ATWT Update Monday 3/6/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 3/6/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At the Galaxy Club, Carly shares her proposition with the other dancer, Chardonnay. She wants her to pose as her in order to get Nick into bed, and all she needs is pictures of it. She says she will pay her for her time. Chardonnay is confused because she thought she was broke, and now with being fired, wouldn’t she be even more strapped for cash? Carly promises this is worth coming up with the money to pay her. Chardonnay is curious about why Carly hates Nick so much.

At Java, Jack wants to know what Nick wants to tell him that he won’t like; does it have to do with the Galaxy Club? Nick tells him it does; he is in fact here to tell him he is off the Anatoli case. Jack is agitated and says he can’t do that. Nick assures him that it is his call. Jack isn’t buying this; why is he in such a rush to get him off the case?

At the Chicago courthouse, Will, Gwen, Maddie, and Casey are waiting outside the judge’s chambers. They are pacing because they have been waiting for so long. They assume that he will help them; otherwise he wouldn’t have made them wait. Gwen worries that Tom called and blew their cover, but Casey is adamant that his dad didn’t have a clue what he was up to. Finally they are called in to see the judge. Upon meeting him, they think this judge comes across as being very amicable. He soon cuts to the chase, though he can’t, and won’t, sign their petition to marry unless they can give him a valid and good reason as to why he should take their side.

At the cottage, Katie is on the phone trying to reach Mike, but she is unable to, and so she leaves a message. After she hangs up, she heads over to the palm pilot Mike gave her and starts typing in a message for him. The doorbell rings, interrupting her. It is a delivery for her from Mike. She tears happily into the box and reads the short but romantic card that accompanies it. She then sees his gift a crystal heart. She hugs it tightly.

At the station, Jen repeats the words Paul has just uttered to her, not believing them to be true: Dusty is dead. Paul assures her that it is true. He can’t allow her to suffer any longer. Jen becomes overwrought and faints. Meg is listening by the doorway to the room they are all standing in, and Paul spies her. They all gather around Jen to revive her. Barbara charges at Paul, demanding to know why he is doing this to Jen. He repeats the same sentiment, insisting he couldn’t continue to let her suffer. Barbara is not buying this confession and believes he is covering for someone else, but Paul quickly denies that claim by reminding her that he never does anything for anyone but himself. Barbara and Hal try to calm Jen, who is struggling to stand and face Paul. She screams at Paul that he is lying and that this is what he does; he lets people believe their loved ones are dead when they are not. He did it with Johnny and then himself, and now he is doing it with Dusty. Everyone else that he claimed was dead is alive, and that means so is Dusty. Paul stares back at her, his face unwavering. She determinedly screeches for him to tell her that he did not kill Dusty.

Chardonnay wonders if Carly’s vendetta is a result of Nick's getting her fired and promises that if it is, she can fix things by helping her get another job. Carly admits that she is angry about that, but it's also about Nick hurting someone else she loves he got her man in trouble with the police. Chardonnay understands more now. Carly is convinced that the best way to rectify the situation is to get Nick into bed with a call girl and to take pictures as evidence. He will lose his job "like that," and Carly emphasizes her statement with a snap of her fingers. Chardonnay is confused now; what kind of job does Nick have that he could get into trouble for having sex? Carly realizes she should have stopped before she said the last statement.

Jack wants to know how he is to blame for whatever is going down at the Galaxy Club. Nick remembers Carly’s conversation with him about why she is working undercover. He continues, explaining that they know he is a cop, and when the two of them talked they probably got nervous and suspicious. Jack is furious; he has gotten most of the leads for the case, and those leads brought them to where they are right now. Nick explains that he is sure that he is busy with his security job, as well as with Paul’s case. Jack is miffed; that is not going to fly with him. He thinks that Nick is disgruntled that he was wrong about Paul and Jack was right, and he is now taking it out on him. He knows Jack is now fixing his mistake. Jack plans on talking to Hal. Nick explains that it is not going to do him any good, but Jack vows that he will see about that. Nick leaves with an ominous statement: he is saving his career, and maybe something else that matters more, and one day he will thank him for it.

The judge takes out his checklist to ask about the extenuating circumstances that would necessitate their getting married before the age of 18. Is there an immediate threat at home? Is she pregnant? He realizes, listening in part to some of the things Gwen and Will are talking about her mom poisoning herself and trying to blame Will, and Barbara setting up Gwen with the robbery charge and subsequent attempted murder charges that their situation doesn’t fit as a textbook case; he crumples his list up and throws it away. Will starts to profess his feelings for Gwen; he loves and needs her, and they watch out for each other. The judge wonders if their desire to get married may be in part about the fight to be together making life exciting for them; after all, the ‘burbs’ can be boring. Gwen appeals to him as she starts to break down a bit; she became emancipated and always had two jobs to hold down and got to the point where she would give anything for boring. Then Will came along, and he made everything O.K. for her; they are a part of each other. The judge seems moved, but still wants to know what the rush is to get married. They explain it is so they can be taken seriously, and then the fighting can stop and they can focus on finishing school and starting on their careers. Again, he seems happy with their answers, but he then asks them what they will do if he says no. They answer that they will continue to have to fight their parents for however long it takes, because they will be married in the end. Meanwhile, outside the door, Maddie is pacing and wondering what is going on inside the room. She marvels at Casey’s ability to stay so cool. He teases her about getting all worked up about Gwen and Will being soul mates and how their coming here to get married is the ultimate in romantic, the two of them fighting against all odds. She teases him back, saying she is sure he believes in that stuff too; why else would he have driven them 100 miles? Casey winks as he tells her she should know why. Back inside the room, the judge mulls over his decision while Will and Gwen wait on pins and needles. Finally the judge makes a decision: he will marry them. Will and Gwen hug happily. The judge tells them to be there first thing in the morning, and Will and Gwen’s faces drop. They only have today; their friends drove them this one time because they don’t have a car and they live all the way in Oakdale. The judge tells them that he has a previous engagement he can’t break, and then he adds happily that it is with his wife salsa lessons. They plead with him to marry them today and they promise to only take half an hour.

Chardonnay wonders if Nick is a preacher or a politician. Carly tries to cover; she doesn’t know what he is, she just made a guess based on something her man said about how Nick getting caught would get him in trouble at work. He might have meant at home instead; maybe he has a wife and kids. Then light dawns on Chardonnay. She has it; he is a cop. Carly knows she should not have said so much, she tries to divert Chardonnay's thoughts by swearing her man would never conspire with a cop. Chardonnay won’t be deterred; she said her man got in trouble with the law thanks to Nick, and that could be because he was a cop. Chardonnay shakes her head as she thinks of the implications of a cop hanging out at the club. Butch would go ballistic; they need to tell him. Carly grabs her to stop her, saying she isn’t going to do Butch any favors after he fired her. Besides, if Chardonnay helps her frame Nick, then his reputation will be gone and the cops will never come near the club, and Butch will be so thankful he may give her a bonus. This convinces Chardonnay to go along with Carly’s plan. They are interrupted by an agitated Butch, who wants Chardonnay back at work and tells Carly to get lost.

Nick gets home and sees a melancholy Katie holding on to Mike’s gift. He wonders if Mike is O.K. She answers that he is, but she would give anything to have him there with her right now. Nick crosses the room and hugs her. She explains that she has news for Mike that she needs to tell him, or she is going to burst. It is a surprise. Nick offers an ear, if she wants to talk to him. She thanks him but declines to talk. He asks if she wants to get something to eat. She isn’t really hungry, she says, and what about his case? Nick tells her it is under control, and then he promises her he will take her wherever she wants to go, so she agrees.

Jen refuses to believe Paul; he has to be covering for someone. Paul continues, saying it was an accident when he hit him with his cane. Hal tries to lead Paul away, but Jen demands that Paul stay and tell her what happened. Hal doesn’t want him confessing in front of the whole station and then thinking he can get off on some technicality after the fact, but Paul promises that is not his intention. Hal agrees to let Paul finish his story. Paul looks at his sister’s tear-stained, horror-stricken face as he begins his story. There had been a knock on the door and he assumed it was Jen, since they had agreed to meet. However, it was Dusty, and he was enraged. He had sworn he would make it so Jen never forgave Paul and that he would make sure Jen stayed away from him. He said he was going to call the cops. They got into a fight and destroyed the room. Dusty left the room then to look for a phone to call the police, and Paul couldn’t let him, so he went after him. Meg is listening to his story as she recalls seeing Dusty leave the motel room with Paul hot on his heels. Paul continues; he caught up with him in the parking lot, and he just couldn’t let him make that call, so he hit him with his cane. He pauses and then explains how much Dusty bled, and how he couldn’t stop it, and he didn’t wake up. Meg, still listening, remembers removing her gloves to find her bloody hands. Paul explains how he couldn’t call 911 because no one would think it was an accident. He dragged him into the woods and buried him. Meg starts to cry and turns to bolt out of there. Jen sobs as she demands to know where Dusty is. Paul stares at her blankly as he tells her he doesn’t know. An inconsolable Jen shrieks as she asks how he could dig a hole and bury someone, and not remember where. Paul explains that he was half out of it the entire time, fighting to keep from blacking out. Jen is sure it has got to be near the parking lot, because he probably couldn’t have dragged him far. Hal promises that he is going to send a team to search for Dusty’s body, but Jen, who is practically despondent, tells them she will go find Dusty now, because she can’t leave him out there alone. She runs out of the station, with Barbara hot on her tail.

Jack sees a distraught Meg standing a little ways away from the room where Paul just confessed. Is she there to explain to him about how she and Paul are involved? Meg is not even listening as she responds that he confessed to the whole room that he killed Dusty. She continues to talk in a fog: she should have stopped him; it was too late, though, because it was done. Jack wonders what Meg was too late to do, and for whom; was it for Dusty or Paul? Jess overhears their conversation and rushes into the room to stop her client from talking any further. She berates Hal for allowing her client to confess without counsel. She takes Paul into the interrogation room. Is he crazy? He confessed to a crime that, the other day, he couldn’t recall any details about.

An elated Will and Gwen tell Casey and Maddie they are getting married right now. However, Maddie, ever the romantic, doesn’t want them to go through with the ceremony until they have a few items. Will and Gwen explain there is no time, but the judge hears Maddie’s heartfelt plea and tells them they have 15 more minutes, because he has some more calls he can make. Maddie grabs some money from Casey while dragging Gwen away, explaining they have some shopping to do.

Chardonnay explains to Butch that her shift is pretty much over; she was just getting Carly’s phone number. After Butch leaves, Carly apologizes to her, not wanting to get her into trouble. Chardonnay tells her she will finish her shift, go get changed, and meet her. Carly tells her to put on her good duds and meet her at the Lakeview. She promises to clean up nice. Carly smirks, as her plan seems to be coming together. She mumbles, “Get ready, Nick!”

Will thanks Casey for all his support and for driving them there. He wants him to stand up for him, which Casey agrees to do, but Will amends his request: he wants him to be his best man. Casey happily agrees. The judge interrupts, asking Will if he wants to pick out a ceremony. Will follows after him, but Casey tells him he has an errand to run and will see him in a few minutes. After they part, Gwen and Maddie return. They have things old, new, borrowed, and blue. Gwen thanks Maddie for all her support and gives her a red rose to thank her, as well as to hold when she is walking in as her maid of honor. Maddie is thrilled.

Carly meets Chardonnay at the Lakeview; she has checked into room 1417 under an alias, using cash. She hands her the room key and tells her that she typed an invitation to Nick, which she needs her to deliver. Chardonnay is concerned about how he will know it is from her if the note is typed and not signed. Carly puts the finishing touches on by spraying her perfume on the envelope. They both smile as Chardonnay leaves to deliver the note.

Katie has gotten ready, and Nick jokes with her about picking an expensive place to eat to make him suffer for all the laundry he leaves on the floor. Nick goes upstairs to get ready; as he does, the doorbell rings, and Katie goes to answer it. She doesn’t see anyone, but then she looks down to see the hand-typed envelope addressed to Nick on her welcome mat.

Jess is inquiring as to whether Paul was coerced into a confession. Paul explains that he had to unload his guilty conscience. She wonders if he has any idea what this stunt is going to cost him. He has an idea, but he realized Jen was never going to forgive him, so it didn’t matter anymore. Hal enters the room to tell them Paul’s arraignment has been postponed so they could add the new charges. Paul asks how Jen is, and Hal barks that he's never to say her name to him again.

Meg tries to walk away from Jack. Dusty is dead, and she loved him. Jack understands and knows how much she loved him. He also knows Dusty left her and started up with Jen practically the same day. He can understand how she would never want to see him again. She reminds him of how she was leaving town. Jack thinks that is why Emma was so upset because she was running. For the first time since he's known her, Emma lied. "What is she covering for you?" Jack asks. Meg defends her, insisting she doesn’t lie. Paul is brought out of the interrogation room, and he and Meg come face to face.

Carly meets Chardonnay back in the lobby. She has placed the camera behind the mirror by the bed. It is set to nighttime, so it should be fine in a darkened room. She tells her to leave the lights dimmed until the end, so Nick doesn’t figure out anything too early. She hands her a bag and tells her to put the things in it on and go wait for Nick to take the bait.

Katie walks inside, carrying the envelope. She smells the perfume wafting from it. Nick comes downstairs as she smells the envelope, and he wonders what she is doing.

At the courthouse, Will and Gwen’s wedding commences. Gwen walks in dressed in a white flowered sundress and carrying a bouquet of blue flowers. Will smiles broadly at her.

Jen and Barbara are outside their suite. A shaking Jen is sobbing as Barbara tries to help her inside. Jen doesn’t want to rest or go inside; she has to find Dusty she can’t leave him outside in the cold. "How could Paul bury him in the ground?" she gasps convulsively. Barbara tries to persuade her to go inside so she can see Johnny. Jen can’t; how can she explain what is wrong when she doesn’t even understand it herself? How could Dusty be gone?

Paul and Meg stare at each other. Finally, Meg speaks: why did he do it? Paul looks her straight in the eyes as he explains that he did what he had to do.

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