ATWT Update Tuesday 3/14/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 3/14/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At home, Margo rushes downstairs to tell Casey, who is studying at the counter, that she has to go into work. They are short staffed and she is going to be pulling in a lot of overtime. She left him dinner in the microwave. She looks at him as she mentions that he is going to be home alone a lot now. Can she trust him to behave? Yes. To be good? Sure. Will he keep his pants on around Maddie? Casey jumps up and tells her that she can’t say those things to an impressionable teenager. She laughs and mentions that at least she got more then a one-word answer from him. She straightens the towels on the counter, and when she does, a bunch of confetti falls from it. Casey, after recalling it was used at Will and Gwen’s wedding, covers and tells her it is from a pep rally. Margo accepts this and rushes out the door. After she leaves, Maddie comes downstairs and before a few seconds have passed, they are in each other’s arms kissing.

At Hal’s, he repeats stunned the words just said to him. You are married? What do they think this will accomplish? Will answers that they are permanent, legal and real now. Hal answers bluntly that they are high school dropouts – that is real! They have done nothing about that recently. Just then, a hysterical looking Jen interrupts them. She wants Hal to go speak to Meg. She doesn’t know where she is because she was just at her room, but she knows she helped Paul bury Dusty. Will hears this and is dumbfounded; what is she talking about? He isn’t even heard as Hal addresses Jen. He has already searched Meg’s room and brought her to the station. She will be charged as an accessory with Paul. Will raises his voice and tells everyone to stop. What is going on?

In jail, Meg sits in her cell, as Paul crosses over his cell to be closer to her so they can talk. Paul wants to know how she could end up here? She tells them that they got a warrant to search her room and found blood on her gloves. Paul tells her to keep quiet about everything and it will be ok.

At the cottage, Nick tells Katie that he saw Jack’s car from the upstairs window. Did she tell him about Carly? Katie tries easing into it by saying that Carly is the one who set him up afterall. Nick realizes what she is doing; it was not her call to make. He picks up the phone and holds it out to her; she needs to call Jack and tell him that she was wrong. He doesn’t want Jack coming down on Carly. Katie stares at him in disbelief.

At home, Carly tries to stall, as Jack wants to know what she has done for him? She tells him nervously that she has done nothing for him in a long while. Jack looks as if he is trying to contain his anger. What has she done? He has talked to Katie; does this bit of information narrow it down for her? Carly’s face goes pale. Finally she speaks; if he has talked to Katie then he knows she got a job at the Galaxy club. She was just trying to help. Jack’s anger rising; was she trying to mess up Nick’s case? Before she can answer, he reminds her that she put herself at a strip club serving drinks in a skimpy outfit to men who break kneecaps for a living. What the hell was she thinking playing cop? She tries to diffuse his emotions by mentioning she quit because she couldn’t do it anymore. She quit for him. She knows she made a mistake; she can make it right. Jack laughs bitterly; he doesn’t know which is worse, that she believes that or that she thinks it makes a bit of difference. She has trashed their marriage and can’t make it right. Carly stares sadly at him; their marriage is the most important thing to her. She did it for them. Jack is seething. She snuck out of their house, left their kids alone. How many lies did she tell him? Every night when he asked her how her day was she looked him straight in the face and lied. Little lies or big lies don’t seem to matter to her anymore. Carly desperately tries to explain that it killed her to do that. Jack doesn’t believe her. She made it look too easy. How could she put herself in danger like that? A defiant Carly tells him she was not afraid because she did what she had to do for him. Jack shoots back asking if she ever thought about being scared for him or the kids? Did she consider what would have happened to them if she had been hurt or worse? She dejectedly answers that she didn’t think about that. Does she remember she was on probation? She is not supposed to be anywhere near any known felons; she broke probation. An overwrought Carly cries as she exclaims she is so sorry. Jack grabs her and an inch from her face tells her never to use that word with him again. It is too cheap and way too small for where they are right now. Carly admits she knows where they are right now; she will do anything to make it right; she will tell him anything he needs to know. He needs to just ask!

Nick goes to dial Jack’s number but Katie tells him she will not talk to him. Carly did this to him and she can defend herself. This is his job and life on the line and if this turns out to trash Carly’s life, then too bad because she is a big girl and she knew what she was doing. Nick wonders why she hates her so much? Is it about Mike? She slept with Mike, and used him, she answers. She did this on the night before her wedding. She strung him along for months to suit her own purposes. She has moved forward from this though. Nick wonders if that is so?

They stop and realize Will is hearing this information about Paul being alive for the first time. They tried to call him; they left numerous messages. Jen starts to cry; the first time she saw Paul after all of this he was covered in Dusty’s blood. Will tells her that if she needs anything he will be there for her. Hal tells her not to worry because Meg is in a holding cell. Jen hurriedly leaves. Gwen steps forward addressing Hal as Lt. Munson; they had no idea any of this had been going on. Hal softens his look; he realizes that. Although he is not comfortable with dad yet, she should call him Hal. Hal thinks he should head to the station now, and Will tells him they are going to head over to Kim and Bob’s. Hal looks at him and tells him he is all alone here at the house and he doesn’t want them on the street again. Will they stay with him for a while? Will agrees but tells him they will be out of his hair soon when they can find a place.

Paul quietly asks why Meg still had the gloves? She doesn’t know, but she didn’t know the police were going to show up with a warrant either. Paul wonders why they did and Meg tells him it was thanks to Emily. The officer tells them to stop talking and that Meg has a visitor. In walks an emotional Emma. She called Lucinda on the way over here for a referral. Meg doesn’t want her involved in this and she tells her she will find her own lawyer. Emma wants to know with what money? Last she had heard she was unemployed. Meg tells her she will take care of it, as Emma knowingly glares over Meg’s shoulder at Paul. She bet she will. She hates to see her there behind bars. She needs to tell them everything she knows starting with the bridge; Meg remembers throwing the wallet over the bridge right before Emma showed up. She can’t, she sadly tells her. It is wrong that she is protecting this man, as Emma points at Paul. She urges her to tell the truth as soon as possible to get herself out of this mess. She has to rush off to make some calls, but she will be back as soon as she can. After she leaves, Paul asks if her mom thinks she is protecting him? What did she see on the bridge? Meg quietly tells him she did something to take care of it for him and her. Paul gets up and loudly tells her that he has made his choice; he can take care of himself; she needs to accept it. Jen interrupts them; she walks slowly and silently up to Meg’s cell. She practically spits out that she should have known the bogus story Paul fed her was all about protecting her. She should have known it was her. She had Dusty’s blood all over her. A surprised Meg wonders if the tests have come back? Jen’s anger is raging as she yells about how she didn’t really need any tests to tell her what she already knows. Did she attack them together? Meg starts to stutter out an answer, but Jen forges ahead. Did Paul initiate the attack and then was too weak to finish the job and so she did it for him? Paul yells for her to leave Meg alone. Jen goes on; did she kill him with her bare hands? Meg is fighting back the tears, mortified looking. Did she think by killing him with her bare hands then at least she was touching him again? Meg finally yells for her to stop it! Jen screeches back that she doesn’t get to tell her anything… the only thing she wants her to tell her is where is Dusty?

Margo is with Hal when Gwen and Will come back downstairs. She is surprised. Are they staying with him now? Hal smiles and tells them to tell Margo the good news because she is going to hear it soon anyway. Will happily relays that he and Gwen have gotten married. Margo is surprised; they got married in Illinois? Hal realizes what she means; how did they get married? Will assures him it is legal. Hal persists; how did they manage to get married when they are underage?

Casey and Maddie are kissing on the couch. They find more confetti and Casey remarks about the wedding. He jokingly says that two souls joined into one on that day. Maddie giggles that she knows he is not sentimental and she doesn’t hold it against him. It is charming that he tries. She is thrilled that he risked parental warfare in order to make her happy. Casey goes in for another kiss as he tells her that if his parents don’t know yet then maybe they will not find out.

Nick tries to explain to Katie that he is not convinced that Carly was involved because when she came to see him she was truly shaking. Why won’t he hand over the note then, Katie asks? If he won’t save himself then she will and that is why she called Jack.

Carly tries to explain that it broke her heart to watch him work two jobs because of her. He wonders if that is why she chose to team up with Nick? She explains she never would do that; she conned him more or less. She got a number from a man that Nick was talking to. Oh my God, Jack exclaims as he realizes the number was from Anatoli. She was going to phone in an anonymous tip to him, but then she thought she would just give it to him and explain it away saying she bumped into Nick and he dropped it. He wonders if he had chosen to do the right thing and take her information back to Nick, how would she stop him then? She would have convinced him since Nick dropped it then he was irresponsible and should not be trusted with it. Jack stares at her shaking his head at the lengths she would go to. He asks skeptically if she had any faith in him that he could get back on the force without her help? Of course she thought he could, but it could have taken years. He plays by the book. How does it help him to have his partner think that his wife has to help him with a case? Carly starts to say that Nick didn’t think that, but then stops, as Jack realizes that Nick must have thought she was there because they needed the money and that he knew Carly was lying to her own husband. He screams that he deserved a lot more then she gave him. Katie told him what happened with the other stuff. Does he really think she could do that to Nick, she asks? He doesn’t know because if she did then it would be the end for them because he couldn’t live with that. He has to ask, and Carly realizes of course he does. Did she set Nick up?

Hal looks at the piece of paper Will handed him; Judge Steve Colby from Springfield, Illinois married them. They took a chance and drove all the way there? It was amazing they happened upon this judge. Margo starts to look as if she is putting the pieces together with Casey’s part in this. How did they drive there? They had better not have hitchhiked. Will and Gwen are evasive about the answers, but Margo knows what happened now. She excuses herself and tells Hal she will meet up with him later because she has some things she has to do. Hal then explains that he should get going as well. He heads out the door; Gwen is amazed at the events and thinks she and Will should talk, but he can’t handle this now and wants to get out of there as well.

Paul responds if Jen wants to go after someone then he is right there for her. Jen spits that he is worthless. She wheels back on Meg. Paul didn’t know where Dusty is because she was the one who buried him. Was it her idea? She had nursed Paul back to health and so he owed you? Paul hated Dusty so he was an easy mark. It wasn’t like that, Meg explains. Then Jen assumes they did it together then. Meg snaps back that she gave up everything in her own life to make Jen’s life right. Dusty is dead because he was with her. Jen stares at Meg stunned; she killed him because he loved her rather then you, she demands? Is she over him now that he is dead? Meg answers that she will never be over him.

Carly can’t believe that they are at this spot in their relationship. Does he believe Katie? He answers that she has been right about everything else regarding her. Carly angrily tells him that he is right, she shot Nick up with heroin, called Anatoli, had him pick Nick up to set him up, and in the process almost got Jack killed in a gun battle. Does he really think she could do that? She is not a bad enough person to do that to anyone even for Jack. Jack approaches her; he is sorry. Katie had mentioned a note. Carly tells him that she is grasping at straws; Katie can’t believe that Nick is in trouble. She reaches for Jack’s hand and squeezes it.

Maddie is doing her homework as Casey watches at her. They have a couple hours because his mom is working late. Maddie remarks how they are trying to be responsible, but Casey reminds her that that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. They start to kiss as they lie down on the couch. They are interrupted by Margo, who exasperatedly wonders if she is going to have to douse them with a can of cold water? Maddie and Casey jump apart, but the damage has already obviously been done.

Gwen tells him his family needs him. He is angered because they haven’t been married more then a day and already they are old news. His family is always on the brink of doing something bad. Gwen assures him she won’t let them hurt him. Hal is listening from the stairs. He enters the room and asks them if there is anything they need? Gwen tells them they are good. He realizes they are good; he can see that now. Congratulations he tells them. Will wonders if he is being genuine? He tells him seeing his son happy is all he needs.

Jen tells Meg that she couldn’t wish anything worse for her then her brother protecting her, while saying it is for her own good. Paul is concerned by the way she is talking if she has had any sleep? She snaps that she doesn’t need sleep, she needs Dusty; she needs to bring him home. She pleads for Meg to tell her where he is. Meg tells her quietly that she can’t help her. Jen’s face is one of utter shock after realizing they are not going to help her find Dusty. She walks away then stops. She tells her then God help her; she hopes she doesn’t have a moment’s peace in life. She will bring him home with or without their help. Meg must have wanted her face to be the last one Dusty saw… congratulations on that, but there was only one person in Dusty’s heart. She will have a long time to think about that in prison. After she leaves, Paul tells Meg that he will protect her. Meg whips around to face Paul and snaps that he got them into this; why did he have to confess?

Jack tells Carly he needs time. Why, Carly cautiously asks? He avoids that and answers if she didn’t set up Nick then somebody did. He needs to get to the station. Carly pulls him into a desperate hug. She tells him she loves him, he turns away and pauses at the door to tell her he knows she does. He starts out the door, then turns back and tells her he loves her too. Carly is sure that is enough to rebuild with. Jack doesn’t answer and walks out the door. After he leaves, Carly walks over to her mug, picks it up and admires it.

There is a knock; she opens it to find Nick; he waited for Jack to leave. He explains that he knows what Katie did. She tells him she told Jack everything and their relationship is not his business. He snaps asking if she really told him everything, holding out the note? Why does she look so scared then? Maybe he should show Jack the note that would probably inspire a drag out knock down fight. Carly sneers at him; he really is a child. There is no reason for them to ever talk again. She starts to close the door. Nick tells her that Anatoli drugged him and the person who sent this note to him set him up and he won’t rest until he finds out who did it; Nick ominously states matter of factly.

Jack arrives at Hal’s house as he is leaving. He wants his job back. Hal jokes that Christmas is a long time off. He feels Nick was set up and it was an inside job. He feels it in his gut. Hal thinks when you feel like that you are too personally involved and it can affect your judgment, take it from him. Things can get muddy. Jack wants to do this for himself. He realizes Margo probably has the case, but he can get to the bottom of this, just give him a chance. He needs a week. Hal tells him if he screws up before then he won’t hesitate to pull him off the case before. Jack tells him he agrees he should, and off Jack goes.

Margo can’t believe she can’t leave them alone for five minutes. However, she has bigger lies to fry. She just came from the newly happily married teenagers, Will and Gwen. Was it a coincidence that they found a judge willing to marry an underage couple? How odd that this coincided with Casey’s supposed school project that he talked to Tom about. What they did was barely legal but for Casey and Maddie to get involved only proves they can’t be trusted again. Casey tries to justify that he is happy for them, and Maddie tries to take the blame; Margo doesn’t want to hear their apologies again. That is it! She used to think Maddie would be a good influence over Casey, but it is becoming apparent that they bring out reckless behavior in the other. She hates to do this but Maddie has to move out right away. Casey and Maddie look crushed.

Paul tells Meg that it wasn’t right what Jen said no matter what she felt. Dusty is not dead because of you. Then why, she wonders? He confessed because he had to and he thinks she knows why. No she doesn’t, she answers. Paul explains he did it for her!

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