ATWT Update Thursday 2/9/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 2/9/06


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Angie

Hey guys, this is going to be a short one.

Carly stands by the desk close to the door at her house. Her cell phone rings. It’s someone from her new job at the club telling her that she needs to come in and work tonight. Carly begins to argue that she is not on the schedule, and Jack walks through the door. She immediately ends the phone call. Jack recognizes Carly’s guilty look and wants to know who was on the phone. Carly tries to shrug the phone call off, but Jack is not going to let it go. He asks her if it was Gwen on the phone. Carly tells him no, and he asks her if she is telling him the truth. Carly gets offended and asks Jack why she would lie about something like that. Jack then tells Carly that there is an APB out for Gwen’s arrest. Carly’s eyes get big. He tells her the entire story of what happened with Barbara. Carly turns into her usual over-the-top self and wants to run to Gwen’s rescue. Jack remains the calming force and tells her that they need to leave it to the police.

Jennifer, Barbara, and Kim are in Barbara’s suite at the Lakeview. Kim is bringing a cameraman in so that Jennifer can go on the air live and make a plea for Will to come home. Both Kim and Jennifer try to reason with Barbara that the best way to get Will to come home is to drop the charges against Gwen. If Will knows that she is safe, then he won’t have any reason to stay away. Barbara remains stubborn and still believes that Gwen will be the downfall of Will. She won’t rest until Gwen Norbeck is out of his life for good. Kim and Jennifer are not able to get through to Barbara. Barbara suddenly gets an idea in her head and takes off, without informing them of where she is going.

While Jack is in the kitchen making phone calls, Carly answers the door. She opens it and Barbara waltzes right in, uninvited. Carly is quick to give it to her, and the two go at their usual back-and-forth banter, Barbara insisting that Gwen is a gold-digger and Carly defending Gwen. Barbara actually gets to Carly when she tells her that Gwen is going to ruin Will’s life, just like she ruined Jack’s life. Barbara brings up the fact that Jack was a respected detective and got demoted because of Carly. Carly gets quiet. She finally yells for Barb to get the hell out of her house. Jack comes into the living room after hearing his wife yell. He also tells Barbara to scram, and she does.

Back at the Lakeview, Jennifer goes on air and asks that anyone who has seen Will and Gwen call her. She also pleads for Will to come home, because Johnny needs an uncle, and she cannot bear to lose another brother. When Jennifer steps outside of her suite, she runs into a middle-aged woman who recognizes her as the sweet girl who was just on television looking for her brother. The lady senses that Jennifer is grieving and touches her hand. She immediately jumps back.

She asks Jen if she is grieving for her brother. Jen tells her that her younger brother is missing. The lady jumps in and asks if she has another brother. Jen looks down and tells her that she had an older brother. The lady tells Jen that she senses things and that she feels her grief for her older brother has been misplaced. Jen looks at the mysterious woman, confused. Later, downstairs at the Lakeview, Jen asks Kim if there have been any leads. Kim tells her that a few people claim to have spotted Will and Gwen, but they have to be checked out. Jennifer sighs, not feeling very hopeful.

Paul enters a hotel room with the manager. He has on a hat, some facial hair, and some glasses as part of his European disguise, along with a cane. The place looks like a cheap motel. The manager is nosy, but Paul handles his inquisitions and tells him that he doesn’t want to be disturbed for the duration of his stay. The man shows Paul the Oakdale newspaper on the table and leaves. Paul sits at the table and looks at the paper. He sees Jen, Will, and Barbara on the front page, with a headline that says, “Family Tragedy Strikes Again.” He makes some mysterious phone calls.

Emily and Henry sit at a table at Java. Emily still believes that Paul is alive and refuses to give Henry access to the money until he helps her find Paul. They still think that Meg is the key. They see Emma come in, and Emily approaches her and inquires about Meg. Emma wants to know why Emily cares. She tells her that she wants to apologize to Meg for telling her mother about seeing her with medical supplies, adding that she now knows it was for a good reason.

Emma is curious, but Emily does not want to tell her because, she says, she is turning over a new leaf. Emma tells her that Meg left her a message saying that she is at a town in Mexico. Emily pushes for more information, but thatís all that Emma knows. Emily rushes back to the table when Emma leaves, and she tells Henry what she's learned. Henry uses his keenness. He calls all of the hotels in the town and asks about Meg. One hotel has her, and he leaves a message for her to come home immediately because "I need your help." Heís hoping that she will think that it is Paul and come back. Emily smiles, thinking that she is on to something.

After Maddie finds Gwen and Will on the roof, they convince her that what happened with Barbara was an accident. She agrees to help them. She takes them to Metro, which is closed down. They break in and shut off the alarm. Gwen is psyched that they have somewhere warm to stay for a few weeks. Maddie is now seeing this as an adventure. She wants to be their link to the outside world. She rushes off to Java to buy them some food. Henry sees Maddie and stands behind her. When she orders a massive amount of food, Henry starts to wonder if she has an eating disorder. She assures him that the food is for Casey and his friends. As she is getting ready to leave with her order, she runs into Casey, who wants to know what she is doing with all of that food.

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