ATWT Update Tuesday 2/14/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 2/14/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At the Lakeview, Maddie bumps into Casey. She sees him dressed up and asks if he has a date. He tells her that he does, and she adds that she has a date with Nate, and she has to run. As she is leaving, Casey tells her to lose the hot-air-balloon look what is she hiding under her coat? She opens her coat and says it is a surprise for Nate; she shows him a box of chocolates, and then turns quickly to leave.

At the cottage, Katie leads a blindfolded Mike down the stairs into the living room, which is filled with candles, flowers, and food. He smiles as he takes Katie into his arms and tells her how perfect the room is.

At the police station, Nick asks Jack why he is still there. Jack tells him he is pulling a double shift. Nick thinks he should go home to get some sleep and spend time with Carly. Jack essentially cuts him off; he does not want to discuss Carly or his family with him. They are partners at work and nothing else; Nick should do his job, and he will do his.

At home, Carly is listening to a message from Jack. She is disappointed because he sounds all business as he tells her that he won’t be home for dinner. She is bothered that he didn’t say he forgave her or "I love you" at the end of the message. She mumbles to herself about Jack sounding as if he hates his life. Then she seems to get an idea; she walks out onto their porch, opens the trash can, and retrieves the bag that holds her skimpy waitress outfit from the strip club, smiling wickedly as she does.

At Metro, Maddie arrives bearing food for Will and Gwen to eat while they are holed up there. She even pulls out a heart-shaped box of chocolates as she wishes them a happy Valentine’s Day.

At her Lakeview suite, Jen sleeps fitfully. She is remembering the psychic telling her that she now thinks that Paul is alive. She wakes with a start. Dusty is standing over her with a single red rose. He smiles as he tells her that it is from her son. She laughs as she asks if her son went out and hand-picked the rose for her. Dusty tells her that Johnny is with Barbara, and he wants to take her out to dinner, and maybe go dancing. She is preoccupied, and he sees that and asks what is wrong. He realizes it must be Paul, and he admits that he is not his favorite subject but insists he wants her to be able to talk to him. She pauses, but then she admits to him that she wishes Paul were alive and she really thinks he could be. Dusty looks at her, surprised.

At the Wagon Wheel Motel, Meg tentatively walks up to the door. She knocks on the door; it opens and a hand drags her inside. She is at first taken aback and starts to resist, but once inside she sees it is Paul. He snaps that she was supposed to be there yesterday. She quickly answers that she had to make sure it wasn’t a trap, and that she wasn’t followed. Meg tells him how she got his urgent call in Mexico. She came back and went to the cabin and no one was there, so she worried that he was dead somewhere in the snow. She playfully slaps him. Paul tells Meg that he didn’t call her and he wouldn’t have called her. Meg’s face drops.

Lily walks into her living room, holding the pregnancy test; Jade is waiting for her. She asks her how much longer, and Lily tells her a few moments. She doesn’t want Jade to get her hopes up, even though she had a feeling about this. Holden walks into the room and asks if he can talk to Lily. Jade says she is going to see Luke. After she leaves, Lily immediately asks him if what he wants to say can wait a few more minutes, because something huge is going on. Holden, unaware of what she is talking about, agrees, and then he goes on to say that he and Lucinda feel strongly that before they take things further with Jade, they need to get a blood test. Lily explains that wasn’t the big news she was referring to.

Holden jokes about what could be bigger then a mystery girl showing up on their doorstep. Lily whirls around to face him, holding out her pregnancy test. Holden is speechless; is that what he thinks it is? It is, and it is positive, Lily beams. She happily tells Holden, “Happy Valentine’s Day; you are going to be a daddy again!” Holden tries to recover from his shock as he stutters over his questions: How did this happen? Lily laughs; she thinks he knows how babies are made. He smirks, but says that they weren’t trying were they? Lily thinks it must have been the time in the pick-up. She then asks if he is O.K. He is; it is a baby. Lily feels he seems slow to warm up to the thought. She hugs him as she says his reaction scared her at first. He tries to explain; it just wasn’t where his head was. She hopes it is where his heart is, though. He is just shocked, but he feels this is the best possible news for them now. He hugs her tightly.

Both Will and Gwen had forgotten the day. They thank Maddie for reminding them and for bringing them the chocolate. They are starving, and they think what she brought for them is important. Maddie thinks that the news she has will be better than her bringing them the food. Will and Gwen wait for her to explain. She reveals that the police are off their scent. She told Margo that she found a bus schedule on the rooftop, and now they are scouring the bus terminals, looking for them. They are safe for the time being. Gwen hugs her. Will goes to put the food away, and Gwen asks Maddie if she is doing anything special for Valentine’s Day. Maddie mentions it being a school night and says she has homework she should do. She then mentions how she had thought there was someone special, but then she stops herself and changes her words: there isn’t anyone for her.

An irate Meg says it wasn’t as if she expected to hear from him either, but the message was so cryptic that she thought she should check it out. Paul back-pedals; it isn’t like he wouldn’t want to call, he just didn’t want to get her into trouble. Paul realizes then that it must have been Emily who called her. They must have called using the cell phone she had; they called him. Meg is in disbelief; they were in the room while she was talking? Paul is struck again by a coughing fit. Meg wonders if he is still bothered by that. He blows it off and then changes the subject back to Emily. They almost found him, he explains, so he left the cabin quickly. He couldn’t take the chance. Meg asks why he was at the Lakeview, then. It wasn’t for her; he has a plan. Meg realizes it was about Jen. He plans on coming back from the dead for her. Is he out of his mind? Meg asks incredulously. He is playing a stupid game, and it has to end.

Dusty wonders why Jen thinks that Paul is alive. Jen reminds him that at one point he thought the same. He did, he admits, but that was before Hal brought him all of the evidence. Jen is angered; why can’t he just leave her this possibility? He wonders if she wants false hope. She suddenly wants to drop it. She switches gears and thanks him for the wonderful evening he has planned. He is a wonderful man, but at this point Dusty feels compelled to ask if she really believes that still.

Carly arrives at the station, dressed in a long coat. She approaches Jack, who is surprised to see her and wonders if she got his message. She did, but she still wanted to come down to bring him something. Did she bring him dinner? She turns around, unbuttons her coat, and flashes Jack the fire-red corseted outfit she is wearing. "Come and get it," she commands, as Jack looks at her lustfully.

Mike wants to know why Katie is so scared. She admits that she feels as if they are tempting fate; it seems like it took them a million years to get together. They laugh about the time Mike came to the hospital with his finger hanging off. Then they take a walk down memory lane, with images from their relationship over the years. They kiss sensually as they remember the happy times they have shared.

Jack is speechless, so Carly approaches him quickly and grabs him, kissing him passionately. She pushes him towards and into the interrogation room. Inside, she whispers to him that she understands that he is still mad at her and probably will be after this, and they will still have money issues, and he will still be shuttling between two jobs, and they will still have three kids and a mortgage but he is still the hottest man she knows, and she is thrilled he is hers. Up against the wall, Carly kisses Jack heatedly, and he has totally given in to her advances. Nick, who has come back into the station-room area, sees what is going on between Jack and Carly through the window of the interrogation room. He tries to hide his disappointment.

Holden wonders how far along Lily is. Lily hasn’t had time to really do the math. She thought something was off, but she guesses she was in denial because they weren’t trying. Then Jade mentioned having a feeling, and that prompted her to take the test. She is glad Jade is here. Holden just cautions her to be careful. He really feels they should get a blood test to verify that she is Rose’s child. Lily doesn’t really want to hear it right now. She is sure she is Rose’s child, and if she is, then she is like one of their own now. She waves the pregnancy test at him, though; considering what they just found out, can’t they focus on this instead of procuring a blood test for Jade? Tomorrow they will even book an ultrasound and get more information on her pregnancy. Holden agrees that, for the night, they can put their focus elsewhere.

Jen reiterates to Dusty that he is a wonderful man, but he reads her thoughts. Does she assume he is not in it for the long run? Is that why she is holding on to this belief about Paul? He assures her that he is not going anywhere. She tells him that he can’t promise that. He realizes he has developed a reputation with some people, and maybe he let some people down, but when he is there, he is there one hundred percent for the people he loves. He doesn’t run. Jen cuddles up beside him, happy to hear him say these words. She does love him very much.

Meg demands to know why he would take this kind of risk. Paul snaps that it is his life, and he can risk it if he wants to. Then why is he drawing her back into it by leaving her the matchbook? Meg demands. She is only back because of him. He could have left her out of it. Paul starts to stutter as he contemplates what to say about his feelings for her. He then simply says that he didn’t expect to see her, and he wanted to make sure she was not in trouble. Meg wonders bitterly if he was really just worried she was going to turn him in, or maybe he needed more help with his cough. Paul smiles as he confesses that maybe he was thinking a little of both. Meg shifts the conversation; he looks bad. Paul surprises her when he tells her that she looks good; she got some color and looks relaxed. She smiles about how she spent her days at the spa and her nights dancing. Paul is sure that many men sought after her. Meg and Paul stare at each other, but Meg changes the subject when she takes out her stethoscope. Paul laughs about her carrying it wherever she goes. After listening to his lungs, she tells him he sounds as bad as he looks. He blows it off, saying he is managing to get around fine. She thinks that is a good enough reason to convince him to go somewhere to get help. He says he can’t leave now. She knows this is because of Jen. Why is he following Jen and figuring out a plan? He says he can’t let her feel the way she does about his death. Paul is agitated at Meg's questions, and he tells her that she can just leave, since she doesn’t understand. Meg snaps back that he can’t just dismiss her. He tells her to please go, then. Why does she care what he does anyway? Meg stares at him, not wanting to admit anything, so she angrily tells him that is a good question. She starts to get her stuff together to leave, but Paul stops her. He apologizes; he doesn’t mean to sound ungrateful. Meg’s defenses are still up; she has done her job, and she does not need to be here to do anything more. Paul wants to know why she seems so upset, then. They continue to dance around what is clearly going on. She tells him coldly that she gets misty over roadkill. She turns to leave, but Paul tells her he doesn’t want her to go; he likes her being a bossy nurse but he knows it will be for the best if she walks away.

Dusty hands Jen a long, velvet jewelry box. She opens it and sees the beautiful watch he got her. He has written a card to suit the gift. It reads, “All my love, all the time.” Jen jokes that he must be impressed with his card, as they both get a chuckle out of it. He always knows the right thing to say and do. Dusty promises that it is just the two of them, from now until always.

Will comes back into the room. Where is Maddie? he wonders. Gwen explains that she had to leave. They both are happy that Maddie is helping them and agree that they both really like her. He just hopes Maddie can keep a secret from Casey. Gwen is sure she will. He finds a guitar and reminds Gwen that he never heard her and her band play, so he is hoping she will play him something. She strums on the strings a little, but isn’t sure she wants to play anything more.

Aroused, Carly and Jack are kissing up against the interrogation wall, when Carly suggests they find a car for privacy. Jack laughs at her suggestion and says there are some filing cabinets that they've hidden behind before. Just then Nick clears his throat, interrupting them. He has good news. Carly, mumbling, asks if he has decided to transfer. They all chuckle quietly. Nick tells Jack that he can do his reports for him. Jack tells him he doesn’t need him to cover for him. It isn’t a big deal, Nick insists. Besides, it is Valentine’s Day; he should take him up on it and take Carly out. Jack and Carly look at each other, thinking about the suggestion. Jack assures him he can pull his weight around here. Nick knows he can, but he can pull his weight around there tomorrow. What is the catch? Jack asks. Nick smirks and tells him that he has to wait 48 hours before he can be a jerk to him again. He turns around and leaves Jack and Carly to watch after him, surprised by his generosity.

Luke and Jade offer to take the girls for ice cream so Lily and Holden can get some alone time on Valentine’s Day. They agree to let Luke go out, and Lily happily mouths, “Sshh” to Jade as they leave. After they leave, Holden asserts that he is serious about having a blood test done with Jade. He doesn’t want anyone upsetting her during her pregnancy, especially if she is not who she says she is. He wants Lily to at least consider what he is saying. She agrees to consider it, but she is sure of who Jade is.

Katie is sitting in front of the fire, deep in thought. Mike presents her with a gift. She opens it to find a PDA. She isn’t sure what to make of it, but Mike explains that he has the same one. If the phones aren’t enough for them, then they can also text-message each other. Katie smiles and tells him she likes how he thinks. He hopes she can figure out how to use it, because there is probably a message for her on it. Katie smiles while she retrieves her message. It reads, “I love you Kat.” Mike jokes about cutting off the end of her name. She thanks and hugs him, telling him that she loves him, “Mi.” They both get a laugh out of that.

Meg tells Paul she should walk away, but honestly she has nowhere to go. Paul has taken her hand, and Meg looks down at it for a moment before she gently pulls away. He wonders if she needs more money. She thanks him for what he has given her and says she doesn’t need any more. She should be happy, because she has more money than she knows what to do with, but she isn’t. Puerto Vallarta was beautiful and she had tons to do, but at the end of the day she realized there was no one waiting for her at home, missing or needing her. It is a rotten feeling. That is why she packed her bags and came home immediately when she thought he called. Paul incredulously asks if she missed what they had been doing. "It isn’t real life, though," he tells her. Meg feels that it will do for now. Paul thinks she should stick around, then. They stare smilingly at each other.

Will jokes with Gwen about her playing. He lights a cigarette lighter and sways while holding it over his head. Gwen turns him down, saying she started a band and sang to escape her life, and she doesn’t need to do that anymore. Will oohh’s and aaahhs her sweet comments, but then tells her to play. Gwen slowly picks up the guitar and starts to play, singing a love song to him that continues to play throughout the remainder of the show, as we watch the interaction between the other couples who are deeply in love, want to be in love, or are denying their love.

Casey is still waiting for Lisa when the manager tells him that she is running a little behind, because everyone is looking for suites because of Valentine’s Day. He sits back down to wait for her, and he starts to think about Maddie and sees himself kissing her. Just then, Nate sees Casey and calls to him, causing his thoughts of Maddie to end abruptly. Casey asks Nate if he liked the chocolate Maddie got for him. Nate is confused; he didn’t have a date with Maddie. He explains that his dad is in town and he is spending the evening with him. Casey watches him leave, a little bit confused with what just happened, but maybe a little happy that Maddie didn’t spend Valentine’s Day with Nate.

Lily and Holden lie on their couch as he gently touches her stomach.

Carly and Jack are sitting on the couch, drinking wine. She is glad and appreciates that he came home with her. He only hopes he doesn’t pay for it by letting Nick do his extra work. Carly thinks that this time Nick might have been sincere. Jack is shocked that she said a nice thing about him. Carly smiles and tells him to mark the calendar, because it will be the one and only time she says something nice about Nick. Jack then gives her a gift he has for her. She tells him he shouldn’t have spent the money, but when she sees the beautiful necklace, she is glad he did. He takes such good care of her. She wants to take care of him, she says. She does, he answers every time she smiles at him. She cuddles up to him, promising to do better than that, as she kisses him.

Nick is at work filling in for Jack, and he looks back through the window he looked through earlier when he saw Jack and Carly kissing. This time, instead, he sees himself and Carly deeply kissing.

Paul worries that Meg being with him is dangerous for her. Emily and Henry are on to them and could turn her in. There are so many things that could go wrong for her. Meg responds that things will go wrong for him, because Jen will not forgive him for letting her believe he was dead. He agrees that that could possibly happen, but much more could happen to her. He stares at her warmly before he admits that he is glad she has come back. Meg admits she is glad to be back with him, too.

Jen and Dusty are lying in bed. She has one question for him: Is her watch waterproof? He is confused by her question. She explains that she hopes it is, because she intends to never take it off. She plans on holding him to what he said; she can’t lose another person in her life. He promises that she won’t, but he doesn’t want to lose her to a ghost. She promises to get her head on straight regarding her brother and promises she will be with him from now until always.

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