ATWT Update Tuesday 4/4/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 4/4/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At home, Carly is sleeping on the couch as she dreams of Jack telling her goodbye. She wakes when the door opens; it is Jack and he tells her he tried to stay away but he couldn’t because he loves her too much. They rush to each other and kiss. Carly awakens with a start realizing it was a dream. She gets up slowly and starts to fold the blanket when the door really opens and Jack is there. Almost said in disbelief because of her dream, she says, “You are back!” Jack just stares at her.

At the cottage, a chipper Katie is getting ready for the morning, but Nick is a little bit more melancholy. Katie remarks that Carly should be the depressed looking one but he should be over the moon because he has been reinstated. Why did he let Carly off again? He did it for her kids and for Jack; if it weren’t for him he wouldn’t have gotten his job back. He tells her he has to go get ready and he heads upstairs. The doorbell rings and Katie goes to answer it. A big floral arrangement greets Katie. Annoyed, she tells the man hidden by it that the delivery was supposed to be balloons and he brought them to the wrong place. She tells him she will call him later to arrange for the correct place, and the man with a strange accent asks if she is sure she wants him to leave? Without waiting for a response, Mike appears from behind the flowers. Katie is ecstatic as she hugs and kisses him.

At the Lakeview, a preoccupied Emily runs smack dab into Henry. She snaps at him quickly about him always being in the wrong place, but her mood quickly softens as things are going too well for her to stay agitated long. Did he get the robe? Henry jokingly answers that he did, but he personally prefers silk. Emily grabs it and says that the robe is a welcome home gift for Paul. Henry then grabs her bag and pulls out some lacy underwear and he asks if this is for Paul to wear as well. She quickly grabs them away from him and puts them in her bag. He assumes since she is buying this stuff for Paul then she must have figured out a way to get him off. He also remarks that since Paul is in jail for murder in order for him to be able to get out then someone else must be in trouble. He moves in closer to her as he threatens that it had better not be him who is the one in trouble.

At the station, Jen runs in to see Hal with a big smile on her face; she was right about Dusty wasn’t she? Hal is thrilled to share with her the news that an expert verified that the picture was not doctored. Dusty is alive. It was delivered to her right after the early edition of the paper was delivered. He must be close enough for the person to take that picture of him, get it developed and delivered to her not too long after. Hal guesses Dusty must be being held within 50 miles from there. Jen worries that they need to find him right away before something happens to him. She pushes by him and walks unannounced into the interrogation room. Where is he, she demands? Jess, who is having a meeting with Paul, is confused. If I ever meant anything to you, you will tell me what you know about Dusty, she says. Paul slowly answers that he wishes he could. Jen doesn’t want anymore word games. She wants the truth; he knew that Dusty was alive before anyone else did. Paul counters by asking why he would confess to a murder if he knew Dusty was alive? Jess’ cell phone rings interrupting them; it is the judge regarding Paul’s recanting his confession and she has to go. Say nothing more, she advises him. Jen is surprised to hear he recanted. Jess answers as she is walking out the door that Dusty was alive as of this morning, and that piece of evidence pretty much blows his confession out the window, and that is why he is recanting. Jen demands to know why he would confess to a crime he didn’t commit and risk life in jail if he had nothing to do with Dusty’s disappearance? Paul looks at her long and hard and then answers that he felt he had nothing to lose.

Henry asks again; who is taking the fall for Paul? He then figures out the answer; it is Meg. He is wary of this thought; he implores her to think a long while before she does whatever she is planning; he doesn’t want her to implode her own life, or his for that matter as well. Emily wonders if he thinks that little of her? Henry warns that she needs to get out while she still has a chance. Let go of any plans that involve Paul.

Mike stands there lovingly looking at Katie; he remarks that she seems to get prettier. Katie is beside herself; she thought he wasn’t due home for another couple of weeks? Mike tells her that his brother recovered faster than they anticipated and the job is almost done… Katie interrupts nervous that means he may have to go back. He assures her that he is home to stay. They kiss passionately this time. They break away when they hear movement on the stairs. Mike smiles as he sees Nick. He is happy to see Katie didn’t have to kick him out. Nick promises that he she has been great to him. Mike wants to know then if Nick has been a good boy and stayed out of trouble while he was gone? Both Nick and Katie look at each other knowingly, but don’t say a word.

Carly explains that she couldn’t sleep in the bed without him. Jack answers that he had trouble sleeping also. Carly moves in closer to Jack as she apologizes for letting him down; could he just give her another chance? Jack doesn’t say anything in response. Where are the kids? She explains that they are getting ready for school and Sage is sleeping because she had a rough night sleeping also. The babysitter is coming to pick them up so they have all morning to talk. Jack tells her that they said all they could say to one another. Why is he there then, she asks? He wants them to talk to the kids. Carly is agitated; how could he want to do this so quickly after only one night apart. He wants the kids to understand why he is not home. Carly is contrite; doesn’t he even want to try to work things out? He reminds her that they are getting separated and nothing is going to change his mind.

Mike wants to know how the Oakdale PD is? Nick avoids the question and Katie changes the subject by asking about making breakfast. They both leave hurriedly and Mike is standing there alone confused. The doorbell rings and Mike answers it. It is a delivery of balloons for Mr. Kasnoff. Mike signs for the balloons thinking they are for him. He brings them inside and starts to open the card when Katie comes back into the room and stops him. He doesn’t know why he can’t read the card; he figures his brother called her to let her know to be expecting him. He opens and reads the card before she has time to stop him. It reads, “You can’t keep a good man down, Happy reinstatement!” Just at this time, Nick comes back downstairs and Mike wants to know what he did to get kicked off of the force and then be reinstated over?

Carly pleads with Jack to think things over more. He promises that he did this most of the night. Their separation is the only option for him. Carly thinks that it should wait till tonight because they are getting ready for school. Jack explains that he is working tonight and he would rather just do this now. Carly suggests she could tell them later then? Jack snaps that he wants the kids to know the truth. Carly sadly asks why he wants to blow apart this family? Jack reminds her that he didn’t do anything that hadn’t already been done. Carly is angry; she won’t sit by and watch him do this to their family, as she tries to walk away. Jack holds onto her arm; she will stay there and do this with him. They need to show a united front. Parker and JJ come downstairs and Jack sits them down. He tries to find the right word and finally he simply spits out that he and Carly are going to be living apart for a while. The boys wonder if it is their fault? Jack promises them that whatever is going on with him and Carly, it has nothing to do with them. They love them both with all their hearts. Parker asks how long they will be living apart? Jack looks at him and then slowly answers that it could be a long while. Carly instinctively jumps up and orders Jack to stop.

Henry thinks Paul may rip Emily’s heart out again; he is probably desperate to get out of jail. Emily pouts and asks if he is trying to hurt her? Last time things went wrong with him, she was on a cliff with a gun; she got lucky last time and noone died. He walked away from her once and drove her to do the unthinkable. Emily is confident that now she and Paul are married things would be different. Henry thinks it is still not too late for her to get out. Emily grabs her stuff and leaves in a huff.

Paul tries to make Jen see the logic behind his confession; he was losing everyone and he wanted to make things better for her so she wouldn’t be wracked with all sorts of questions of what happened to Dusty. Jen laughs coldly; he did it for her? Hal pipes in that Paul’s words are bull. Jen reminds Paul that he claimed to have kept the truth about Johnny from her to protect her, but he really did it for Rosanna. Who is he trying to score points with this time? Paul sees where this line of questioning is going and he asks Hal to take him back to his cell, but Hal wants Jen to say her peace. Jen tells Paul she thinks he is protecting Meg; Dusty’s blood was all over her gloves. Why would he sacrifice himself for Meg? Paul is getting agitated; his confession had nothing to do with Meg. Hal wants to see if Paul will take his bait. He heads to the phone and tells Paul they will see if Meg is involved and he picks up the phone to make a call, and Paul blurts out emotionally to leave Meg alone. Hal puts the receiver down as his bait was taken. That was quite an outburst of protection for someone he claims to no longer care about. He wonders how Emily would feel about that? Paul pauses trying to regroup; the only feelings he has for Meg are ones of regret that he at one time trusted her. He doesn’t want her anywhere near him. Jen wonders if Paul expects the police never to question Meg? She is involved somehow. Paul gives in knowing if he doesn’t then he looks suspicious; they can call Meg just not when he is around. Suddenly, Jen wants to know why he married Emily? Paul slowly explains that she has everything he needs. That is all he is going to say, and he wants to go back to his cell now. Hal snaps for the officer to get him out of his sight. After Paul is escorted out of there, he remarks that Paul is sounding more and more like his father when he talks in riddles. Jen is clear; she heard what Paul wanted her to hear. He knows something about Dusty and they need to find out right away before it is too late.

Meanwhile, Paul is being led into his cell when Emily shows up. Has he talked to Jess yet about recanting? He tells her that it really didn’t matter because Dusty is alive; Jen got a letter from Dusty. He tells her this knowing she already is aware of this. She feigns shock. This now means he will get released, she chirps. Paul is cautious telling her they shouldn’t celebrate too early. Emily is sure they can’t hold him for something they now have proof he didn’t do. Paul is incredulous of the timing; they just got married and suddenly evidence comes to light to get him off. He leans in closer to her; she isn’t too surprised. Emily pretends to not understand what he means. He tells her that she kept saying that she had a feeling. He thinks she knew all along there was a way for him to beat this. Emily looks as if she is trying to hide the look on her face that would let Paul know he is right.

Mike wants to know who is going to fill him in on what happened? Nick promises to do it later. He heads for the door and Mike goes after him. Nick wants him to go back in the house and spend time with his fiancée who missed him terribly. He will talk to him later. Mike goes back inside feeling confident they will just deal with it later. He and Katie make some small conversation but before long they are in each other’s arms again. They kiss and Katie tells him she is never going to let him leave again.

Jack takes Carly aside; Carly doesn’t want him scaring the boys, but Jack doesn’t want her putting it all on him by that reaction. Jack shakes his head; he doesn’t know how to put this into words. Carly tells him they will do it together. She tries to gently explain to the boys that just because they are living in separate houses does not mean they are not still a family. Parker wants to know why they have to separate? Jack tries to explain it by comparing it to how Parker and JJ go to their separate rooms when they fight to cool off that is what they are doing. Why don’t they just say they are sorry to one another? Jack and Carly look sadly at one another as they tell them they did say they are sorry, but it isn’t enough. There are things he does that Carly doesn’t like and there are things she does that I don’t like, Jack explains. They think living separately will get rid of the unhappy feelings and leave them with only the good things. Where will he stay, JJ asks? He will be at Emma’s and they will stay there with him when they visit and the rest of the time they will be at home with Carly. JJ asks if they are good will he stay? Jack and Carly assure them both that nothing they did caused this. They love them very much and only want the best for all of them. Are they still a family if they live apart? Carly reminds them how Gwen lives in one house and she lives in another, but she and Gwen are still family. JJ gets up and tells Jack he promised he would never leave him and now he is, as he runs by him. Jack catches him and tells him in no certain terms is he leaving him; he will see him all the time. Parker tells Carly she promised they would never be apart from Jack either after he came home after disappearing. Why is she letting him leave? Carly doesn’t know what to say. JJ wants to go with Jack, but Jack thinks it would be for the best if he stayed here because all his clothes and toys are there, not to mention so are Parker and Sage. Both Carly and Jack look silently at one another. Then Parker blurts out a question; are they getting a divorce? Carly is stunned; no they most certainly are not; Jack cuts the last part of her sentence off; he says he doesn’t know. Carly is stunned by Jack’s answer. Jack promises they will spend so much time together; they will have dinner and go to games; he knows it will be hard, but they will all get through it. The boys still unable to grasp why this is happening to them continue to ask questions in order to try to understand the incomprehensible. Parker wonders if Jack no longer loves his mom? Jack explains he does and always will. Parker can’t figure out why he is leaving them if it is not him and JJ’s fault and it isn’t because he stopped loving his mom then why? Parker looks at Carly; is it because of the lady? He didn’t say anything to Jack like she asked. Carly realizes what he is talking about and the fact Jack didn’t know about this part of the story. She tries to halt the question but Jack already is onto it. She assures Parker the woman isn’t the reason Jack is leaving either. She was wrong to ask him to keep that a secret and she has been wrong about a lot of things recently. Jack is glaring at her. Jack then tells Parker and JJ to go finish getting ready for school, and the boys begrudgingly go upstairs. After they leave, Carly whips around towards Jack; he is considering a divorce? Jack is more interested in the fact that Chardonnay was at the house. He snaps at Carly that she allowed the hooker she was using to blackmail Nick with into their home and then asked Parker to lie for her; she is unbelievable. Carly wonders if it is the same lie she told for him just now? She told their sons everything would be ok when all the while he is planning on a divorce. Jack is frustrated; he doesn’t want to do this now; he will be back to discuss the kids. Carly is instantly nervous; what would they need to discuss? The kids are supposed to be staying with her like he said to them. Jack only answers, for now they will. Carly pleads with him to stop whatever he is doing. He can’t take the kids away from her because they are her world; they need her and she needs them; they are her whole life. Jack smirks as he replies coldly that she has been leaving them each night to go work at a strip club, so he is a little suspect of that comment. He needs to get out of there; he turns to leaves and sees Sage standing quietly on the stairs. He scoops her up in his arms and tells her that he is not going far he promises and he loves her very much. He sadly hands her off to Carly and leaves.

Emily covers saying that she didn’t know how things would work; she had hoped they work out though. Paul pushes; she kept saying things would be ok, and sometimes she can make things happen in her own way. He loves her for standing by him. She whispers that is why she did it. We see Paul’s face light up, as it seems she may let him in on what she did with Dusty. Instead after she pauses, she says she believed in their love and that they would find a way back to one another, and now the best thing they hoped for has happened – the charges will be dropped against him. Paul asks how she made this happen? Emily tells him she didn’t do anything other then pray for a miracle. They are now one step closer to getting their life back on track.

Hal thinks Jen is crazy for thinking Paul was trying to tell her something. Jen wants to go see Meg, but Hal doesn’t think it is a good idea since she is still a prime suspect. Jen is adamant that they do something now before it is too late. She worries that Hal isn’t thinking clearly because he blindly accepted Paul’s confession without considering an alternative. He did it because he hates him because Paul took Emily away. If Paul gets out and she is not able to find out where Dusty is, it could become too late. Hal assures her that Paul will not be getting out in the near future. Jessica happens into the conversation; he actually will be getting out because the judge just dropped the murder charges against him. She is getting the paperwork done as they speak. She leaves and Jen worries that Paul will be gone soon and their window of opportunity will be closed. Hal promises her with all the other charges pending against Paul he will not be walking away free anytime in the near future.

Carly is sitting on the couch holding onto the compass thinking about what Jack said about wanting to be her true north, but somehow they wonld up losing one another. Parker, JJ and Sage come downstairs ready for school. They would rather stay at home with her though. Carly puts on a brave face and tells them that when life surprises you, you have to continue doing what you are supposed to be doing. The kids aren’t comforted too much by those words, and the only real comfort would come from Jack walking back in the door. The doorbell rings and it is the babysitter there to take them to school and Sage to her play date. Carly kisses them goodbye and promises them it will be ok. After they leave, Carly sadly looks at the compass and then puts it back in the box.

Jack arrives at the farm; as he about to walk into the house he thinks about the kids asking him why he doesn’t want to be a family anymore? He tries to shake off the sad feelings he feels as if he is drowning in. He walks into the kitchen calling out for Emma only to be surprised to find Nick sitting at the kitchen table seemingly waiting for him.

At home, Katie is calling in sick so she and Mike can spend the day together. After she hangs up the phone and crosses over the livingroom to hug him again, she tells him not to worry about Nick because he is fine now. Mike is staring at her intently; why does he look so serious, she asks? What has she done now? He drops to one knee and asks her to marry him again? Katie giggles and asks him if he remembers that she already said yes? He did but it has been so long he just wanted to ask her again. She again says yes and pulls him into a passionate embrace, kissing him and ripping off his shirt as they fall onto the couch.

Jess is down at Paul’s cell telling him and Emily that the murder charges are being dropped and that she is filing the papers now. Emily is overjoyed, but Paul seems a little more subdued. She wants to go to get the apartment ready so they can have dinner tonight together. She is smiling ear to ear, but it fades quickly when Paul tells her that he can’t go home with her.

Jen thinks if the judge is dropping the charges then there is nothing Hal can do. Hal reminds her there are many other charges pending against Paul, such as jumping bail and obstruction of justice; he will be staying there until his trial at least. Jen has a thought then; can he do her a favor? Hal tells her of course he will do anything he can for her. Jen tells him she wants Hal to let Paul go then. Hal stares in disbelief at Jen’s about face request.

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