ATWT Update Tuesday 3/28/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 3/28/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the library, Gwen, Will, Maddie and Casey talk about Maddie’s new living situation. Maddie likes the idea of living in a penthouse with Lisa, who is a blast, and a cute guy who delivers her room service. Casey then mentions his new job at the club Lisa bought. They talk about the kind of music he is going to play when he deejays. Gwen teases him that he will play Glenn Miller, but he is planning on playing Linkin Park, would she like to hear? She wishes she could but she feels swamped with trying to graduate by May. Maddie tells Gwen to work on American Lit with Casey and she will work with Will on calculus. They separate to help the other and when they do Casey tells Gwen that he wants to help her because he feels as if he owes her. Gwen wonders why? He tells her for the group the Shins. She remembers that was the group he claimed he hated the day they met. Instead of running away from him she stuck around to change his mind…it was the biggest mistake she ever made.

At the Lakeview, Barbara and Kim are talking about Will and Gwen. Barbara is still not at all pleased with Will’s choice in spouses. However, Kim is amazed when Barbara adds that with the trauma going on in her family’s life she doesn’t have the energy to deal with it. Also, it seems that Gwen makes Will happy, so she has to find a way to deal with it. Kim tells them that she heard Will and Gwen were on their way to the library to catch up on their work. Barbara sneers that Gwen will be reading 12 ways to go through my husband’s trust fund. Barbara worries that this is how she plans on supporting their marriage? Barbara tells her that she is not happy about his choice obviously, but she plans on supporting him now because he is her son. Kim rolls her eyes and adds, “Lord help them!”

At the station, Carly pleads with Jack to stop this because she doesn’t think this is necessary. Jack cuts her off; he thinks Nick has a right to know what really went on the night he was shot up with heroin. Katie interrupts; she is curious as to how they found Chardonnay? Jack admits that he followed Nick and Katie to Chardonnay’s and grabbed her when she gave them the slip. Jack turns to Carly and tells her to start explaining. Carly slowly and nervously starts to relay the story. She looks at Nick as she tells him that she never meant to hurt him. The idea was just to get him to the Lakeview. Nick asks amazed if she really was the one who wrote him the note? Carly is stunned to find that he kept it. Jack starts to read the note; she apologizes for being horrible to him. She admits to fighting feelings for him, and then she asks him to come to the Lakeview to make up. Jack turns to Carly, so she used herself as bait? His eyes brimming with emptiness and coldness, did she really think that Nick would go for this? Carly stands there nervously fidgeting, not answering. Jack raises his voice as he asks, yes or no? An apprehensive looking Carly finally answers yes.

At the jail, the priest recites the vows as Paul stares at Meg and Emily glares at Paul. Paul is so caught up in Meg being there he does not pay attention to what the priest asks him. He asks him to repeat it. Emily interrupts saying that they are getting married here unless something has caused him to change his mind? The priest suggests that everyone take a moment. Paul stops him claiming he was side tracked because he was expecting privacy during his wedding ceremony. Meg should not be here because she ruined his life, and he thinks Hal should kick her out. Hal enjoying this a bit, tells him he sees no reason why Meg shouldn’t be allowed to stay since she has been there practically everyday since he had been arrested and he never seemed to mind it before. Emily is surprised to hear this; why would she have been there that often? Hal adds that sometimes she had been there twice a day, happy to add fuel to the fire. Paul tries to cover; Meg came by with her own agenda but it didn’t work. She needs to get used to the fact that he is moving on with his life. Meg smirks and tells him that she is rather enjoying watching them sail off into the sunset, then she adds for affect that oops, Paul isn’t going anywhere because he is behind bars for the rest of his life. Paul tries to rope Emily back in by pouring out his feelings toward her. She is the reason he survived his suicide; they are the only two people in the room that know the truth. Everyone else can guess. He wants her to prove them wrong. Marry him, he declares. Emily longingly looks into his eyes and then tells the priest to finish marrying them right now.

Barbara tells Kim that Hal is monitoring Will and Gwen at home and if they succeed and graduate then she will release Will’s trust fund, as promised. Kim is suspicious; she hasn’t placed any secret phone calls to the headmaster? There are no pictures taken of Gwen with another man floating around? Barbara claims that she has seen the light because all that has done is alienate her son, causing them to stick like glue to one another even more. Kim sarcastically asks if she plans on killing them with kindness? Barbara laughs and states the obvious; she is her daughter-in-law. Kim sizes her up some more. Then she seems to realize something; she thinks that when Will and Gwen see there is no longer the common enemy to fight then they will finally drift apart. Barbara smiles like a Cheshire cat, and tells Kim that thought never even crossed her mind, as she walks away.

Maddie and Will are sitting at the library table working on calculus. Maddie is reciting a formula and Will is staring at her blankly. She tells him it doesn’t seem like he is paying attention and he can’t afford that with less then two months to go before graduation. Will tells her that he is supposed to get some paperwork to his uncle regarding a janitorial job. Maddie doesn’t see why, but Will tells her he needs to still get some money so as soon as they can they can get out of his dad’s house. Maddie tells him to work on one more problem and then he could get out of there for a while. She walks away to let him try to figure it out.

Casey agrees that the night was a mistake, but something good did come out of it, she was right about the band. Maddie is standing near the bookcase that Gwen and Casey are talking behind. She listens to their conversation. He tells her that she has a good ear for that kind of music. Gwen smiles and tells him that he should be careful because he may next be telling her that she has good taste. Casey smiles back, tells her she does and for that matter she seems to have it all. Maddie overhears this part and seems a bit unnerved by that comment.

Chardonnay starts to tell the story. She was supposed to show up with a blonde wig and Carly’s perfume on. Carly interrupts; it was just a trick. Nick realizes where she is going with this. Was she the one who spiked his champagne? Carly pauses for a moment and then musters up the strength to answer the question. She did, but she only put a sleeping pill in it. She only wanted him to fall asleep, so he wouldn’t recognize Chardonnay and then she could get pictures of him with her. A furious Nick answers that he would get caught sleeping with a witness and then he would lose his badge. Carly starts to stutter as she tries to explain; she only wanted Jack to finally get his badge back, Chardonnay was the one who told Anatoli that he was a cop. She knows what she did was wrong. Nick cuts her off. He laughs bitterly as he relays what she did; she lured him to a hotel room and drugged him so he would lose his badge, right?! Carly tells him that she realizes that the biggest of apologies probably could not cover what she owes him, but she is so sorry. Nick yells that if it weren’t for her husband Chardonnay would have been long gone and he would have been fired and sent to jail. Carly tells him she knows that her apology is too late. Nick, who is fuming, tells her that she is not sorry, she is sorry she got caught. She hung him out to dry. She never came forward and probably wouldn’t have if she weren’t in this predicament. Carly tries to explain that at first she didn’t know what happened and when she did she was afraid to make it worse. Katie pipes in that she is sure she was thinking she was worried about making it worse - for her. Carly glares at Katie and tells her that her husband knows her and they could have worked it out if she hadn’t of gone running to him with this information. Katie is sure she never would have told him. Carly asks Katie if she ever disappointed Mike (which seems to hit home with her); she must realize that when your spouse finds out something that would hurt and disappoint him, she must realize that you would do anything to make up for that mistake in judgment. Jack interrupts and tells Carly to explain to them why she didn’t come forward. She explains that she was scared when she heard about the drugs and being connected with something like that again. She was also worried about Anatoli. Katie wants to know if Carly advised Chardonnay to go to the police to save Nick so she didn’t have to get involved? Jack interrupts again making sure that Carly tells them everything; tell them what she did. Carly continues; Chardonnay was scared of Anatoli and wanted to get out of town, so she gave her a necklace to pawn to help her just that. They can’t believe she was willing to let Nick fry. Nick is furious; she blew his cover, interfered with his investigation and paid a suspect to leave town. He could put her in jail for a long time.

Maddie interrupts Gwen and Casey’s talk. She asks if he has any John Mayer on his list to play? She thinks people also go to clubs to slow dance with the people they care about. Casey tells her to stick to the old movies because then she knows what she is talking about. Maddie kind of looks hurt by his statement and then tells them she has to go back to help Will. She goes back and sees that he got the problem right. He asks if something is wrong? She changes the subject and tells him to go see his uncle about the job. He tells her to let Gwen know he will be back momentarily.

Barbara finds Gwen and walks over to where she is sitting at the table and tells her that she is glad she found her. She hopes she is not disturbing her. Gwen cuts her off and tells her that she has already how she feels and she doesn’t have time to hear it again. Barbara tells her that is not why she is there; she wants to have a dinner party to welcome her to the family. Gwen stares at her dumbfounded.

The priest starts up again, a little frazzled by all the interruptions; he asks Paul if he takes Emily to be his wife? Paul quickly answers that of course he does. Emily answers before the priest asks, obviously anxious to get married, that she also takes Paul to be her husband. The priest asks for the rings? Henry has them but begins to frantically search all of his pockets. Susan asks Emily if she needs a few more signs telling her not to go through with this? Emily shushes her and Henry finds the rings. As she places them on their fingers, Emily promises to get better rings in the future but at least they fit. Paul answers sweetly that it is because they fit together. The priest pronounces them husband and wife and Emily lunges for Paul to kiss him, as Meg quietly lets herself out the door as Paul opens his eyes and watches her go. After they are done with the PDA, Paul jokingly asks Hal about conjugal visits? Hal barely acknowledges him. He and Susan go to leave and Susan tells Emily she will see her at home, but Emily, who can barely take her eyes off of Paul, tells her she will be staying at Paul’s apartment from now on. Paul tells her it is ok but it is her home now afterall. A dejected Susan leaves with Hal trailing behind. Paul tells Emily that he understands why her mother wouldn’t want her marrying a convict. Emily tells him that she is not a convict in her eyes. He reminds her that he did confess and it is pretty much an open and shut case. Emily wants him to put the blame where it belongs, namely at Meg’s feet. He reminds her all the police have on Meg is the bloody gloves and because of how they were found, they are inadmissible. Paul appeals to Emily’s obsession with him. He is so sorry that he has screwed their life up; he will never be able to hold her or make love to her without someone waiting outside the door. He won’t be able to hold her anytime; how can she learn to depend on him when he is behind bars? Emily assures him that since they are married now they can’t really keep them apart. She is determined to help him. She never in a million years thought they would end up married, but here they are. She feels there could be a miracle waiting around the corner. Emily kisses Paul again and then practically skips out of the jail cell area, pausing only to throw her bouquet over her shoulder at the police officer.

Meanwhile, upstairs Hal is telling Meg, who is aimlessly mulling around, that Paul is now a married man. Emily might have bought their act, but he did not. Paul and she are planning something. Meg tells her that she has nothing to say. Hal answers that because he likes her mother so much he feels obligated to issue her the obvious warning; everyone who gets involved with Paul always get hurt. Meg starts to walk away when Emily emerges from just being downstairs with Paul. She walks by Hal without a word and leaves, as Meg hides in a corner. After she leaves, Meg secretly goes back down to where Paul is being held.

Gwen is stunned by Barbara’s dinner request. Barbara tells her she thought Jen, Johnny, Will and she could come and they could all share a dinner together, she is going to be a part of the family afterall. They have so much to catch up on. Gwen doesn’t seem interested in this at all. Barbara can sense that so she mentions that she thought she would be open to this invite knowing that she is willing to release Will’s trust fund money. Gwen admits that she is happy that she gave his money back because it is his money to begin with though. Barbara apologizes for holding that over their head, but Gwen isn’t biting. She tells Barbara nicely but firmly that she and Will will not be going to join her for dinner.

Maddie finds Casey sitting in the library. She asks him about the band, the Shins, that he and Gwen were talking about? Casey tells her they were a band Gwen turned him onto. Maddie asks bluntly if this was before of after they slept together?

Nick starts to leave and Carly steps into his way. She pleads with him to reconsider pressing charges against her. She did it to reclaim Jack’s life for him; it killed her to see him watching from the sidelines. Katie asks Carly if she thought what she did to Nick was ok because he would have been in the same predicament as Jack. Carly admits that it was wrong, but he needs to consider the reasons. He should also consider her kids; she is a good mother and her three kids need her, she explains. Nick scowls at her for a moment and then suggests she find a good lawyer, as he leaves. Chardonnay asks about her? Jack tells her that she will get a public defender and he will tell that person how she helped. Chardonnay goes to leave, and tells Carly how sorry she is about everything as she walks out the door. Jack and Carly are left standing there awkwardly facing one another. She tears up as she asks him what she should do now? Should she stay here? Jack tells her that she does have to stay now, and then he walks out the door. After he leaves, Nick stares through the window of the interrogation room at a spiritless Carly sitting alone at the table. Katie is in disbelief at Carly’s forwardness to expect he wouldn’t press charges. Nick answers simply that it was not her fault. Katie thinks Jack would beg to differ about that. Nick thinks he feels that way because he is mad. Katie thinks he is because his wife was working in a strip joint. Nick points out he made her do that too, at least Carly didn’t have to audition. Katie sees the situations are different. Nick doesn’t because she was going undercover to help him. She reminds him she didn’t lie to anyone. Nick reminds her she did when she told Jack about Carly. She did it because Jack deserved the truth. Nick answers that he went to a hotel to sleep with his partner’s wife. What does that make him? Katie can see where he is going with this. Is he going to let her slide?

Inside the interrogation room, Jack comes back in the room and tells her that he spoke with Jessica and she is going to take her case. She will be in to see her a little later. He turns to leave, but Carly begs him to stay. They haven’t had a chance to talk in private since he found Chardonnay. Nick interrupts at this point however. Jack tells him that Chardonnay is set up with Hal and the DA, and because of her statements he will be cleared of all charges. Nick thanks him. Jack apologizes for his attitude towards him when he got charged. Nick knows he was doing his job. Carly may have set him up but he didn’t have to take the bait. It was a bad mistake and he really is sorry. The heroin though was Anatoli, not Carly. He doesn’t want his wife being sent to prison; he can’t do that to him or his kids. He is dropping all charges. Carly’s face brightens to show her relief.

Emily happily comes back into the place where she is holding Dusty. She gleefully greets him, as she approaches him with a big plastic cup with soda and a hamburger. She asks how he is? He tells he hasn’t eaten or drank anything, so she should do the math. He looks weak as he sits there. He wonders if Emily has poisoned the food because she wanted him dead? She assures him she did not as she takes a sip of the drink and a bite. He bites into the hamburger and makes a joke about liking his rare. She jokes back that would be risky because of E coli. There also has been a change in plans; she needs him alive. He smiles and tells her to get him out of this contraption. She tells him it is not that simple. After he takes a few more bites he wonders why she is acting so nice? She tells him deviously that she needs a favor.

Paul and Meg are talking about what happened. He tells her that Emily is the key to getting out of there. She hinted that there was a miracle around the corner. If Dusty is alive and she releases him then he is out of there. Meg thinks that would be great except he will be hurrying home to a new wife. He apologizes for all of that happening so quickly; he should have given her a heads up. Meg is worried that he just married the woman who shot him. He reminds her how insecure Emily is and that was the only way to get her to fully trust him. What is his plan? That she will release Dusty? That is what Paul is hoping. In the mean time they just have to wait. Meg thinks she should get out of there before Emily finds out and gets jealous. Paul stops her and tells her that as soon as this is over he will get the marriage annulled. She wonders if this is all a big game to him? He looked Emily in the eyes and promised to stay with her forever. Paul reminds her how dangerous Emily is. What is to stop Emily from killing Dusty and then planting one of her hairs on him? She could steal whatever she needed from her. She is very clever and very desperate and that makes her very dangerous. Meg asks if he did this for her? Paul corrects her; he did it for them. Meg repeats Paul’s thought; he married Emily for them? Paul reminds her that they have something; he doesn’t know what it is but they will never be able to explore it if he doesn’t get out of here. Paul promises that Emily is not that noble to marry someone she thinks will never be free. Meg jokes that maybe she wants his apartment. This puts a smile on both of their faces. Meg wants him to be careful. If Emily snaps then she will come after him and will not be afraid of the police this time. Paul tells her not to worry. He missed her though; she is the only person he doesn’t have to lie to. She lets him be himself. He takes her hands through the bars. He promises that it won’t last much longer; Emily will do everything in her power to get him out. Meg hopes so because Hal is already suspicious of them, and if Emily figures it out, she will come after them. Paul lifts Meg’s hand to his mouth and kisses it sweetly.

Casey smiles and tells her she gets right to the point. During the first real conversation he and Gwen had, they talked about that group. Maddie further inquires whether this was the party that they hooked up at? Casey promises that they are so over. Maddie explains that she just likes to have the facts. Casey starts to leave but then asks if they are ok? Maddie tells them they are and Casey tells her he will see he back in a little while. He kisses her and then he is off.

Hal approaches Nick; he spoke to Jack and he told him that Carly put something in motion that ultimately led to his set up by Anatoli. Nick tells him that is true. He tells him that he will get all the papers in order and in a couple of days he will be reinstated. He welcomes him back. After Hal leaves, a beaming Nick thanks Katie. She tells him that she was wrong about him. When he first came to town she thought he was a bad boy, but she sees he is really a softie especially after he agreed to drop the charges against Carly. Katie is glad to see everything getting back to normal. He gets his job back, Carly and Jack will get back together and everything will be ok until the next time.

Jack is sitting in a slightly darkened room holding onto Parker’s football. Carly comes downstairs. She understands that he is still mad at her, but if Nick can forgive her then maybe he can find it in his heart to do the same. She realizes how wrong her actions were. It all worked out though because Nick was cleared, he got his job back and Anatoli is going to jail. She has been cleared…. Jack stops her; she has been spared. They are not the same thing. She agrees that Nick was gracious, and she is glad everything is on the table. He has been so unhappy and she has been so desperate. She loves him so much; she can’t stand the quietness. She doesn’t know what he is thinking. She wishes he would yell or throw something. She wants to make this right. Jack sadly answers that she can’t make it right this time even though he wishes she could. The desperation rising in Carly’s voice, of course she can make it right. They just need to spend some time together. A heartbroken Jack tells her not this time. Carly stutters as she can barely ask what he means by that? He tells her he means, good-bye.

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