ATWT Update Monday 2/20/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 2/20/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At the police station, Will pleads with Margo to let Gwen go; he is the one she wants. At the same time, Gwen begs her to believe that Will is innocent. Margo explains that both of them are in trouble. Right now the charge against Gwen is attempted murder, while Will is looking at aiding and abetting. Margo further questions them as to who was helping them during their stay at Metro. They both claim that no one else was helping them. Margo picks up the gym bag that they had with them and starts to take out a few items. She comments on the canned peaches, which are a favorite of Tom’s, and then there is Casey’s sweatshirt.

At the Lakeview, Maddie appeals to Henry to help keep Barbara entertained while she and Casey try to prove Gwen’s innocence. Henry is adamant that they rethink this idea. They threaten that they will do this with or without his help. Henry gives in, deciding to take one for the team. Maddie asks if he can give them a call if Barbara heads up to her suite. Henry heads over to Barbara and cuts her off as she is trying to leave the lobby with her mail.

Outside the Wagon Wheel Motel window, Emily sees Meg and Paul kissing on the bed. She starts to cry, but muffles herself as she stares in disbelief at her former fiancé, who she thought was dead, kissing one of her enemies. She runs off, sobbing.

Jack is at Java when he phones Carly, who has just arrived at the Galaxy strip club. It is a slow night and he wants her to meet him for coffee. By the way, where is she? he inquires. She hedges a little but then claims she is at a PTA meeting. She says she will try to get out of it. After she hangs up, Carly goes inside the club and runs into Butch, the owner. He immediately tells her that Chardonnay called in sick and she is needed. Carly cuts him off; she is there to quit. He basically laughs off her attempts and tells her he has a VIP coming in and he needs a blonde. Carly tries to explain that she is not interested in whoever this guy is, but Butch is getting a little worked up. Nick sees this interaction and comes over to calm things down. Butch tells Carly that when Anatoli is happy, everyone is happy, so she needs to get with the program. Nick fancies himself to have played the hero for Carly by calming Butch, but she shoots him down. She then asks who this bigwig is, anyway. Nick explains that he is the head of the syndicate — the key to cracking the case that he is there working undercover on. Carly’s ears perk up. This is the case Jack was working on, she thinks. Nick goes on to say he will be two for two — first Paul Ryan, and now this one. Carly reminds him that this was Jack’s case first. Nick jokes that he will let him have some of the glory. Carly is irritated and tells Nick that Jack is not his helper; he is a detective and he solves cases. Nick walks off with a sarcastic, “Not tonight!” Carly, frustrated, stares after him, as she promises that they will see about that.

Maddie and Casey ‘let themselves in’ to Barbara’s suite, with Lisa’s help. They are determined to find the nanny cam. Casey wonders if this won’t be a dead end, thinking maybe Barbara would have gotten rid of it, especially if there were evidence against what she was claiming on it. Maddie is sure that Barbara probably forgot it was even there.

Downstairs, in the Lakeview lobby, Henry has convinced Barbara to sit with him and share some martinis. Henry teasingly wonders what they will drink to. Barbara suggests they drink to why she is even wasting her time with him. She demands to know what he wants. He tells her he heard about Will. He used to be a PI and he thought maybe she would want to enlist his help in finding him. Barbara scoffs at his suggestion. He would be the last person she would hire. They are interrupted by Barbara’s cell phone ringing. It is Margo, telling her that they have found Will and Gwen and they are at the station with her. They haven’t charged them yet, but Margo thought she should know. Barbara demands to know why she would be talking about charging "them" and not simply Gwen. Margo tries to explain that Will is being charged with aiding and abetting a fugitive. Barbara is incensed; if Margo does that, she will sue the police and will see to it that she is writing parking tickets for the next 20 years. She slams the phone shut and bids a curt goodbye to Henry. He comforts himself by starting to finish off her drink. Just then, a distraught Emily comes over to him and collapses next to him, crying on his shoulder.

At his motel room, Meg and Paul pull back from their kiss. Paul thinks their kiss was unexpected. Meg adds that it was strange, as well. Paul jokes that she didn’t have to add that adjective. Meg explains that it never should have happened to begin with. She shouldn’t have been crying on his shoulder about Dusty. Paul assures her that what happened between them was not about Dusty. Meg is sure that it is a knee-jerk reaction to the fact that she nursed him back to health; naturally a bond would form. Paul doesn’t think they should analyze this. Meg agrees. He asks her if she is OK now, and she says she is. Paul tells her they have bigger issues to discuss then, such as, Where do they go from here?

Carly sneaks outside the club to call Jack on her cell phone. Her meeting is running longer than she thought it would, she tells him. She apologizes and promises to be over there as quickly as she can. Jack tells her that he will see her there soon. She runs back into the club right before Anatoli shows up. Carly approaches him, flirting up a storm. She offers to get him a drink. She imagines he would like a vodka on the rocks with a splash of water. Anatoli is impressed. She is either a good guesser, or— Carly interrupts, finishing his thought: she does her homework. He puts his suitcase down. Business can apparently wait now that he has set his eyes on Carly.

Meanwhile, Jack is drinking a coffee and reading the newspaper, when Katie arrives and offers to join him. She mentions that Mike is out of town helping out his brother, Mark. Jack worries, asking if he could put some security outside her cottage. She quietly explains that Nick is staying with her, so she is all set. She knows that he and Nick got off on the wrong foot. Jack tells her not to worry about it; they did get off on the wrong foot, but they have to learn to get along because they are practically working together now.

Barbara has arrived at the station and is demanding to see her son. Margo brings her in to to see Will and then leaves with Gwen to do some paperwork. Will wants her to go home. She stands firm; she is not going anywhere. Fine, then she can use her time wisely by dropping the charges against Gwen. Barbara agrees very quickly — so much so that Will knows there is a catch. She explains that there is one: she will drop the charges if Will agrees to never see Gwen again. Outside the room, Margo wants to know who was helping Will and her. She asserts that no one has been helping them. How did they get the stuff from her home? She explains that she figured Casey should help them because he owed her, but when they went to see him he wasn’t home and the door was open, so she and Will let themselves in. She will admit to anything, cop to anything, sign anything; she just wants Will released.

A frustrated Maddie and Casey have looked everywhere in Barbara’s suite, only to come up empty-handed. Casey thinks they should give up, because it doesn’t appear that the camera is still there. He tosses a pillow at her playfully. She holds the pillow and pushes her hand into it, and her eyes light up. She has found the camera! They unzip the pillow covering and pull out the camera. Maddie and Will excitedly decide to hook this camera up to the T.V. and see what they can find out.

Emily tearfully explains that she saw Paul alive and, worse, kissing Meg. She berates herself for being so stupid. All the men in her life abandon her. First it was her dad, then Tom, and now Paul. None of them wanted her. Why did Paul have to leave her? Henry tries to lighten the situation by suggesting that a pesky little bullet from her gun might have killed it for their relationship (pardon the pun). He reminds her there is always Hal. She laughs bitterly, saying that she came in second to a donut in that relationship. Emily is inconsolable; why does she always come in second? She even came in second to a woman in a vegetative state. She is so sick and tired of the way things go for her. She became so good at lying to herself. Henry tries to comfort her in his own way. He is convinced that her seeing Paul with Meg up close and personal was the best possible thing for her.

Meg goes through her options. She can stick around and get accused of setting Jen up to fall for the words of Madame Moron, or go somewhere else and try to set herself up in a decent life. What about Dusty? Paul wonders. Meg laughs bitterly about how he thinks she has a fatal attraction for him. Where will she go? Meg ponders this for a moment. There is always Alaska, she decides. Paul jokes that she doesn’t want to live through the cold winters. She says she doesn’t care where she goes as long as it is far away from Oakdale; there is nothing left for her here. Paul counters that there is more than she thinks holding in Oakdale. Meg stares at him, confused. He goes on to explain that he has been thinking; there is an upside to being dead — no income tax, no family to disappoint or crazy girlfriends to gun him down, he jokes. He would rather have his family love him in death than resent him after finding out he is alive. He has burned more bridges then she. Why don’t they take off together? Does she want to run away with him? Meg stares in disbelief at Paul’s suggestion.

Emily is now nursing a martini. How can losing Paul be a good thing? She mumbles as she asks why he couldn't really be dead. Henry smirks and suggests that she gave it a good shot (pardon the pun again). Henry then turns on his charm; she is a young, beautiful, strong, and independent woman who does not need a man for affirmation. Emily is listening to his words, and as he is talking, a sly smile appears on her face. He has been a very good friend to her tonight, she says. He should be rewarded by getting B. J.’s money back, especially since he just helped her figure out how to pick up the pieces and move on.

Will is adamant; he is not going to give up Gwen. Barbara coldly answers that she knows his speech. It is him and Gwen eating canned food against the world. Barbara tries another tactic. Love is about sacrifice; she loves him and is willing to risk losing him forever to save him. What is he willing to do for Gwen? Will stares out the interrogation window at Gwen.

Margo doesn’t believe Gwen’s statements, and tells her as much. Gwen is becoming overwhelmed. She does seem to be screwing up Will’s life. Margo wants Gwen to reconsider her plea. She has heard many sides to this story, and none of it adds up. She needs to tell her the truth if she wants her help. Gwen seems to be contemplating her offer.

Maddie and Casey are watching the tape, but all they seem to see is a baby sleeping. Casey thinks it is because the tape may be recording on a loop. Either way, they should get out. Maddie tells him Henry called her and told her Barbara went to the station. They are upset that the tape seems to be a dead end. Casey has an idea, and he tells Maddie to come with him.

Jack tries calling Carly and can’t get her. He assumes she is running late. Katie thinks he is avoiding the subject of Nick. She says Nick doesn’t mean anything by it when he flirts. Jack thinks she may be biased because he is Mike’s cousin. She realizes he has his faults. She also felt obligated to talk to him about it. He claims it is simply how he is wired. Besides, Mike trusts him, so she has to believe the best of him. Jack still has his concerns, because when someone has no respect for boundaries, someone is bound to get hurt.

In the back room at the strip club, Nick has lost a hand to Anatoli. He thinks he is very lucky for the winning hands he is pulling out. Carly comes in with some drinks and Nick grabs at her. Anatoli claims she is spoken for. Nick tries to take it in stride. Carly reminds both of them that when she wants a man’s attention, she knows how to ask for it. After she leaves, Nick tries to discourage Anatoli, subtly by saying she is too expensive, but Anatoli thinks sometimes they are worth it. Outside the room, Carly wants a waitress to cover for her while she steps out. She can take the drinks into the back room where Anatoli is. The waitress perks up, knowing what a big guy he is around the place. Carly suggests that she keep Anatoli very happy, because Butch is foaming at the mouth over him.

Will sits down calmly. He doesn’t like what Barbara is doing, but he gets it. He has given Gwen a lot of problems since he came into her life. If they go to court, who knows when he will be able to give her a normal life, and that is all he has wanted to do for her. Barbara continues: if he agrees to break up with her, she will drop all charges. She won’t forget about her; she will set her up so she is able to go to school. She reminds him that he has so much growing to do, and she is definite that at their age, they would have ultimately grown apart. Will tells her that she can’t say that for sure. He changes the subject, though; it is weird that they have been talking for five minutes without screaming at each other. Barbara thinks she is victorious as she poses the all-important question: they agree that he will do what is for the best, and leave Gwen? Will tells her that he doesn’t feel it is for the best, but he will do it. Barbara happily tells him she will go make the arrangements, but Will stops her, saying that he wants to tell Gwen first. They are quickly interrupted when Margo comes back in with Gwen, telling her that she needs to procure a lawyer for Will. A jubilant Barbara tells Margo it won’t be necessary; does Will want to explain why? Just then, a determined Will tells Margo and a stunned Barbara that he is going to plead guilty to the charges of helping Gwen, and they will get a public attorney for her. He goes on to explain that the both of them are in it to the end. Real love is about making the hard choices and sacrifices, and that is what he is doing. A furious Barbara threatens that it isn’t over; he should have taken this deal, because the next one won’t look so pretty. After she storms out, Gwen wants to know what she was talking about, but Will tells her not to worry; they are together now and will be fine. He hugs her tightly.

As Barbara is walking out of the station, Casey and Maddie ask to have a word but are told Barbara can’t be bothered right now. Maddie and Casey stop her in her tracks when they say they know that Gwen didn’t lay a hand on her, and they have proof.

Will signs his statement and asks about the arraignment. Margo tries to convince them it is not the right way to go. They aren’t going to enjoy the process, and they won’t be staying in the same cell, so they need to say their goodbyes. She leaves, and Will and Gwen hug tightly again. Gwen is scared, and Will admits he is too, but they will get through it. Margo comes back in with an officer to take them to their respective cells.

Maddie and Casey bluff; they have seen the nanny cam, they exclaim, as they confidently wave the VCR tape around. Either she tells Margo the truth, or they will. A wary Barbara stares at them both.

Meg doesn’t know what to say to Paul. Is he serious? He wonders what other reasons two tortured souls need. He is alone, and she is alone; why not be alone together? he justifies. It will be fun; they can get a map and pick anywhere to go. Meg smiles as she agrees to it. He promises that she won’t regret it. Meg assures him that she is done with regrets. Paul softly takes her hand and holds it.

Emily walks out of the lobby, reaches for her cell phone, and takes it out. As she does, she has a vision of Meg and Paul in bed together, telling each other that they are each other’s one and only, and they only want to be together. She shrugs off the depressing vision and makes a phone call. She leaves a message for Dusty, explaining that he needs to call her ASAP because she has information for him and Jen that she knows they will want to hear. She closes the phone with a satisfied look on her face.

Jack and Katie continue to talk about Nick and his incessant and obvious flirting with Carly. Katie tries to explain that he does that with all women; he even did it to her when he first met her. Jack thinks he has a thing for blondes. Carly enters hurriedly, having snuck out from the club. She joins them and asks what they are talking about. They tell her Nick is the topic of conversation. Carly takes the opportunity to mention how Nick is trying to steal Jack’s thunder with the Anatoli case involving a gambling ring in Oakdale. Katie hasn’t heard about it from Nick. She then leaves so Carly and Jack can have some privacy. After she leaves, Carly continues by asking Jack, "If new evidence comes to light, this could knock Nick off his high horse, right?" She is excitedly gesturing with her hands as she talks, but is interrupted when Jack demands to know where her wedding ring is. Carly looks like a deer caught in headlights as she considers how to answer.

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