ATWT Update Wednesday 3/29/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 3/29/06


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

Jade and Luke discuss the possibility that Lily might make Jade move out since her arrangements to stay were only for one night. Jade insists that they must both pack in order to make it look like Luke will go with her if Lily makes her move out. Luke is reluctant and Jade tells him that she will tell Lily his secret if Luke does not go along with her plan. They both enter the living room together where Holden and Lily are. Jade proclaims out loud that Luke has something to tell them. Lily wants to know what it is, but suddenly, Luke collapses on the floor. Lily is panicked, and Jade stands there with her mouth hanging open.

Jack arrives home and Carly tries to get him to talk about what happened. Jack is very distant and barely says a word. Carly continues to push and Jack tells her that he can’t live like this anymore. Carly is terrified of what Jack is going to say next. He tells that their marriage is over. Carly pretends that he doesn’t mean it, and tries to talk about how they can work things out, but Jack seems exhausted and tired. Carly promises that she will never do the things that she has done again. Jack angrily asks Carly if she thought about what would happen to the children if she messed up her probation and got sent to prison. Carly admits that she didn’t think at all. Jack tells her that the problem is that she never thinks. Carly promises to never interfere with his job again. Jack seems pretty clear that he can’t deal with it anymore. It is breaking him up inside, visibly. Carly tells Jack that she knows that he loves her. Jack says that he does love her and that is part of the problem. He looks sad and says that he is the problem. He feels like he is not exciting enough for her and that is why she comes up with all of these adventures. Jack tells her that their marriage is over, but Carly does not want to hear it. She yells at Jack that he promised to love her and stay with her until death. Carly gets in his face and says that it was ok for him to break the rules in order to protect her and cover up what she did, and he is a hero, but when she tried to protect him by breaking the rules, he walks out on her. She then makes off the wall comments about Jack having another woman. Jack looks at her, shaking his head, and tells her that she knows that is not true. Carly brings up Julia and the fact that she is now raising her son. Carly says that she is the bad girl that Jack married, thinking that he could tame her, and gets upset when she shows her true colors. Jack goes upstairs to pack and Carly meets him in the staircase. She begs and pleads with him not to leave her, but there is nothing else that he can say. He tells her that they both deserve better than this. Carly breaks down, and Jack holds her for a brief second and kisses her head, before going to pack. Carly sits at the desk by the door, looking at the family photos. Jack comes downstairs with his bag. The house is quiet, and Carly is quiet. She hands Jack something that parker drew for him. It is Jack as his hero. She tells him that he is her hero to. Before Jack leaves, Carly hands him the compass and tells him that if she can’t stop him from leaving, then she hopes that the compass will lead him back to her. Jack turns red and a tear sheds down his face. He chokes as he tells her that he wants to be her “true north”, but he doesn’t think he can. They agree that they will discuss how to tell the kids tomorrow, and in the meantime, Jack will be at Emma’s house. Jack leaves. In a second, Carly runs out the door, screaming his name, and falls to the floor in devastation and tears.

Jennifer bends down towards Johnny’s stroller, and has a daydream about Dusty. He touches her face and calls her “my love”. Jennifer takes this as a sign that Dusty is trying to tell her something. She rushes to the station to tell her dad. Hal immediately shoots all of her hopes down, telling her that all the evidence points to his death. Later, while in the lobby at the Lakeview, a bellman approaches Jennifer with an envelope. Jennifer opens it, and is surprised to see a picture of Dusty and a note from him as well, signed “my love”. The picture is taken in front of today’s newspaper.

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