ATWT Update Thursday 2/23/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 2/23/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Angie

At the Galaxy Club, Katie arrives and looks at the big neon sign and wonders if she should go inside, but before she can decide one of the club’s regular customers arrives and wonders if she is a new girl, because it's about time they got someone new at the club. Katie turns around and asks the man what he is talking about, so the man asks her if she is a new stripper. The man suddenly recognizes Katie from her workout show and is happy that she is going to be moonlighting at the club, because the club could use some class. Katie explains that she isn’t working at the club; she is just waiting for a friend.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Carly calls Jack, who is working at the police station, and asks him if he has gotten any new leads on the gambling-ring case. Jack sounds discouraged and reminds Carly that Nick is the one working on the scene at the Galaxy Club, and since he (Jack) is only working behind the scenes at the station it's doubtful that he will come across any leads in the case. Carly encourages Jack, reminding him that he has been a cop for years and he knows how to put the clues together in a case in order to solve it. Carly also tells Jack that she is confident he will solve the case like he always does and will soon be working full time at the station again. Jack thanks Carly for always being his cheerleader and giving him encouragement when he needs it. Carly tells Jack she will always be his cheerleader, because she loves the job. Jack smiles when he asks Carly to get a cheerleader outfit, just like she got an outfit for their special Valentine’s Day. Carly smiles as she tells Jack she would only wear outfits for him. Carly tells Jack she loves him, and Jack does the same, and then Carly hangs up the phone. Carly starts to head out the door for her job at the strip club, when she is startled to see Parker awake. Carly explains to Parker that he should be in bed and also tells him that she has to go out for a while, but his babysitter is coming, so he won’t be alone. Parker tells Carly that he knows she isn’t home at night, because he hears her leave every night. Parker asks Carly to stay home with him tonight, but Carly explains to her son that she made a mess and now she has to fix it before she can stay home with him every night. Parker is afraid that Carly isn’t going to come home again. Carly promises Parker that she will always be home in the morning to make him banana pancakes. Carly tells herself that this undercover job must end tonight, so she must find something to help Jack put Anatoli in jail.

At the police station, Madam Lacoste wonders why she is being brought in for questioning, since she hasn’t done anything wrong; she soon gets her answer when she sees Jennifer. Jennifer demands that Madam Lacoste stay and answer a few questions for her if she doesn’t want her to press charges against her. Jennifer asks Madam Lacoste why Meg hired her to gaslight her.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Meg struggles to find the words to tell her brother she is leaving Oakdale. Holden is so excited to see Meg that he just tells her Lily is pregnant. Meg gives her brother a hug and congratulates him on the wonderful news. Holden notices that Meg looks sad and asks her why she looks so sad. Meg explains to Holden that she is leaving Oakdale and going back to Waco. Holden wonders why Meg is leaving, but he answers his own question with one word: Dusty.

At the Wagon Wheel, the manager arrives and tells “Mr. Pollack,” otherwise known as Paul, that he is sorry to see him leave the hotel and hopes he will return soon. Paul closes the door once the manager leaves and tells himself he will never return to Oakdale.

At the Lakeview, Dusty asks Emily not to give Paul time to get away and to tell him Paul’s whereabouts now, so he can go talk to him.

At Java, Luke runs into Kevin, who invites him to go to a concert of an independent rock band in Chicago. Luke tells Kevin that he promised his parents he wouldn’t go anywhere with him, or even see him again. Luke introduces Kevin to his cousin Jade, and Kevin comes up with a perfect cover story for Luke. Kevin tells Luke to tell his parents that he is taking Jade to a concert in Chicago so she can meet some of his friends, since she is new in town. Luke is still reluctant to lie to his parents, so Kevin asks Jade to go to the concert, and when she says yes he tells Luke that now he won’t be lying to his parents. Luke accepts Kevin’s invitation, and Kevin rushes to get the tickets before Luke can change his mind.

At the Lakeview, Emily tells Dusty that she is sure Paul will come after Jennifer if he is found, and the best thing Dusty could do to protect Jennifer is get rid of Paul permanently. Dusty is shocked by Emily’s idea and tells her that no matter what Paul does, he will make sure Jennifer is protected, but he has no intention of killing Paul, no matter how many evil things Paul has done. Dusty also assures Emily that he won’t tell Paul where he got the information about his whereabouts.

At the police station, Madam Lacoste tries to protect Paul by going along with the story that Meg hired her to gaslight Jennifer, but when Jennifer discovers Madam Lacoste doesn’t know Meg was the person who gave her the money at Java, then Jennifer knows the woman is lying to her again. Jennifer pushes the psychic to tell her the name of the person who hired her. Madam Lacoste tells Jennifer that someone who cares about her very much hired her to make sure she would be all right when she got some shocking news. Jennifer continues to demand to know who that person is, so Madam Lacoste blurts out, "Your brother Paul is alive; I saw him with my own eyes."

At the Galaxy Club, Katie suspects that Nick is pretending to work undercover so that he can meet with Carly because he and Carly are having an affair. Katie stays just outside the door and looks inside the club. The same guy who bothered her before encourages Katie to come in and take a second job. The guy is so loud that the bouncer throws him out of the club. The bouncer tells Katie that if she wants to come in, he will make sure that nobody bothers her. Katie tells the bouncer she is just waiting for a friend and goes back outside the club. Carly arrives for work, but Nick tells her to stay away from the club tonight and go home, because Anatoli has a big shipment coming in tonight and it should break the case wide open. Carly waits for Nick to leave and tells herself Jack should be here when the case breaks, so she pays the same guy who was bothering Katie to call the police and ask for Jack and tell him there is a disturbance at the club and he should come right away.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Meg explains to Holden that she can’t stand to see Dusty with Jennifer, but the main reason she is going back to Waco is that her family will never forgive her for what she has done. Holden tries to make Meg understand that no matter what she has done, her family loves her. Luke and Jade arrive, and Meg takes the opportunity to leave, but before she leaves Holden tells Meg that if she doesn’t call him every week he will go to Waco and bring her back home.

At the police station, Jennifer laughs at Madam Lacoste because she knows Paul is dead, and she once again tells her to stop lying or she will press charges against her. Madam Lacoste once again tells Jennifer that Paul is alive and mentions that he told her about Jennifer’s purple diary, which she kept in a puzzle box so Barbara wouldn’t read it. Jennifer tells Madam Lacoste she doesn’t believe her, but Madam Lacoste knows Jennifer belives her this time. Madam Lacoste gives Jennifer the phone number of the Wagon Wheel Motel and Paul’s room number. Jennifer calls the phone number, and when Paul answers Jennifer asks, "Is that you?" and tells him it's her on the phone. Paul remains silent for a few minutes, but then he asks Jennifer if she is OK. Jennifer wants to go see Paul and makes him promise to wait for her. Paul takes off his Mr. Pollack disguise and anxiously waits for Jennifer to arrive at the motel.

At the Lakeview, Dusty once again asks Emily to tell him Paul’s whereabouts. Emily explains to Dusty that she had to make sure that he wouldn’t hurt Paul before she told him Paul’s location. Emily tells Dusty that Paul is at the Wagon Wheel Motel, room 7.

At the Galaxy Club, Carly plants a bug in Anatoli’s favorite game room. Anatoli walks in and almost catches her, but Carly covers by telling Anatoli she was making his favorite drink in order to keep the club’s favorite customer happy.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Jade and Luke apologize for interrupting his conversation with Meg. Luke asks Holden if he can take Jade to a concert in Chicago. Holden wants to know if Kevin will be there, and Luke lies to his father and says no. Holden allows Luke to go to the concert because he has been good about following the rules. Holden makes Luke promise to come home by his curfew. Once Jade and Luke are gone, Holden finds the receipt for the tickets, which Luke dropped on the floor. Holden isn’t happy when he sees that Kevin paid for the concert tickets.

At the Lakeview, Emily imagines a conversation with Paul in which he tells her he only lied to her up on the mountain to protect her, because he loved her. Paul also tells Emily he forgives her for shooting him and that she shouldn’t have sent Dusty to the motel, because now he may never get the chance to tell her how much he loved her. Emily cries a little and runs out of the Lakeview to stop Dusty.

At the Galaxy Club, Carly tells Anatoli that she has decided to dance for him if he gives her 10 thousand dollars. Anatoli agrees and gives the money to the manager. Carly gets ready to go out on stage, while Katie tries to stop Jack from going inside the club to check on Nick. Jack goes inside the club despite Katie’s efforts to stop him.

At the Wagon Wheel Motel, Paul remembers all the things Jennifer said to him when she found out he kept her baby from her. Paul decides Jennifer isn’t going to come, but then he hears a knock at the door and opens it, expecting to see Jennifer; instead, he sees Dusty at the door.

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