ATWT Update Tuesday 3/7/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 3/7/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the courthouse, Will and Gwen’s wedding begins. Just as fast as it starts though, the judge stops it. He wished that they had been fully honest with him regarding the fact they had both been fugitives from the law. Will and Gwen’s faces drop. There are stories behind those cases. They will explain though. The judge cuts them off and tells them softly that he could get in all sorts of political hot water if he sanctioned this marriage.

At Lily and Holden’s, Jade is wandering through the hall and comes upon Lily and Holden’s bedroom, and sees noone is in it. She walks over to Lily’s jewelry box and opens it, smiling as she takes out a few pieces to look at. She holds up a charm bracelet of Lily’s, but when she hears a noise in the hall, she runs and hides.

At the Lakeview, Carly sprays some perfume onto Chardonnay so Nick will smell it on her. She only needs a few snapshots of her and him in a compromising position. She explains how she set up the room romantically with candles, soft lighting and champagne. She also mentions that Nick may refer to her as Carly instead of Tiffany. Chardonnay smiles and says she wondered what her real name was? She also wants to make sure Carly wouldn’t rather be there with him herself after all the trouble she is going through? Carly assures her that she has absolutely no desire to step foot into the hotel room with Nick. She loves her man and is only doing this to help him out.

At the cottage, Nick takes the envelope from Katie, as she mentions she can’t place that perfume smell, but it is familiar. Nick opens and reads the typed letter supposedly from Carly telling him that she can no longer fight the feelings she has for him. If he feels the same way then he should meet her in room 1417 at the Lakeview. Nick is chomping at the bit to go over there, but he needs to be casual in front of Katie. He tells her it is for a case and he has to take a rain check on dinner. Katie isn’t convinced as she suspiciously watches him go upstairs mumbling to herself, “Undercover work, please!”

Chardonnay boards the elevator for the room dressed in a blonde wig. Carly goes to leave, but as she is, she bumps into Lily coming out from a meeting with Lisa. Lily wants Carly to stop and talk for a moment because they haven’t seen each other in a long while, but Carly is edgy and wanting to get out of there before Nick sails on through the lobby. She finds herself unfortunately snapping at Lily telling her she has to go because the babysitter is waiting. This response sends up signals for Lily that something is wrong. Does she need to drag it out of her?

Maddie steps forward to plead with the judge; they were on the run both times because of trumped up charges. Gwen adds that these charges were all because of the people trying to keep them apart. Will adds that if he looked into the charges further he would see that the charges were also all dropped. The judge does see that through all the adversity thrown at them, they did manage to stay together. How can he say no then to marry two people so obviously in love? Casey wonders about the political backlash he talked of? The judge answers that he was the child of two parents always fighting for a cause, so this should be nothing new for him. He will marry them then, Will asks? The judge nods and tells them they need to get this show on the road. Maddie stops and exclaims that they have forgotten wedding bands. How can they have a ceremony without those? Casey to the rescue; he whips out two plastic rings he bought from the gumball machine next door at the diner. Maddie smiles broadly at him for his part in this romantic wedding.

Once Holden undresses and heads into the shower, Jade quickly comes out of hiding spot and goes to Lily’s jewelry box to put the bracelet back, except Holden, wearing only a towel, comes back into the bedroom and catches her there. What is she doing there, Holden asks? She guiltily mentions she didn’t know anyone was in here, as she holds the bracelet behind her back. Holden gently responds that doesn’t explain why she is in the room. Jade thinks on her feet; she saw Lily’s sweater on the bed, and she knew she was upset because it was unraveling and she thought she would try to fix it for her. Holden relaxes a bit. She knits? She tells him when she was lonely at the orphanage, she taught herself a few things. Holden thinks it was thoughtful of her to think to do that. He also takes the opportunity to thank her again about her help with Luke. Anytime she can help, she will, she promises.

Carly tries to cover her nervousness by telling Lily she just feels guilty about not having called her sooner, especially after she heard about her pregnancy. Lily smiles and then mentions Jade, whom Carly has heard about as well. She needs to come by to see her and bring her some pictures she has of Rose. She then tries to make an excuse that she is running late, but Lily continues to press; are she and Jack ok? Carly stops for a moment and tells her times have been tough but they will overcome any problems. Lily hears that word, overcome, and says to Carly that sounds as if there is some problems. Carly’s tune changes and she decides that she wants Lily to come back with her to her house so they can talk right now. Lily looks at her confused by her about face.

Nick comes back downstairs dressed to the nines. Katie sarcastically remarks that the Galaxy must have a new dress code. Nick blows it off, but Katie persists; she thought he was mad at Carly? She hopes he is not running after her. She hopes he is meeting another wonderful stable woman. Nick answers he was mad at Carly, and no he is not running after her. She is chasing after the wrong fox, he says with a wink, as he slinks out the door. Katie tells herself that she doesn’t think she is, as she grabs her coat, and follows after him.

During the vows section of the wedding Gwen voices her feelings for Will. She had no happiness in her life until Will; he knows how to make her laugh and he lets her be her own person. He took her heart from a place where it was cold, and brought it to a warm safe place. Will then speaks about his feelings for Gwen; he was a messed up kid before her, and he didn’t know what he wanted out of life until her. She is honest and true, and she helped him believe in himself. As long as they have one another, there is nothing they can’t get through, and with that the judge pronounces them husband and wife.

Lily is curious as to why at first Carly was dodging her and now she wants her to go home with her? Carly is getting really apprehensive; she is trying to help Jack. Lily worries if he is in trouble? He isn’t necessarily, but she is just trying to fix things for him and get them all on an even keel and she can’t tell Lily much more until it is over. Lily is concerned; does Jack know what she is up to? Carly shakes her head no, which prompts Lily to become more alarmed. Whenever she goes off half-cocked with some plan, it always ends up blowing up in her face. Carly just wants them to leave now and she promises she will explain it to Lily at her home. She sees Nick breezing through the lobby and she sits down on the couch to avoid him seeing her. After he gets on the elevator, Lily asks why she is hiding from Nick? Does he have something to do with her plan? She knows that Jack and Nick weren’t really getting along. Carly is defensive; Nick stole Jack’s job and she is going to get it back for him. She wants her to promise not to say anything to Holden or Jack. She needs for her to say she was with her all night if anyone asks as well. She owes her afterall considering she helped her with a crime scene not too long ago. Lily remembers it well, but she also remembers how poorly it all turned out. That taught her they should never lie for one another again. Katie, declaring that she knew she would find Carly there, interrupts them. Where is Nick?

Meanwhile, upstairs Nick has let himself into the suite. He grabs himself a glass of champagne and waits for whom he thinks will be Carly. He puts his coat down on the bed and then paces around some more. He pours himself another glass of champagne and then gulps it down. He is looking into the mirror when he finds himself getting woozy, and the room becomes fuzzy as he stumbles around. Just then Chardonnay, dressed as Carly, emerges from the bathroom and walks towards him. In his altered state, he smiles as he sees her coming, thinking it is Carly.

Gwen and Will thank Maddie and Casey for all their help and support. They all thank the judge who wishes them well and reminds them that marriage is a gift that should not be take for granted. They leave to head home, but Maddie takes Casey aside to personally thank him for giving them a ride and for remembering the rings. Casey is glad he was there and it all worked out for them. Maddie, with a twinkle in her eyes, tells him there is one more thing they have to do, and he is the only one who can help her pull it off.

Jade is in the barn when she pulls the bracelet out again to look at it. She walks towards the hay, looking as if she may hide it there, but Emma, wondering who was in there, interrupts her? Jade claims to just be looking for her sunglasses from her earlier ride with Luke. She says good night to Emma and starts to leave, but drops the bracelet, and Emma picks it up. Emma recognizes it as Lily’s and wants to know what she is doing with it?

Nick tells the woman he thinks is Carly that he was hoping Carly had feelings for him, but he was still surprised to get the note. Chardonnay hands him another glass of champagne. She starts to undress as Nick joyously announces he never thought things would go this far for them. He stumbles back again as he fights off the growing woozy feeling. He realizes something is wrong.

Carly snarls at Katie. She doesn’t know what she is talking about, and she hasn’t seen Nick. Katie explains she saw the note and the room key. She is either with Nick or trying to get back at him for taking the wind out of Jack’s sails. Why else is she there then? Carly points in Lily’s direction; she is here to meet her. Lily verifies what Carly said without outwardly lying. After Katie leaves, realizing she is getting nowhere, Lily demands to know what she is doing to Nick with a hotel room key? Carly promises it will all be over that night. She did what she had to do; Jack was forced out of his job, and ‘Nick the hotshot’ won’t let him live it down. She watches Jack leave her and the kids each night to go to his second job he hates because of her. He never blames her, but she had to do something to make it right for him. Lily leaves with an ominous warning; she needs to stop this before it is too late.

Will, Gwen, Maddie and Casey arrive at the Lakeview and are met by Lisa, who apologizes about everything regarding the supposed robbery and everything Barbara did to them after. Will and Gwen accept her apology and tell her not to worry about it. She asks why they are dressed up? Will and Gwen happily inform her they just got married. Lisa is in disbelief at first, but then she congratulates them. They go to the dining room area while Casey talks to Lisa. Lisa is surprised to see him with Will and Gwen after everything that happened. He is really happy things worked out for them both; the rest is water under the bridge. They are in love and he thinks it is cool they got hitched. Lisa smiles at his admission. He mentions that his father is probably not going to be happy with him when he finds out he pumped him for information about this judge that married them and then drove Will and Gwen there. Lisa smirks as she tells him to send his father her way and she will set him straight. Casey wonders if she can help him with one more favor?

Jade covers with Emma claiming she found the bracelet in the hay. Luke wanders into the barn at this point and overhears their conversation. Emma is suspect because Lily is not usually careless with her jewelry. Jade continues to try to cover; she thinks maybe the clasp is broken. Emma wonders if she is telling her the truth? Luke walks into the conversation and asks Jade if she got the bracelet? Jade realizes he is covering for her as well takes his cue. She does have the bracelet. Luke tells Emma he asked Jade to sneak the bracelet out of the house so they could put another charm on it for the new baby on the way. Emma seems relieved, but asks Jade why she felt she had to lie? Jade explains that she didn’t want to ruin the surprise.

Nick mumbles that she put something in his drink right before he collapses onto the couch. Chardonnay redresses and picks up the phone and calls Carly to tell her it is all taken care of. Carly is pleased it is over, but is surprised how quickly it went. There is a knock at the door, and Chardonnay gets off the phone rather quickly. She answers the door to find a few men dressed in suits. Chardonnay points out to Anatoli an unconscious Nick declaring there he is, just as she promised. He vows that Nick is going to be very sorry for this.

Carly is unlocking the door to her house, when Katie comes up behind her and takes a whiff of her. Carly is taken aback; what is she doing? Katie announces she knew she remembered the perfume from somewhere. Carly covers by saying she is not the only woman in Oakdale who wears this scent she is sure. Katie is sure that Carly is up to something, but Carly doesn’t care what she believes. Katie isn’t so sure about that; she thinks she could be sweating bullets because she is onto her. She is not going anywhere until she tells her what is going on.

Lily comes home to find Holden getting ready in the bedroom. He was getting worried because she was gone for so long. She explains that after her meeting with Lisa she ran into Carly. He asks how she is? Lily answers the question by hugging him. She is so happy they are back on track and together with all three of their kids. Holden corrects her by pointing out they have 3 ½ now. She smiles at the comment. Then Holden adds, actually they have 4 kids in their family now, with the addition of Jade. Lily smiles; she is so happy to hear him say that because she knew he has been skeptical. Holden feels he may have judged her prematurely; he has watched her with the kids and in particular Luke, and he feels she is making a real positive impact on him. Lily is pleased. He then mentions how thoughtful she was because he found her in their bedroom earlier taking her sweater because she wanted to fix it. Lily steps back a little upon hearing this. She was in their bedroom? Holden adds that he thinks she may have thought Jade was nervous he was mad at her when he found her alone in here, but he thinks it was sweet that she wanted to do that for her. Lily wonders how she would know how to fix her sweater? Holden answers it was something she learned in the orphanage. Now it is Lily’s turn to be skeptical. She looks concerned in fact.

Jade tries to explain; she knows people have been suspicious of her intentions and she wasn’t sure if she would believe her. Emma smiles and tells her next time to give her the benefit, and with that she bids them good night. After she leaves, Luke turns to Jade; he knows she didn’t find the bracelet out in the hay because he saw his mother put the bracelet in her jewelry box earlier. He has one question for her, who is she really?

Will, Gwen and Maddie join Casey with Lisa. She hands Will and Gwen the key to the bridal suite. The stay is on her. Will and Gwen are dumbfounded; it is too much, but Lisa dismisses their belief. They are going to need to rest up and relax before they tell everyone their news tomorrow. It was at Casey’s request, but Casey adds that it was at Maddie’s ordering. Either way, Will and Gwen are thrilled. Gwen tosses her bouquet over her shoulder and Lisa grabs it from Maddie jokingly. She smiles and tells her that she has more experience at this then her, as she laughingly walks away. Will thanks them both again and Gwen and Casey finally seem to have put the past behind them.

As Anatoli’s men are dragging Nick up, Chardonnay reminds them to get the camera that was placed behind the mirror. She tells him that Tiffany (Carly) had other plans for payback when it came to Nick. Anatoli promise he will be in charge of that from now on. One of Anatoli’s goons smashes the camera with his foot, as Anatoli tells them to take Detective Kasnoff out of there, and not to worry about being rough with him.

Katie is irritated; she can lie to everyone else because she is involved with Nick one way or another, with or against him, but she won’t stop until she finds out which it is. Carly is furious; she demands she stop harassing her, and she needs to get the hell off her property or she will throw her off herself!

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