in every way that he can. He tells Emily that there is no way that Hal is going to let him out of jail unless Dusty comes to the station waving a red flag. Emily insists that Paul will be ok, and Paul wants her to tell him why, but Emily does not completely come clean. She rushes off and tells Paul to keep the faith. An officer comes down to take Paul upstairs to the interrogation room. Inside, there is Jennifer, waiting for him. She asks the officer to give them some time alone. Jennifer looks at Paul, and he is confused. Jen asks Paul if he loves her. He tells her that he loved her from the day that she was born. Jen tells him that she has been confused lately by his actions. She reminisces about how when she were younger, she wrote about him being her hero in a class speech. She asks him when all of that changed. She then tells him that she realizes that in his mind, he never stopped being her hero. She admits that Paul thought that keeping her baby from her was protecting her. Jen tells Paul that she wants to let go of the anger and that she doesn’t want to hate him anymore. She tells him that she is not going to testify against him, and that hal is letting him go free. Paul gets a gleeful look on his face. Jen asks him if he is really in love with Emily. Paul tells her that Emily has what he needs right now. Jen forces a smile and tells him that she is happy for him then. Hal comes in, demanding for the officers to come get Paul and start his paperwork so that he can get out of his sight. As soon as Paul is taken away, Jen turns to Hal and asks him if he thinks that Paul bought her story. Hal tells jen that as soon as Paul hits the front door, there will be a tail to follow him wherever he goes.

Meg runs into her mom at the Lakeview lounge. They have a brief conversation. Emma wants to know if Meg is going to continue to let Paul put her up at the Lakeview and Meg nods her head yes. There is a little banter between the two about Paul. Emma does not want Meg involved with a murderer. Meg defends Paul, telling Emma about the new evidence and that the charges were dropped. She also admits to her mother about the bloody glove that she saw her throw into the river. Emma is worried about Meg defending Paul and constantly brings up the fact that he is married. Meg leaves and Emma wants to know where she is going. “You don’t want to know”. Barbara meets Lisa at the Lakeview and the two head off on a shopping trip. When they arrive back, with bags, Barb mentions that she brought a shirt for Gwen. Lisa compliments her efforts to be civil with Gwen. Barb asks her how she and Margo buried the hatchet. Lisa tells her that she tuned into one of Margo’s hobbies and they built common ground. Barb’s eyes light up and she proclaims that she knows just what she is going to do for Gwen.

Meg is confused when she gets to the station and sees Paul being taken into the interrogation room. She walks up to Hal and demands to know what is going on. Hal just says that soon Paul will no longer be his problem. Meg assumes that he is being transferred and runs into the room to see Paul. She lights up when Paul tells her that he is being released. Meg hugs him and Paul smiles.

Emily heads straight to see Dusty. She brings him a plate of food. Dusty just wants to get out of there. He asks Emily how her little boy is, and she cannot answer him. She gets frustrated and tells him to stop talking. Dusty tells her to let him go and that he will help her come up with a plan. He tells her that it will not look good for him to be tied up like that if the police are now looking for him. Emily starts to listen. Dusty tells her that he will not mention her name and that he will say he got kidnapped by some old associates. He almost convinces Emily to torch the place with him. Emily gets a call and goes outside. It is Hal, demanding for her to come down and pick Paul up. Emily tells Dusty she has to go. Dusty tries to move around and yank those chains free, but he can’t.

Gwen is on Carly’s porch just as Carly is leaving. She tries to talk to Carly, but Carly is preoccupied with trying to fix her marriage, that she blows Gwen off. Gwen is hurt and goes to see Will at the library, and he comforts her. Maddie is in the music isle, trying to listen to music so that she will have more to talk about with Casey. Casey comes to join her and they end up kissing.

Jack enters Emma’s farmhouse, to find Nick sitting at the kitchen table. Jack is not happy to see him there and lets him know it. Nick says that he owes Jack for saving his life and his reputation. Jack tells Nick to go to hell, when Nick offers his hand to him. Jack reminds Nick that he tried to sleep with his wife. He gets even angrier when Nick tries to defend Carly. Jack leaves and runs into Carly outside. She begs and pleads with him not to do this. Jack is torn and hugs her. Carly tells him that they are the love of each other’s lives and that if they end this, then neither of them will ever love again. Jack tells her that she can’t change. Carly tells him that that is who he fell in love with. Jack admits that she made him feel like half a man. Carly tells him that she loves him more that anything and that no one is more of a man than he is. Jack looks clearly pained as he pulls away from Carly, telling her that this can’t be fixed. Carly yells out and breaks down on a bench when he walks off from her. Nick comes out and touches her shoulder. Carly is startled. When she sees that it is Nick, she glares at him.

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