ATWT Update Wednesday 3/8/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 3/8/06


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

Gwen and Will smile and beam at the Lakeview front desk, as they sign in as Ms. and Mr. Will Munson. Mattie and Casey stand beside them and also beam. Casey tells them that they need to get out of the lobby so that they don’t run into anyone who will find out that they are married and spoil there honeymoon. They tell the bellman that they don’t have any bags. All that they have is one backpack. Gwen and Will leave. Maddie smiles, because she is pleased and proud of the way that Casey acted tonight by helping Gwen and Will. Casey comes up with the idea for them to go to the kitchen to ask them to send a meal up to Gwen and Will. They steal some flowers from the Lakeview lounge and some candles, in order to make it a real honeymoon suite for Gwen and Will. Outside of the honeymoon suite, Gwen giggles as Will sweeps her off of her feet and carries her over the threshold. They are in awe of how beautiful their friends made there suite look. Shortly after there is a knock on the door from room service with food and an elaborate gift basket, compliments of Mrs. Grimaldi. Gwen and Will talk about how they have no money and that tomorrow they will back in the real world. Gwen gets a strawberry with whipped cream from a plate and smears he cream on Will’s nose, laughing. He chases her to the bed and they play and giggle. Gwen looks him in the eye and tells him that she never imagined that she would be so happy. He promises to spend the rest of his life making sure that no matter who is outside of that door, they will never keep the two of them apart. They begin to kiss and probably do what honeymooners do.

Down in the lobby, Mattie and Casey sit on a bench and talk about the day. Mattie tells Casey that she got to see what a good guy he is. Casey leans in to kiss her, and Maddie looks over her shoulders and her eyes get wider and wider. They turn around and there is Margo. Casey says that they are there to visit Lisa. Margo says that she is there for work. Margo kisses Casey and gets on the elevator. She comes back down later, and the two are still there. She is suspicious, but tells them to get home safely. As soon as she gets on the elevator, they start to make out. A gentleman rushes to get on, and the doors reopen, and Margo stands there with a wide mouth as she sees them making out.

Katie stands on Carly’s doorstep, threatening not to leave until she finds out what is going on. Carly is very irritated with her and insists that there is nothing going on. Carly makes a series of excuses, and finally, Katie says that she will get Nick over there and they will find out. Carly yells at Katie that she does not want Nick in her house. Suddenly, they here Jack seconding that motion ad both heads turn. They both are speechless when Jack demands to know what is going on. They all go inside and sit down. To Carly’s surprise, Katie does not spill the beans. Jack thinks that the problem between the two is that Katie wants them to get along with Nick like they do with her and Mike. Jack says that they all have a history together and they should just agree to disagree on this matter. Jack goes up stairs joking to them if her can trust leaving them down there together. Katie once again asks Carly to tell her the truth. Carly insists that she is not interested in Nick and that there is nothing going on between the two of them. Katie asks her what is going on then, but Carly says that she can not tell her. Carly says that she is just trying to protect Jack and that everything that she does is for him. Katie warns Carly that whatever she is doing, to stop, because it will back fire. Katie starts to believe that Carly did not send Nick the hotel key with the perfume, but still thinks that Carly is up to something. Katie apologizes and Carly tells her to find another way to occupy her time while Mike is gone.

During there conversation, Jack got a call from Margo saying that Nick didn’t show at the club tonight and there has been a call about a diversion and she needs Jack to check it out. Anatoli and his men stand around Nick who is passed out on the bed. Anatoli jams a syringe into Nick stomach, shocking him awake. He tells the girl that this will wipe out his memory for a while. The guys stand Nick up, and take him away. Anatoli makes a comment that he will have to give Tiffany (Carly) a big fat tip the next time her sees her because she did him a huge favor. They carry him off to what looks like a garage. As they hold a gun up to his head, Jack sees it and pulls out his gun, declaring that he is the police. There is a shootout, and no one gets shot. Jack dodges behind cars, and finally Anatoli and his men get away, leaving Nick slouched on the ground. Jack rushes to help him. Nick is bleeding at the mouth. Jack is surprised to find a bag of drugs in Nick’s jacket, but Nick is out of it.

Holden tells Lily about the earlier incident with Jade. Lily does not believe that Jade learned to knit at the orphanage, because she got adopted at a young age. She tells Holden so, and asks him if he trusts her. He says that he doesn’t trust any teenager. Emma drops by and tells them that she found Jade at the barn earlier with Lily’s bracelet, shedding some light on the situation. She tells them the story that her and Luke came up with. Meanwhile, at the barn, Luke demands to know what Jade is up to and why she has his mom’s bracelet. She tells him that she just wanted to try it on and that she got scared when Holden came in and didn’t want him to jump to the wrong conclusion, so she left. Luke does not totally believe her, but after some more convincing he starts to but it. Jade tells Luke that she is going to pay him back for covering for her. She calls Kevin on her cell phone, to Luke’s surprise and tells him to meet her at the barn. Luke is upset that Jade did this without asking. Jade smiles and tells Luke that this is his chance. Luke looks nervous and doesn’t think Kevin will want to see him. Later on, Kevin shows up in the barn calling out for Jade. He is surprised when Luke steps in. Luke tells him that Jade is not there, and Kevin tries to take off, but Luke grabs him and tells him that he doesn’t want him to go. Holden walks in and sees this.

Jade is in the living room getting some books to read in her room. Lily tells her that Holden told her about the sweater. Jade smiles. Lily then tells her that she is confused at how she learned to knit at the orphanage, when she was adopted so young.

Carly calls her friend and asks if she got the pictures. Her friend tells her that it doesn’t matter because Nick will never be a problem for her ever again.

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