ATWT Update Friday 2/24/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 2/24/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At Holden and Lily’s house, Lily comes downstairs and tells Holden she thinks they should ease up on Luke a bit so he can help Jade make new friends and get used to Oakdale. Lily tells Holden she is proud of how Luke has been following the rules, and she also thinks he has learned that he shouldn’t drink again. Holden shows Lily Kevin’s ID, which he found outside on the ground. Lily is quick to give Luke the benefit of the doubt and tells Holden that Luke might have the ID for some reason, or maybe Kevin dropped it the last time he came over. Holden tells Lily that the ID was lying on the ground, but it wasn’t dirty and didn’t seem like it had been there a long time. Holden tells Lily that Luke has been lying to them again.

In Chicago, Kevin and Luke talk inside a locker room where the concert is being held. Kevin and Luke both agree that the band was terrible, and Luke jokes that he can play guitar better than the girl in the band, and he doesn’t even play guitar. Kevin thinks Jade is hot and says it was nice of her to cover for Luke with Holden and Lily so he could come to the concert. Kevin thinks Luke likes Jade and that he's drooling over her. Luke tells Kevin that he and Jade are cousins, and she isn’t his type. Kevin bends Luke’s arm behind his back in a wrestling-style move and tells Luke he won’t let him go until he tells him what kind of girl is his type. Jade arrives and stands outside, watching Kevin and Luke joking around about what sort of girl Luke likes; she decides not to interrupt them and heads back home alone.

At Java, Maddie has a flashback to the words Margo told her she and Casey can’t see each other romantically, or she will have to find some place else to live. Maddie is so deep in thought that she doesn’t notice when she gets whipped cream on her face after sipping her hot chocolate. Casey arrives and startles her out of her thoughts when he takes his finger and takes the whipped cream from her face and then eats it. Maddie gets upset with Casey because she worries that Margo will walk in for her coffee fix and see them together. Casey assures Maddie that they just have to keep their romance a secret until his mother calms down a little bit. Maddie worries that Margo will make her leave the house, and then she won’t have a place to live. Casey assures Maddie that his mom would never throw her out of the house.

At the Galaxy, Nick sees Jack and Katie when they arrive, and he quickly grabs Carly by the arm and takes her to the back room. Carly is angry with Nick at first because she fears Anatoli will be very angry with her if she doesn’t dance for him. Nick explains to Carly that he was only trying to save her marriage. At first Carly is confused, until Nick tells her to open the door and look at who just arrived at the club. Carly opens the door and is shocked to see Jack and Katie, and Carly wonders what Jack is doing at the club. Carly tells Nick that Jack can’t see her at the club, and she asks for his help. Nick shows Carly a back door that leads to the street and tells her he will distract Jack until she gets out of the club.

In Chicago, Luke tells Kevin that Jade was adopted and has always been curious to know about his aunt Rose, and when she found out Rose had died she came looking for her family. Kevin thinks that Jade is lucky to have landed on his family’s doorstep, since she is poor. Luke tells Kevin that is exactly what his grandmother said to his parents. Kevin tells Luke he isn’t judging Jade because she wants a better life for herself. Kevin jokes that he wishes Luke’s parents would adopt him, so he wouldn’t have to live with his dysfunctional family. Luke feels badly that they left Jade alone at the concert. Kevin wants to hang out and talk, since they haven’t talked in a long time. Luke decides to go tell Jade where they are so they can meet her after the concert.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Jade arrives home alone, and when asked why by both Holden and Lily Jade explains that the concert was boring to her, and Luke offered to bring her home, but she said no because he was having a good time at the concert. Holden shows Jade Kevin’s picture on his ID and asks her if she has seen him with Luke, and Jade responds, "Yes."

At the Wagon Wheel Motel, Dusty tells Paul he is a punk for causing his sister so much pain. Dusty punches Paul, knocking him down to the floor. Paul tells Dusty that Jennifer has forgiven him for all the things he has done to her. Dusty reminds Paul that she forgave him because she thought he was dead, but she will probably spit in his face once she finds out he is alive. Paul tells Dusty that Jennifer knows he is alive and is on her way to see him right now. This news causes Dusty to tell Paul to get up so that he can punch him again. Dusty makes it clear to Paul that the only way he will see Jennifer is over his dead body.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer asks the desk clerk to call a car for her because her car has a flat tire. Jennifer sees Meg and stops her from leaving by telling her she knows she has been hiding Paul, and she asks Meg why she enjoys causing her pain. Meg tells Jennifer her reasons for hiding Paul don’t matter; what is important is what Jennifer will do about the news now. Jennifer tells Meg that what she does about Paul is none of her business; she also tells her that she feels sorry for her, because she did all these things to keep from losing Dusty, and in the end the things she did to keep him drove him away from her. Jennifer also tells Meg that it’s a shame that now she has everything she ever wanted, and she (Meg) ended up with nothing.

At the Wagon Wheel Motel, Paul tells Dusty he is sure Jennifer will forgive him tonight, and there is nothing that he can do to keep them away from each other. Dusty tells Paul he will do anything he has to do to protect Jennifer from him. Paul tells Dusty he was also trying to protect Jennifer, and he wonders whether what he did was wrong and if what Dusty will do is the right thing to do for Jennifer’s sake.

At Java, Casey asks Maddie to trust him, because he won’t let his parents throw her out of the house. Casey tells Maddie he refuses to stop seeing her; he just needs to know if Maddie can live without kissing him again.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Jade covers for Luke and tells Holden and Lily that Kevin came to the house earlier, but Luke told him he couldn’t go out because he was going to the concert with her.

In Chicago, Luke returns to the locker room and tells Kevin that Jade is gone, and Luke is very worried Jade will get him in trouble.

At the Galaxy, Jack tells Butch that someone called the station about a disturbance and he was just checking on it. Katie almost blows Nick’s cover when she sees him and asks him what he is doing at the club. Nick pretends he has never seen Katie and Jack before, but Butch asks him what he is doing hanging out with cops and their friends. Nick tells Butch that he knows Katie because he went out on a date with her once, and Katie goes along and pretends she is mad at Nick for never calling her back. Nick tells Katie he is sorry she is dating a cop, because he hates cops. Nick and Jack pretend to start a fight and Jack almost punches Nick before Butch stops them and tells them to take it outside. Jack, Nick, and Katie go outside, and Nick is angry with Jack and Katie for almost blowing his cover.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Holden and Lily ask Jade if Luke’s friends were drinking at the concert. Jade tells them no, and even if they were Luke would never drink again, because he told her he really wants to take care of himself. Luke arrives home and tells his parents he can explain everything. Jade jumps in and tells Luke everything she told Holden and Lily, and he plays along with the story. Holden tells Luke that Jade told them what happened with Kevin and asks if he has anything he wants to say about it. Holden tells Luke that he is proud of him for turning down Kevin’s invitation to go out when he came by the house earlier. Holden and Lily both hug Luke before they go upstairs to bed, and Luke thanks Jade for covering for him. Jade tells Luke that she saw him and Kevin joking around at the concert, and they seem like good friends who should be allowed to see each other. Luke explains to Jade that his parents think Kevin is a bad influence on him, so Jade offers to cover for Luke anytime he wants to see Kevin.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer apologizes for her harsh words to Meg, but she has to realize she hurt a lot of people, and it's about time someone talked to her about her actions. Jennifer thinks that Meg’s obsession with Dusty made her do some very cruel things, and Meg tells her Paul also did horrible things to people. Jennifer tells Meg that at least Paul did those things out of some misguided sense of love, not out of selfishness like her. Meg apologizes to Jennifer once again and tells her she has learned from her mistakes and paid a huge price for them. Meg asks Jennifer to see if she can make Dusty understand what she did so he won’t get revenge against her. Jennifer doesn’t think that she will have much influence on Dusty regarding her, because when someone hurts the people he loves he wants to hurt them back.

At the Wagon Wheel, Dusty and Paul start to fight, knocking things over in the room. Paul has the upper hand at one point in the fight, but since he is weak Dusty soon takes control of the fight and beats on Paul until he is lying on the floor, barely able to move. Dusty rips the telephone cord out of the wall and heads to the balcony. Paul slowly gets up; he is weak and very beaten, but he manages to follow Dusty.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer is informed that a car has arrived, and she is about to leave when the babysitter arrives with Johnny, who won’t stop crying. Meg takes the opportunity to leave the hotel while Jennifer is busy with the baby. Jennifer pays the babysitter and decides to take Johnny with her to see Paul, so after she takes the baby from the babysitter they both get ready to go for a ride.

At Java, Margo arrives and Casey quickly sneaks to the next table and pretends to read a newspaper. Maddie tells Margo that she is getting her caffeine fix so that she can cram for a big chemistry test. Margo asks Maddie if she has seen Casey. Maddie says no, because he has been following the rules and they have not seen each other. Margo makes it clear to Maddie that she and Casey can only be friends; if they become anything more, she will have to find another place to live. Once Margo is gone, Maddie goes to the table where Casey is sitting and agrees to keep their relationship a secret; then she gives Casey a kiss.

Outside the Galaxy, Jack tells Nick he would never blow his cover, but he got a call about a disturbance at the club and came to check on it. Katie tells Nick that she was driving by the club and saw Jack and the police and got out to see what was happening. Nick asks Katie to go home, because if Mike were in town he wouldn’t want to know she was at a strip club. Jack agrees that Katie should go home, because he certainly wouldn't want Carly anywhere near the strip club. Once Katie is gone, Jack tells Nick that they should consider shutting down the sting operation because there hasn’t been a break in the case. Nick tells Jack that is Hal’s decision to make, not his, so both men agree to talk to Hal about the situation.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Nick arrives to pick up his coat before Jack arrives home. Carly thanks Nick for helping her leave before Jack saw her. Jack thinks Carly would make a good undercover cop and thanks her for helping him get a break in the case. Once Nick leaves, Carly tells herself that she wouldn’t help Nick tie his shoes; she is only doing this to help Jack.

At the Wagon Wheel Motel, Jennifer arrives, and when Paul doesn’t respond after she says it's her and she brought Johnny, she pushes open the unlocked door and is shocked when she walks inside the room.

Dusty stands outside at the balcony with a gun and sees a shadow of someone coming toward him. He tells himself he will end things with Paul tonight, but when he turns he asks the person, "What are you doing here?"

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