ATWT Update Friday 3/10/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 3/10/06


Written By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

Holden asks Jade how Kevin could go from being interested in Luke to being interested in her so quickly. Jade tells him that Kevin and Luke were just best friends.

Lily is leaving a message at the orphanage telling them that she’s coming today to talk since it can’t wait. Luke comes in at the tail end and asks her what can’t wait. Cryptically, she tells him…the truth.

Susan shows Emily the headline in the newspaper about Paul confessing to killing Dusty. Emily tells her that it can’t be true because Paul didn’t do it. Susan tells Emily to stop focusing on Paul and start focusing on her life.

Meanwhile, Meg sees the headline in the paper as well.

Katie has borrowed the money to bail Nick out from Nancy. Nancy asks about the heroin. Katie tells her that Nick was set up.

Nick is waiting in his cell for Katie to bail him out. The cop tells him there’s a blond there to see him. Carly appears. She tells him that she doesn’t believe the drug charges.

Jade doesn’t think that Holden believes what she says. She asks if it’s because of the bracelet. They talk some more about Kevin and Luke, and Jade manages to convince Holden once again that Luke doesn’t have “those feelings” for Kevin. Meg interrupts them. She needs to talk to Holden about Paul.

Susan thinks that Emily needs to relax, have a massage, and take a nap. After Susan leaves for the hospital, Emily calls Henry. Henry tries to pretend that she got his voicemail, but she tells him to get over there right away.

Carly does her best to convince Nick that she wasn’t involved in anything that happened to him. He doesn’t believe her. She tells him that if he really thought she was behind this, he would’ve given the note to Hal. He thinks that she just doesn’t want Jack to find out she was involved.

Lily opens the door to leave for the orphanage and finds Jade, Holden & Meg there. She tells them she has a big meeting and takes off. Meg tries to leave too, but Holden convinces her to talk to him. She tells him that Paul is lying and that he didn’t kill Dusty.

Katie and Nancy talk about the situation. Katie tells her that Nick is a lot of things, but a dirty cop is not one of them.

Carly is still trying to convince Nick that she wasn’t involved. She tells him that she spent the evening with Lily. Every detail he brings up, she counters with an explanation about how it wasn’t her. She is begging him to believe her and saying that she couldn’t live with him thinking that she could do something like this. Right on cue, Jack walks in and wants to know what she’s doing there. Nick tells him it is because of him (Jack). Jack is mad that Carly is there. She tells him that she doesn’t believe that Nick was dealing drugs. Jack makes Carly leave and tells her to never be around Nick again. After she’s gone, Jack tells Nick his bail hearing is soon.

Meg tells Holden that the police have nothing but a fake confession to tie Paul to Dusty’s murder. Holden tells her to stay away from Paul for her own good since he doesn’t want to see her get hurt.

Emily and Henry are talking about Paul lying about killing Dusty. Emily can’t figure out why he did it. Henry basically has to spell it out that he was protecting Meg.

Jack is releasing Nick after his bail hearing. Katie comes to get him. She asks him if he told them the whole story. Nick tells her that he left out the part about Carly.

Luke and Jade are at the house. She asks where Lily went. He tells her that Lily left on the jet but should be back by dinner. After Luke leaves the room, Jade finds a piece of paper with the number to the orphanage and the nun’s name on it. She realizes that Lily is on to her.

At the orphanage, Lily talks with Sister Elizabeth. Elizabeth tells of Rose’s time there and about how much they liked her daughter. Lily asks about her name. Sister Elizabeth tells Lily that Rose’s daughter was named after the founder of their order. Lily questions that the founder was named Jade. Sister Elizabeth tells her that Rose’s daughter was named Theresa. Lily asks if the birth parents could’ve changed the name. Sister Elizabeth explains that Theresa was there just a few months back looking for her birth mother but abandoned her search after she learned that Rose was dead. She further explains that Jade was there at the orphanage at the time and befriended Theresa and obviously recognized the value of what Theresa found out. Lily is shocked that Jade isn’t Rose’s daughter. Sister Elizabeth calls Jade a con-artist and a liar and hopes that she doesn’t hurt Lily’s family the way she hurt them at the orphanage.

Holden begs Meg to walk away from Paul.

Henry and Emily tell Hal about Henry being in Meg’s room (along with a LOT of fluff to make them NOT look guilty of anything). They tell him about the wallet. Meg arrives just in time to hear Emily saying that she (Meg) killed Dusty.

Carly goes to Galaxy. In the parking lot, she runs into Butch and asks her about Chardonnay. Butch tells her that Chardonnay never existed.

Katie tells Nick that he has to tell Jack about what Carly did. Nick goes upstairs to take a shower. Katie picks up the phone to call Jack to tell him about what happened.

At an undisclosed location, we see Dusty laying on the floor with chains wrapped around him.  It isn't clear whether he is alive or dead.

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