ATWT Update Wednesday 2/8/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 2/8/06


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Jack comes home, looking exhausted from an overnight security shift. When hanging his coat up, he finds a white bag and picks it up. He pulls out Carly’s red waitress outfit. As Carly rushes down the stairs to greet her husband, Jack confronts her at the bottom, holding the little red number in the air. He wants to know what the hell it is for. Carly grabs the outfit from him and turns her back to him. She has a flashback of running into Nick at the club. She quickly covers and tells Jack that it was a surprise that she wanted to show him in the bedroom. Jack is less than thrilled. Carly kisses and hugs an exhausted Jack. They move over to the couch, and Jack tells Carly about what a drag his second job as a security officer is. Carly tries to cheer Jack up. There is a knock at the door. Carly and Jack both go to the door and are not pleased to see Nick standing there when Jack opens it.

Nick is cheerful and greets Jack, but Jack basically tells Nick that he is not welcome there just because they are working on a case together, and that all police business needs to be handled at the station. Nick is caught off guard by Jack’s coldness and says that he will just see him at the station — but not before telling Jack that he is surprised to be greeted that way, especially after what happened last night with him and Carly. Carly’s eyes get wide, as if she can’t believe that Nick is about to tell Jack that she got a job working at the club. To Carly’s relief, Nick says that he ran into Carly last night and told her that there was a break in the case. Still annoyed, Jack tells Nick that he is going upstairs to take a shower and that he can brief him on the update on their way to the station. Nick and Carly are left standing in the living room. Carly still has on her silky blue bath robe. She immediately snaps at Nick. To her surprise, he gets very close to her and tells her that he is crazy about her. This makes her even angrier. Nick tells Carly that she may pretend to be happily married, but there is something missing. When Jack comes back downstairs, wondering where Nick is, Carly tells him that she told him to wait in the car. She gives Jack a kiss and tells him how passionately she loves him.

Lily sits on the couch, looking at a picture of Rose, with Jade’s birth certificate in front of it. Holden joins her. Lily admits that she has mixed feelings about Jade being Rose’s daughter. She is still not convinced that it is true, but she feels that if it is, it would be like having a piece of her soul back. Holden tries to look at the bright side of the situation and thinks that it would be a miracle if it is true. Jade enters the room and apologizes for interrupting them. Lily says it is okay, and they stand. Jade goes on about how comfortable her room was and how she feels like she stayed in a five-star hotel. She goes on about how great it was to hear kids laughing down the hall, and that she can’t wait to meet her other cousins. Lily gets a look in her eyes and tells her that she has a conference that will take an hour, and they will talk after that. Holden offers to make her breakfast, but Lily quickly interjects and suggests that Luke should take her to Java for breakfast. Luke is surprised, because he thought that he was grounded, but Lily insists. Holden has a quick conversation with Luke on the porch. Jade and Lily are left alone. Jade tells Lily that she found out more about Rose from a nun called Sister Elizabeth at the Orphanage of the Little Flower. Once Jade and Luke are gone, Holden questions why Lily was so insistent that they leave the house. Lily admits that she wanted some privacy to check out Jade’s story. She confirms over the phone that the orphanage was legit. She then asks to speak to Sister Elizabeth. She is told that she is away on a retreat for weeks. Lily begins to rattle off the story of how Jade showed up on her doorstep claiming to be Rose D’Angelo’s daughter. The nun on the telephone, Sister Ann, immediately recognizes the story. She is worried that they did the wrong thing by releasing the information. She tells Lily that Sister Elizabeth and Rose were close and that they were worried about how a biracial child would be accepted. Lily begins to believe that it is true, and when she hangs up the phone she is almost in tears.

At Java, Jade and Luke connect. Luke tells Jade about how fun and vibrant his aunt Rose was, and Jade can tell that Luke misses her. She also picks up on the fact that Holden always seems to be on his case. Luke looks down and tells her that his father loves him, but expects him to be something that he is not. Jade is sympathetic and understands. When they return home, there is a thickness in the air. Lily confesses the real reason that she wanted Jade out of the house. She then tells her that she needed to know for sure before she could… Luke wants to know, Before she could what? Lily walks over to Jade and embraces her sister’s child.

Casey comes down the stairs, and there is awkwardness between him and Maddie, who is sitting on the couch studying. The two are giving each other the silent treatment. Maddie decides to leave the room. As she gets up, she drops her books. She and Casey take turns making eyes at each other as they pick up the books. When Margo comes home they are both startled. She is glad that they are both there and tells them that there is a warrant out for Gwen’s arrest. They are both surprised.

Casey sarcastically asks what Gwen has done now. Margo fills them in on the details and wants to know if either has heard from her or Will. Neither has. She warns them of the severity of the situation and tells them to call her if they hear from them. Margo leaves. This gets both of them talking to each other. Maddie is surprised and confused at Gwen and Will’s actions, but Casey hasn’t a good thing to say about either of them. There is a knock at the door. Casey answers it. It is Nate. Casey asks him what he is doing there. Nate tells him that it is none of his business, but— Casey rudely cuts him off and yells to Maddie that her boyfriend is there. She is embarrassed that Casey called him her boyfriend. Nate takes Maddie to the rooftop spot where all of the kids hang out.

Gwen wakes up and looks at Will, who is asleep on the lawn chair next to hers. They are both in their coats. They spent the night on the roof. Gwen quietly takes Will’s wallet from out of his pocket and pulls out a large bill. Will wakes up and wants to know what she is doing. Gwen has tears in her eyes as she tells Will that she is leaving him. She tells him that she will go to jail if she stays. Will says that he will just go with her. Gwen doesn’t want to put Will through that because she loves him, but Will convinces her that they are in this together. They rush to hide when they hear someone approaching the rooftop. Maddie and Nate appear, and Maddie wants to know if she can see Casey’s house. Nate is annoyed that she constantly brings up Casey’s name. Maddie says that it is because they live together, but Nate is not buying it. He thinks that there is something more, and he leaves Maddie on the roof. She goes after him, but returns alone. She hears a noise. She demands for the person to come out of hiding, but they don’t. She then threatens to call the police. As she dials the number on her phone, Will emerges and tells her to stop. Maddie looks surprised to see Will, and then Gwen emerges from the hiding spot.

Jennifer and Barbara arrive back at their suite. Jennifer is concerned about her mother and wants to make sure she is okay. Barbara, on the other hand, only has one thing on her mind, and that is sticking it to Gwen. Jennifer seems exasperated that her mother is constantly berating Gwen. She thinks that Gwen is ruining Will’s life, but Jennifer is not so sure. Barbara appeals to Jennifer’s sensitive side and tries to get her to help her little brother. She tries to convince her that nailing Gwen will save Will.

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