ATWT Update Monday 3/20/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 3/20/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At Hal’s, Will and Gwen are in the kitchen while she straightens up. Will is glancing through the newspaper for a job. He thinks she should not waste her time, but she sees no harm in helping out. She sees Will is frustrated, and offers to pop popcorn so they can watch a movie. He thinks they should concentrate on figuring out what they are going to do next. Gwen thinks he should enjoy the roof over their heads, the food and the big screen television. He laughs, but it is hollow; he doesn’t want her to get comfortable there because they don’t belong, and she shouldn’t trick herself into believing they do.

Lily is wandering through the hallway calling out for Jade and then Luke. She opens Luke’s bedroom door and is mid sentence into asking him if he has seen Jade, when she is stopped dead in her tracks. There in front of her, is her son and Jade in bed together – naked! She yells at Jade for her to get her hands off her son!

At the Lakeview, Henry stares in disbelief at Emily’s words. She wants him to kill someone? She is losing it; she needs to learn to walk away. Who could she possibly hate that much that she would want to see dead? He realizes whom she must be talking about as soon as the question comes out of his mouth. Meg Snyder. He verbalizes his revelation. She wants him to kill Meg Snyder?

At the jail, Hal comes in to see Paul, annoyed at being beckoned there by Paul’s request. Paul gets right to the point; has the evidence exonerated Meg? Will it hold up in court? Is she no longer a suspect? Hal answers the questions by saying Meg has been released because of how the evidence was collected; the evidence will not hold up in court, but she is by no means off the hook for good.

At the farm, Meg walks into the porch and heads for the door but stops and then turns around and starts pacing. She doesn’t seem to want to go in. Finally after a moment she straightens up and heads in to face the music with her mother. Emma is thrilled when she sees her come in. Meg heads for the table to sit down, but she immediately sees the loan papers from the bank for Emma. She sadly remembers a time when her mom and dad proudly paid off the farm. Emma doesn’t want her to worry; she wants to help, but they need to talk. Meg cringes knowing nothing good comes after those words. The lawyer just called and the lab tests came back showing her gloves tested positive for Dusty’s blood.

In a remote cabin somewhere, a beat up, blindfolded and unconscious Dusty lies chained on the floor.

Luke feigns anger. Can she knock next time she comes into his room? Lily yells for them to both get dressed. Jade tries to talk, but Lily tells her to shut up. Luke jumps to her defense ordering his mother not to talk to Jade like that. Lily tries to explain thinking Luke is unaware of the recent facts she found out at the orphanage. She is a con artist, she spits. She is not even Rose’s daughter. Did she plan this? Did she wait until she went out of town to seduce and use her son? Lily starts to tear up; why would she use the memories of her dead sister to help her agenda? Why couldn’t she have just taken the bracelet and left town with it? Jade is stuttering as she fumbles for a response. She didn’t mean to hurt anyone. She didn’t do this maliciously; she did it out of love. At this point, Lily lurches at her and slaps her across the face.

Paul pleads wondering why Hal wouldn’t want to let Meg off the hook? He already has him behind bars; why does he want to keep harassing Meg? Why can’t he let Meg get on with her life? Hal is amazed; people never seem to survive brushes with Paul. Look at what he did to Jen, Emily and now Will. Paul looks at him confused. Hal continues to fill him in; Will and Gwen went and got married, and they are not even out of high school. Gwen was raising a child she thought was his, thanks to Paul and when Will stood by her, he thought he couldn’t live without her. Now it is the two of them against the world. Paul is stunned as he repeats the words; Will got married. Hal coldly tells him that now he can add a few more lives to the list of people’s lives he has ruined.

Gwen and Will are sitting around the kitchen table talking about his past with his family. It did appear functional and fine and for the most part it did have a normalcy about it, but there were always cracks that were well hidden. They were under the crayon drawings on the refrigerator or behind the please pass the potatoes. He knows they won’t be happy here. Gwen assures him jokingly she can figure that out for herself. Will apologizes realizing in his eyes he sounded like his dad. He was normal and happy for a time when his dad was with Emily, but that faded, and he knows that his dad just wants to control them now.

Emily directs Henry to keep his voice down; she never said Meg necessarily. Does he want his money or does he want to lecture her about the evils of revenge? He incredulously asks again as if the more he asks maybe the answer will not be what he thinks it will be; he wants her to kill someone? Emily assures him if he executes this one small matter then he will be swimming in cash; Henry bitterly laughs at her choice of words. Just then Maddie, who wants to know who is executing what, interrupts them? Henry and Emily look at one another nervously.

Emma cautiously and nervously asks Meg if she wants to tell her why Dusty’s blood was on her gloves? Meg avoids the question. They can’t use any of that evidence because of that breach when the evidence was being collected. Emma snaps that is not what she means. Meg knows that, but she can’t say much more. Emma worries if Tom considers the possibility that Paul didn’t work alone. What if they look into more of Meg’s movements recently? What if they end up at the bridge? She desperately tells Meg how scared she is for her. Meg tries to comfort her. Emma wants to know what she could possibly had to do with Dusty’s death? Meg recalls seeing Dusty leave Paul’s room and then her bloody hands. Emma promises not to judge her. Meg tells her she can’t say anything because the more she tells her the more she hurts her. Emma repeats that she won’t judge her; she loves her very much. Meg replies that she loves her too, but she can’t fix this for her. Emma tries another tactic. When Meg was a child she always wanted to save and nurse back to health the wounded animal; she wanted to save the world. She can’t continue to help wounded souls especially if it is Paul’s; noone can save him.

Luke demands his mom to leave Jade alone. Lily shouts for Jade to get out. Jade begs for her to understand that she wanted to tell her. Lily goes on to explain what she found out further; she even stole money from the nuns who took her in. Jade explains that sister who told her that hated her. Lily doesn’t want to hear it because it is just another lie. Luke tries to calm his mother down, but Lily is incensed; she stole the papers saying she was Rose’s supposed daughter and then she stole from the nuns who took her in. Holden comes in exclaiming that he wants to know what is going on in here? Lily wheels around to him, telling him isn’t obvious? She found them in bed because this girl seduced their son. Holden tries to hide his shell shock at finding his son, whom he assumed was gay all these months, in bed with a girl.

Emily tries to cover what they are talking about by changing the subject to Maddie. She has heard a lot about her from Henry. She hopes the three of them can do dinner soon. Henry tries to steer the subject away from this by mentioning that he needs to get Maddie situated. Maddie reminds him there is only one bed. Henry thinks they can just get a cot, but Maddie explains that she already asked and they can’t do that in his room. Henry assures her then they will upgrade to a double. He heads over to the desk to request this. The front desk manager explains that they are fairly booked right now; they only have suites. Henry starts to turn him down, but Emily grabs him claiming she wants a ‘sidebar’. She taunts him into choosing that when she tells him all he has to do is that one small thing for her and he could rent the penthouse if he wanted. Maddie overhears and steps into the conversation. He can rent them the penthouse? How can he pull that off? Henry glares at Emily.

Gwen in trying to calm Will, reminds him that not everyone in his family is crazy – there is Johnny. She was amazed how much he grew when she saw him again; when she tickled him under his chin he made that noise as if he was trying to laugh. If they hadn’t been there they would have missed that. Will admits that is true, but he just wants her to keep her guard up. Gwen promises that she is not afraid of a little dysfunction. She moves in and they share a kiss, and as they are, Will’s cell phone rings. Will answers it; it is Paul calling from jail; he only has a minute, so he doesn’t want him hanging up.

Emma tries to get Meg to open up; why would she want to hold back evidence? Meg tells her that it isn’t her job to help the police. Emma thinks that is Paul talking. She didn’t raise her to be like this. She cannot get the night she saw Meg at the bridge out of her head; she feels as if she is hiding a terrible secret. Meg demands to know how many times she is going to have to apologize for that? Emma is frustrated as she throws her hands up. If she doesn’t want to talk to her then she should call the lawyer, as she pushes the telephone towards her. Meg explains she can’t do that. Emma is furious that Meg is pulling this, and Meg yells that she doesn’t want to be treated like a child. Emma is exhausted as she tells Meg to stop acting like a child then. She is not talking and then she is pushing things aside as if they don’t exist. She wants her to call her lawyer and tell him she is ready to give him evidence to convict Paul Ryan. Meg asks nervously if she wants her to turn on Paul? She is sure that Tom will give her her freedom in exchange for keeping Paul behind bars once and for all.

Dusty is sitting on the floor as he continues to struggle to free himself from the chains. He exhausts himself and soon finds himself falling back onto the floor.

Will demands to know what Paul wants? Gwen can see he is upset and asks who it is? He mouths Paul’s name. Paul wants him to come to the jail, but Will defiantly tells him he will not. Paul begs for him to do this; it is important and he will tell him when he gets there. Will hangs up; he is angry because even from jail Paul wants to pull the strings. He has something he has to say. Gwen surprises him when she suggests that he go see him. Will does not want to go, but Gwen wonders if he may have something to say that would affect Jen. She can’t get what Jen said out of her head. She thinks Dusty may be alive, but Will is doubtful that it is the same as when she felt that way about Johnny. Gwen thinks they should go, but Will doesn’t want her near Paul. She assures him that between the two of them she is the mean one. She wants to go to support him.

Lily is amazed at what is going on. How could she be so gullible? She turns to Holden and explains quickly what she found out at the orphanage. Holden is shocked. He wants them both to get dressed so they can talk about this downstairs. Luke closes the door and Jade smiles broadly excited that it worked; the timing was perfect especially with Holden’s arrival. Luke looks down; he can’t do this anymore; when he goes downstairs he is going to tell them the truth.

Maddie wants to know if Henry has some deal with Emily? She gave him a weird look. Some women can get men to do what they want. Henry laughs her off. Did he tell her about the money, she nervously asks? He explains that she knows nothing about it. Why did she think he could afford the penthouse then? He tells her not to worry about Emily because she was suggesting the penthouse because she may get him a job at her work. Luckily for Henry, her cell phone ringing interrupts them. He jokes about her picking up and talking to that person but being careful about talking over her minutes because the overtures can kill you! Maddie jokes back about leaving him alone with Emily because he has a thing for blondes. He laughingly tells her not since his 12-step program, now he only likes brunettes and red heads. She goes to take her call and Emily approaches him again. She tries to smooth things over; Maddie is a good kid. Henry snaps at her that Maddie sees through her like cheap cellophane. She better never ask him to do something that twisted again; she wants that done then she should call the mob. If she ever lets Maddie overhear any of this, then he will call the mob himself.

Meg asks Emma if she wants her to put the nails in Paul’s coffin? She wants her to tell the truth, Emma answers. Meg reminds her that she hasn’t been charged with anything yet. Emma’s expression shows she thinks it is only a matter of time. Emma is frustrated because she did not raise her to be like this; she raised a strong independent woman who does not need a man. Why would she fall to pieces over someone like Paul? Meg recalls again many of the sweet moments she and Paul have shared. She is then frustrated with her. Why can’t she seem to shake that disappointed look in her face then? Emma tells her it isn’t disappointment, but she needs to take the mature route and make this right. Meg tells her to believe in her because she is doing the right thing. Emma angrily asks if she means she is doing the right thing by Paul? Meg tells her she is going to take a bath and she storms by her and goes upstairs.

Will and Gwen show up at the jail and are greeted by a happy Paul telling them congratulations. Will coldly asks how he knows? Paul tells him Hal, in his charming way, told him. Will angrily asks what the hell he wants? He wants nothing really, Paul answers. Will wants to leave then, but Paul stops him. He wants to give them a wedding gift; he knows they must be broke, and with Barbara circling for the kill, he wants to take all his assets and release them to both of them. Will wants to know why he is playing them? Paul assures them he is not, especially from behind bars. Will icily wonders if Paul thinks he is buying a character witness? Paul tells him he never has to see him again in or out of court. Will and Gwen both scoff at the remark. He can apologize to them both and to Jen for the rest of his life but it will never change things, but money can. It can give them a place of their own, education, food for the table. Will turns him down. Paul tries to get him to reconsider; he is offering him freedom from Barbara, him and everyone. Will angrily replies that he will never be free from him. He killed Jen’s boyfriend and now he wants him to be ok with being given this money? He is not for sale! Paul replies that he should know that sometimes brothers have to lie to brothers and sometimes family is just a fancy word for betrayal. He needs to take a good long look at him and where he is. He is not going to hurt anyone for a very, very long time. They have a shot at starting a good life together so he shouldn’t be an idiot and just take the money.

Lily and Holden are talking downstairs; she is angry with herself. He had warned her about Jade, but she was so desperate because she was missing Rose. Holden wonders why she didn’t tell him what she was doing at the orphanage? She explains that it was something she had to do and she didn’t want him to talk her out of it. She was so blind to what was going on right under her roof. Their son is having sex. Holden looks nervous upon hearing this. He calms her by saying that Jade supposedly has an explanation; they need to hear what it is.

Meanwhile, upstairs Jade is psyched. This was perfect, but Luke thinks it is wrong. Jade plays on his insecurities; what is wrong is to be treated like a freak because a person is wired differently. Did he see Holden’s face? He may have been a little mad, but he definitely was relieved when he saw the two of them together. Holden will calm her down because he will be on their side. What does she get out of this, Will wonders? She tells him a real family. He is confused because his mother now hates her. Jade explains that Lily loves him though. She will make a sacrifice for him. As long as she is around then he can also have the life he wants. Luke still doesn’t look convinced, so she starts to head for the door telling him she hopes he is always happy.

Emily jokes that without her his life would be a bore. Henry corrects her; his life would be a filthy rich bore. He would miss her. Again he corrects her; he would miss her like a bad rash. He wants the money because he earned it. It is her time to correct him now; he stole it. Henry changes the subject; she doesn’t have it in her to kill someone. It was different for her to try to kill someone in a crime of passion when they left her at the altar. He thinks all she needs is a spa day and to learn to breathe, as he mimics breathing like one would see at Lamaze classes. Emily tells him that she will take care of it herself and she leaves in a huff. As Emily walks away, the camera shoots her high heel boots, almost as if foreshadowing.

Emma is looking at the framed picture of Dusty with Meg in happier times. Meg comes back downstairs and tells her she is going out for a while. Emma asks if she is going to see the lawyer? Meg avoids the question and tells her she shouldn’t be looking at that picture. Emma remarks that she looks happy. Does she still love him? Meg answers that can anyone ever stop once you truly love someone? Emma remarks that you may if you fall in love with someone else. Meg explains that she can’t undo the past; she can’t change her actions. Emma asks her if she thinks Dusty deserves justice? Shouldn’t his voice be heard? Meg thinks he dose, she just isn’t sure she can give it to him, and with that she walks away, again with the camera focusing on her high heeled boots.

Dusty continues to struggle to get lose until he is exhausted, and then he falls back again.

Jade pleads with Luke; it is the only way. He should just follow her lead; it is all in the attitude. Downstairs, Holden is advising Lily to try not to be overly emotional. He isn’t sure they should take such a hard line because he doesn’t want Luke feeling backed into a corner.

Lily isn’t so sure about that; what if the girls had walked in on them? He wants her to try to calm down. She answers that she will calm down when Jade is out of their lives. Luke and Jade enter the room and overhear this. Lily commands Jade to pack her stuff up and get out. Luke stands firm; if Jade goes then he goes with her.

Maddie wants to know from Henry if he is having an affair with Emily? Henry laughs it off; she has her talons into another poor slob, he informs her. Maddie smiles at his reference. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, Henry answer as he takes a sip and swallows his martini down hard.

Will has a change of heart; they will take the money. Gwen’s eyes widen, but Will explains. They will use it towards a trust fund for Johnny. Paul doesn’t think they need to because between Jen and Barbara he will be well taken care of. Will doesn’t want to hear it, that is his decision. Paul gives in; if that is what he wants to do with his money then so be it. Will grabs Gwen and starts to walk away. Gwen stops him; she has one more question for Paul. They saw Jen earlier. Is it true that he killed Dusty? Paul stares at them and then nonchalantly answers that yes he did.

Dusty is lying on the floor of the cabin unmoving. There is noise at the door, and then we see the legs of someone wearing high-heeled boots enter into the cabin. Dusty starts to move and pull himself up as he hears that someone come in.

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