ATWT Update Tuesday 3/21/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 3/21/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At home, Luke is adamant that if Jade goes he goes. Lily demands to know how Jade could use and hurt Luke? Jade promises she did nothing to hurt him. Lily doesn’t believe a word out of her mouth; how could she convince Luke to sleep with someone he thought was his cousin? Luke intercedes; he knew she was not his cousin; he has known about this for months. Lily stares in disbelief at her son; he knew she was a fraud and said nothing?

At the Lakeview, Maddie is puttering around her and Henry’s room. She sees a picture of Casey and picks up her cell phone to call him but then remembers Margo telling Casey how disappointed she is in the choices he has been making; he has learned nothing from his mistakes with Gwen. She puts the phone down and tells herself to get a grip. There is a knock at the door and the person tells her that it is room service. Maddie answers that she didn’t order room service, but it soon becomes apparent she knows who it is. She goes to the door, opens it, sees Casey standing there and then closes the door again.

At jail, Paul is lying on his cot remembering Emily’s threat to make Meg pay for Dusty’s murder. He hears someone wearing high heels enter into the cell area; he turns to face them asking them why they are back?

At the place where Dusty is being held, we see the door open and someone with high heels walk into the room. Dusty struggles into a sitting position. He wants to know what they want? He can’t make a deal if they don’t answer him. Did he think that he wouldn’t recognize the high heels and their perfume? It is a sick game they are playing. The person kneels down in front of him and removes his blindfold. Dusty squints as he tries to acclimate his eyes to the light. He focuses them and there before him stands Emily. She says to him, “Game over!” Dusty quickly recalls standing in front of a pay phone thinking about making that call to turn Paul in when he turns and is hit in the head by Emily wielding a crow bar. He mutters he had thought it was a bad dream. Emily looks very distraught; she had to stop him and keep him from calling the police, she says. He answers saying she was the one who sent him there to begin with. She changed her mind. Dusty wonders if she is really in on it with Paul, and it was a set up? He can see almost immediately that it wasn’t, especially when he hears the bitterness in Emily’s voice when she tells him that they are no longer together. Why is he there? She didn’t know what else to do; she just knew she had to stop him. Dusty tells her he wasn’t going to kill Paul or in the end even turn him in. He motions to the chains around him; he tells Emily that this has to stop though.

We see Meg is the one Paul is addressing. She tells him she had to come back and try to help. He tells her she should be at home. She tried that too, and her mother was full of suggestions of what to do with her time. Paul jokes about Emma suggesting Meg bake him a cake with a file in it. She smiles back, but then tells him that Emma would be thrilled to see her sell him down the river. She looks desperately at Paul. She knows he didn’t intentionally mean to kill Dusty, and she is even sure Dusty threw the first punch. She is trying to come up with an excuse for what she thinks he did. Paul answers back by saying that if there is no more damaging evidence out there the police can find then she will be in the free and clear and all the police will have left is his confession. They will have to give up on her. Neither one seems to be fully listening to what the other one is saying. They are making excuses for what they believe the other one did. Paul wants Meg to give him the facts so they both have the stories straight. Meg doesn’t understand why he is asking her that? He asks her a straightforward question; where did she put the body? She immediately answers that she didn’t kill Dusty. Paul looks surprised; she didn’t, he repeats. He didn’t kill Dusty either.

At the Lakeview, Tom is waiting for Margo. She soon appears looking somewhat frazzled. She has not had a good day thanks to their kid. Tom jokes that she broke cardinal number one rule on date night. Margo immediately starts to spill all that went on. She found out that Casey has been lying to them again. Does he remember the supposed school project he had? It was really a front to find a judge that would marry an underage couple. He and Maddie then proceeded to drive Will and Gwen to Springfield so they could get married. Also, he should now be aware that Casey and Maddie are a couple because she found them making out on their couch. She proceeds to tell Maddie that she needs to find other living arrangements. Tom wonders if it wouldn’t have been better to hold off because it is better they are under their roof then elsewhere. Tom smiles slightly remarking about how busy her day was. Where is Maddie staying now? Margo tells him she is with Henry upstairs. Tom remarks about Maddie now living in a hotel. Maybe they should make their drinks a double?

Casey knocks again; why did she close the door on him? She tells him to go away because his mom was right; she is a bad influence on him. Casey laughs as Maddie tries to tell him how rotten she is. He tells her to open the door before she says anything dumber. She opens the door and he smiles at her as he goes to kiss her. He asks where Henry is? She tells him the he is at a poker game. He flashes his wide smile again; that means they have lots of time, as he grabs her, pulls her into a kiss and closes the door behind him.

Lily demands to know how Luke could do this? Did Jade guilt him into it because of the accident? Was she blackmailing him because she caught him drinking again and threatened to tell them? He assures them it wasn’t like that between them. A saddened Lily asks how he could lie to them for months? How could he choose a stranger over his own family? Holden raises his voice, as he demands for Luke to make them understand. Luke turns around to face Jade looking as if he may change his story and tell his parents the truth. He looks at her for a moment before it is clear he decides to continue the charade. He loves her, and there is nothing they can do about it. Lily sarcastically answers; oh please he can’t love her! Jade tells them that she loves Luke as well. They wanted to tell them about their relationship, but they were afraid they would make her leave. Again, Lily sarcastically says that would have been a good call on their part. Jade tries another tactic; didn’t they get together around their age? Can’t she understand where they are coming from? Lily answers that question saying she thinks she is going to be sick. Luke tells Jade they should leave and go pack the car. Holden tries to get Lily to calm down, but she leaves the room. Out in the hallway, Holden grabs Jade and tells her that they are not done. Upstairs, Lily stops Luke in his room. He doesn’t love Jade. He has been angry for a very long time because of Holden leaving then Keith and with her. Luke thinks she should get past it being all about her. Lily doesn’t think that; she thinks it is about him being a good person who happens to be going through a really rough time. They had wanted Luke to talk to them for months. What could he possibly tell a complete stranger that he couldn’t tell them? Lily assures him to give her a chance; she pleads with him to open up to her.

Lisa is speaking with Tom and Margo in the lobby. Maddie can move in with her. She will keep them busy. Margo interrupts making sure she will keep them busy separately. Lisa promises to take care of them and goes to find Maddie. After she leaves, Margo berates herself for becoming manipulative. She has morphed into Barbara. Tom jokes trying to lighten the situation by saying her rap sheet is a lot shorter then Barbara’s. He assures her she is doing the right thing with Maddie. Plus she grounded Casey because she was well within her rights after all he pulled. They decide to call Casey to check on him. Meanwhile, Casey and Maddie are kissing on the bed when his cell phone rings. He tells her it is his dad; she thinks he should answer it because they are obviously checking on him, plus what if they found out he is not at home? Casey doesn’t want to answer the phone because he would rather continue what he was doing with her. Maddie stops him; maybe it is a sign that they should stop. Casey slowly pulls back; they won’t do anything until she is ready. Maddie thanks him for being considerate. She tries to change the subject to cool things down; does he want to study for calculus? He tells her no; she doesn’t either and she drops her book and soon they are kissing again.

Dusty tries to calmly explain to Emily that she has to let him go. Is she afraid of what he will say? He won’t say a thing because he never turned Paul in so in the eyes of the police he would be in trouble as well. She doesn’t need to worry about him. If she releases him they can just call it even. How long has he been missing? He was supposed to be on a business trip. He could also say that his cell phone was not working. Emily sadly answers that it is too late for that. Dusty appeals to her by trying to be sensitive. He feels for her. Paul did a number on her. Emily starts to break down. She is not confused; she was thinking clearly. She brought him here for a reason then Paul confessed for her, she spews. Dusty is trying to follow, but that last statement confuses him. Emily continues; he can now rot behind bars the rest of his life. Dusty tries further to get himself out of this situation. He can help her; he doesn’t want Paul near Jen so he will do whatever it takes to keep Paul in prison as well. They can deal with Paul together. Emily reaches for Dusty’s hand and holds it; he is a good man. Dusty tells her to get the key to unlock him. Emily stands up and heads for her purse, obviously wrestling with this decision. She stands frozen in front of her purse. Does she need any help, he wonders? She mutters more to herself that she always needs help, but it never comes and in the end it is always up to her. She starts to quietly sob. She turns and tells him that he can’t leave. Dusty wants to know why? She explains that Paul is in jail because he confessed to murdering him, that is where he needs to stay forever, and that is why he cannot leave.

Paul is surprised; she didn’t kill Dusty? She had his blood on her gloves. Why would his blood be on her? She tells him she picked up his wallet and that is how it got there. She relays what happened. She was headed back to his motel room so they could leave when saw Dusty and him heading out of the room. She hid so Dusty wouldn’t see her and when she felt confident to come out she had lost sight of them. She found his wallet on the ground in the parking lot. She thought Paul had dropped it when he was getting rid of Dusty. Paul is half smirking at this predicament. He relays what happened on his end. He went after Dusty when he left his room. He was already woozy and finally caught up with him in the parking lot. Dusty pushed him and he fell and must have passed out. He woke up and Dusty was gone. He hid out and that is where Jen found him. The last time he saw Dusty he was very much alive. Meg wants to know why he would confess then? He was covering for her. Meg is surprised that he could think she could kill Dusty. He justifies that belief because she had his bloody wallet on her, as well as the bloody gloves. She is stunned that he would confess to murder to protect her. Why would he do that? Paul answers that she knows why.

Dusty is confused; why would Paul confess to killing him? Emily bitterly answers more to herself again, because he is an idiot. Everyone thinks he is dead. Dusty realizes what that means; Jen thinks he is dead. Emily has to get him out of there because she can’t go through that again. Emily snaps that Jen is not the only one hurting in this scenario. Dusty realizes that he needs to pretend to be sensitive with her. He knows Paul hurt her badly. Emily adds that he is still hurting her. Dusty wants her to realize that she won. He thinks right now he is going to prison for life because of this. However, she has to stop this now though because there has been no murder committed. Emily stares at him as she says that she is the only one who knows that at this point.

Meg tells Paul she doesn’t know what to say. Paul adds that he was already set up to go to prison; so one more charge was no big deal. He couldn’t let them take her away. She gave up everything she loved for him, and yet she still saved his life. Meg half-heartedly answers she did that for a price. Paul doesn’t believe her. When she was going to run away with him that was not because of the money. Meg admits that is true. Paul tells her that he cares about her. Meg wants to know what they do now since neither one of them committed this crime? She does not have any idea about how to get Paul out of this.

Casey and Maddie continue to kiss as he mentions this set up is so much better then what they were doing at his home. Maddie tells him he should get going so he doesn’t get caught, and he agrees. He hands her a shirt of his and tells her to wear it and think of him when she goes to bed that night. He heads for the door, but there is a knock. It is Lisa, and then they hear Margo and Tom’s voice with her as well, they know they have to think of something. They can hear Tom and Margo’s concern over not being able to reach Casey and now Maddie isn’t answering, so maybe they snuck out? Maddie opens the door in a robe and towel on her head. She pretends to be surprised by their visit. Margo asks if she has seen Casey? Maddie tells her she is sure he is at home since he was grounded. They can’t reach him by phone though. Maddie covers saying he told her he would make her some CD mixes, so he probably couldn’t hear the phone. Tom and Margo seem relieved and head back downstairs. Lisa asks to talk to Maddie, but Maddie wants her to leave so she can sneak Casey out. Lisa assures her it will only take a moment as she wanders around the room. This place is too small for Henry and her. It definitely is too small for three she says, as she knowingly kicks by the bed, and we hear an “Ow.” Come on out Casey, she says. Casey slowly gets out from under the bed, as Lisa smirks at them

Holden wants to know if Jade has any idea what she has done to Lily? Jade tries another tactic to appease him; she tried telling him that Luke wasn’t gay. Holden bitterly answers that she knew this from personal experience apparently. Since she has been around things are better. Kevin is no longer around, and in fact he hates Luke now. Luke hasn’t touched alcohol either. She has kept him on the straight and narrow. She can be the answer to his prayers. As long as she stays there with Luke, she can be a good influence on him, and she knows he doesn’t want to screw that up.

Meanwhile, upstairs Lily is telling Luke he doesn’t look like someone in love. Luke realizes she can see that in him. He doesn’t need to pack his bags and run off with Jade. If he won’t talk to her about whatever is bothering him, then maybe he can open up to Holden. Luke smirks at the thought of telling Holden what he has feared for months. Luke changes the way the conversation is going; he likes to see her happy, he says. He heard her laughing with Jade and he hasn’t heard that kind of laughter since Rose, and he didn’t want to be the one to take that away from her. Lily wants him happy as well, and she doesn’t feel that Jade is it for him. She sees the way he looks at her. She is not who he wants is she? Again, Luke looks as if he is wrestling as to whether he should admit the truth to Lily now since she seems to have some insight into his feelings. Just then Jade appears in the doorway saying she doesn’t have the car keys. Luke starts to continue to collect his things, as Lily tells him he doesn’t have to do this. She will be downstairs; she shoots daggers at Jade as she walks by her. After she leaves, Jade asks Luke if he was about to tell Lily the truth? Luke tells her she doesn’t understand; it is hurting his mom; she must feel as if she is losing Rose again. Jade tells him that he should just tell them the truth then. He should be prepared to have to explain to them why he lied to begin with though. She almost dares him to tell them.

Lisa wants Maddie to come live with her. Henry can’t really take care of her in this situation. She can even have her own private room with her in the penthouse. She notices Casey sneaky smile and reads his mind; he can forget about sneaking in there to spend time alone with her. Casey tells her that she can’t prevent him from spending time with Maddie anymore then his parents could. Lisa tells him that is not what she is trying to do, but he will be too busy anyway with his new job. Casey tells her he isn’t getting a job. She tells him how she bought Mabel’s Red Hots. She hired a chef from New Orleans and is turning it into a club of sorts. She wants to hire him as music director and he could spin a few tunes. Maddie and Casey are happy to hear about this. She wants them to say their good nights now and to be careful when they leave because his parents are downstairs. They both thank her as she leaves. Casey wants to know if she is going to take Lisa up on her offer? Maddie smiles and admits it is like having a fairy godmother that lives in a penthouse. They hug again feeling good about what just happened.

Paul thinks he can’t really recant his confession. They did fight and he had Dusty’s blood all over him. Maybe he did kill him? He could have died from his injuries. Where is he then? Meg reminds him they searched the woods by the motel. She wonders if he drove off somewhere? Paul reminds her that his car was found at the motel the next day. They both come to the same revelation. There is no body maybe because Dusty is alive!

Emily reminds Dusty that he said he would do anything to keep Paul in jail. He can’t do that if Jen thinks he is dead. Emily is sure she will heal and she will watch over her, Emily promises. He tells her that she can’t keep him locked up forever. They should just call this a misunderstanding; he was on a business trip and his cell phone was broken. If he comes back of his own free will then it will be ok, but if someone finds him here like this, they can’t explain it away. A body obviously hasn’t been found and he knows Jen won’t give up on him. She will find him. Emily is starting to sob again quietly as she rocks while hugging herself. There is only one thing to do then; she needs to give them a body, Emily coldly says.

Luke tells Jade he won’t tell his parents anything. Jade thinks it is for the best because Holden is on board now. They won’t have to pretend to leave because Holden will stop them by convincing Lily. Holden asked her all sorts of questions about their relationship. He wanted to believe in their connection. Everyone will be happy now. Luke sadly reminds her that his mother won’t be. Jade feels that the more Lily sees how happy everyone is, then she will also get on board.

Downstairs, Lily tells Holden that she feels she got through to Luke. He could not look her in the eyes and admit that he loved her. He is confusing lust with love. Lily heads for the phone; she wants to call Jack to have him help them make the con artist leave. Holden stops her; he wants her to think long and hard about taking this approach. She wants her to make sure she is doing the right thing.

When Lisa comes back downstairs, Margo and Tom are waiting. Is Maddie going to live wit her? Lisa tells them she is, but they should get back to their dinner date because everything is ok now. They think they should get home to see where Casey is because he isn’t answering the phone still. Lisa covers saying that while she was with Maddie, Casey called from home. She tells them to go enjoy the rest of their dinner. After Tom and Margo go to the dining room, she gives Maddie and Casey the all clear sign so they can get him through the lobby unseen.

Paul is sure if Dusty were alive he would never leave Jen on his own. If he was seen alive and was with someone, why wouldn’t they come forward? Then light dawns on Paul; it is not about Dusty at all. It is about them being punished and keeping him in prison. It is about them only! This person came and told him about Meg having the wallet and when he confessed she sent the police to Meg’s room, and when that didn’t work out the way she planned and he was defending Meg… his voice trails off as Meg realizes where he is going with this. It is Emily! She couldn’t handle the fact that Paul dumped her and didn’t want her back.

Emily is babbling to herself; she is saying that the whole way over here she figured there must be another way. There is only one way to fix this though. Dusty tells her to stop talking and think about what she is saying and doing. Emily is shaking and sobbing as she pulls the gun out of her purse and aims it at Dusty... she is sorry, but there is no other way!

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