ATWT Update Thursday 3/9/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 3/9/06


Written By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

Lily confronts Jade about the sweater and her time at the orphanage.  Jade apologizes and returns the bracelet to Lily. 

In the barn, Kevin doesn’t want to even talk to Luke.  Holden finds them there, but Kevin takes off before he can say anything. 

Casey and Maddie are still at the Lakeview.  They talk about leaving so that Margo doesn’t catch them (they don’t know that she already saw them kissing).  Margo calls Casey and tells them to meet her at the station in one hour.  Maddie is worried that she found out about Gwen & Will’s wedding.

Carly calls Chardonnay to get the pictures of her & Nick.  Chardonnay tells Carly that she’ll never have to worry about Nick again—he’s taken care of.

Nick thinks that Jack is trying to butt in on the case.  Jack tells him that Nick nearly got both of them shot.  Jack finds heroin on Nick and thinks he’s dealing/using.  Jack calls for back up.  Nick isn’t functioning that well, but tries to tell Jack to get lost since he took him off the case.  Jack tells him that he’s not giving the orders anymore.

Jade tells Lily that she was going to have a new charm added to the bracelet for the baby.  Lily seems to buy the story, but then she asks more questions about her time at the orphanage.  Jade tells her some details that seem to make Lily more suspicious.  After Jade goes upstairs for the night, Lily calls Father White.  She leaves him a message that she needs to talk to him tonight. 

Holden wants to know why Luke “needed” to see Kevin.  Luke tells his father that he had to tell Kevin to stay away from Jade.  Holden seems to buy the story.  Luke tries to leave and go to bed, but Holden stops him and asks him if there’s anything he wants to tell him.  Luke asks if he’s really sure he wants to know.

Chardonnay agrees to meet Carly at the Galaxy parking lot in a half hour.  After they hang up, Anatoly asks Chardonnay if she’s coming. 

Hal and Jack are at the station questioning Nick about the drugs and money they found on him.  Nick says that he wasn’t working tonight, and he wasn’t even at the club.  Jack asks where he was, and Nick replies “with a woman.”  The shot fades to Carly who is telling herself that she was doing this for Jack, so she shouldn’t feel guilty.

Holden tells Luke that he just wants him to be happy.  Jade interrupts them and almost busts the cover, but she quickly picks up that Luke told Holden that Kevin had been calling Jade.  Jade goes on and on about how great Luke is to her. 

Carly gets the memory card (with the pictures on it) from Chardonnay.  Carly asks her if Nick was really ok when she left him.  Chardonnay tells her that he’s taken care of and that Carly shouldn’t worry about him anymore.  Carly notices Nick’s car in the parking lot.  She gets worried. 

Jack is still questioning Nick.  He wants to know the lady’s name that Nick was with that night.  Nick doesn’t tell.  He thinks that someone must’ve mugged him or something.  Nick insists that he doesn’t do drugs.  Right on cue, Hal comes in and tells them that the preliminary drug test results prove otherwise.  Jack asks who he’s working with and is this why Nick tried to kick him off the galaxy case.  Hal is NOT happy that Nick tried to undermine his authority.  Hal tells Nick to tell them everything he remembers from the beginning.  Just then, Casey and Maddie come in to meet Margo.  They recognize Nick from the Lakeview.  Jack and Hal want to know more.  The kids tell them that they saw Nick leaving with his friends.  Nick tells them that never happened.  Casey confirms that it did and mentions that he stumbled out the door.  Jack asks if it looked like Nick was being forced to go with them.  Maddie thinks they were pretty friendly.  Nick insists that he wasn’t with any guys and doesn’t know anything about drugs or the money.  Jack asks who he was meeting at the Lakeview.

Jade tells Holden that she told Lily about the sweater and the bracelet.  Jade and Luke leave to go back to the house.  Once outside, Jade asks what happened.  Luke tells her that he didn’t talk to Kevin.  He asks her why she took the bracelet.  Jade tells him that it wasn’t about the bracelet, but about the feeling that she had—like she really belonged to a family.  Jade thinks that she really bonded with Lily when they talked it over and that this might bring them closer than ever. 

Meanwhile, Lily is meeting with Father White about her suspicions.  Lily asks about catholic orphanages.  She thinks that the nuns give the kids born there names.  Father White confirms this and tells her that they are Christian names from the Bible.  Lily tells him that her “niece” said that the nuns named her Jade.  Father White says that doesn’t sound right at all.

Nick tells Hal that he’ll talk, but not in front of Jack.  Nick accuses Jack of setting him up.  Jack tells him that he got shot at, ran off the guys that were beating him up, carried him to safety—all because that’s what a good cop does.  Another officer comes in with the official tox screen, and Hal confirms that Nick was on heroin.  Hal suspends Nick.

Carly is trying to look at the pictures off the memory card.  She can’t see them.  Carly figures out that Chardonnay was lying about the pictures, Nick’s care and who knows what else. 

Luke tells Jade that it was weird that she stole from his mom.  She asks him to forgive her since she explained everything.  He agrees to.  She says, “I can't have lily doubting me.”  Luke thinks that’s weird to say, but Jade covers that she’s just weird.  They go back to the house and see Father White there.  Luke tells him hi, and then introduces him to Jade.  Father White says hello and then leaves.  Jade asks Luke why a priest would be there so late at night when they aren’t catholic. 

Jack asks to see the tox report, but Hal tells him to go home since he’s a potential witness.  Maddie and Casey see him leave, and they know something big is going on.  Margo shows up.  Casey tells her that something big is going on with Nick in the interrogation room.  Margo tells them that she’s more concerned about what is going on between them. 

Nick asks to make a phone call.  Hal thinks he’s calling his lawyer.  At Carly’s she is waiting on Chardonnay to return her call.  When the phone rings, she sees that it’s Nick calling her. 

Holden is in the barn alone, and he imagines if he would’ve talked to Luke and asked him if he was gay. 

Scenario #1—Luke tells him that he is gay, but then is very upset and thinks that Holden is ashamed of him and disappointed in him.  Holden tells him that he just wants to help him.  Luke tells him that he just wants to change him to make him normal and then storms out of the barn. 

Scenario #2—Luke tells him he’s not gay and then reacts very badly because he’s so weirded out by the fact that his father had to ask him that question.  He tells Holden that it just proves that Holden doesn’t even know him and then he storms out of the barn. 

Lily leaves a message for Sister Elizabeth at the orphanage telling her that she has some questions and will be there tomorrow to talk to her.

Margo tells Casey & Maddie that she saw them kissing.  Casey tells her that there will be no more pda’s.  Margo wants to know when this happened.  They explain that at first they didn’t like each other, but it just kind of started.  Margo tells Maddie to take Casey’s car and go home so they can discuss this alone.  Margo is mad that Casey didn’t tell her or Tom.  Casey tells her that this is nothing like Gwen.  He tells her that she hurt Maddie’s feelings. 

Hal tells Nick that he’s going to arrest him for possession and that he should get in touch with his attorney ASAP. 

Jack comes home and tells Carly all that happened that night.  She is shocked and says that Nick doesn’t do drugs.  She looks really worried when Jack says that Nick is going to prison.  She manages to ask Jack if Nick named the mystery woman he was supposedly meeting.

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