ATWT Update Monday 3/27/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 3/27/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At home, Will comes downstairs smiling as he is carrying a jar with money inside. Gwen jokes about him stealing from his dad already, but he proudly explains how he saved every penny as a child for a rainy day. He has $317.48 saved, and that is enough for a hotel room for a few nights and a couple of meals. They have all they need to get started so they don’t have to spend another night there. Gwen gets up from the table and walks across the room seemingly lost in her thoughts. Will thought this is how she also wanted it. Gwen tells him that she is beside him whatever he chooses to do. Will worries that any promises Hal made to her come with a price tag and small print. Gwen tries to summon up a smile and tells him that he knows best about his family and she will go pack. Will watches her as she walks away concerned with how she sounded.

At the Lakeview, Meg is sitting on the couch in the lobby replaying the conversation she had with Paul. He was telling her what he said to Emily about how he made a mistake when he left her and how Meg is not for him because she turned on him. Meg gets up and starts to walk away as she runs into Henry. What is she up to? Meg tells her she is looking for his other half. Henry jokes that she is busy upstairs framing her because they are bound and determined to make something stick to her. Meg wants to know why Henry has attached himself to her side; she is not a good person to be aligned with. Henry assures her that they are not quite the bosom buddies that she thinks they are. Meg thinks then Emily must have something on him then to keep him that loyal. Henry tries to deflect that line of thinking by saying he is with her out of his burning desire to see justice done. Meg jokes that the only burning desire he has is to make it to cocktail hour. Henry acts as if she has reminded him that he is late in fact for just that. He turns to leave, but Meg again warns that Emily is hell bent on revenge with Paul and he had better get away from her before it is too late.

In his jail cell, Paul repeats Emily’s wish for them to get married that very night. Is she serious? He tries to stall by telling her that he doesn’t deserve a second chance; he can’t let her throw away her life again especially now that he is back behind bars. Emily answers by saying that it sounds as if he is trying to come up with reasons not to get married. Paul tries to assuage her; she deserves better then this especially after last time. If he wants to show her how sorry and how badly he feels about what he did to her then he needs to marry her right now or they should walk away from each other forever.

At the station, Nick with Katie by his side, is telling Hal about Chardonnay aka Sylvia. She worked as a stripper at the Galaxy and they almost got her here to the station. They need to pull some men off other cases to find her; she is his last hope. Hal looks suspiciously at them both as they have been relaying the story. He asks Nick if he expects him to hold up some other cases up to help find this mystery woman? Nick tries another tactic; he knows that he could use an attitude adjustment, but there is a big difference between that and being a dirty cop. Chardonnay is the key to proving that; could they please put out an APB on her? Hal explains that he will get together a couple officers and have them look for her. Nick sighs knowing that won’t be enough as Katie rallies to his defense. She staunchly defends that type of cop he is. They feel strongly that since Chardonnay is so scared of Anatoli that if she is given enough time she will run and they will never find her, and Nick will be sunk.

At home, Carly stands still as she looks at Jack standing side by side with Chardonnay in their livingroom. What is going on here, she nervously asks? Jack bitterly asks a loaded question, does she know this person? Carly gives a little without giving up too much. She is a stripper she worked with at the Galaxy Club. What is she doing there though? Jack snaps for her to give it up. He brought her here. Chardonnay takes Carly’s necklace out of her pocket and gives it back to her. It is no use to her now. Carly starts to pretend not to know how she got it; did she steal it? Jack angrily cuts her off again; he is tired of the excuses and the lies; it is time she told the truth.

Paul tells Emily if this is what she really wants, then they will get married right then and there. Emily tears up as she says that is all she ever wanted. Paul thinks it is too bad they can’t have a ceremony under these circumstances, but Emily surprises him. They can because she has researched it. Emily then goes on about how she will be his wife and then she will work tirelessly to get him out. She looks at Paul out of the corner of her eye. He hopes she doesn’t believe that he is trying to trick her so he can get out. Emily admits that the thought crossed her mind; she is not guaranteed to be able to set him free. He understands that. He made a dumb mistake when he confessed; he will never try to fool her again. She hopes he has learned his lesson. He realizes she is the only one he can count on; Emily echoes his belief by adding the word forever. He only hopes it is enough for her. She assures him that it will be; this is all she has ever dreamed of. Paul seals the deal by getting down on one knee through the bars and asking her to get married. Will she marry him right here today in this very jail cell? An over the moon Emily happily agrees to his question.

Henry tells Meg to worry about her own problems because Emily is really the least of his problems. Meg wonders if he can’t see how unstable and dangerous she is? Henry laughs thinking that is rich coming from someone who killed Dusty and then kept her bloody gloves almost as a trophy. Meg reminds him that her lawyer got her released from those charges, but Henry laughs again at the ridiculous way he got her off. She need not worry because as soon as he ties up some lose ends he and Emily will be parting ways. Meg is curious, but his cell phone rings and it is Emily. She tells him to high tail it to the jail as she proudly relays that she is getting married. Henry is shocked as he tries to ask if it is a joke? She tells him she is deadly serious; he needs him to stop at the jewelry store to pick up some wedding bands for them. Their sizes are on file at Newman Jewelers. Henry is pretty much rendered speechless as he is given his list of instructions. He hangs up and tells Meg he has to go. Meg wonders where? He leaves telling her he has to go have his head examined.

Katie promises Hal that she can basically vouch for Nick; his job is everything.

He is being wrongly accused, and she is sure that deep down Hal probably knows this. Hal agrees to run this new information by the new head investigator now on the case and then whatever he decides to do they will do it. Nick asks who that is? Hal tells him that it is Jack, as he heads out the door to go call him. After he leaves a dejected Nick tells Katie that he is sunk. No one more then Jack wants to see him fall on his face. Katie wants him to think positively; he may surprise him. Nick is definite; his career is over.

Carly desperately tries to stop Jack from proceeding to talk to Chardonnay; she doesn’t know what garbage she has been feeding him. Jack tells her to be quiet. He turns to Chardonnay and asks her to tell him all about what she has done especially in regards to her involvement with his wife. Carly stares petrified at her. Just as she is about to start talking, Hal calls Jack interrupting them. He tells them not to say one word to one another while he is on the phone. Hal tells Jack about Nick’s story about Chardonnay and her link to Anatoli. As he is in the middle of talking, he sees Carly try to talk to Chardonnay and he snaps loudly for her to not talk! He tells Hal that he will have to get back to him, but he is working on something that may break the case open right now. Hal tells him to hurry up because he is waiting for his word before he proceeds. He goes back to his conversation; what is she doing with Carly’s necklace? Chardonnay tells him about how Carly gave it to her because she came looking for money because Anatoli is after her. Carly vehemently tries to deny this, but Jack angrily tells her not to say another word! She explains how Carly didn’t have more then $50, and so she gave her this necklace to get her out of the house. Carly pleads for Jack to stop this, but Jack only glares at her in response. Chardonnay explains that they had a deal that went wrong. Jack wonders if she is talking about Carly setting up Nick with drugs? Both women assure him that was not the deal. Anatoli found out Nick was a cop and he wanted him to pay. What was Carly’s plan then? Chardonnay explains she was told to send Nick a note, get him to the hotel, spike his champagne, wear a blonde wig and get him into bed and the hidden camera would get a few pictures to frame him with. Jack coldly stares at Carly as he repeats that this story was all Carly’s plan? Chardonnay admits that it was. Carly stares at Jack’s cold and despondent face as she can only wonder what he is thinking right now.

Will and Gwen talk about filling the bird feeder before they go because it is spring and the birds will want to eat soon. Will goes and gets the bird feed and then Gwen goes outside to fill it. They fill the feeder in silence until she is done. She hopes that Hal remembers to feed the birds, maybe she will leave a note to remind him; Will answers that she could call him every few weeks to remind him if she is that worried. She gets down and they go back in the house; she is ready to go, she sadly answers. Will wants to know if she is only doing this for him? Gwen reminds them of their promise to be a team. She never wants to see him angry with her, as he was the other day. Will admits that he didn’t like feeling like that. Gwen tells him that she loves and trusts him and if he thinks leaving is for the best then she won’t say another word. Will stares at her for a moment and then tells her that he doesn’t think he can do this.

The priest enters the jail area telling Emily he was surprised to hear from her. Is she sure she wants to go through with this? She assures him that she has never been more sure. He asks Paul if he ends up being convicted of this serious crime does he think this would be in Emily’s best interest? Paul answers imply that he just wants Emily happy. Henry comes in at this time holding a bridal bouquet. Emily excuses herself to talk to him while the priest talks to Paul. He really thinks it would be cruel and wrong of Paul to disappoint Emily again. Paul promises that was never his intention. Meanwhile, around the corner, Emily chastises Henry’s choice in cheap looking rings. He had no idea if she was serious; personally he thinks she is plum loco and that she checked her brain with the desk sergeant. Just then Susan arrives; she had a weird message and came right away. What is Paul dragging her into now? Emily happily explains she is here for a wedding. Susan asks half hysterically, if she is crazy? Emily wants Susan to be happy for her for once; why can’t she support her? Susan thinks she is out of her mind and she tells her so. Emily assures her that if she can’t summon up some happiness then she can just leave because she is not stopping her. Susan promises her that she will just have to see about that then.

Jack is looking at Carly as if he doesn’t even know his own wife. Why would Nick meet her there? Carly answers that it would have been a long shot but she had to take the chance. Jack doesn’t believe her. When she makes a plan, she knows certain things are going to work; she does not rely on chances. He turns and asks Chardonnay if that is true? Chardonnay tells him that it was obvious that Nick was hot for her and she told her so. She and Carly stayed friendly even after Nick had her fired. Jack continues to glare at Carly as Chardonnay shatters another one of Carly’s half-truths. She has been a busy little bee planning this for some time. He sarcastically decides to review the facts; she convinced Chardonnay to play her in order to get Nick into bed with what looked to be a prostitute, and the idea was to get Nick fired in order to get his job back!? Carly swears she had nothing to do with Nick being found with the heroin on him. Chardonnay backs her claim up saying that when Anatoli found out Nick was a cop, he went crazy and wanted him to pay. Jack doesn’t care because as he sees that none of it would have worked if it hadn’t of been for Carly setting this whole thing in motion. Chardonnay sees how much trouble Carly is in and apologizes to her. She then asks if she can have a bathroom break? Jack tells her where the bathroom is but tells her not to think about escaping because there are no windows in that one. After Chardonnay leaves, Carly asks if she can talk now? Jack wants to know if she thinks she could say anything that would make a difference? She agrees that she probably couldn’t say anything but he now knows that whole sordid truth; what is he going to do about it?

Will doesn’t want to force Gwen to do something she doesn’t want to do. Gwen understands that he knows his parents and their behavior best so she defers to him. He doesn’t like the way they started off the marriage; they are supposed to agree 50-50 on discussions; he doesn’t want to bulldoze her into a decision. She doesn’t want him to stress over it because he has better knowledge of the players. Will thinks she has a better perspective on this though. She was right about working and school. Gwen is adamant about graduating; they can do anything with a diploma. She laughs as she admits to sounding as a cheesy top 40 song. He laughs, but wants her to know she is right. That is it; he is changing his mind regarding staying at his dad’s house until they graduate. Gwen happily hugs him; she is so happy he feels that way. He thinks seeing her smile is enough to prove to him he made the right decision. She tells him that she is off to the library to get all the textbooks she can find so they can start preparing to graduate on time. He won’t regret this she says as she tells him she loves in and she is out the door.

Jack tells Carly quietly that there is so much he has to say to her but now is not the time. For once it is not about her or him right now for that matter. He is going to right a wrong. He is no longer interested in her justifications for why she did what she did to Nick and for him. Chardonnay comes back out and wants to know what they are doing now? Jack tells her that she is coming to the station to make a statement about everything she knows about everyone, and she will include every last thing she did for Carly in it; he wants her to leave nothing out about her.

Meg calls the station wanting to talk to Paul, but instead she gets the guard at Paul’s cell. He tells her he can’t talk now. She wants to know what he is doing that would make him so busy? The guard ominously answers that he is busy making the biggest mistake of his life. Meanwhile, Paul acts concerned that if Susan can’t support the marriage then maybe they should wait a few more days, but Emily tells him and the priest that Susan has never really been there for her when she needed her so they can just proceed. Paul tries another stall tactic; they do need a witness. Emily quickly grabs Henry saying that they have one. Paul reminds her that they need two actually. Emily desperately grabs Paul’s jail guard saying he can be a witness. Susan is back, but Emily wants her to leave because she can never be there for her. Susan angrily tells her she is going nowhere. Hal enters into the room wanting to know what is going on? Emily immediately whips around to face Susan. She can’t believe she called him. She then faces Hal and tells him that it is none of his business what is going on because it is legal. Hal tells her as long as she is doing this in his jail, he won’t allow it. There is a slight relief that flitters across Paul’s face then.

Gwen sees Maddie at the library. Maddie laughs saying that she is crazy to try to catch up on a years worth of work before finals. She feels if any two people could do it though, she and Will can. She has never seen two more determined people. Gwen smiles and lets Maddie in on the turmoil of staying at Hal’s house. They finally agreed because Will saw the logic in graduating. Maddie smiles and answers that he saw the logic in making Gwen happy. Gwen doesn’t think that; she feels that they agreed because their marriage is about them being a team and being 100% supportive of one another. Maddie wonders if Will is truly on board with staying at Hal’s? Gwen looks as if she isn’t quite sure she knows the answer.

Bob is sitting with Will at the kitchen table at Hal’s. He feels he made the right decision; he has a roof over his head and a good opportunity here. Will comments that he is trying to get used to living with his dad again and his constant inquiring stares. Bob thinks that Hal took a big risk in taking them in. He didn’t approve of their marriage, but he really is trying to compromise; he really swallowed his pride. He is glad that Will probably doesn’t need the janitorial job anymore. Will thinks maybe he should take it part time to continue to save up money. Bob looks concerned; if he can’t get behind this living arrangement then he should probably just pack his bags and move out now.

Emily defiantly tells Hal that he can’t stop them. Hal tells her not to be so sure; he can throw everyone out and put Paul in solitary. She tells Hal it may be hard for him to hear but she loves Paul. Hal wants to know how she could love a murderer? Emily tells him things aren’t as they may seem; she doesn’t believe he is a murderer. He confessed, Hal snaps. A lot will come out at the trial Emily assures him. Hal tells Emily she better not be hiding or interfering with any evidence involving the case. She loves Paul and she knows he hates to hear that. Hal tells her he hates that she is throwing her life away on a man that doesn’t deserve it. She believes he does deserve her. Hal throws up his hands in disgust; then he will not stop her then. Susan tries to stop Hal from saying this. An angered and frustrated Hal tells Emily he is done protecting her. Her life is about to go up in flames, and he is going to stand there and watch it.

From home, Jack calls Nick. He tells him he has information and he will meet him at the station in the interrogation room in 15 minutes. Nick wants to know what it is about? Jack answers simply that it is about the truth. He hangs up and tells Chardonnay to understand that he expects full disclosure from her. They start to walk out but Carly hangs back; she will wait for him back here at home, she hopefully says. Jack tells her no dice. She is coming with him to the station and she is going to tell Nick the whole sick story of what she did to his face. Carly slowly follows behind him.

Gwen changes the subject; she is going on and on about herself when she hasn’t even asked about her and Casey? Maddie tells her that things are fine between her and Casey but things are bad with his parents. Margo thinks she is a bad influence on Casey. Gwen realizes it is probably because of how they helped her and Will; she apologizes, but Maddie tells her not to worry because she wouldn’t have changed anything they did for them. It is too bad that his parents can’t see what they did was the right thing. Gwen wants to know if she wants her to talk to Margo, but Maddie tells her not to worry about it now. Gwen smiles and says it is obvious that she and Casey are serious about one another; she is happy for her. She wants Maddie to know she will be there for her if she needs anything. Maddie repeats the same sentiment back to her. Gwen smiles and asks her about helping them cram. Maddie smiles broadly back at her and tells her that she is the Queen of Cram. Maddie goes back to her earlier comment; she hopes they realize what they are up against. Does she know why Will decided to stay at his dad’s? Gwen is sure she does and that is why he is willing to put his stuff aside to do this.

Meanwhile, Will tells Bob that he is not going to lie because staying with his dad is going to take some getting used to. Right now as he sits there he is wondering if he should regret his decision? Bob wants to know then why he is doing this?

Back at the library, Gwen answers Maddie’s question that Will is doing this for them, as she looks down nervously fiddling with her temporary pink wedding band.

At home, Will looking wistfully down at his gumball machine wedding band; he answers that he is doing it for Gwen.

Jack, Carly and Chardonnay walk into the interrogation room where Nick and Katie are. Nick is shocked to see Chardonnay. Where did he find her? Jack tells Carly to go ahead and tell Nick everything. An uneasy Carly looks from Jack to Nick.

Emily recites her obviously well thought out heartfelt vows, some of which follow: “when you love someone you know the good and the bad in them, because it all adds up to the sum total who they are and that's the whole person. And the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.” Paul is dumbfounded as to what to say to this woman. He feigns that she makes a hard act to follow. Emily tells Paul it doesn’t matter because all she needs is for him to marry her. Paul simply tells her that he promises not to screw things up this time. Emily lets out a sigh of relief; that is music to her ears. Hal, Susan, Henry and the guard are all watching when a door opens in the background. Emily hears this and turns around to see Meg standing in the door stunned to see what she walked into. Emily looks furious as she looks from Meg and then she looks back to Paul rather suspiciously.

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