ATWT Update Friday 2/17/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 2/17/06


Written By Eva
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At Metro, Will explains to Gwen that he has a feeling they should leave as soon as possible or the police will catch them. Gwen wants to wait until it is dark so they can avoid being seen by people. Will wants Gwen to promise that if they are caught he will stay behind and she will run, so he can catch up with her later. Gwen refuses to make the promise, but Will tells her they won’t leave until she can promise him she will make a run for it if they get caught.

At Tom and Margo’s house, Margo asks Casey and Maddie what they were arguing about. Casey says, "Gwen," and Maddie says, "Nate," which leads Margo to suspect the two teens are hiding something. Margo asks Casey to tell her what he knows about Will and Gwen.

At the Lakeview, Emily refuses to listen to Henry’s advice to be grateful that Paul isn’t pressing charges against her and use this chance to make a fresh start. Emily insists that Paul put his own fingerprints on the gun to protect her because he still loves her. Emily also thinks Paul is hiding from her because he doesn’t know how to express his feelings to her. Emily wants to find Paul to tell him she still loves him.

At Paul’s grave, Jennifer hears footsteps and thinks it's Paul, but it turns out to be Barbara, who needs to say good-bye to Paul.

At Java, Dusty suspects Meg is using Madam Lacoste to lie to Jennifer, hoping that she and Dusty will argue so much about Paul that they will eventually break up. Madam Lacoste tells Dusty she is not a con artist, and she only tells people what she truly feels from spirits on the other side. Dusty warns Madam Lacoste not to come near Jennifer again, or he will do one of two things call the police or take care of her himself, depending on his mood that day. Dusty wonders how Meg could have changed into someone he doesn’t recognize anymore. Dusty calls Meg pathetic for thinking that her scheme could break up him and Jennifer, and he also tells Meg that even if Jennifer left him someday, he would never go back to her. Meg sheds some tears and blurts out that she had nothing to do with the scheme, but someone else did want to lie to Jennifer. Dusty wants to know the person behind such an awful scheme.

Outside Java, Madam Lacoste calls Paul and tells him that Jennifer’s boyfriend caught Meg giving her the money and warned her that he will go to the police if she ever comes near Jennifer. Madam Lacoste also tells Paul that Dusty is interrogating Meg, and he will probably discover the truth soon, so he should leave town. Madame Lacoste also tells Paul she doesn’t want to be a part of his scheme anymore. Madam Lacoste’s words leave Paul very worried about Meg, and he wonders why she hasn’t called him yet.

At Paul’s grave, Barbara tells Jennifer that she misses Paul very much and still can’t believe he is dead. Jennifer tells Barbara that she has a strong feeling Paul is still alive, and a psychic also confirmed her feelings. Barbara encourages her daughter to stop believing in something so farfetched, because she knows better than to believe in psychics. Barbara tells Jennifer that she wishes with all her heart Paul were still alive, but the truth is, Paul is dead.

At the Lakeview, Emily asks Henry to help her find Paul and, despite his better judgment, he agrees to help Emily. Henry and Emily split up to search for clues and agree to meet later and compare notes.

At Metro, Gwen finally promises Will that she will run if they get caught, so Will gives her half the money and promises her he will find a way to meet her in Seattle.

At Tom and Margo’s house, Margo gets a call and leaves the room, so Maddie uses the time to try to persuade Casey to help Will and Gwen and not say anything to his mother. Margo returns and tells Casey and Maddie she got a hot tip about Will and Gwen’s whereabouts. Once Margo leaves, Casey tells Maddie he will tell his mother the truth when she returns, because he doesn’t want her (Maddie) to get in trouble and risk her future. Maddie asks Casey to help her figure out what happened to the necklace Gwen supposedly stole and what happened with Barbara that day she was knocked unconscious. Maddie tells Casey that she knows that he still doesn’t like Gwen, but Will is his best friend, and she is sure he doesn’t want him to go to jail for a crime he may not have committed. Casey agrees to help Maddie, and he tells her she is lucky he has spent his entire life around the police.

At the Wagon Wheel Motel, Paul calls Meg and tells her to hang in there and to call him back soon, because he is worried about her.

At Java, Meg tells Dusty she found the bag of money outside in the street, and when she brought it in the lady told her she had lost it, so she gave it back to her. Dusty doesn’t believe Meg’s dumb story and still thinks that Meg was trying to come between him and Jennifer. Meg apologizes to Dusty once again; as tears roll down her cheeks she explains that she made one mistake, and she only did it because she loved him. Dusty doesn’t think Meg ever loved him and says he is glad he finally found a woman who really does love him. Dusty explains to Meg that Jennifer is going crazy because she thinks Paul is alive, and he will do anything he has to do to make sure she doesn’t get hurt again. Meg is hurt by Dusty’s words and blurts out that Paul is alive. Dusty tells Meg he won’t ever believe another word that comes out of her mouth. Dusty warns Meg to stay away from Jennifer, or he will make sure she is arrested. Meg rushes out of Java, unaware that she has left her purse. Emily arrives and the waitress assumes she is a friend of Meg and Dusty's, so she tells Emily that the lady left her purse. Emily tells the waitress that she will return Meg’s purse to her. Emily searches the purse for clues and finds the note that says, "Meet me at the Wagon Wheel; make sure you are not followed." Emily rushes out of Java and heads to the motel.

At the Wagon Wheel Motel, Paul calls information and gets the number for Java so he can call. Paul gives the waitress who answers the phone a description of Meg and is informed that she has just left. Paul wonders why Meg hasn’t called him or returned to the motel.

At Paul’s grave, Barbara worries that Jennifer is losing her grip on reality again, and she encourages Jennifer to accept Paul's death. Jennifer promises Barbara she will try to accept Paul’s death. Barbara leaves, but Jennifer wants to stay a little bit longer.

At the Lakeview, Casey and Maddie question Lisa, hoping to clear Gwen of the charges against her. Lisa tells them that Jennifer was waiting for a new babysitter to arrive, so the baby was with Dusty until the babysitter arrived. Casey wonders why Jennifer hired a new babysitter. Lisa explains that Jennifer’s nanny cam had caught the previous sitter bringing boys into the room. Casey thinks that if the nanny cam were on, it could probably show what happened when Barbara was knocked unconscious. Casey and Maddie ask Lisa to help them get into the room to search for the tape. Lisa takes them to Jennifer’s room, but she tells them they must figure out how to get in themselves; she can’t let them in because her guests would lose trust in her. Maddie sees Henry and asks him to help them break into Jennifer’s room. Henry tells Maddie he would do almost anything for her, but he won’t break into Jennifer’s room.

At Metro, Margo knocks on the door and yells at Will and Gwen to come out, and she also advises them to come out willingly because it is the best thing for them. When her words don’t make Will and Gwen come out, she pretends to leave; once he thinks she is gone, Will comes out, and she catches him. Will tells Margo that Gwen is gone, and she won’t find her. Gwen comes out of her hiding spot because she can’t let Will take the blame alone. Margo handcuffs Gwen and arrests her.

At the Wagon Wheel, Meg arrives, crying, and tells Paul that Dusty thinks she is pathetic for paying the psychic to lie to Jennifer. Paul gives Meg some water and tells her Dusty is an idiot not to realize that she is an incredible woman. Paul holds Meg as she continues to cry.

At Paul’s grave, Dusty arrives and tells Jennifer that Madam Lacoste was a con artist hired by Meg to try and cause them to fight. Jennifer is saddened to realize that Paul is really dead. Dusty tells Jennifer she can talk about all the good times she had with Paul, if that will help her say good-bye to him. Jennifer tells Dusty she wants to go home.

At the Wagon Wheel Motel, Paul apologizes to Meg because his plan caused her more pain. Meg tells Paul it's not his fault, because she chose to help him. Meg and Paul kiss, and Emily is heartbroken as she looks through the window of Paul’s motel room and watches them.

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