ATWT Update Monday 2/27/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 2/27/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At the cottage, an irritated Katie is trying to busy herself by straightening up Nick’s mess in the living room. She is interrupted when he comes home, and soon the two are in a heated debate about the Galaxy Club. He doesn’t want to discuss what was going on there, but Katie doesn’t want to drop it. He finally gives in and tells her that she knew he was doing undercover work, and now she knows where. Katie asks snidely if Carly was working under his covers, too.

At home, Carly is busily copying Anatoli’s phone number from her hand to a piece of paper when an exhausted Jack comes through the door, surprising her. She hurriedly hides the piece of paper. Jack makes a beeline for the couch; he has had a long night, and he has had it with Nick. He got a disturbance call from the Galaxy Club, and when he went to check it out Nick had the nerve to insinuate that he was trying to blow his cover. He doesn’t know if he can take it anymore. He feels like the squad is filled with people he considers brothers, but he is at his wits' end. He is not working with Nick; he feels as if he is working under him. Carly sees how frustrated he is and decides that she will make it all better for him by giving him the information she has on Anatoli. She eases into it by massaging his neck, and Jack immediately starts to kiss her, but Carly won’t be deterred now. She wants to talk; Jack doesn’t want to anymore, as he cuddles up closer to her. She stops him by telling him that she has news for him that could leave Nick in his dust. Jack looks interested.

At the Lakeview, Henry comes upon Emily, who is obviously drowning her sorrows in one or two, or more, hard-liquor drinks. He interrupts her marathon gulping by asking her what she is doing. She stares at him blankly, as if she is not even hearing him. He repeats himself: Why is she drinking as if she were on spring break in Ft. Lauderdale? She looks at him a while before she ominously answers that she did something terrible.

Meg is in her car, driving; she is not paying attention. Instead, she is mumbling about doing something terrible. She flashes back to seeing an injured Dusty rushing out of Paul’s room, with an even more injured Paul hot on his heels. She is so out of it she almost runs herself off the road. She stops the car and wonders nervously to herself, What have I done?

At the Wagon Wheel Motel, Hal and Jen are talking. She explains that she came here to see Paul. Hal is stopped dead in his tracks; what is she talking about? Paul is dead. She realizes that it sounds crazy, but he is alive. She came here to talk to him, and then she found the room in this condition. He must have fought with someone. She is really scared, she says as she tightly hugs her dad. She goes on to explain how this woman gave her his number to call, and when she did he answered right away. Was she sure it was him? She is definite. Who is this woman? It was a psychic, she starts to explain, but Hal is suspicious. She assures him that she is not scamming her. It turns out that Paul was paying her off to plant ideas about him being alive in her mind. Why would he go through all that? Hal wonders. Jen thinks he was feeling her out to see if she still hated him because of everything he did. Now she's gotten to his motel room, and he is gone. Hal is convinced that, if Paul is alive, he may not have waited, simply because he realized he was a wanted man. Jen won’t hear of that.

Emily is muttering to herself about being so angry after she saw Meg and Paul kissing. Henry is stuttering as he asks if she went after Paul again. She tells him no, as Henry breathes a sigh of relief. Before he gets that full breath out, though, Emily clarifies her statement: she didn’t go after Paul personally; she sent Dusty instead. Henry’s face seems to go white. Emily continues; he was so furious when he heard about Paul she could have sworn he was going to kill him. Henry tries out another scenario, where she would want him killing Paul. She would want this scenario because otherwise Paul could be weaving a tale about her attempt to murder him. The cops could be on the way as she stands there. Emily’s eyes widen.

Meg is staring out into nowhere from inside her car when Emma appears in the window, surprising her. Why is she out here in the cold with the car running? She thought she had left town and she never would see her again; she scared her to death. Meg stumbles as she explains that she was driving around and couldn’t focus, so she came here before she caused an accident; it was the first place she thought to go. Emma gets inside the car, pleading with her to turn off the car and come in the house to warm up. Meg melts into her arms as she sobs.

Nick adamantly tells Katie that Carly is not involved in his work. Katie finds it tough to believe that it is just a sheer coincidence that he is working undercover at a strip club where Carly is slinging drinks while wearing a postage-stamp-sized outfit. Why won’t she just let this go? Nick laments. He has put her in the middle of this with his comments and blatant flirting, not to mention asking her to return Carly’s wedding ring to her without Jack being made aware. Nick tells her that he will explain what he knows, but she needs to keep quiet about this. Since Jack got demoted, apparently, they have been really short of cash at home, so Carly took a job at the club to make ends meet. Katie looks at him for a second, and then a smile widens across her face. "You have got to be kidding me!" she exclaims; how could he be such a hot-shot detective and be so stupid?

Carly brings Jack a beer to relax him. He comments about feeling better now. She hints that he will feel even better when she is done. She wants to talk, but again Jack isn’t in the mood for that (hint, wink!). She pushes on; what if he had information Nick didn’t have that led to a break in the case? Jack pulls back a little. How could he get that, when he isn’t the one working undercover? Carly wonders if it would change if he had someone working undercover for him. Jack is confused. Carly walks over to where she hid the number, puts it in her hands, and walks back over to Jack. She is excitedly talking about how she came up with this idea and how he will appreciate it better when he sees what she has found out. She hands him the paper and he is about to look at it, when his cell phone rings. It is Hal, and he is at the Wagon Wheel Motel; he needs Jack there ASAP because something big is going down there. Jack anxiously gets off the phone and tells her that he needs to run because Hal needs him, and it sounds important. Carly tries to stop him because she needs him to see what she gave him. Jack is too preoccupied; this could be what they were waiting for — the break he needs to get back on the force. He runs out, excited, while Carly happily watches after him.

Nick is angry and wants to know if Katie is going to let him in on the joke. Katie laughs about trying to get her mind around Carly being forced into slavery at a strip club. Nick jumps to Carly’s defense; Carly is a good mom, and she is trying to provide for her children, but if word got out it could be embarrassing to her. Katie then explains that Carly was a big-time fashion designer who showed her works all over the world. She could have gotten a job anywhere if she needed to. Nick stops and wonders out loud why she would act as if she desperately needed this job because she could get no other. Katie wants him to do the math. He asks her if she is implying that Carly took the job there to get closer to him. Carly doesn’t do anything for no reason, Katie replies. She doesn’t know if Carly is chasing after him, or if he is doing the chasing; she just knows that they are on a slippery slope and should get off before someone gets hurt. An irritated Nick declares that nothing is going on between them, and he storms out. Katie realizes how upset he is and rushes after him to stop him, but he is already long gone.

Carly is lying down on the couch, looking at the phone number. She flashes to a vision of her telling Jack about getting this number for him from Anatoli. Jack is stunned, but when he realizes what it is he tells her that she is the best and she just provided him with the information he needs to bring down the mob and close the case; she always knows how to help him. They kiss as Hal walks into their house to tell them that he is there to reinstate Jack. They ask about Nick, and Hal jokingly answers, "Nick who?" He says he has left town because he knew he was fired when he blew the case. Hal wants Jack back at the station pronto, with a big raise. Parker interrupts Carly’s fantasy and asks why she is smiling. She joyously tells him that she found a way to make everything all right again, and he is going to help her.

Henry is amazed at Emily’s actions; they were home free. Emily continues to rant — she couldn’t let him get away with it, especially after everything she had done for him and was willing to give up for him. Henry reminds her of how she always seems to act before thinking; she kicks in the door when all she has to do is knock. She saw the man she loved kissing another woman, she repeats. Henry reminds her that she had no idea of the circumstances around that. She goes from zero to revenge in 5.3 seconds. She shot the man, who then climbed back over a bluff he was pushed off of — by her. How does she know what was going through his mind? Does she really think that after everything he has been through he is looking for a new girlfriend? Emily stops as she hears his words; he is right! They both need another drink.

Jen is adamant that she knows that Paul wouldn’t have taken off on her. He needed her forgiveness; she could hear the ache in his voice. Hal reminds her that he didn’t deserve her forgiveness. He doesn’t know what to believe; he needs something more, such as a witness. Jen perks up; Meg is his witness, then. She has been nursing and helping Paul; she could tell him everything he needs to know! Jack enters at this time. "What is going on here?" he asks. Hal explains to a stunned Jack that apparently Paul is alive. Does he want to get the “I told you"s out of the way now? He let his feelings cloud his judgment; he apologizes to Jack. Jack doesn’t want him to worry about it; what does he want him to do now? Hal tells him that he needs him to find his cousin, Meg; Jen just told him that she has been helping him all along.

Emma wants to know why Meg would want to leave town without saying goodbye to her “momma’? She blubbers about how she couldn’t face her. Emma assures her there is nothing she can’t say to her. Meg wishes that were true, but it hasn’t been like that for a while. She has been so ashamed about what she has done and who she has become. She needed a clean break, and she couldn’t even do that right. Emma wants her to consider coming in and getting a good night's sleep; things always look better in the morning. Meg tells her that things are spinning out of control and she doesn’t know how to stop them. Emma wants her to know there is nothing that can’t be stopped or undone if she wants it. Is she sure she doesn’t want to tell her what is wrong? Meg looks as if she is considering it. Does she think she wouldn’t understand? Meg tries to explain. She feels as if Emma has set the bar so high that she can’t reach it; all she wanted to do was make her proud, but when she couldn’t match up to her, it all seemed useless, and she just gave up. Emma promises that she loves her just as she is. Maybe she has always set goals high for her children, but she does it because she knows that they can achieve them. Meg somberly asks her if she now sees how wrong she was. Emma tries to get Meg to see the positives in some of her choices; for example, she chose a selfless profession when she became a nurse. Meg wants her to stop making excuses for her. Things have gotten really bad and she doesn’t know how to fix them. Emma suggests they take things one step at a time. Meg doesn’t know where to start, though. Emma thinks a good way to start is to take responsibility for her actions. Meg explains that she wants to make things right with everyone, but she doesn’t know where to begin.

Jen is looking fearfully at the dried bloodstains on the carpet. She worries that Paul is hurt. Hal tries to reason that he may have gotten drunk and done this to himself; he may be walking it off and on his way back soon. Barbara busts in and demands to know what is going on. Jen tries to explain. Understandably, Barbara is unsure of Jen’s words at first. Is she sure that she was talking to Paul? Jen is definite in her belief that she knows her brother’s voice. She sadly states that she can’t lose him again. She wishes Hal believed her. Barbara is pacing; someone has hurt her son. She goes to the dresser and picks up the disguise; she now realizes who has hurt him — James Stenbeck.

Carly asks Parker if you can find an address if you only have a phone number and no name. Parker tells her how easy it is — she just needs to use the reverse directory look-up. Carly is thrilled to hear how easy this is. Parker wants to know if this means that Jack will get his job back now. She tells him that she is counting on that. Parker leaves and Carly gets on the computer to do her research. As she is typing, she mutters about how Nick’s days are now numbered.

Katie is nervously pacing around the living room when the phone rings; she races to it and answers it, but the connection is initially poor; then she hears that it is Mike, and the relief shows on her face. She tells him how much she misses him; this distance between them is much harder to live with than she thought it would be. There is a lot of stuff going on, which she doesn’t want to get into right now, but would it be possible for him to come home earlier than he planned? Mike explains that there is a lot of stuff going on over there as well, and it isn’t good. Katie’s face drops. She worries because he sounds exhausted. He admits that he is; there was an accident on the site. Katie quickly panics; is he all right? He promises that he is fine, but his brother did not fare so well. He was hit by a cross beam and is in bad shape at the hospital. He should be O.K. down the road, but his leg was shattered into a bunch of pieces. Mike is in charge of the show now, and he can’t bail on his brother while he is in the hospital; plus, they are right in the middle of this project, and he can’t let his brother down because this job means so much to him. Katie understands, but her face shows her emotional upset. He should definitely stay there as long as he needs to, she tells him; the wedding plans can hold until he gets home. Mike warmly tells her how much he misses her and wishes he were holding her in his arms. He needs to run, though, because they are behind the eight-ball now. He tells her she can fill him in on all the stuff going on back home when he calls back, but Katie downplays it now and says she will talk with him later.

Carly is typing away online and, Presto! She seems to get the answer she wants, as she writes down the address. She will simply hand this to Jack, who will hand it to Hal, and then they will give Nick the boot. Just as she is relishing her success, the doorbell rings, and she goes to answer it; there stands Nick. What is he doing there? she spits. He says he is trying to figure out how long she thought she was going to play him.

Henry wants to know if Emily can stop Dusty from going to Paul now. Emily knows that there is nothing she can do about things now, because when he left there he was determined to hunt him down. She doesn’t know what she was doing; she was acting out the role of a woman scorned. Henry thinks they should move quickly, take the cash, and leave for Puerto Vallarta now. Emily says, with determination, that she is not going anywhere. Henry is aghast; she is in more hot water than she has ever been in before, and yet she doesn’t want to leave town? Why is that?

Barbara is like a dog with a bone; she is sure James had his hands in this. It has been too long since they have heard from him. Jen is not so sure; she is positive that Paul would have found a way to let her know if James were involved, and he had sounded calm when they spoke. Barbara is convinced, though, that he was lying in wait, and then he took his revenge when he was sure that they were finally trying to get past this; he dangled the carrot in front of them with the thought of Paul being alive. Hal has come back in, and he shoots down Barbara’s theory. The desk clerk identified Paul as the man wearing the disguise, but Barbara won’t hear it. Hal wants her to see that Paul has turned into James, and they had better accept it. The Paul they know is gone. Barbara won’t accept Hal’s twisted version of her son. He appeals to Jen, who he thinks has the most to lose from her belief that there is still good in Paul. He kept the fact that she had a baby from her for months, and she turned to drugs and ended up in a mental hospital. Jen justifies his actions, saying she now knows he felt compelled to protect her. Something has happened to Paul, and they have to figure out where he is.

Carly glares at Nick; what is he talking about, with her playing him? She didn’t need to work at the club, he says; Jack had her down there to spy on him. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time they crossed the line. Carly spits back that Jack doesn’t waste his time following up on Nick’s comings and goings. He wouldn’t give him the time of day. Nick wonders if she wants to explain to Jack why she was at the club, then. Carly promises that she would have already, if Hal's needing Jack hadn’t interrupted them. She tells him to get lost and tries to close the door, but Nick pushes his way inside. He starts to search around her living room. Why would she be there, then? He rifles through some papers, and Carly spies the piece of paper with the phone number on it. She quickly lunges for it, but Nick sees her and grabs it out of her hand. What is she hiding? He looks at the piece of paper as Carly yells for him to give it to her. Is she holding out on him?

Emily repeats to herself that maybe there was another reason for why they were kissing. Henry worries about her deluding herself into believing Paul wants her back. She says she wasn’t thinking when she called Dusty. Henry hopes that Dusty finished the job, then. Emily doesn’t want him to say that. She did love Paul at one point; she was just in so much pain when she made that decision… Henry scoffs that she should be sure to tell that to the jury, so they'll consider giving her a lethal injection instead of the electric chair. Emily is determined; she is not going to call Dusty or leave town, she is just going to wait. What are they waiting for? Emily answers that she doesn’t know, but maybe they will all be surprised.

Meg is in her car, ready to leave, but just as she starts off Jack sticks his head in the window. She assumes he is looking for Emma and she directs him to the house. He isn’t looking for Emma; he is looking for her. He wants to talk to her about Paul Ryan. Meg’s face subtly drops.

Jen is upset about Hal. She wants him to believe her. Barbara assures her that she will find Paul. Jen worries that Paul has abandoned her again; what if felt he had to go because she brought the cops there? Barbara doesn’t believe that. If he left, he did so because of his own guilt and shame. Something terrible could have happened to him that prevented him from staying around. Hopefully he is waiting for her somewhere. Jen has an idea; she asks if Barbara can take Johnny for a while, because Dusty is out of town and she needs to go somewhere. Barbara agrees but wants to know where she is going. Jen answers that she is going to find her brother, and she may know just where to find him.

At Paul’s crypt, we see a shot of where his nameplate is on the wall; as the shot pans back, we can see smeared handprints in blood. Then, there on the floor sits Paul, looking as if he is on death’s doorstep.

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