ATWT Update Friday 2/10/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 2/10/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Carly tells Jack that he must go in to work and not stay at home with her. Jack insists that he wants to stay home with her and take care of her because she is worried about Gwen. Carly continues to tell him that he should go in to work. Jack is a little suspicious as to why she doesn’t want him to stay home. Carly covers the real reason and tells him that she does not want to be the reason that Jack gets fired. After a little more pushing, she gets her way. Jack gives in and decides to go to work. Carly gives him a sultry look and promises to have a romantic dinner waiting for him when he gets home.

Once again, Nick sits in front of the stage and watches one of the girls dance. The owner recognizes him and approaches him, wanting to know if he is going to participate in the poker game tonight. Nick says that he is in, and he tries to get information from the owner to help his case. The owner is suspicious of his nosiness and tells him nothing. He then inquires about Tiffany (Carly). When Carly arrives in her uniform for her waitressing job at the club, the owner is not pleased that she was late. She promises not to let it happen again. As soon as Carly arrives at the club, she is greeted by Nick. She snaps at him and tells him she is not in the mood for him tonight. She also scolds him for almost blowing her cover at her house the other day. Before Carly has been there for five minutes, she gets a call from the babysitter, who needs to leave. The babysitter says that she will call Jack if Carly can’t relieve her, and Carly tells her to sit tight and she will be there. Carly asks one of her waitress friends to cover for her and tells her that she is not sure when she will return. Nick wants to know why Carly is leaving so soon, and he offers her a ride. Carly flat-out declines, but she rescinds her refusal after she can’t find a cab. Nick makes her apologize before he gives her a ride. Once they arrive back at her house, Nick reminds her that she needs to take her make-up off on the front porch. He uses his handkerchief to dab at her lipstick. Suddenly, Jack swings the front door open. Upon seeing Carly standing there, looking guilty, he asks what the hell is going on.

Casey and Maddie stand outside of Java as he questions her about why she has so much food. Maddie makes up a lie and tells him that she and Nate have a date. She tries to blow him off, but Casey doesn’t let her go. They sit on the bench, and Casey ends up apologizing for the things that he said to her. He tells her that Nate is not smart enough to recognize a catch like her. Maddie rolls her eyes and says that it was better when he was acting like a jerk. Nate walks up and asks Maddie about all of the food. Casey butts in and says that it is for their date. Nate looks confused. Thinking quickly, Maddie blasts Casey for ruining the surprise. She tells Nate that she wanted them to have a picnic. Nate is really confused now, because the last time he saw Maddie, things between them weren’t going so well. Casey finally goes back into Java. Maddie immediately goes back to being mad at Nate. This confuses him even more. He shakes his head and is about to walk into the store when she stops him. She doesn’t want Casey asking him more questions, so she gives him one of the coffees meant for Will and Gwen and tells him that she will call him later to explain.

Will and Gwen hear a noise outside of Metro and are worried. They are relieved when Maddie walks through the door with food for them. They start to think that they should move on, but Maddie doesn’t think that they should. She calls Margo on her cell and tells her to meet her at Java in ten minutes, because she has information on Will and Gwen.

Paul is frozen when he hears "Margo with the Oakdale P.D." and knocking on the door of his motel room. The owner tries to get her to go away, but she insists that she has a warrant. Paul hides behind the door when she opens it. Margo wants to search the room for signs of Will and Gwen. She finds nothing, and Paul tries to hide his face. Before she leaves, she hears him coughing and beckons him to come to the hospital with her. Paul declines and she leaves.

Jennifer realizes that the lady in her hotel suite is a professional psychic. Dusty enters during their conversation, and she asks him to go in the other room with Johnny. She asks the lady to leave, and the lady tells Jen to call her. Later, Jen calls her on the phone and asks if they could meet. When the lady hangs up the phone, she is standing in Paul’s room. She tells him that Jen took the bait.

Mike arrives at Java, where Katie is discussing wedding dresses with a wedding planner. She quickly hides the dresses when he arrives. She is all excited about their April wedding, but Mike tells her they will have to put it off. Katie is stunned and worried that they won’t get married. Mike tells her he will have to leave town for a few weeks to help his brother with some construction work. Katie is selfish and doesn’t want him to go. Mike convinces her that he needs to. Katie wants to go with him. She finally realizes that this is something that he needs to do. He assures her that they will get married as soon as he returns.

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