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As the World Turns Update Thursday 2/16/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Angie

At an abandoned Metro, Maddie gives Will some of Casey’s clothes to wear, including Casey’s University of Wisconsin sweatshirt. Maddie tells Will that the shirt fits him well, except the sleeves are too short. Gwen jokes that Will looks like a jock, and Will tells her Casey isn’t a jock. The three friends are startled when they hear a noise, so the girls go hide while Will tries to find the source of the noise.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer tells Dusty that Madam Lacoste, the psychic, thinks that Paul is alive, and she believes her because she has the same feeling about Paul that she had when everyone told her Johnny was dead. Dusty thinks the psychic is a con artist who is taking advantage of the fact that Jennifer is vulnerable right now.

At Java, the psychic calls Paul and asks for more money to prepare the way for his return. Paul refuses to give Madam Lacoste more money because he doesn’t think she told Jennifer what he ordered her to tell her. The psychic tells Paul to call Jennifer himself if he doesn’t believe her, and she also explains to Paul that it will take time for Jennifer to be ready for his return, so that it won’t be a shock to her. Paul agrees to give the psychic more money and tells her he will send someone to Java with the money. At the Lakeview, Meg tells Emily that Paul has agreed not to press charges against her if she agrees not to tell anyone he is alive. Meg makes it clear to Emily that if she says anything, she will lose her comfortable, cozy life and go to jail for attempted murder. Emily reminds Meg that if that happens she will also go to jail, for hiding Paul. Emily also asks Meg where Paul is, because she needs to see him.

At Metro, the girls come out of their hiding place once Will tells them the noise was made by a mouse. Maddie cries a little and smiles as she realizes Will and Gwen are so in love and, despite the situation, happy together. Maddie hugs Will and Gwen and says good-bye to them; she also reminds them to e-mail her if they need anything. Maddie tells Will and Gwen that despite everything, they are lucky to have each other, and they should always stay together.

At the Lakeview, Emily wonders why Meg is helping Paul after everything he has done to her. Meg avoids the question and tells Emily to keep her mouth shut, for both of their sakes. In her room, Jennifer asks Dusty to believe her once more and support her about her feelings that Paul is alive. Dusty tells Jennifer she shouldn’t feel guilty that Paul is dead, because his suicide isn’t her fault. Jennifer doesn’t want to fight with Dusty anymore and tells him that despite their difference of opinion about Paul, she will always love him (Dusty). Dusty asks Jennifer to promise to be careful. Jennifer promises to do so and gives Dusty a quick kiss, and then she leaves to check on the baby, who is crying. Dusty looks inside Jennifer’s purse and finds the information on the psychic, and he leaves Jennifer’s room.

At Tom and Margo’s house, Casey asks Maddie to get the salami out of the refrigerator so he can add it to his already heaping sandwich. Maddie tells Casey that he doesn’t need any more toppings on his sandwich. Casey wonders where his University of Wisconsin sweatshirt is, and Maddie tells him it's probably somewhere in that pig sty he calls a room. Casey tells Maddie his clothes look great on Will, except the sweatshirt is too short in the sleeves and Will could never look like a jock.

At Metro, Will and Gwen start packing to leave, but first Will prepares a romantic bath for her in a small tub with some warm water and dish soap. Gwen gives Will a kiss and thanks him, and she also wants him to get in the tub with her.

At the Lakeview, Meg gets a call from Paul, and when Meg tells him she can’t talk now and she will call back later Emily grabs the phone from Meg, because she knows it's Paul. Emily apologizes to Paul for shooting him and begs him to tell her where he is, because she needs to see him. Meg grabs the phone away from Emily and tells Paul she will call him back later, and then she hangs up the phone. Meg tells Emily she will have her arrested for stalking if she opens her mouth about Paul being alive. Meg tells Henry to tell Emily to leave her alone, for her own good. Emily tells Henry what Meg told her, and Henry is very happy that he won’t get in trouble for helping Emily or stealing B. J.'s money. Emily insists on going to find Paul so she can finish things with him. Henry thinks Emily should read the book Women Who Love Too Much. Emily doesn’t think Henry could understand how she feels about Paul. Henry tells Emily he does understand her feelings, because he has loved a few women; the only difference is they never loved him back. Henry studies the look on Emily’s face and figures out that Emily is still in love with Paul and wants him back.

At Tom and Margo’s house, Casey is upset with Maddie because she lied to him about what she was doing. Maddie is puzzled by Casey’s reaction, and he yells that he is this way because of her. Maddie asks Casey to stop fighting with her so they can discuss the situation. Maddie thinks it's time for Casey to stop feeling sorry for himself and think about other people for a change. Maddie thinks Casey is being cruel by not helping Will just because he is mad at Gwen over the situation with the baby. Maddie reminds Casey that despite his feelings about Gwen, she is the mother of his child, and if the baby had lived they would have had to find some way to get along.

At the Wagon Wheel Motel, Meg tells Paul every detail of her conversation with Emily and says she thinks that Emily is acting a bit crazy and obsessive. Paul tells Meg not to say another bad word about Emily, because, despite the fact that she shot him, she truly loved him. Paul admits to Meg that he used Emily’s love for him to force her to go along with his plan, and he also admits that he didn’t love her the way she deserved to be loved, although he loved her in his own way. Meg tells Paul she understands how Emily feels, because he used her feelings for Dusty to force her to go along with his plan. Meg makes it clear to Paul that just because she understands Emily doesn’t mean that she will allow Emily to try and kill him again; she has worked too hard and risked too much to save his life. Paul gives Meg the money to give to the psychic but won’t give her any information about the woman; he only tells her she will be waiting at Java. Paul tells Meg that he will miss the way she glares at him while she is gone. Meg laughs and leaves to meet the psychic.

At the Lakeview, Henry tries to persuade Emily to stop the search for Paul, because it can only lead to more trouble for her. Emily is determined to find Paul and see him alive, because he is probably hurt and lonely and needs her to hold him.

At Metro, Will and Gwen share a romantic bath together and wish they didn’t have to leave and could stay there forever. Will apologizes to Gwen for getting her in this mess and admits that he should have listened to her advice and never stolen money from Barbara. Gwen tells Will that he has nothing to apologize for, because as long as they are together she is happy, no matter what happens to them. Gwen and Will smile and then kiss before they start splashing each other with water. The couple is startled by a noise, so they get dressed, and Will looks out the window and tells Gwen it was just the sound of a car backfiring. The two kiss and walk out the door to leave Oakdale once again.

At Tom and Margo’s house, Maddie thinks Casey will call the police and tell them Will and Gwen’s location, so she starts to leave to warn Will and Gwen. Casey tells Maddie to wait and starts to follow her, when Margo arrives home.

At the Lakeview, Emily tells Henry that Paul stayed in Oakdale because he loves her, so she must find him so they can be together.

At Paul’s grave, Jennifer tells Paul that she feels in her heart that he is alive, just the same way she felt it about Johnny, but she doesn’t know what to think, so she asks Paul to tell her if he is alive.

At the Wagon Wheel Motel, Paul suddenly awakes from sleep and says, "Jennifer, I am here."

At Java, Meg arrives and gives the psychic the money Paul promised her, but Meg is unaware that Dusty is watching her.

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