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As the World Turns Update Monday 4/3/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

This is the second and final special anniversary episode ATWT ran. This one revolves around seven of the most influential women in Oakdale (Nancy, Kim, Lisa, Lucinda, Susan, Barbara and Emma) traveling on a chartered bus to Chicago so Nancy can receive the prestigious Lifetime Achievement award for 50 years of service in the Oakdale chapter.

It begins with them boarding the bus anxious to get this show on the road. A flustered Susan arrives a little late. When pressed for what happened she informs them she was trying to recover from Emily getting married. Barbara’s ears perk up as Susan informs her nonchalantly that Emily and Barbara’s jailbird son got married behind bars. Barbara is beside herself; she jumps up; she has to get to Paul to fix this. She needs to call Jen. Kim gently intercedes reminding them that this is Nancy’s day. There is nothing she can do about it right now. Barbara tries to appease Kim and sits back down begrudgingly. Lucinda offers that they should get going and so off they go.

We fast forward to the luncheon where each woman gives a speech about their feelings for Nancy. They laud her accomplishments. Finally, Nancy speaks and thanks everyone for their touching words. She touches upon her life over the past 50 years. At the same time we see flashbacks of her life and times over the years, from weddings, to babies being born, to friends and family, to her doing mundane chores. She is overwhelmed by this award and appreciates everyone’s support in coming out to share this day with her.

Fast forward to all the women coming home on the bus. They joke with Nancy about her running for office after that incredible speech she gave. Everyone is chattering away happily, all except Barbara, who is sitting somberly in her seat. Some of the women wonder about pulling over and stretching their legs, getting some coffee and a quick bite to eat. Emma asks the driver to pull over, but Barbara interrupts her and orders the driver to keep going; she is anxious to get home. She snaps for Emma to simply walk up and down the aisle in the bus to stretch her legs. Susan cautions her that she already tried and failed to change Emily and Paul’s mind, so there is nothing more she could do. Barbara sneers at her and reminds her that she is not her. Barbara walks up to the driver and tells him to take a short cut. The driver isn’t sure he wants to do it, but Barbara is adamant, and the driver soon complies.

A little while later, most of the women are dozing. Kim wakes up and realizes she doesn’t know where they are; the bus hits a rut in the road and soon most of the women are awake and wondering where they are? Lucinda wants the driver to turn around, but the driver tells her the road is too narrow. Barbara won’t have him doing that because they have driven miles out of their way and to double back would add precious time onto their trip, and she needs to get home. Lucinda reminds the driver she paid to charter the bus, so he better turn the bus around. When it appears the driver is going to acquiesce, Barbara lunges for the steering wheel trying to stop him. Next thing they know, the bus is crashing into a ditch.

Everyone gets up and starts moving around, checking on one another to make sure everyone is fine. Kim has a slight cut on her head, but other then that everyone seems to be unscathed. Soon, however, bickering ensues about the shortcut they took, Barbara grabbing the wheel and them ending up in a ditch. They get off the bus and try to figure out a way to get the rear tire out of the mud. They soon realize their efforts appear not to be working. They try to call for help, but considering they are in the middle of nowhere, there is no reception, another thing Barbara feels they are blaming her about. Emma has found a first aid kit and Susan tells Kim that she will fix her up. Barbara thinks the cut will require a plastic surgeon and everyone groans at her pessimism. Kim pulls away when Susan approaches her, and Susan assumes they were past this? Kim realizes what she is talking about and how she was acting. She explains that her and Bob had an argument that morning about something dumb; who was supposed to pay the car insurance. He left for work before they could patch things up. She hesitates before she says the next statement. When Susan was late…. Susan cuts her off. How could she think she and Bob, and she then stops herself. Kim apologizes and admits it just brought up old bad feelings. Then we see flashbacks of Susan and Bob’s affair and the backlash with Kim finding out. Susan then tells her between the two of them she saw Bob this morning… on the phone ordering flowers for her. Kim laughs as she says they better be expensive, as the two of them hug.

Lucinda wonders how far they would need to go for help? The driver thinks they are probably 10-15 or so miles from help, and Lucinda gently suggests that he start walking. When Barbara sees that the driver has left, she instantly worries about the group of them alone on a deserted road. Emma notes that they are seven capable women and they will be just fine. She asks Barbara to help her get some wood to make a fire; Barbara goes but complains all the while about doing chores in her expensive shoes.

Later they are all sitting around the fire. Nancy and the women, excluding Barbara are thankful for the fire, but a negative Barbara mentions it being a good thing nobody has asthma due to all the smoke. They worry about the driver and wonder if some of them should try to head for the highway? Lucinda reminds them it is too far for them to walk, and the driver will be back. Emma isn’t so sure by the way they were carrying on. They wish they had some food and coffee as they sit there. Barbara sarcastically mentions them not having food is not her fault. They angrily mention that it is not always about her. Barbara walks off in a sulk, and Kim walks after her mentioning to the remaining women that those comments don’t help things.

Barbara has wondered off and soon twists her ankle so she sits down on a log. Kim walks up to her and the two women talk about how she is acting. Barbara realizes and thinks she should have just gotten off the bus when she first heard about Paul’s sham of a wedding. She stayed for Nancy’s benefit. She is so worried about Paul; Emily has been after him since they were teenagers. Kim gently tries to explain that there is nothing she can do about Paul’s decision now. Barbara becomes remorseful over the way she handled certain things in her life regarding Paul. We then see flashbacks of her, James and Hal. She recalls happier times when Paul was first born. She apologizes for being a disappointment to Kim. She has been there for her all the time since her mom died. Kim tells her that she owed her sister as much. She thanks her for being so good to her. Kim wants to get back to the group but Barbara tells her she needs a few more moments to pull herself together. After Kim leaves, Barbara looks around and then pulls out a candy bar from her pocket and starts eating it.

Back at the fire, Lucinda asks Kim if Barbara is off sulking? Kim tries to stop them from further picking on Barbara. Lucinda could have been the one they had blamed since she ordered the driver to make the three point turn in the middle of a narrow road. They need to ease up on Barbara a little because she is going through a lot with her children; she is sure that Lucinda can relate to that. Lucinda flashes back and recalls butting heads with Holden when she thought he was after Lily for her money. Then she recalls the fiasco when Lily found out that she was adopted and that Iva and Josh were her real parents, and how furious she was with Lucinda for covering it up. She vowed never to forgive her. Lucinda doesn’t think her family problems are even on the same level as Barbara’s are. Susan worries that Lucinda looks a little peaked. Lucinda quickly snaps telling her that she has to appease her family all the time about her cancer, and she will not be mollycoddled by her friends, and she walks off. Lisa remarks that she is glad that Lucinda considers them her friends, and then she mentions that she would kill for a cup of coffee, no better yet a cup of cocoa. Then Susan mentions that she would kill for a candy bar.

Meanwhile, we see Barbara eating her candy bar in secret. A growling bear appears behind her. After a few more grunts, Barbara turns slowly around and comes face to face with it. At first she is petrified, but she squares herself up against the wild animal, promising herself she can get through this because she has gone up against much worse. She flashes back to when she realizes the James is not really dead.

At the fire, Emma talks about how worried she is about Meg. Susan mentions that at least her daughter didn’t marry someone who confessed to a murder; Emily doesn’t seem to care; she never seems to have common sense when it comes to men. Kim pipes in that she thinks Bob must have called the police by now. Everyone hopes so; Lisa remarks that at least Kim has a man to go home to. Nancy flashes to her life with Chris. Kim then jokes about Lisa having her share of romances. Lisa adds that she also had her share of heartache as well, as she flashes to a few of her men over the years. Barbara interrupts them frantic about the bear. Emma tries to calm them down and informs them not to look at it in the eyes because that will be seen as a threat to him. Lucinda tries to calm them down; she suggests singing. She starts to sing, and soon the bear wanders off. They collectively congratulate Lucinda on being a genius. She jokes about them putting it in writing. Lisa wonders what attracted the bear? Barbara, not thinking, mentions she had a candy bar. Immediately they are all coming down on her for having food and not sharing; Barbara again goes on the defensive claiming that they are still blaming her for everything. Barbara again starts to stalk off. She gets into the van and starts to try to get the van unstuck by revving the motor. Lucinda grabs the wheel and Barbara tells her to press down the gas pedal harder. With Barbara’s insistence Lucinda floors it; it seems from inside the van it is dislodging itself from the mud, but the women outside can see that the van is tilting and they all start to yell to stop Barbara and Lucinda. They can’t hear them, and soon the van has flipped over onto its side. Everyone is screaming.

Lucinda has lost consciousness for a moment and Barbara is frantically trying to waken her. The women outside the van are screaming for them to answer if they are ok. Lucinda comes through, and Barbara tells the women that Lucinda is pinned. Lucinda seems a bit bumped up and nervous, but Barbara promises she will get her out. She goes to get some rope, as everyone is shook up. Susan gets into the van to take Lucinda’s pulse, and Lucinda laughs that she can already tell her that her pulse will be racing. She laments over having survived cancer and months of chemo only to succumb to this; she can’t die in a rented van in a ditch; Susan assures her that she will be fine. Barbara comes back in with rope and a saw; Lucinda worries about her wielding that weapon, but Barbara exclaims that she intends on getting her out of this mess and if she has to cut her out, then she will do just that. Just then they realize they smell gas. Gas is dripping out of the tank and heading towards the fire. Everyone becomes frenzied; they need to get Lucinda out of the van as quickly as possible. Barbara and Susan work wildly to pull her free. Finally the seat budges and Lucinda is free and they help her out. They are all happily jogging away from the van, all ok, when the gas meets up with the fire and a spark turns into a violent explosion that rocks the van and sends the women falling to the ground.

Later they are all sitting around laughing at what has transpired today. Susan gasps and immediately everyone wants to know what is wrong? Susan smiles as she says she just had a terrible thought; they have all been in love with the same man, except for Nancy; she is the only sane one of them all. They all collectively laugh at the fact all of them had some type of romantic relationship with John Dixon. We see a flashback to all the women sharing time with him. They all snicker about that. Lucinda mentions that if she had to do this again, get stuck in the woods, with a bear and an exploding van, she would pick the same six of them to do it with, rather then being with any man. They all smile at that comment. Emma decides she has had enough of being stuck in the woods; she will be back because she is going to do something to fix the situation.

A little while later, the remaining women all perk up when they see Emma driving a rather beat up pick up truck. Noone was home, but the key was under the mat, she explains. She instructs everyone to pile in; next stop Oakdale. All the women gleefully get up to leave. Before they get in the truck, Kim wants to take a picture. They set up the camera and they push in close to one another. The camera goes off taking a smiling picture of all seven women yelling out “cheese”. The still picture shows these women, from all walks of life, who have been friends and adversaries throughout the years, bonded by this experience.

The show ends as Bob’s voice thanks the viewers for watching the show for 50 years; they couldn’t have done it without us!

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