ATWT Update Tuesday 2/28/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 2/28/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At Java, Katie is thumbing through a bridal magazine, only half-glancing at it. She picks up her cell phone and leaves a message for her florist; she is canceling their flowers because they are postponing the wedding. She hears herself say that and then immediately corrects herself by saying that the wedding will be on at a later date, just not right now. She hangs up, knowing how she just sounded on the florist’s answering machine. Nancy walks in and tells her that she is here to make her day, because she just found the most wonderful place to host her reception. Katie stares at her for a moment, and then her emotions take over as she breaks down.

At Carly and Jack’s home, Nick is demanding to know whose phone number Carly is trying to hide from him. Carly tries to cover by saying it is a play-date number, but Nick tells her that he knows the exchange, and that is down in the district where drug deals go down. Carly tries again, saying he didn’t let her finish — she never said it was for her kids; one of the waitresses gave her her home number. Nick isn’t buying it; did she find it at the club? Did she take it from the back room or from Anatoli? She wants to break the case for Jack — he did send her in. He is furious; what kind of a man or husband sends in his wife to do his dirty work for him?

Jack and Meg are sitting in her car out in front of Emma’s. She wants to get going, but Jack flashes his handcuffs and suggests she stay and talk with him. He wants this to be an easy, friendly conversation; the choice is hers. They know that Paul is alive and that she has been hiding him. She needs to tell him where Paul is.

At his mausoleum, Paul sits on the floor. He is mumbling to himself about how he should not have done that, and she was better off. Then he hears a door open and he scrambles to hide. He hears Jen’s voice calling for him. Jen walks into the room where Paul is hiding. She sees the bloody handprints at Paul’s nameplate and she starts to cry out slightly. She calls to Paul, telling him that she is alone and to not be afraid. Paul slowly shows himself, though he's still a bit in the shadows, as Jen stares at him, stunned. She starts to ramble: is it really him? She thought he was gone. She got his call and he promised to wait, but when she got to his motel room it was in disarray. She starts to cry a little as Paul holds his hand out to her. She takes it as she realizes he truly is alive. She wants to know what happened at the motel. He jokes it off, claiming he couldn’t find his keys; it was no big deal. Jen chuckles for a second, but then comes back to reality. She starts to cry again as Paul tells her it will all be O.K. She is so glad he is alive. Why is she so upset, then? he asks. She is so confused; she wants to hug him, but part of her wants to lash out at him. She wants to take him home so they can talk, but another part of her never wants to talk to him again. How could he let her think he killed himself? He explains that he thought she was better off without him, but when he saw her— Jen cuts him off: Where did he see her? He explains that he saw her at the memorial service; he couldn’t let her suffer like that. Jen is getting angrier; how could he twice let her think someone she loves is dead? Paul now sees she hasn’t completely forgiven him yet. She isn’t sure he deserves her forgiveness. He knows he doesn’t deserve it, but he can’t live without it. He couldn’t leave knowing how she felt, and she obviously can’t move on. They will never be free if she doesn’t forgive him.

Meg keeps her story up with Jack and insists she can’t tell him where Paul is, because the last she heard he had committed suicide. Jack isn’t buying it. Paul called Jen and she went to see him, but he is missing again, leaving behind a motel room in shambles. An incredulous Meg mumbles, "Idiot." Jen has said that Meg was helping to nurse Paul back to health. Meg thinks that they should talk to Jen about her fantasy of her helping Paul. Every time something in her life goes wrong, she blames her. She wouldn’t have helped Paul, because he cost her her career and the man she loves. Jack still thinks she is lying. "However, a healthy payday may have smoothed things over slightly," Jack ponders; how else could she afford a suite at the Lakeview without a job? And then there was her vacation to Mexico… He saw Paul’s motel room; there was too much blood, so he is obviously hurt. He probably called her for help. It makes sense, because she is a kindhearted woman who is in a selfless profession. She laughs at his compliment. He assures her that whatever has been done can be undone, and they will go through it together. There are mitigating factors; if she gives him Paul then he can make the "harboring a fugitive" count go away. Meg nods her head no, slowly. It is too late. Jack wants to know why? Why did she get involved? She didn’t, she tells him; Paul found her. He offered to help her keep Dusty, and that was all she cared about at the time. She would have done anything for him. Can’t he understand that? He must know about selling his soul to the devil for someone he loves. Jack stares back, knowing what she is talking about.

Carly is furious; if he says one more bad word against Jack she will make him swallow his teeth, she grimaces, as she clutches her fist; he would never use her or put her life in jeopardy for a case. She demands he give her property back and get out of her house. "It is only a waitress’ phone number," Nick goads. Nick thinks they can solve this simply by calling the number. He dials, listens, and then hangs up as she tries to grab the phone away from him. What was the plan? Nick angrily asks. She was just going to hand the phone number to Jack so he could bust Anatoli and make his case? Carly is now furious: "It was Jack’s case, and he did all the hard work. Now you sail in and try to take all the glory. He deserves his shield back." Nick grabs the phone again and informs her he is calling the station to have Jack taken off the case. Carly is pleading now — he can’t do that. Nick coldly tells her to watch him.

Nancy puts a coffee in front of Katie. Is she feeling any better now? She is, but she is just so worried about all the near-misses she and Mike have had in trying to get to the altar. Nancy thinks that she needs a project to get her mind off of Mike. Katie thinks it isn’t possible with her work at WOAK, and then there is picking up and babysitting Nick — he is staying with her while Mike is gone, to protect her in case B. J. returns. He is a pain in the neck, but she is more annoyed that he is getting wrapped up with Carly. Nancy is surprised. Katie clarifies that statement; it sounds worse than it is, but she still is concerned. Nancy tells Katie emphatically that Carly is trouble and to keep Nick as far away as possible from her. Katie is a little surprised by Nancy’s strong opinion on the matter.

Carly continues to plead: "Please don’t take Jack’s job away!" Nick wants to know how Jack would feel if he found out what she was doing. Carly admits that he would be mad as hell. It was her fault, though, that they took his job. When they took his job away, they took his pride and joy. She needs to get it back for him. Nick can’t believe he is hearing this. Doesn’t she care about herself at all? She is putting herself at risk all for Jack? All of this has been about Jack? She asks why he looks surprised. He shakes his head; he has no idea why that should come as a surprise. She hasn’t been chasing him around and trying to find ways to get closer to him, he now thinks himself. His pride is bruised as he tries to recover. He is going to take the phone number and solve and close this case on his own. He won’t make a call to have Jack lose his job if she gives him what he wants, and then she will get what she wants.

Jack agrees that he knows what Meg is talking about. She needs to take a good look at what it cost him, though. Meg wants to know, when he said, “We’ll help you,” whom was he referring to? Was he implying the Snyder clan would rally behind her, or did he mean that the Oakdale PD would be helping her? Jack answers that he would like to say that he is there as a cousin. Meg cuts him off: it is too bad he came as a cop, then. She immediately toughens up; if they have more than simply Jen’s word, then they can come talk to her, but until then they need to leave her alone. Jack hopes she is as tough as she is portraying herself to be, because she is going to need all the help she can get. She should call Emma or Holden and talk to them about what she is doing. Just then her cell phone rings, and it is obvious, albeit only slightly, that Meg is nervous that the call is from Paul. Jack grabs the phone as Meg yells, “Give me the phone, Jack!” Is that her warning for Paul? It is Emma anyway, he says. She wants to know why she is still out there if she is planning on leaving town? He hangs up and asks Meg if she is expecting company on her trip?

Jen is trying not to let Paul in so easily. He is not that important to her anymore, she states; she has her son now, and Dusty, who loves her completely. Paul turns away and grimaces. Jen wants to know what is wrong, but she then stops herself; she will not let him make her feel bad for him. She turns him around, and he grimaces again. She realizes he is really hurt. "What is that?" she asks. He explains that it is a gunshot wound. Meg looks horrified; he was wounded at the motel? He chuckles as he starts to explain that it is an old injury. Meg thinks she understands; he did try to kill himself. Before he can answer, Hal busts in with another officer to make the arrest. He is not going to escape this time, he promises. Hal orders the officer to cuff Paul, but Jen is worried about how hurt he is. Hal apologizes for her having to witness this, but they don’t know if this is part of his elaborate plan to escape again. Jen begs for Hal to take him to Memorial Hospital instead of jail; he is in dire need of medical attention. His injuries are obviously real. Hal agrees to take him to the hospital. Paul tries to apologize again, as Jen quietly tells him to shut up and lean on her. Hal gently tells her she can’t do that because he is a prisoner. He insists that she let his officer do his job, as they haul him off.

Meg tries to explain what Emma told Jack. She is not really leaving town, she says; she just told Emma that to get her off her back, because she had been harping at her to come to dinner so they could talk and she could try to fix her life. She needed a break from everyone, so she told her that she was leaving town. Jack surmises that Meg thought that call was from Paul and she was trying to warn him. Just then Jack gets a call from Hal about Paul having been caught and their being on their way to the hospital. He tells Jack to meet him there after he gets some sleep, and then he asks if he has talked to Meg yet. He has, Jack tells him, and he will fill him in when he sees him. After he hangs up, Jack tells Meg that they've captured Paul and that he is hurt and on his way to the hospital. Meg isn’t budging with her story right now. Jack warns her that she is now a material witness, so she had better not plan on leaving town anytime in the near future. He reminds her that she is going to need her family’s support and help more than ever now. After he leaves the car, Meg sits there for a moment before she looks at her glove compartment. She takes the passport out and looks at it. She can’t have them find a fake passport in her glove compartment. She takes out a lighter and starts to burn it.

Nancy explains to Katie that Carly drugged her own sister, and used her in the process. Katie is stunned; she knew there were problems there, but she never would have guessed it ran that deep. Why would she go that far? Nancy explains that she was convinced that Gwen was an unfit mother and wanted to keep the baby from her. Katie immediately understands that she used Nancy as a character witness, supposedly. She would have instant credibility if she were with Nancy when the incident happened with Gwen. She marvels at her foresight. She is smart — sneaky, but smart. Nancy goes on to explain that that is why Jack got fired — he helped her out of it. Katie jumps up; she has to tell Nick. As she is leaving, Nancy asks to borrow the bridal magazines. Nancy jokes that reading them keeps her young. Katie is surprised, but it will get them out of her sight, so she won’t start crying every time she sees them. Nancy teases her by telling her crying makes the eyes sag; she is sure Mike will be home soon. Katie laughs and happily hands them over as she takes off.

Carly demands to know what Nick wants from her. He says he wants her out of his hair. He wants her to stay away from him, the Galaxy Club, and Anatoli. He will break the case himself, and maybe then Jack can keep his job. He leaves in a huff. Carly stares back down at her hand. She can no longer see the phone number on it; she can only make out the last two digits. She mutters to herself that she is not going to let "Nick the weasel" take this away from him. Then she sees the computer on the table. She rushes to it; could the number still be on the reverse directory look-up? She looks around at the page and determines that the number is gone. She slams the computer closed; Jack, who has just arrived home, smiles as he wonders what the poor, innocent computer did to her. Carly blows his question off. Jack doesn’t notice much, because he has some interesting news: it seems that Paul is alive. A broad smile widens across Carly’s face. Didn’t hotshot Nick declare him dead? Jack nods in agreement. Carly hugs him as she laughs loudly.

Hal and Jen are walking into the hospital behind Paul, who is being wheeled in on a gurney. He did pass out in the squad car after all. Hal isn’t convinced that that wasn’t part of his plan, so he wouldn’t have to answer any questions. An emotional Barbara has arrived on the scene. "How is Paul?" she nervously asks. Jen tells her he has passed out and is being seen. She really thinks Paul tried to kill himself, and something went wrong. Hal bitterly remarks that it is hard to put a gun in your mouth and miss. Both Jen and Barbara are put off by his comment. Hal walks off, and Barbara tells Jen she doesn’t think Hal means to be so heartless. Jen thinks he does, but much of the time she can’t blame him. They walk towards Paul’s cubicle and Barbara looks in. She is still convinced James is involved, but Jen is still convinced he wasn’t. Paul never mentioned it; they are just going to have to accept the fact that Paul did this all on his own. Barbara worries that Jen must hate him still for what he did. Jen doesn’t want to; she sees her brother as a sad, twisted shell of a man she once knew. Even in the middle of this, though, he tried to make her laugh. She hugs her mom as she tells her she wishes this nightmare were over.

Jack is amused by Carly. She is the only person in Oakdale who is laughing at Paul being alive. She explains that she is laughing because that means Nick blew it. Jack doesn’t think it is that big of a deal, but Carly begs to differ. Nick made a very public mistake, and when Nick goes, he will get his job back. Jack stares at Carly; does she really think that is how easily it will go? Because he's sure it is not going to happen that way at all.

Katie is nervously trying to straighten up while she's waiting for Nick to get home. She notices a handkerchief with lipstick on it and knows it is Carly’s. When Nick comes home, he makes small talk for a moment, but when Katie teasingly tosses his lipsticked handkerchief at him he throws it in the trash and walks upstairs, as Katie looks after him.

Jess rushes into see Jen at the hospital. She is shocked to hear the news; is it true? Jen explains that Paul is alive, but he looks like death right now. He is going to be in need of Jess’s services. Jess agrees to help but needs to hear the whole story. The nurse interrupts them by telling Jen that Paul is asking for her. Jen tells Jess to go in her place, because he needs her more right now. He passed out in the police car and may not even remember that he has been arrested. Jess goes in to see Paul as Jen makes a call to Dusty at his hotel. The operator informs her that Dusty never checked in. Jen thinks there must be a mistake, because his plane landed an hour ago. She decides to leave a message for Dusty to call her the minute he gets there. Hal walks up to Jen and tells her that they have news from the forensic team that processed Paul’s room.

Meg is still sitting in the car, thinking back to her conversation with Jack about crossing the line for someone you love. Her hands are shaking. She holds her gloved hands up and starts to take the gloves off; she looks down at her hands, which are covered in dried blood.

Carly brings herself and Jack each a beer. She is convinced that Hal will see that Nick screwed up royally. Jack smiles at how unrelenting she is. It was not just Nick who thought that, but also Hal, as well as a whole forensics team. Carly persists; if Hal had listened to him then they would have not dropped the ball. Jack is sure that Hal is not going to fire Nick for a wrong judgment call. If someone got fired every time his feelings or gut was wrong, the department would be in trouble. He is sure Nick is going to be there for a long time. The only way he wouldn’t be is if he did something illegal or unethical. Carly tells Jack to go upstairs and she will bring some hot food, and herself, up there in a moment. Jack kisses her and tells her not to be long. After he leaves, a sinister smile shows on Carly’s face as she repeats Jack’s words: "He has to do something illegal or unethical…" She can work with that!

Nick comes back downstairs. Katie wants to know what happened this afternoon. She tries to make light of their conversation by saying he was all sweet about Carly earlier, and now he tosses away her lips like they mean nothing to him, after he obviously held on to them. "They are nothing," Nick coldly responds. Katie decides she will talk, then, and says she found out how Carly got Jack fired. Nick doesn’t want to hear her story; he actually never wants to hear Carly’s name mentioned again. He walks away as Katie watches him, hoping he means that.

Jess is trying to talk to Paul, but he is only focused on Jen. He keeps saying her name, and Jess tells him that she is fine and is just outside. He mutters that he just wanted her to forgive him, and he almost had it.

Hal wonders if Paul told Jen what happened between him and the other person in the motel room. Jen explains that they didn’t get into it. Hal explains that the blood there is someone else’s, and with the amount of blood they found, the guy didn’t get too far after he left. Hal wants Jen to promise that she will tell him if Paul tells her what happened. After he leaves, Jen looks nervously at her cell phone, hoping Dusty will call soon, because she needs him.

Meg is sitting in her car, replaying Jack’s words in her head about him helping her and how whatever she did could be undone. She mumbles to herself that she hopes Jack is right. She takes a wipe out of her purse and tries to wipe her hands clean of the blood that is covering them.

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