ATWT Update Wednesday 2/22/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 2/22/06


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Paul is cautious about opening the door, but Meg calls out that it is just her, so he opens it. She tells him she got the two of them passports, using their fake IDs. Paul seems happy to run off with Meg, but Meg is sad. She sits on the bed and almost tears up. She reveals to Paul that she feels like a failure as a person. She talks about how she will miss Holden and her nieces and nephews. She is concerned that maybe she and Paul should go their separate ways after they reach their destination, because trouble follows her. Paul hugs Meg to give her some comfort. He tells her that if she didn’t go with him, then he would be very disappointed.

Emily heads towards Dusty when she sees him in the Lakeview lobby. Dusty is headed out, and Emily tries to get him to slow down so that they can talk. Dusty tries to brush her off, but Emily is persistent. Dusty turns to her and tells her to say what she has to say. She tells him that Paul is alive and that he and Meg are having an affair. Dusty makes a smart comment about Meg having an affair with a dead man. Emily has to do some more convincing to get him to see that she is serious. She tells Dusty that she saw the two of them together. She says that Meg has been hiding Paul and helping him get better. She reminds Dusty of all of the antibiotics and hospital supplies that Meg has been caught with. Dusty asks Emily what Meg would be healing Paul from. Emily looks away I guess she didn’t think about that. She tells Dusty that Paul was shot. He asks her how she would know that. She tells him that she was there when it happened. Dusty asks why she didn’t go to the police. After some hesitation, she admits that she would be incriminating herself. Dusty realizes that Emily wants revenge on Paul and is upset that she saw him with Meg. Emily looks angry and says that Paul should pay and not be able to get away. She tells Dusty that Paul is going to go after Jennifer. This really gets his attention. He tells Emily to tell him everything, from the very beginning. Dusty vows that he will handle Paul. Emily offers to take Dusty to Paul’s exact hiding spot.

Meanwhile, Paul tenderly convinces Meg not to be so hard on herself. He points out that she is beautiful and bright, adding that he can’t understand why she wants him as company. This gets Meg smiling. They finally decide to continue with their plans to go away. Meg heads off to make some more arrangements and tells him that she will see him in an hour.

Maddie sits at a table at Java and waits for Nate to arrive. He comes up behind her and greets her before joining her at the table. Nate is flirtatious. Maddie tells him that she loves hanging out with him. Nate grabs her hands, thinking that it is a sign, but she pulls back. She gently tells Nate that they can’t see each other anymore. Nate is confused, and then he realizes that it is because of Casey. Meanwhile, Casey walks in but quickly tries to be discreet when he sees them together. He tries to eavesdrop. Nate doesn’t get upset with Maddie. He jokes with her about copying her calculus notes. As soon as he leaves, Casey walks up to her, full of attitude, wanting to know what that was all about. He angrily tells her that he thought they had come to an understanding about each other. Maddie smiles at his jealousy and tells him what went on. Casey doesn’t want to sit down and talk with her, because Nate sat there, so Maddie stands to face him. Once she convinces him that she doesn’t want Nate, Casey leans in for a kiss. Before it happens, Margo calls Casey on his cell phone and demands that he and Maddie come to the station right now. When they arrive at the station, Margo takes them into the interrogation room and lights into them about what a serious crime they committed. They both apologize. Margo tells Maddie that she thought she was a good influence on Casey, but now she wants them to keep their distance from each other if Maddie wants to stay with them. When Margo leaves, Maddie sits at a table and is upset. She doesn’t have anywhere to go if Margo kicks her out. Casey is not that upset. He tells Maddie that his mom was just blowing off smoke and that things will be back to normal in a week. He tries to comfort her. He pulls her up next to him and tells her that he is not going to let anyone keep them apart. It is clear at this point that the two of them like each other. They hug and finally have a soft, sweet kiss.

Barbara waltzes into Hal’s place wanting to talk about Will, but before they get deep into conversation, Will and Gwen show up. Hal apologizes and tells them that Barbara’s visit was unexpected. Hal apologizes for his absence (he’s been out of town on a case). He is polite to Gwen, unlike Barb. Will asks Hal if he and Gwen can stay with him until they get a job and a place of their own. Barbara’s mouth drops open, and she puts in her two cents, but Hal tells her to butt out or he will ask her to leave. Gwen and Will make their case to Hal. He tells them that Gwen is always welcome, but he agrees with Barbara. He thinks that education should be their first priority. Will says that as soon as they get jobs and an apartment they can focus on that. Hal is not buying into it. This gets Will really upset, and he vows that he and Gwen will help themselves, since no one else will; he storms out. Hal feels like he let Will down again. Barbara uses this opportunity to take shots at Gwen’s influence over Will. Hal is fed up with her. He tells her to leave. Once she gets outside of the door, he slams it in her face.

Carly greets Henry, whom she invited over. She tries to butter him up with compliments and a danish. Henry is suspicious. Carly tells him that she needs him to convince Katie that there is nothing going on between her and Nick. Henry doesn’t want to get in the middle of it and heads for the door, but Carly stops him. She pretends to care about what is going on in his life. She brings up the subject of gambling. This gets Henry even more suspicious, and he thinks maybe Jack put her up to this. Carly insists that he didn’t. During their conversation, Carly falls asleep. Henry wonders why she is so tired. He goes through her purse. Carly wakes up. She brings up the name of a big-shot gambler, and this raises Henry’s ears. He warns Carly to stay away from the man because he is a dangerous murderer, and Carly looks worried.

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