ATWT Update Monday 2/13/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 2/13/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At Jack and Carly’s home, Carly is clearly flustered after Jack opens the door to find her and Nick standing guiltily on the porch, with Nick in the process of wiping her lipstick off. Carly, stalling for time, innocently asks what he is doing home. Jack coldly responds that the babysitter called to tell him that she couldn’t stay because her child was sick, and Carly had not gotten home yet. Why was she not at home as she had promised to be? Jack asks. Nick tries to intercede on Carly’s behalf, only to be snapped at by Jack, who tells him that it is none of his business; he is interested to know what exactly he is doing with his wife, though. Carly stutters as she apologizes for breaking her promise about staying in. She also wants to divert the question away from what they were doing together. Jack responds back shortly that her apology is not going to cut it this time.

At the cottage, Katie and Mike are talking about how messy the place has become since Nick moved in. She doesn’t even think that he is trying to find another place to live. Mike is happy that he is going to be there while he is gone. The subject of him leaving makes Katie irritated. She doesn’t want him to leave. Mike thought she was O.K. with it finally. She admits that she is trying to be, but really isn’t. The more she thinks about it, the more she hates it. What if it takes longer than they've anticipated? What if this leads to something better? Mike assures her that he would simply turn it down. Katie remarks bitterly on how he didn’t turn this opportunity down, and they were in the middle of planning their wedding. Mike wants to know what is really bothering her. She admits that she is scared that if he leaves, there will never be a wedding.

At Holden and Lily’s home, Luke walks into a room, where Holden is reading the newspaper. He wonders how long Luke is going to try to avoid him; the house isn’t that big. He can’t talk now, he says, because he and Jade have plans. Cue Jade and Lily, who enter the room after having read some stories to Natalie and Faith. Lily is impressed with her storytelling. Jade admits that she made the story up for the girls right then and there. Luke asks Jade if she is ready to leave, obviously anxious to avoid Holden’s inquiring mind. As they are on their way out the door, Lucinda is arriving with Valentine's Day treats for everyone. She stops in her tracks when she sees a new face in the living room. Lily slowly starts to explain about Jade. She didn’t know how to broach the subject, but she wants Lucinda to meet Luke’s new cousin. Lucinda immediately looks at Holden: How could this happen? Lily explains that it isn’t what she thinks; Jade is Rose’s daughter. Lucinda tries to look happy, but her face seems to be hiding her skepticism.

At the Lakeview, Meg arrives back at the front desk. She greets the man and, after exchanging pleasantries about Mexico and such, Meg asks about any messages. The front-desk manager tells her that there aren’t any for her. Meg is confused, because she got a somewhat urgent message in Mexico and thought the caller would have left a follow-up message here. The man wonders if she knows whom the message was from. Meg answers that she has a good idea. He apologizes for how crazy things are right now, saying things have been that way since everything with Barbara’s son. A concerned Meg asks if they found Paul. Jen, who is walking by, hears Meg say that and asks why she would think he was talking about Paul.

At the Wagon Wheel Motel, Paul is meeting with the psychic woman he hired, Madame Lacoste. He is concerned that this tactic isn’t going to work on Jen; she is practical. The woman is convinced that she made some headway with her. The fact that she called her back means something. She is wracked with guilt and is visibly upset about the situation; the fact that his sister called her means she is open to the possibilities. Paul contemplates what she says, but is then struck with a coughing fit. The woman suggests he see a doctor, but he doesn’t trust them. Isn’t there someone he trusts? He tells her there was someone, but she is long gone. She tells Paul that she will report back to him once she meets with Jen, but Paul tells her there won’t be a need, because he plans on being there. The woman nervously asks if he means in spirit, but he corrects her and tells her he means in the flesh.

Lucinda asks Jade when she got to Oakdale. Jade looks around and then tells her that she got in the day before, and everyone has been so nice to her. Lucinda directs her next comment to Lily: She must have been shocked to find out Rose had a daughter.

Lily dodges the statement, and Lucinda asks Luke if he and Jade wouldn’t mind running out and getting her a funny card for Natalie and Faith for Valentine’s Day. Luke asks Holden if he is going to let him go. Holden is unsure at first, but with Lucinda and Lily’s urging, he agrees. Out in the hallway, Lucinda tells Luke that she sprang him, and she hopes he isn’t planning on disappointing her by drinking. He promises not to let her down. After they leave, Lucinda asks Lily and Holden point-blank if they have lost their minds.

Carly tries to explain; she was so worried about Will and Gwen that she felt compelled to go look for them. Jack wonders bitterly if she also felt compelled to call Nick to help. Carly explains that her car broke down and Nick was, coincidentally, driving by. Jack laughs coldly. Nick starts to add that he was actually on his way to see Jack at WOAK to talk about the case. Jack ignores him and asks Carly where the car is. Carly is not sure what to say, knowing where her car is stranded. Nick jumps to her defense by saying that the car has been towed to Burt’s. Again, Jack smirks; Nick is pretty quick on his feet tonight with the answers. Jack tells Nick to leave so he can talk to his wife. After he leaves, Carly snaps about Jack overreacting. He doesn’t think so, considering she lied to him and then came home with a man he can’t stand. She doesn’t want to have this conversation with him right now, given how he is acting. She wants to go upstairs and relax. Jack stops her; she is to take off her coat, sit down on the couch, and tell him why she is lying through her teeth. A panicked Carly doesn’t know what to do about his request, considering she is wearing her skimpy waitress outfit under her coat.

Meg starts to back-pedal; she assumed, since they never found Paul’s body, that that might have been what happened. She is out of the loop because she has been out of town. She changes the subject and asks what is going on with Will. An emotional-looking Jen mentions that Will has run off with Gwen, but says she can’t really talk more about it. She excuses herself to go meet Madame Lacoste, whose name Meg notices and can’t help wonder about. Before she leaves the front-desk area, she tells the manager to let her know if Henry Coleman or Emily Munson shows up in the lobby. He agrees to give her a heads-up. Meg walks by a disguised Paul and makes eye contact with him as she heads onto the elevator, but does not realize who he is. Paul is surprised to see her there but can’t talk to her, because he wants to hear the conversation Jen has with Madame Lacoste.

Jen thanks the woman for meeting her. Madame Lacoste is glad that Jen gave her another chance. Jen tries to explain that she never believed in psychics before, but she wants to be open-minded about it. The woman feels that she is worried about Will, but she is carrying around pain for her brother Paul as well. Paul is in pain too. Jen is confused; how could that be? He is dead! Just then, Paul, who is sitting nearby, starts to have a coughing fit. Jen hears this and becomes concerned for the man, not knowing it is Paul. She approaches him, asking if he is O.K. or needs any help. A shocked Paul doesn’t know what to do, and he tries to shield part of his face with his newspaper.

Mike assures Katie that their wedding will never go up in smoke. She is not going with him, so she can stay behind and continue to plan their wedding. Katie pouts because she wants them to make the decisions together. He reminds her that he is only a phone call away, 24/7. She jokes that she is going to call him five times a day, then. He smiles, saying he is looking forward to that. He is also looking forward to becoming Mr. Katie Paretti. He takes her into his arms and kisses her. They fall to the couch, and Nick comes in and tosses his coat down, oblivious to them. Then he sees them and tells them that a guy at the station just rented him a room, so he will be out of their hair ASAP. Mike looks at him, shakes his head, and tells him no, he won’t be. Nick looks at him, confused.

Carly has sat down, and Jack rails at her. She was planning on looking for Will and Gwen before he left, he accuses, and that is why she was so adamant that he go in to work tonight. Carly tries to deny that; after he left she got to thinking and became nervous, and she felt she had to go out and at least look around. Jack angrily asks if she ever tells him the truth. She wants to know why it is such a big deal this time. Then she says she thinks she knows; it is about Nick. He is mad at her because Nick brought her home.

Lily tries to explain that a nun confirmed the information about Jade. A piece of paper and a nun do not make this the truth, Lucinda warns. Lily chuckles that a nun is not exactly a normal person and wouldn't be prone to lying. Lucinda continues, arguing that papers can be forged or made up, and people can tell lies. Rose would have told them about her child. Lily explains that there was some concern about the acceptance of a child of mixed race. Lucinda doesn’t believe that would ever have stopped Rose. Lucinda suggests that they call Joe, Rose’s dad, before she gets all caught up in sentimentality. Lily agrees to do just that.

Jade jokes with Luke that they go to Java often. Is it because he has friends there? She wonders if his friends are the cause of his trouble at home. Luke doesn’t really want to get into it. She tells them they should make a deal that they can talk about all things with each other except themselves. Luke agrees. She does have a question for him, though: She knows Rose was murdered, but who was the groom she was set to marry on that day?

Paul thanks Jen for her concern but excuses himself quickly so as to avoid seeing her eye to eye. Madame Lacoste doesn’t want Jen to concern herself with the man, knowing full well it is Paul. She wants to continue talking about Paul. Jen wants to know how Paul could be in pain if he is dead. His soul is restless, the woman answers. His spirit is close, and if she gets closer to both people involved then maybe she will know what he wants. Jen seems suddenly cynical; how much will it cost her to find out? The woman wants her to understand that she doesn’t want any money. Jen starts to walk away, but the woman continues to talk. She sees that Jen is walking around filled with sadness. She feels that Jen can’t even talk to her family about it. Jen warms back up to her because her insight (albeit phony) is hitting home with her. Jen explains that her family doesn’t understand why she feels guilty. They talk about how Paul was hated. Jen is getting more upset as they talk. She said horrible things to Paul out of anger; she cut off communication and pushed Paul into a corner. The only way for him to prove he was sorry was to kill himself. The woman promises that they will make it right with Paul; they will find out what Paul wants. Paul is watching this conversation closely, trying to hide his emotions about what he hears Jen saying.

Jade tells Luke she would really like to see and meet Paul. Luke slowly explains that he killed himself a couple of weeks ago, saying it is a long story. They need to get going because his dad is going to be looking for them. He can tell her this much: everyone loved Rose, especially his mom. Jade wishes she had met her. Luke knows Rose would have liked her.

Lily hangs up the phone after having talked to Joe. She tells Lucinda that Joe told her that Rose did disappear around the time Jade was born. Lucinda is still not convinced; she was always running off. Lily stands firm; she believes Jade and she wants her to stay. Besides, she has nowhere to go. Lucinda hugs her. She knows Lily is trusting. She just doesn’t want her making out any new wills. Keep Jade at arm's length, she advises. She needs to find more out about Jade and her supposed father. Natalie makes a noise and Lily excuses herself to go check on her, because she hasn’t been feeling well. After she leaves, Lucinda turns to Holden and wonders if he could actually be falling for this story so easily.

Jack yells that it isn’t about Nick; it doesn’t help that Nick openly flirts with his wife, or that he is the same man who has his job, but it is more about the fact that she lied to him again. Carly raises her voice back to insist it is not her fault the car broke down or that Nick was the one who showed up. Did he want her to turn down his offer? Jack thinks she could have called him. She says she didn’t want to interfere with his job; they can’t afford any problems. She broke his trust and it doesn’t get much worse than that, he says as he stomps by her and up the stairs, leaving a rattled Carly behind.

Nick gets up from the couch; he will stay there as long as he is needed. Katie still doesn’t think she needs a babysitter. Mike reminds Nick that he can’t keep the place like a frat house, though, and Nick agrees to clean up after himself. Nick is glad to see that Katie is protected at home with him and at work with Jack. Mike remembers that and is happy as well. Mike makes a comment about Carly probably missing Jack at home, since he is working two jobs. Nick makes a comment about Carly not noticing, now that her nights are covered.

Jack comes downstairs and walks by Carly, who is sitting sadly on the steps. She continues to try to explain: He is a cop, and if they found Will and Gwen and didn't report finding them, he would have gotten into trouble, but if they had reported them to the authorities, then Gwen never would have forgiven them. Carly wants them to forget about tonight and get to the making-up part, as she tries to cozy up to him. He rejects her advances. She tells him there is no need for him to go in to work at this point, as she tries to kiss him. Not this time, he tells her firmly. He walks out the door, and Carly dejectedly watches after him. She unbuttons her coat and looks down at her outfit, frustrated.

Holden and Lucinda walk outside. He says he believes that Jade is who she says she is. Lucinda warns that he can't let himself be taken advantage of. Lily’s relationship with Rose was complicated. He needs to get her DNA to match to Rose’s. His family has just stabilized; they don’t need to be thrown off balance now. Luke and Jade come home and ask if they can listen to Holden’s jazz records. Holden agrees, and as they are leaving Jade offers her scarf to Lucinda, who looks cold, but she turns her down. After they leave, Holden admits he actually feels sorry for her. Lucinda wonders if that is exactly what she is hoping for.

Madame Lacoste wonders what things Jen liked about Paul. She tells her that he always loved her. She knows now that even when he was keeping this last horrible secret, he was doing it with good intentions. She understands where he was coming from better now. The father of her baby was a horrible person. Madame Lacoste feels that Paul wants her forgiveness. He also wants her to stop blaming herself for his death. She feels his spirit around them. She holds Jen’s hands, but then jumps back. Jen is concerned and asks what is wrong. Madame Lacoste admits that she feels she may have been wrong. Jen is confused. She says she thought what she was feeling was coming from his spirit, but now she feels strongly that Paul is alive. Jen is stunned; why would she think that? She says he could be hurt or near death and admits it was a fleeting feeling, but a desperate Jen wants more. Madame Lacoste tells her that she now needs rest after connecting with Paul. Jen pleads with her to stay and tell her more. She explains that she has no control over her visions; she can’t command them to appear. She can call her tomorrow. Jen is visibly shaken; she can’t leave her like this, she insists. The woman then leaves, as does Paul. Jen gets a strange feeling and whips around to where Paul was, but he is now gone. Meg comes off the elevator and sees Jen, but an emotional Jen breezes by her without a word.

Katie asks how Carly’s nights would be covered. Nick covers and says that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how busy her nights would be, alone with three kids. Katie seems concerned, but Mike changes the subject. Nick goes to get a beer, and Mike suggests to Katie that she slip into something more comfortable so they can say a proper goodbye. After Katie goes upstairs, Mike suggests that Nick get lost so he can have some private time with Katie. He will even pay for a hotel room.

Nick turns him down but tells him he will make himself scarce. After Mike goes upstairs, Nick takes out the handkerchief that has Carly’s lipstick on it. He recalls rubbing it off her face, and smiles as he looks at it.

A now robed Carly puts the skimpy waitress outfit in a bag and then puts it into the trash outside. She mumbles that Nick can go to hell without her help.

Holden is explaining what happened and how they met Jade. She ran into the street and Luke hit her; he never saw her coming. Lucinda remarks that she is sure no one saw her coming. She thinks it is interesting that there was a near-tragedy involving Luke. Holden reads her expression; she can’t think she did this on purpose. She reiterates that Holden needs to get her DNA. Holden agrees to talk to Lily, but Lucinda strongly feels that Holden should not involve Lily. He needs to do it himself, and do it before it is too late.

Jade is in the living room looking at pictures when Lily walks in. The family that raised her was not big into pictures. She says how beautiful Lily looked. Jade looks at the picture and then at Lily. Lily assumes that she is noticing how similar they look. Jade tells her that actually wasn’t what she was thinking; she was wondering if she could ask a personal question. Lily tells her that she can. Jade shocks her with her next question: Is she pregnant?

Meg is sitting in the lobby, talking to herself. She knows Henry and Emily took her phone. Where could they be, and what are they up to? Paul, still disguised, walks near to Meg and drops a matchbook onto the table next to her. Meg looks at him strangely and looks at what he dropped a Wagon Wheel Motel matchbook. She smirks and says, "No way, pal," to herself. She tosses the matches back down on the table and then notices the note written inside. It says, “Room seven. Don’t let anyone follow you. P.” She looks after the man, but she realizes he is already gone. Meg is stunned when she realizes that person was probably Paul.

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