ATWT Update Wednesday 3/1/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 3/1/06


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Paul lies in his hospital bed at Memorial with his eyes closed. He is suddenly shocked out of his sleep when he feels someone touch his face. Emily stands over him with a meek and guilty look on her face. “Hi, Paul," she says softly. Paul looks at her suspiciously and asks her if she is there to finish the job. Emily tells him that she would never hurt him. She admits that she is there to see for herself that he is all right. Emily asks Paul about his relationship with Meg. Paul tells Emily that it was just a business arrangement and that he paid her a lot of money to nurse him back to health. Emily tells Paul that she thinks maybe they can try again to work on their relationship. Paul is a little stunned that after everything they have been through, Emily wants to try over. Emily tells Paul that she loved him, and Paul says that he loved her as well, but not in the way that she wants him to. When Paul basically says, in so many words, that there is no chance for him and Emily, she immediately assumes that it is because of Meg and asks him if he loves her. Paul tries to get Emily to keep Meg out of this. He also warns her that he owes Meg a great deal and that he will protect her in the same way that he will protect Emily. Jessica walks in and asks Emily to step outside so that she can speak to her client alone. Paul tells Jessica that he is going to tell her the entire story, from the night that he and Emily were last together, on New Year's Eve, and he wants Emily to hear it. Emily looks a little worried that Paul might actually tell the truth. The relief shows in her eyes when Paul continues the story without putting any blame on her. He tells Jessica that he tried to kill himself by shooting himself. He says that when he didn’t die, he found the cabin and nursed himself back to health with all of the medicine that was there. When Emily leaves, Jessica tells him that she does not believe his story. She shrugs it off and tells Paul that he has bigger problems Hal wants to know who else’s blood was found in the motel room with his.

Jennifer speaks to the man at the front desk of the Lakeview. He tells her that Dusty never used the car that came to take him to the airport. Jennifer is really worried now. The manager also tells her that Dusty left a bag at the front desk, which he never picked up. Jennifer recognizes it as Dusty’s bag and is almost frantic now. Barbara comes down, and Jen fills her in. Barbara tells Jen that Hal is trying to identify a car that has been sitting in the motel lot. Jen also knows that someone else’s blood was found in the motel room. She is worried and begins to suspect that Dusty and Paul were there together. She and Barbara head to the station. Hal confirms that it is Dusty’s blood, and his car. Jennifer is very upset and leaves the station. Back at the hospital, once again, Paul is shocked out of his sleep. This time, it is by Jennifer, who is shaking him and demanding to know where Dusty is.

Maddie and Casey stand outside of Katie’s cottage with some plants that Margo wanted her to have. Katie is not home, so Maddie uses her old key to get in. The place is empty. Casey is glad and starts kissing Maddie. They are on the floor by the couch, kissing, when Nancy Hughes walks in and calls out for Katie. Casey hurries to get up and then helps Maddie up, hoping his Gram doesn’t suspect anything. Nancy asks them what they are doing there. Casey tells her that Margo wanted Katie to have some flowers to cheer her up while Mike is away. Casey tells Nancy that there is no need for her to stick around. Nancy catches the hint and asks him if Margo knows that the two of them are there together and alone. She tells them that she thinks they should go before they get in any trouble, because she remembers being that age. When they leave, she shakes her head.

Casey and Maddie run into Will and Gwen at Java. Gwen and Will are talking about finding a judge. Gwen tells them that she and Will want to get married, but they have to be 18 in most states and they are looking for a judge who will hear them out. Maddie suggests that Casey could ask his dad. Casey takes off. He goes to the station, and he and his dad talk in a private room. He comes up with a story that he is doing a school project about teenage marriage. Tom is surprised that Casey is taking it so seriously. He tells him that it would help his project to talk to some judges. His dad gives him the names of some, and Casey heads back to Java to give the names to Will and Gwen. Maddie hugs him and thanks him. Casey then offers them a ride to see a judge, since they don’t have any money.

Emily meets Henry in the lounge at the Lakeview. She tells him about her encounter with Paul. Henry just wants his money. He is also shocked that Emily still thinks that there is a chance for her and Paul. Emily tells him that she could see in his eyes that he still loves her. Emily refuses to give Henry the money. She says that she is going to get Paul back, but they need to make sure that Meg Snyder will not be a problem.

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