ATWT Update Monday 3/13/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 3/13/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Outside of the Galaxy club, Carly is pleading with Butch for him to tell her where Chardonnay is? He won’t budge, claiming he doesn’t know who she is and he has never hired anyone by that name. She persists; he needs to level with her and tell her what Chardonnay did to Nick? Butch cuts her off angrily and tells her that she asks too many questions and that she would breathe better if she weren’t sticking her nose in where it didn’t belong. Carly nervously asks if he is threatening her? She realizes they are all involved in this. She tries to explain Chardonnay was only supposed to get a few incriminating pictures of Nick to get him in some hot water. He wasn’t supposed to be drugged, jailed and lose his career. Butch glares at her and assures her that he got exactly what she wanted him to get.

At the cottage, Nick grabs the phone away from Katie; she is not going to call Jack to tell him about Carly. He isn’t even convinced she was involved in his set up. It seems farfetched for Carly. Katie is incredulous; this is not the first time Carly has drugged someone to get what she wanted; she did it to her own sister, Katie exclaims. Nick still refuses to hear her words. He is a cop and before he goes off half-cocked he needs solid evidence. Katie knows the note was typed, but she thinks he should bring the note to Hal and have him dust for fingerprints. Nick doesn’t think that is the way to go. Katie cannot understand why he is fighting tooth and nail for the woman she knows landed him square in the middle of this set up?

Gwen and Will arrive at Hal’s. Gwen wonders how mad he will be when he hears the news? Will jokes that on a scale of one to ten, he will be a 25. However, it is at least much better then his mother’s reaction, because she will be somewhere over 100. He tells her that he can handle this alone and that she doesn’t have to be here. She tells him as his wife, she is there to support him. They pause, get up their conviction and knock. There is no answer, and Gwen jokes about leaving a note for him telling him that they were there, but now are gone, but they wanted him to know that they are now married… have a nice day. The joke lightens the situation. Will thinks maybe they should go see Kim and Bob and tell them so at least they will have a place to stay at night, but Gwen stops him saying that his father deserves the right to know first.

At Susan’s, Hal is talking to Emily and Henry. He is suspect of what Emily is telling him regarding Meg’s role in Dusty’s death. Is she simply trying to shift the blame in order to protect Paul still? Emily assures him that she is not doing that; she acknowledges that Paul may have been involved, but he did not act alone, and therefore should not take the fall alone. Why would Meg have Dusty’s bloody wallet if she weren’t involved? Hal stares at Emily and asks her if he needs to consider that Meg had the wallet really or if Emily planted it there for him to find?

In jail, Paul is thinking back to his conversation with Jen when he confessed to killing Dusty. He mumbles to himself that he did what he had to do. Just then Jen arrives, walks determinedly up to his cell, and asks him if he killed Dusty then where is his body? Paul stares at her silently. She continues; did he really think that she would let this go after his supposed confession? Paul explains that nothing that he could say could bring Dusty back. Jen snaps that she realizes that. Where in the woods is he? Paul stutters claiming it is somewhere behind the Wagon Wheel. Jen rips into him; the police have been over that area thoroughly and have found no evidence of Dusty being buried there. Paul explains that he had been beat up; he was half crazy and acting erratic because of his concussion; he does not remember what he was doing. A defeated Jen asks why he wants to hurt her so much? Paul declares that he would never intentionally hurt her because he loves her; everything he did was always to protect her. She screeches at him that she can never believe that anymore. He has forced her to have to do the unthinkable; she has to find a way to say good-bye to the man she loves. She needs the body to bury and for closure. He can’t help her. She starts to slowly walk away and then she stops. She whips around to face him. He is protecting someone else, and that is the only reason he can’t tell her where Dusty is. Look her in the eye and tell her he killed Dusty, she demands. Paul stares for a moment and then tells her that he did it. Jen is now convinced that he may have killed him, but he didn’t bury him and that is why he can’t say anything.

Emily continues to explain that they got caught by Meg while in her room, and they confronted her about the wallet and she went ballistic. Hal reminds Emily that she had no right to be in her room and she never should have confronted her. Emily thinks her reaction proves her guilt. She explains that Meg claimed she held onto it for sentimental value, but the license was current and so were the credit cards. Hal wants to know why Emily is going out of her way to hurt Paul’s supposed accomplice and seemingly help him, the person who hurt her? Emily feigns that she is doing this as justice for Dusty as well as to make up for how she wronged Jen. She feels badly for that and wants to make it right. Hal stares at her, trying to figure out her real angle in this? She begs him to look past his hatred for Paul to look into it. Hal wonders if Emily is doing this simply because she fears that Meg is replacing her in Paul’s life? Emily acts disbelieving; that is not why she is doing it. She tells him to go see for himself.

Will lets himself into his dad’s house and they are surprised to see it littered with old pizza boxes, soda cans, dishes and trash. Gwen instinctively starts to clean up as Will assures her that cleaning up isn’t going to help their cause. That is not the only reason she is doing that. Noone wants to live like this. People stop caring about things when there is noone there to care for them. She wonders if Hal is hard on Will because he doesn’t want his son’s life to end up like his? Will is still bitter about the way he has been treated by his parents. Gwen grabs a trash bag and tells him to do the dishes and she will take out the trash. Will smiles as he reports for dish duty.

Katie wants Nick to see that it will only be a matter of time before he gets his job back, but he has to realize that Carly was a part of his set up. Nick still is sensitive about the topic of Carly and tells her to drop it. Katie tries another tactic; he should call Mike for help, but Nick is determined to do this himself. He starts to head upstairs when a dizzy spell hits him. Katie thinks he should go to the hospital for a check up, but he blows it off saying that it will take time for the drugs to completely wear off. He continues to go upstairs as a defeated looking Katie watches after him.

Jack is at home as he is fielding questions from reporters. He tells them that he has no comment right now regarding the case. He hangs up when Parker comes into the house all smiles, carrying a box. He tells him that the gift for Carly has arrived. They excitedly open it and there is a hand painted mug for her that reads, “Best wife and mom!” He can’t wait till Mother’s Day. Can he give it to her tonight? Happily, Jack tells him that would be fine. He is interrupted when he gets a call from Katie. She is talking in a hushed tone asking him to meet her? Jack mentions that if it is about Nick Hal told him he couldn’t get involved. Katie pleads with him. Can he please come to her house so they can talk for a moment? Jack gives in and tells her he will be there in ten minutes. Before he leaves, he glances again at the coffee mug that Parker got for Carly.

Carly explains to Butch that there wasn’t any harm that was to come to Nick other then being caught in a compromising position. She puts it together; Chardonnay was working for Anatoli, and they found out he was a cop. She desperately reaches for him as if to shake him into telling her the truth. She is in desperate need of his help with Nick. She can guarantee his protection from the police if he helps. Butch violently grabs the lapel of her coat as he yells that she needs to shut up or she may wind up dead. He glares angrily at her before he walks away.

Jack walks up to Katie’s front door and she races outside to meet him, closing the door quietly behind her. She starts off by trying to explain that Nick was truly set up, and that the evidence was planted, but Jack is wary. She knows they had their differences but he needs to know that being a cop was Nick’s true calling. He never would have risked that by putting it on the line for drugs. Jack doesn’t know what to tell her but he knows there was an alibi that Nick won’t talk about. If he came forward with her name, it would help his case. Katie stares at him wondering if she should say anything; she decides she can’t turn back now. She tells him that Carly was the one that Nick was supposed to meet that night. Jack looks at her disbelieving as to what he just heard.

Jen screams at Paul as to why he is lying to her? Why does he hate her so much? He could never hate her because he loves her so much, he answers. He understands that he has an unusual way of showing it, but he does nonetheless. He is so sorry for everything though. Jen is speechless. She says that he is all alone now and he will have to learn to live with that. Jen starts to walk away and then stops again. There is only one other person that has a motive to hurt Dusty as much as him, and there is only one person who is capable of hurting Dusty with him… and that is Meg Snyder.

Lisa tentatively lets Hal and the officers into Meg’s room. She doesn’t understand why they are there? Is Meg involved in Dusty’s death? Hal explains that they can’t really get into it. Just then, Emily pops her head in the door and answers Hal’s non-verbal glare; she wanted to make sure he didn’t blow her off. Lisa is irate; of course Emily is the reason behind the police being there to search Meg’s room. She doesn’t even recognize her anymore. First she hurts Jen and now this. No wonder Tom wanted to take Daniel away from her. An agitated Emily remarks that there are always two sides to every story. After Lisa leaves, the officer tells Hal that they couldn’t find any wallet, so Emily thinks they should try the safe. Emily is unsure whether Meg wouldn’t have already moved it. Henry has shown up now and suggests they leave so the officers can do their work, but Emily tells him that she is not leaving until they find the wallet. Just then, Meg walks into her room demanding to know what they are doing there? Emily answers that they are getting to the truth. Is she scared?

Jen is sure that Meg is the one who buried the body. Paul starts to backpedal to deflect her attention away from Meg. Why would she do that, he asks? Jen answers quickly that she hates her and hates the fact that she ended up with Dusty. Paul is adamant that Meg may not like her with Dusty, but she is not a murderer. Jen reminds her that she is not exactly above reproach; she did switch the blood tests for him to show her baby was not alive. Paul pleads with Jen to leave Meg out of this. Jen is like a dog with a bone, now that she has decided she knows what really happened. He continues to beg with Jen to leave her alone. She has been through enough already. Jen is amazed at his defense of Meg. Why is he protecting her so desperately? It is almost as if he is in love with her. He stares at her not talking. She asks him point blank, is he in love with her? Paul continues to stare at his sister not answering.

Meg demands to know if they have a warrant? Is she being investigated as an accessory? Emily pipes in that she is an accomplice. Hal tries to explain based on some knowledge he has he is just trying to connect the dots. Meg tells him to turn her room inside out if he needs to. Emily is agitated knowing Meg must have thrown the wallet away say in the river. Meg shoots back that she buried it at Wrigley field next to Jimmy Hoffa. The officers interrupts to say the safe is empty and clean. Emily demands to know if Meg is implying she and Henry never caught her with Dusty’s wallet? Meg feigns confusion; why would she have that since they broke up months ago? They found it in her room, Emily snaps. Meg sarcastically wonders if she should be pressing charges against them for breaking and entering? Hal explains that he needs to look in her purse as well. Meg becomes unnerved upon hearing this. She hands her purse over and Hal empties the contents on the bed and starts to look through the items, as a noticeably nervous Meg looks on. He is almost through all her items when he gets to her leather gloves. He picks them up and folds down the cuff to expose the lining. He sees a dark red and brown stain there. He asks if this is what he thinks it is? Meg looks like a deer caught in headlights.

Will and Gwen have cleaned Hal’s whole kitchen. Gwen remarks that she always dreamed of having a kitchen like this to clean. He must remember what Iris’ place looked like with all the grime? Some things you can never clean. Will then talks of his childhood and how Barbara would pay them $1 to clean the kitchen. He had a relatively normal childhood. He doesn’t remember when it went wrong. Gwen wonders if it hurts him to know how different things are now? He explains that he tries not to dwell because he has her now and she makes him too happy for him to focus on the negative.

Carly comes home to an empty house. She walks over to the table and picks up the handmade mug Parker ordered for her. She picks it up and immediately starts to break down sobbing.

Meanwhile, Jack is hearing news he doesn’t want to hear or believe about Carly. He demands to know where Nick is so he can knock his block off for insinuating that Carly was involved in his frame up. Katie stops him and tries to explain. She saw the note Carly sent to Nick with the hotel key. It had her perfume on it. Jack laughs bitterly. He immediately turns to cop mode. Was it her writing? Did she sign it? Katie admits that it was typed, but she knows whom it was from. Jack tries to placate her; he knows Carly doesn’t like Nick but she wouldn’t have him set up by drugging him to kick him off the force. Katie wants to know why that wouldn’t be plausible for someone who drugged her own sister. Jack tries another angle. Carly didn’t even know Nick was undercover or even where it was. Katie assures him that she did because she saw Carly there working at the Galaxy wearing a skimpy outfit. Jack is irate; does she expect him to believe his wife would work as a stripper? Katie explains she was a waitress named Tiffany. She reminds him of when he went to the club that he almost caught her there. Jack flashes back to when he found the skimpy red outfit in the bag at his house that Carly dismissed as buying it at a garage sale so they could have some fun. Katie continues; she claimed she needed the money, but he doesn’t know why she would keep that from him? Katie figures that was obviously not the reason. Jack again wonders if she would expect him to believe she would leave their kids at home to work at that place? Katie explains that was the hardest part for her. She had to get a babysitter without Jack knowing, but one time Nick told her the babysitter’s child was sick and she had to rush home. Jack flashes to the night Nick drove Carly home after her car supposedly died when she was looking for Gwen and Will. She was trying to bury Nick on his undercover work so he had her fired. She did this to Nick to get even. Jack can’t comprehend her words. She wanted to help him get his job back from Nick. She can see her words are sinking in a bit. She understands Nick is hard to take, especially his ego, but his career is his life. He can’t let Nick take the wrap for something he didn’t do. She knows deep down Jack believes what she is saying. Jack tells her that he has to get out of there, and he takes off as Katie sadly watches after him.

Hal thinks the stain looks like dry blood. Meg thinks she may need a lawyer if he is accusing her of something. Hal wonders why she wants to play it that way of she is innocent? Is she being arrested? He explains that he is taking her to the station to be questioned; she can call her lawyer from the car. Emily is acting righteous about them finding Dusty’s blood; she is sure it will be a match to him. Hal tells her to do him a favor and to stay out of it now, as he escorts Meg out of the room.

Paul explains that he cares a lot about Meg. She was there for him and helped him through a terrible time. Jen angrily lashes out, what about her? She wholeheartedly believes he didn’t kill Dusty now. When he says nothing more, Jen tells him that he can continue to defend Meg to her, but he must know that she will never forgive him for this – ever! She stomps off.

Carly is sitting on the couch crying as she is holding her mug. She stops herself and demands that she pull herself together. Noone has to know, she tells herself. Just then, Jack comes in the door staring daggers at her. He silently closes the door behind him.

Hal comes home to a neat house. He calls out for Jen thinking she did this. Will and Gwen come from upstairs. They did this. He thanks them but tells them it wasn’t necessary because if they did this to try to sway his feelings about them living together, it won’t. He has lived long enough to have more experience about this then them. Will interrupts him; he did not come for a lecture. Gwen gently places her hand on his shoulder and reminds them why they are there. Will goes on to explain to a soon to be stunned Hal that he doesn’t need his permission for them to live together anymore because they took their lives into their own hands and got married.

Nick comes downstairs and asks Katie if she called Jack? She lies and tells him no. He thought he had heard her talking to someone. She explains that she called the station to let them know she wasn’t coming in; would he like to do breakfast somewhere? He can’t because he has to get busy proving he didn’t do what they are claiming. Katie assures him that the police will get the evidence and will believe in him. Nick bitterly remarks that if it were up to Jack he would go straight to jail. Katie tells him that once Jack finds out the truth, he will not let him take the fall.

Carly jumps up and admits she saw the mug and is afraid she ruined the surprise. Jack calmly enters the room and asks her why she had been crying? She tells him she had a bad day. He asks if it had anything to do with Nick since she was at the station earlier visiting him? Carly is taken aback; she would not be crying over him. She is crying because she has such a wonderful family that would do this for her. Jack walks over close to her, slowly and quietly tells her that he doesn’t want to talk about what her family would do for her, but what she has done for him. Carly looks at his intense look and suddenly looks nervous.

Jen is outside Meg’s door at the Lakeview. She is knocking hard on it yelling for Meg. She knows what she did and she is not going to get away with it!

Back at Susan’s, Henry is begging for Emily to give him his dues (translation money). He is near poverty. She explains that she needs his help and it is obvious that he won’t help her unless she holds BJ’s money over his head. He wants to know what more they can do? Paul is in jail and Meg is being questioned as an accomplice. What more do you want for a victory, he asks? She tells him she wants justice. When this is all over then he will be free to do what he wants.

Paul is sitting in his cell when Meg comes in with an officer. He jokes about visiting hours being over. She tells him that she is not there for that reason, but she is there as a guest. Paul immediately jumps up. Why is she there? The officer tells him that she is there in connection with the murder of Dusty Donovan.

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