ATWT Update Tuesday 2/21/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 2/21/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At the station, Margo is leading Gwen away to her holding cell. Will calls out for them to wait, and Margo wonders if he is going to come to his senses. Instead, he gives Gwwen something of his to wear, because he knows it gets cold in the cells.

Elsewhere at the station, Casey and Maddie continue to bluff to Barbara regarding the tape. Are they going to take it over to Margo and show her, or is she going to recant? Barbara picks neither, as she snaps the tape away from them.

At home, Holden welcomes Jade and Lily back from a marathon shopping spree. Jade is excited about the things Lily bought, or, in Holden’s eyes, I am sure, spoiled her with. Lily sees a little bit of Rose’s style in the items. Jade gives Lily a baby outfit she snuck off and bought for her while Lily was preoccupied. It is for her, Holden, and the baby. Lucinda interrupts their moment. She sees the baby gift that Jade is holding and immediately jumps to conclusions. As matter of fact, she loses her cool a bit and strongly suggests that there is more to Jade than meets the eye and she should pack it all up and leave. There is no place here for a homeless, unwed, pregnant teenager.

At the cottage, Nick comes in, and Katie suspiciously comments on how he seems to be getting home later and later. He explains that he is on a case, but Katie teases that she figured he had a girlfriend on the side. Nick plays that comment off as he asks if he can do anything for her. She jokes that he can pick up after himself. He is looking for the mustard to make himself a sandwich, and as he does, Katie whips out Carly’s wedding ring. Why in the world would he have that?

At Java, Carly tries to think quickly to answer Jack’s question about where her ring is. Finally, she has an answer: she must have left it on the side of the sink when she washed her hands at the school. Jack is a little surprised that she would take it off, and he hopes that it didn’t get knocked down the drain. Carly adds, for effect, that she is more worried about someone stealing it, and that is why she needs to get back there. Jack thinks she is right and starts to get up and leave, because he plans on driving there with her. Carly stops in her tracks.

Barbara can take the tape and attempt to destroy the evidence, but they have made copies, they claim. Barbara appeals to Casey, bringing up the situation he was in with Gwen. Does he really want to help her when Will used to be his best friend? Isn’t he concerned for what Gwen might do to Will? They give her ten seconds to make a decision, or they are going to Margo. Barbara stares them down and then walks over to Margo. Maddie and Casey are relieved, because they were thinking she wasn’t buying their ruse. Barbara tells Margo to hold off on taking Gwen away.

Carly tries to recover from Jack’s suggestion of accompanying her. It makes no sense to her, she says, since they will have to be in separate cars. He would never get her back to Java and make it back to work in time if they went together. Jack wonders why she doesn’t want him around. She didn’t want him meeting her at the PTA meeting, and now she doesn’t want his help with her ring. He teasingly asks if she is having an affair with the PE teacher. Carly and Jack continue this banter, as she ribs him about needing time to break things off with him, and Jack suggests a schoolyard fight. His cell phone ringing (thankfully, in Carly’s mind) interrupts them. It is a security guard from WOAK. They found a prowler and are taking him over to the station to process him, and the guard wants Jack to meet him there. Jack apologizes for having to run, but Carly is thrilled. After he leaves, she immediately calls Nick and tells him she needs her ring back.

Nick is trying to cover for why he has Carly’s ring. How did Katie even know it was hers? She thought it looked familiar, so she checked the inscription. She pushes: why would he have it? Nick tries to claim that he found it on the floor of his car. Why would it be there? He says he thinks Carly must have dropped it when he gave her a ride home the other night. Katie obviously doesn’t buy it. He has had his sights on Carly since day one. She doesn’t know what to think. He tries to end the discussion by asking her if she can bring it back to Carly before Jack notices. Katie doesn’t want to get in the middle, but she wants an explanation. Nick can’t tell her anything.

Lily tries to calm Lucinda down. She doesn’t want Jade to leave; she needs to explain what is going on. Jade is not the pregnant one; she is. Lucinda is floored. It is wonderful, but was this planned? Holden and Lily admit it wasn’t, but they are thrilled. Lucinda happily hugs them. Lily suggests that Lucinda apologize to Jade for her outburst, and Lucinda humbly does so, admitting she misinterpreted things. Is she feeling OK? Lily says she is fine. Lucinda asks Jade if she could go to the kitchen to get Lily some food. After she leaves, Lucinda congratulates them again and tells them how happy they have made her. They have gotten back together and now are planning an addition to their family. Lily is ecstatic to see Lucinda so happy after all the turmoil. She explains that she wondered if she might have been pregnant but was in denial; but then when Jade asked if she was, she thought she should look into it. Lucinda is curious as to how Jade would know. Lily explains that she had a feeling and saw it in her face. Lucinda is unimpressed. People who are running a scam are very adept at getting people to believe in them. Lily doesn’t want to get into it. She doesn’t feel as though Jade is not who she says she is. Lucinda continues to push the DNA test. Lily should give her intuitions more credence, she insists, because she was right from the get-go about Keith, and if Lily had listened to her from the beginning it could have saved her and her family a whole lot of pain. They need to know definitely about Jade. Doesn’t Holden agree? she asks as she turns to him. He does and repeats his stance. Jade comes back into the room. Has she interrupted? Lucinda tells her that, in fact, she would like her to join the conversation.

Will starts to cut Barbara off. They don’t want to hear what she has to say; she has done enough damage already. Barbara thinks he might want to rethink that. She pleads with Margo not to take him to jail, but Margo’s hands are tied; he helped out a fugitive. Will wants to just leave, and attempts to, but Barbara persists. She says she would like to drop the charges against Gwen. All of them look at Barbara, stunned. Will wants to know the catch. Barbara, being the manipulative woman she is, uses this to her advantage. She loves him so much that she is willing to drop the charges for him. Margo is in disbelief; she does not believe her change of heart. A couple of hours ago she was in her face about throwing Gwen in jail. Barbara pretends she simply had a change of heart. Margo isn’t buying it and goes on to explain how much money and manpower has gone into this case. This results in more manipulation on Barbara’s part, as she pretends it was the thought of losing another son so soon after Paul’s suicide that propelled her to make this decision. Can’t she understand? Margo reluctantly can. She says she will release them immediately. Will thanks Barbara but wonders if there is some ulterior motives behind this. Barbara continues to play this angle to the hilt; he can now see what she is willing to do for him out of love. She doesn’t want him to suspect anything else. Will wants to give Barbara back the remainder of the money he took, but Barbara tries to turn it down. She says he is going to need it, but Will wants to start with a clean slate, if she will let them. She also wants to clear the air between them. Margo interrupts, asking Barbara to come sign some papers with her.

Elsewhere at the station, Jack has shown up with his suspect. He sees Gwen there and is happy to see her safe and sound. He thinks it was silly for them to run from the police, especially if she is innocent. Running will never prove anything, he says, and Gwen agrees. She tells him that Barbara has even dropped the charges against them, which Jack is both happy and surprised about. He then takes the opportunity to tell her that Carly will be thrilled to hear she is OK. She was so worried that she even went out looking for her. She may not understand Carly, but her intentions are good.

Carly is pacing nervously at home, wondering why Nick hasn’t called her back, when her doorbell rings. She opens it to find Katie. She immediately asks if Jack is around, and when Carly tells her he got called into work, Katie is glad, because she has something to say. Carly is a bit nervous about getting her ring back and tries to blow her off, but Katie won’t be deterred. "Leave Nick alone," she commands. Carly is taken aback; she doesn’t know what he is feeding her, but if anyone needs to be leaving anyone alone, it is he. Katie continues: she doesn’t care who necessarily is to blame, but she doesn’t want Carly messing up Nick’s life like she did Mike’s. Carly is a bit irate as she tells Katie that she is way off base. She detests Nick and wishes he never came to town. If that is the case, Katie asks as she pulls out her wedding ring, how can she explain this? Carly fidgets as she wonders how she got it. Katie threatens that unless she wants Jack to find out how she got it, she will come clean.

Jack jokes that Will and Gwen need to stay out of trouble, because he is getting tired of tracking them down. Will thinks things like this would not happen if his mom stayed out of their lives. Jack doesn’t want to get involved. Gwen thinks she should thank her, but Will knows that Barbara did not do this for her sake, so anything Gwen does will not matter. Gwen still thinks it is the right thing to do. Meanwhile, Barbara is standing with Casey and Maddie. She has kept up her end of the bargain; she wants the tape and any copies. They explain that they were bluffing, but Barbara doesn’t believe them. They assure her there is no other tape, and Barbara threatens that they had better be telling the truth, as she walks away. Will notices that they handed something to his mom, and he overhears them say that they pulled it off. Casey and Maddie decide to come clean; they used a videotape to convince Barbara to drop the charges against him and Gwen. That was the reason for her change of heart.

Lucinda understands that while Lily is very accepting, she is curious about Jade’s life. What about the parents who raised her? Jade is not too excited to talk about them. They lied to her about her birth mom and it still hurts her. Lucinda is not to be stopped. Jade looks well cared for and well fed, and she is well spoken; surely she must be missed. Lily tries to deter this line of questioning, but the doorbell rings and interrupts them. Lily tries to smooth things over as Holden goes to get the door. She is enjoying Jade’s sandwiches; she can help her cook tomorrow night. Holden comes back and tells Jade he has a letter for her. Jade is surprised; who would be writing to her there? She opens it, and Lucinda asks whom it is from. Jade shocks them all when she says it is from her birth mother. Lucinda is not impressed or moved, but Lily is. She thinks the letter is Jade’s business, but Lucinda would like to hear what it says. Jade asks if Lily can read the letter, because she doesn’t think she can. Lily reads this emotional letter, supposedly from Rose, telling her daughter to take care in life and offering a few of life’s lessons that she has learned. She also apologizes for having had to give her up. Jade starts to cry as Lily ends the letter with Rose’s closing, “With love, your mom.”

Maddie and Casey explain how they got the tape and how they threatened Barbara with it. Will is thankful they did this, and a little envious that he and Gwen didn’t think of it. He realizes that everything Barbara said a few minutes ago meant nothing. Maddie suggests that maybe on some level it was true, but Will no longer buys it. They had backed her into a corner, and she was just saving her own skin.

Carly demands that Katie give her back her ring. Katie coldly asks if she is worried that Jack will walk in and see this. Carly explains that Jack knows her ring was missing; they don’t have secrets. Katie begs to differ; does he know her ring was found in Nick’s coat pocket? Carly explains that Nick gave her a ride the other day when her car broke down, and that is when she must have lost it. Katie is amused that they have their stories straight. Carly explains it is the truth. Katie doesn’t buy it; why wouldn’t Nick have brought it himself, then? Carly thinks it is because he knows Jack doesn’t like him, and he is well within his rights, after Nick took his job and walks around like he is God’s gift. Again, she demands that Katie give her the ring. Katie isn’t giving it up. Carly isn’t afraid of her because she does jumping jacks on T.V., she snidely says. They start to struggle, and Jack walks up, demanding to know what is going on. Carly covers by saying that she and Katie had a traffic incident. She sticks it to Katie subtly by claiming she was driving like an old woman, and Katie subtly gives it back when she suggests that Carly learn to follow the rules. There is a hint of a double meaning there. Carly explains she was in a rush to get home to show Jack that she has her ring back. Jack is happy but doesn’t want to see anyone hurt in the process. Jack suggests that Carly apologize to Katie, which she does, and then Katie realizes Carly claimed to Jack that she lost it at a PTA meeting, so Katie makes a snide remark about her being such a good mom. After Katie leaves, Jack explains that he came over to tell Carly good news: Gwen and Will were brought in after being found hiding out at Metro. They are OK; as a matter of fact, Barbara is dropping the charges. Carly is amazed; what would have made her change her mind?

Barbara is standing by herself, disgusted with herself for having forgotten about the camera. She almost had Gwen out of her life, but it is obvious she will not be deterred in her mission. Meanwhile, Will and Gwen are thanking Maddie and Casey for their help. They could have just turned a blind eye. They explain that they figured that Barbara was lying, and after everything that happened, they thought they would help out. The fences here seem to be getting mended. Will and Gwen are preparing to leave, and Will tosses Casey his sweatshirt, but Casey doesn’t think he needs it anymore. Will thinks he will get there someday. Maddie is appreciative of what Casey did for them. Casey tells her he didn’t do it for them.

Lily is moved; the letter sounds so much like Rose. Jade thinks it is beautiful. Lily feels even closer to Rose after hearing the letter. She thanks Jade for allowing them to read it. Lily and Jade seem to continue to bond over the letter, as they talk further about it. Lucinda is peeking at it, and Holden wonders if she is trying to see the penmanship. It does look like Rose's writing; she did work for Lucinda, after all. Does she really think this is a fake? Lucinda thinks it is awfully convenient that the letter showed up tonight. Holden doesn’t want to jump to any conclusions yet. Lucinda just wants him to not rule out the possibility of this being a set-up. Lily is already hooked. Holden asks Jade to bring the baby’s outfit upstairs. Lily wants to know what is with the private conference. She believes that the letter is authentic. Lucinda repeats that the timing is perfect. She doesn’t want to stomp on their newfound happiness, but she has her doubts. She bids them farewell, and after she leaves Lily hopes that Holden believes the letter is real. He does think the letter's timing was convenient. He wants to know why Lily is hesitant to ask Jade for a DNA test. Lily believes her and feels the letter was even more proof. She needs him to be behind her on this. Holden agrees to do that for now.

Maddie is confused as to whom Casey would be doing this for. Finally Casey blurts out that he did it for her. Maddie is at a loss, and says as much. He saw how much this meant to her, and he wanted to be there to help out. Before they can talk further, Margo demands that they come with her. They notice that she seems agitated. She tells them they are so far away from being off the hook. As they follow her, Barbara watches after them, bitterly mumbling about them being lying brats.

Meanwhile, Will and Gwen are back to trying to figure out where they are going to sleep. Will suggests Bob and Kim’s, to which Gwen happily agrees. Will is dejected that, after all this, they are back at square one. Gwen doesn’t think so; they fought his mom and won. She is starting to feel confident that their luck is about to change. Will likes to see her attitude so positive.

Carly wishes Jack didn’t have to go back to work. He explains that he just came home to give her the good news. Carly is worried about where Gwen will stay, but Jack jokes that she will probably be back in trouble before long; it is in her genes. Carly jokes back with him that she is not a troublemaker, and Jack agrees with her; she is a trouble magnet.

Nick sees Katie come home and asks if it went OK. Katie tells him that Carly essentially took the ring from her, and she has the war wounds to prove it. Nick is surprised. Katie says she doesn’t buy their story. Carly may say she hates him, but there was something in the way she said it; she seemed to protest too much. Plus, she lied to Jack about where the ring was and forced Katie to go along with it. Nick repeats that nothing is going on between them. He wonders how he is going to make it up to her. Katie pointedly answers that he can do it by “staying the hell away from Carly!” He wants her to give it a rest with Carly, but Katie will not be discouraged and will not drop it.

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