ATWT Update Wednesday 2/15/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 2/15/06


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Gwen is comfy at her and Will's hiding spot at Metro, as she looks over some food. Will walks in from outside with a concerned look on his face. He tells Gwen that he just heard a contractor talking outside with a realtor, and they said that they were going to begin renovations tomorrow. He tells Gwen that they must leave tonight in order to avoid being caught. Gwen is now worried and tells Will that they haven’t enough supplies to go anywhere. Will calls Maddie on his cell phone. She is more than glad to help. Will basically asks her to prepare a survival kit for them. Maddie tells Will that she will see him in about an hour. When Maddie gets off of the phone, she turns around to find Casey staring at her. She rolls her eyes and calls him a snoop. Casey is very nosey, with his usual attitude. He starts asking Maddie questions about how her Valentine's date with Nate went, just to see if she will tell him the truth, but she doesn’t. Margo comes in with a load of groceries. Maddie uses this excuse to go upstairs.

Margo is not blind to the tension between the two and asks Casey to tell her what’s going on. Casey just chalks it up to Maddie being weird. Margo also tells Casey to go easy on the groceries, because the pantry was full the other day. Casey starts to put it together that Maddie is helping Gwen and Will. Margo goes upstairs, and later Maddie comes down with a large duffle bag. Casey makes a smart remark that she must be going camping with Nate. Maddie lies and tells him that she is going to drop some clothes off at a clothing drive. Casey doesn’t buy it. Margo comes down before Maddie can leave and asks her to pick up some things while she is out. Maddie and Margo go back upstairs to get Margo’s list. Casey rushes to pick Maddie’s bag up off of the floor. He looks inside and finds his Wisconsin sweatshirt. He rushes to put the bag back when he hears Margo and Maddie coming down the stairs. Maddie heads out. Casey tries to rush out so that he can follow her, but Margo detains him a little bit with questions about what the deal is with them. Casey finally gets out, telling Margo that he is going to the library.

Gwen and Will contemplate how they are going to get out of town. Gwen points out that they have no money, but Will reminds her about the $1,000 that they took from Barbara. Gwen is adamant that it is blood money and they can’ use it. Will tries to convince her that they have to. He talks about his half-brother living in L.A. and starts to convince Gwen that they could build a life there. The idea starts to sound good to Gwen. She agrees that they will use Barbara’s money, and they'll find a way to send it back to her without it being traced once they get settled. Maddie comes rushing in, declaring that she thinks someone might have followed her. They all get on the floor behind some furniture. Maddie shows them the stuff she brought them. Will is not thrilled about wearing Casey’s sweatshirt. They try to ask her if she and Casey are getting along, but Maddie shrugs off the subject. Will goes to check outside to see if they are surrounded. He comes back and says that the coast is clear. Casey comes in, taking care to be quiet.

Henry and Emily sit across from each other at a table at the Lakeview. Emily is still harping on the subject of Paul, and Henry still wants his money. Emily is convinced that Paul is alive. Henry makes a call and informs Emily that Meg has checked out of the hotel in Mexico. Emily wants to find Meg and keep a tail on her to get to Paul. Meg gets off of the elevator and goes to the desk. She then turns around and sees Emily and Henry. They all stand in the lobby and pretend to make small talk, circling around the real issue. Finally Meg tells them that she is on to them and that if they don’t stop harassing her, she will go to the police. As soon as she leaves, Emily tells a reluctant Henry to follow her, holding the money as leverage over him.

Paul and the psychic are in Paul's hotel room, and they discuss the next step to take with Jennifer. The psychic gets a call from Jen, who wants to meet her again. Jen tells Dusty that she is not feeling well and asks him to go on to their scheduled lunch with Lucinda without her. Dusty is reluctant to leave her, but she finally gets him out. Not a second after he leaves, the psychic knocks on her door. Once again, they sit down, and the psychic tells her things about Paul. She reveals to Jennifer that Paul is definitely alive. This excites Jen. Dusty enters, holding Johnny, and wants to know what is going on with them. They make up a story about the psychic being a travel agent who has a co-worker who might have spotted Gwen and Will. Jen rushes the lady out the door. When she returns, Dusty lets Jen know that he is no dummy, and he wants the truth from her. Jen tells him that he must keep an open mind. He promises to do the best that he can. She reveals to him that Paul is alive. Dusty gets a concerned look on his face, and it is obvious that he doesn’t buy it.

Meg gives Paul one of his pills as she tells him about her encounter with Henry and Emily at the Lakeview. Paul thinks that maybe it is time to reveal to Emily that he is alive. He wants to turn up the pressure, to see how she reacts. Meg does not agree; they have gone through a lot of trouble to convince people that he is dead. She also asks what will happen if Emily wants to finish what she started. Paul finally convinces Meg to put pressure on Emily. He also shows great concern for Meg and tells her to promise him that she will protect herself. Meg is touched at his concern. When she arrives back at the Lakeview, she waltzes right past Emily. Emily catches up with her and is dumbfounded. Meg is annoyed and tells her to say what is on her mind. Emily looks her in the eye and asks where he is. Meg plays dumb and asks her, "Where who is?" Emily glares at her and tells her that she knows damn well that she is talking about Paul. Emily tells Meg that she knows Paul is alive. Meg flips the script on Emily and lowers her voice as she replies to Emily that they both know that there is no way that he could be alive, because Emily is the one who shot him. Emily gets a guilty look on her face.

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