ATWT Update Wednesday 3/15/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 3/15/06


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

Meg and Paul’s beds are right next to each other in matching jail cells. Paul tell’s Meg that she must keep her mouth shut so that she doesn’t get in trouble. Emily walks in, looking evil. An officer comes to take Meg upstairs to her hearing. When she leaves, Emily asks Paul why he confessed to killing Dusty. Paul tells her that he did, but Emily does not believe him. She accuses him of protecting Meg. She gets emotional and asks Paul when he fell in love with Meg. Paul rolls his eyes, turns his back and tells her that he is not going to have this conversation with her. Emily desperately grasps at straws. Paul questions why Emily is trying to stick it to when she didn’t tell anyone that Emily shot him. Emily says that this is different, because she can’t let her get away with murder. Paul defends Meg and says that she did not murder Dusty. Emily gets angrier as he defends her. Paul tells Emily that he has nothing to offer her. Meg or anyone else. He is behind bars. Emily tears up and yells that she doesn’t want Paul’s pity. Meg comes back down. Emily looks Meg in the eye and tells her that she hopes she rots in hell. Meg looks Emily back in the eye and tells her that she will have to wait. The judge let Meg go on a technicality. Emily admitted to breaking into her room, so it is possible that she planted the evidence there. Emily is mad and vows that she will make sure that Hal does not rest until Meg is behind bars. She then leaves. Meg goes up to Paul’s cell. She talks to him through the bars. They have a tender moment and they grasp hands for a second, as they tell each other to take care.

Margo walks in on Maddie and Casey making out on the couch. She is fed up. She tells them that they are a bad influence on each other and that she has no choice but to ask Maddie to leave. Casey regains his bad attitude and becomes angry with Margo. As usual, he doesn’t think that he did anything wrong. Margo is also mad that they helped Will and Gwen get married. Casey thinks that it is ok, because they were helping friends. Maddie is crushed and goes upstairs to pack her bags. Margo and Casey have it out some more. Maddie comes downstairs and she and Casey hug and say goodbye to each other. Casey tells her that he is still going to see her. Margo comes down and rejects Casey’s request to take her to the Lakeview to stay with Henry. She drops Maddie off.

Henry is busy on the phone when Maddie finds him in the lounge at the Lakeview. He is so involved that he doesn’t’ catch her long face. He tries to brush her off and tell her that he will talk to her tomorrow, until Maddie starts to cry. Henry gets off of the phone, and Maddie tells him the entire story. Henry tells her that she can stay with him. When Maddie walks away, Henry looks perplexed. Emily finds him in the lobby. Henry does not want to be bothered with her, until she tells him that she will give him his money. He perks up until she says that she has one more condition for him. She wants him to kill somebody. Henry is stunned.

Will and Gwen open the door at Hal’s house to find Johnny’s babysitter wheel him in his stroller. She tells them that she was looking for Jennifer because she had something come up and she her to watch the baby. Gwen smiles and looks tenderly at the baby. She tells the babysitter that they will be happy to watch him. Will calls Jen on the phone to make sure that it is ok. Gwen bends down and hugs the baby. Later on, Jen shows up looking preoccupied. Gwen and Will tell her that they are married and she is caught off guard. She asks a million questions before telling them that if they have love, then they should hold on to it, because you never know when it can be taken away from you. They tell her that they are sorry to hear about Dusty. She looks sad. Later on, Jen and Gwen are alone in the kitchen. Gwen tells Jen that if she feels in her gut that Dusty is still alive, then she should trust it, because she was right about Johnny. Jennifer is afraid to be wrong, but seems t buy into what Gwen is saying.

Jade overhears the entire conversation between Lily and Lucinda. Lily tells Lucinda that Jade is not her niece and tells her about the entire conversation with the nun at the orphanage. Lucinda does not exactly say “I told you so”, but is adamant that Jade be put out at once. Lily says that she will do it and that Jade will be sorry that she ever messed with her family. Jade goes upstairs to talk to Luke. She reminds him of all the covering that they have done for each other, before admitting to him that she is not his cousin. Luke is mad at her. Jade tries to get him to see that she was not trying to hurt anyone. She says that Theresa did not want to meet them and that after watching them for weeks, she saw what a great family they were. Luke is still upset and asks her if she was planning on cleaning out the house. She tells Luke that they can help each other. Later on, Lily comes upstairs to talk to Luke. She opens the door to his bedroom and is stunned to see Luke and Jade in bed together, naked!

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