ATWT Update Wednesday 3/22/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 3/22/06


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

Carly anticipates Jack coming home. When he arrives, she is dressed in a little red number with a black robe. She has candles lit and has cooked dinner for him. The kids are staying somewhere else for the night, and she tells Jack that she’s been looking out for him. Jack looks around and sarcastically says that they had the same idea. There is something off about his demeanor. Carly pretends not to notice, hoping that this romantic night that she planned will get their marriage back on track. Jack pours two glasses of Champaign. He then asks Carly to toast to him getting his job back. Carly is excited and takes the glass of Champaign. Jack looks her dead in the eye and tells her that she got what she wanted. He got his job back and Nick is going to prison. Carly looks shocked. She continues to insist to Jack that it is only her gut instinct telling her that Nick is not guilty. Jack knows her better than that, and does not believe that she is telling him the truth. Carly continues to not tell Jack the truth. He gets even more cruel as he taunts her about showing her body to all of the men, and parading around the Galaxy Club, while all of those men thought that they could have there share of her. Carly is angry that Jack would insinuates such things. After more emotional anger, the Jack grabs Carly’s face to kiss her, and the two abrupt into angry sex. Afterwards, Jack tells Carly that it was just sex, and Carly is hurt, and reminds him that when it happens to them, it is called making love. It is clear that Jack has not forgiven him, and Jack begins to get his papers ready to go to the station, Carly begins to panic and wants to know when and if Jack is coming home. After pleading, he agrees to wait there until she fixes him something to eat so he can take it with him to work. Jack gets a call from the station, and hurries out without telling Carly. When she enters the room, she sees that he is gone, and desperately opens the door and calls out for him. Later on, the doorbell rings, and Carly is surprised to see Chardonnay standing on her doorstep, asking for help.

Meanwhile, Nick stands outside of the hotel room at the Lakeview where everything went down. There is a police “keep out” banner on the door. Lisa happens to be walking by, and basically tells Nick to leave. Katie comes up suddenly, and tells Lisa that Carly is responsible for what happened to him. Katie knows that Lisa does not like Carly, so she’ll listen. She reminds Lisa that Nick saved half of the town, by getting rid of that bomb at WOAK. Lisa gives in and lets them into the room. Nick tries to remember what happened. Katie pretends to be Carly and reinacts her movements. Katie slips her blouse down, the way Nick remembered. Suddenly, Nick has flashbacks, and remembers that it was not Carly at all. He recognizes that it was the girl from the Galaxy Club, wearing a blonde wig.

Lily is still beside herself with anger at what Jade did. Holden tries to get her to calm down. Lily goes outside for some air, and Holden follows her. Inside, Jade tells Luke that she will tell them that he is gay, if he doesn’t go along with her plan. Luke is torn. Outside, Holden convinces Lily that if they throw Jade out, then Luke will go to. Lily still does not believe that Luke is in love with the girl. She thinks it is just about sex. They return inside and Luke grabs Jade’s hand. Lily can barely contain her anger as she tells them that jade can stay the night, but she is to go nowhere near Luke’s room. Jade wants to know what happens tomorrow and Lily tells her that she will have to wait until then. Jade asks to speak to Lily alone, and tries to apologize, but Lily can barely look at Jade.

Emily points the gun at Dusty in the abandoned place. Her phone rings. Dusty tells her to answer it because she will have a lot of cleaning up to do after she kills him, and it could be about Daniel. Emily reluctantly answers it, after putting the tape back over his mouth. She goes outside and is surprised to hear that it is Paul. He tells her that he needs to see her. She reluctantly goes down to the station to see him. Paul immediately lays on the fake charm. He lies and tells her that Meg is turning in state’s evidence against him and that he thought she loved him. He now tells her that she realizes that she loved him better than anyone ever and that the biggest mistake of his life was the day that he walked away from her. Emily is thrown for a loop and tells him that he should have expected that from a person like Meg. Emily doesn’t know how to feel, and she leaves.

At the Lakeview, Meg sees Jennifer. She tries to talk to her, but Jen keeps walking. Meg finally gets her to wait, and tells her that she didn’t kill Dusty and neither did Paul. She says that Paul is trying to find whoever took Dusty for her. Jen wants to know who might have him, but Meg doesn’t say. This makes Jen angry, and she tells them not to help her anymore. Meanwhile, Dusty has a daydream that Hal and Jen find him and Jen runs to him while Hal says that she never gave up hope that he was alive.

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