ATWT Update Tuesday 2/7/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 2/7/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At Tom and Margo’s, the doorbell rings, causing Maddie to come bounding down the stairs to get it, but a sullen Casey cuts her off at the pass, telling her that it is his house and he’ll get the door, because it won’t be for her anyway. He opens it to find Henry asking for Maddie. An annoyed Casey walks away as Henry inquires of Maddie what was so urgent. She tells him that he needs to get her out of this house ASAP.

As they all shuffle into Lily and Holden’s house, Jade thanks the family for inviting her in. She knows they think she is crazy, but she came here to find out about her mom. Lily answers that there is no way she could be her mom, but maybe because of the accident she is confused. Jade continues; she came here to see what her mom’s face looks like, and she is so happy she did, because it is beautiful. Lily, Holden and Luke continue to stare at her, not knowing what to say.

Will and Gwen arrive at the rooftop, and Will continues to berate himself for injuring his mother, while Gwen continues to comfort him and assure him that he did nothing wrong; it was an accident. He doesn’t think it matters; he needs to go to the station so he can confess. Gwen looks horrified.

Barbara is awake as she lies in her hospital bed. Jen asks her how she is doing. She says she is fine, but weak. Jen persists; does she remember what happened? Barbara tells her emphatically that she remembers everything that happened to her — and who did it!

At the Galaxy strip club, Nick is sitting in the front row, loudly flirting with the dancer, as Carly watches from just inside the door. The manager approaches her and asks what she is doing. Carly hesitates as she searches for an answer, but the manager then asks her if she is here for the job. For a moment Carly is slightly flattered that she could be mistaken for someone who could dance for men, but then she explains that she is here for a job — but not that type of job; she heard he could use a waitress.

He figures she would be more suited for that job, considering how she looked. He asks to see her “caboose.” She hesitates as the manager tells her that it isn’t the Lakeview and the men like to look at a nice view when they are here. Carly nervously turns around and shows him. He hires her on the spot and tells her to go get a uniform. Carly is surprised; doesn’t she need to fill out paperwork? He explains that there are no papers to fill out; she can use a fake name for all he cares. All of the transactions are paid under the table. If she wants to hook up with one of the customers, he doesn’t want to know about it. As Carly glares at Nick, she promises that won’t be a problem. He tells her to go talk to Chardonnay to get a uniform. When the manager walks back across the room, Nick asks if he can get some action through him. The manager tells him that it is not that type of club, but Nick tells him he meant five-card stud or Texas Hold 'Em. The manager tells him he should go to Vegas, but Nick replies that he hates Vegas because it reminds him of Disney World on steroids. He helps the manager make his decision by flashing around more money. The manager takes him into the back room as Carly watches on.

Henry doesn’t understand; he thought she and Casey were getting along. Maddie angrily calls Casey an idiot and says he thinks he can tell her whom she can talk to. Henry starts to shake his head as if he's figured it out. Is the person Casey doesn’t want her to see of the male persuasion? Maddie answers yes. Henry gets it; he thinks he is jealous. Maddie thinks he is out of his mind. She wants to get out of there and go anywhere else, but Henry stops her. It isn’t going to happen, at least not for a while.

Gwen is adamant; she is not going to let him turn himself in for an accident. Will is frustrated because Barbara got hurt while he was stealing from her. Gwen tells him it is her fault; he did this for her, she bemoans. He corrects her; he did it for them. If he has to go to the cops, though, she will go with him. Will’s cell phone rings and it is Jen, telling him that Barbara is awake. Will is relieved, but he asks if she remembers anything. Jen tells him that she said she did. They have called Hal so she can give him a statement. Will’s face drops slightly. Will he come by the hospital? He tells her he will see her there in a little while. After he hangs up, he tells Gwen what Jen told him. He figures she must be really mad, because she called the cops. Gwen is sure she isn’t, because she loves him, in her own way. He is her son; she will forgive him. She thinks she should wait there for him to go see his mother, because her being there at the hospital with him will only make things worse. Will tells her he will see her in a little while. They say their "I love you"s and off he goes.

Jade wants to start over; she does not mean Lily is her mom, but she has her face. It is amazing to see it at first hand, though. A stunned Lily asks if she is talking about Rose. Jade answers that yes, Rose D’Angelo was her mother. Everyone stands there stunned. Jade tells them she didn’t mean to spring this on them; she had a whole plan worked out, but then she got hit by the car and they all came face to face … but they can deal with this tomorrow. She starts to leave but they stop her. Lily seems in disbelief. She tells her that she and Rose were very close; they shared everything, and she never told her about having a baby, and Lily doubts that would have been something she would have kept from her. Jade tells her that she knows it must be a shock, and that is why she brought proof. Lily tells her that she would be interested in seeing exactly what proof she has.

Henry is looking through Tom and Margo’s cabinets and refrigerator for some martini mix, trying to calm himself down. He knows his money is tied up with Emily and he can’t do anything for Maddie until he gets it back, but obviously he can’t tell her that. He jokes that he can’t believe that two hard-working people wouldn’t have a stash hidden somewhere; they deal with criminals all day long. Maddie persists; please let her live with him, she pleads. He tells her that he is under a lot of pressure and wouldn’t be a good living companion right now. She needs to give him a few more weeks. Finally he comes across a bottle, with a successful “A-ha!” Then he realizes it is crème de menthe. "Who are these people?" he queries. Maddie tells him she will give him permission to use some of B. J.’s money to find them a place. Henry reminds her that she had shot down that idea before, and Maddie comes to her senses; he is right. He takes a giant sip and then disgustedly spits it out into the sink. "Do you drink this stuff or gargle it?" he wonders. He thinks the easiest way to solve this dilemma is for her to make up with Casey. She tells him that she would rather stick her head in a lion’s mouth. Henry tells her that he has figured out a way to help her and there is only one way to do this. Casey is listening from around the corner.

Margo arrives to see Barbara, who would rather talk to Hal. Margo explains that he is wrapped up in a case, but she can take a statement just as well. Does she still want to make one? Barbara tells her not only does she want to make a statement, but she wants to press charges as well. She starts by saying she was in bed when she heard a noise. She went out in her living room to see what it was. She saw the person robbing her, and when she went to chase the burglar off a fight ensued; next she remembers, she was waking up in the hospital. Margo asks if she knew the person. Barbara tells her that the person who was robbing and then attacked her was none other than Gwen Norbeck. Will, who has just walked into the room, hears this last statement made by Barbara.

The manager of the strip club checks Carly out in her waitress outfit and tells her he likes what he sees. He sends her off to go get her drink order for the guys in the back room. At the bar, Carly introduces herself as Tiffany to Chardonnay. She doesn’t think Carly looks like the type that would work in a place like this, but Carly tells her it is just a job to her because she needs the money. Chardonnay laughs and tells her she will see if she feels that way at the end of her shift. She offers her advice on how to handle the men and wishes her well, adding that if she needs any help, she should let her know. Carly goes to take the drink order into the back room, where Nick is playing poker. She starts to place the beers down in front of each person. The first man takes it and comments about the smell of cheap beer. Nick then says something about smelling expensive perfume and realizing whom it reminds him of. He jumps up, surprised at seeing Carly standing there serving the drinks. The manager asks him if there is a problem. Nick covers by saying that there is no problem, the smell just reminded him of an ex-girlfriend. The manager introduces Carly as Tiffany. Carly and he trade sarcastic comments, and then Carly leaves the room. A moment later Nick folds, and the manager wonders if he plans on leaving the game. Nick tells him he is only out of the hand and he needs a moment. He quickly goes after Carly. He grabs her, and as he does her bracelet falls to the ground. He wants to know why she is following him. Carly feigns innocence; she is just working. Nick is sure Jack must have sent her there. He couldn’t stand him flying solo on this. She is going to ruin his sting. Carly pretends she doesn’t know what he is talking about. Nick tells her to start talking and to make it fast, or he is going to make her regret coming there.

Will is furious. Gwen is not the one who pushed her, he insists; he was. Barbara pretends that she doesn’t want Will covering for Gwen anymore. First she robbed a guest at the Lakeview, and now this. She goes on to relay the story of what happened at Lisa’s hotel, and Margo asks if it was reported. Barbara tells her that Lisa fired her but didn’t want the police involved. Will yells that she can’t prove any of what she is saying, but Barbara tells everyone that she was there to witness this. Will continues to try to get Margo and Jen to hear his side of the story. He was the one who wanted to take the money from Barbara. Barbara tells them that Gwen twists Will up and has turned him into this type of person. She will testify to all of her statements under oath. The doctor comes in and tells everyone to leave, but Jen asks to stay. Outside, Margo asks Will for a statement. Will thinks Margo has already made up her mind about Gwen. Margo tells him that from her point of view, both he and Barbara have reasons to lie.

Jade tells Lily and her family that she has her birth records from the orphanage. She pulls the papers out and shows them Rose’s name listed on it as her mother. The father’s name was left blank. Holden wonders how she got a hold of the papers. She tells him that it wasn’t easy, but she found a sympathetic nun. She tracked her down, not because she was angry, but more hurt and confused. When she found out where to find her a few weeks ago, she learned that Rose had been murdered. She wanted to look into her mother’s eyes. Lily is walking to the phone as she asks if her adoptive parents know where she is. An anxious Jade tells them that she can’t call them. Lily realizes her parents probably don’t know where she is. Jade admits that they think she is backpacking. Lily is bothered that she is lying to her parents. Jade explains that they wouldn’t understand and would not want her looking for her real mom. She had found the papers hidden in the attic in a box. She understands she may be inclined to not believe her; it is a lot to take in. She tells them that she will get out of their way. She thanks them for helping her after the accident. It was really great meeting them, and it was wonderful to see what her mom looked like. She goes to leave, but Lily stops her. She asks her to leave a phone number where she can be reached. Jade is happy and thinks that means she must believe her.

Henry tells Maddie that the only way for her to live here with Casey is— but his cell phone rings, interrupting them. It is Emily. He speaks quickly with her and at the end agrees to meet her in a little while. Maddie worries that he is in trouble, but Henry covers and then starts to change the subject back to Casey, when they hear a noise and see Casey. Maddie accuses him of eavesdropping, but he angrily covers, saying it is his house and he can be wherever he wants to be. Henry pushes them towards each other, telling them to play nice. He has to go, and he leaves Maddie and Casey facing each other.

Will tells Margo that it was an accident; he didn’t mean to hurt her. Margo explains that Barbara is the victim, and if she wants to press charges she can. She asks him if Gwen had been in the room. Will hesitates and then tells her no. Margo calls him a bad liar and then orders him and Gwen to meet her at the station in a half hour. It is an order, not a request. Margo leaves and Will goes back into the room. Jen tells him the doctor assures them Barbara will be okay; she needs to stay calm, though. Will informs her that he told the truth to Margo. She is not going to be successful in railroading Gwen. Barbara tells him that she will be just as persuasive. Will is getting more frustrated as he raises his voice back at her. Jen tells them it is not the place for them to do this. Will tells Jen that Barbara is the one who has turned this into a war, and he leaves.

Carly covers by saying that they need the money. Nick thinks she is lying, because there is no way that Jack would allow her to work in a place like this. Also, Jack has two jobs; she doesn’t need to be working here. She tells him that with three kids and a high credit card bill, she has to do what she can. There is no way Jack would allow this, Nick continues. Carly tells him he doesn’t know and he'd better not tell him. He tells her it isn’t going to matter after tonight, because she is getting out of there — now.

Jade gives Lily a number where she can leave her a message. Then Lily asks where Jade is going. She tells her that she is going to head into town to find a motel. Lily thinks it is cold and late and that maybe she should stay with them for the night. Jade happily accepts, and Lily tells Luke to show her to the guest room. Luke tells her after he does that he is beat and wants to hit the hay as well. Holden tells him that he is not off the hook just yet, and they will finish their conversation tomorrow. After they leave the room, Jade tells Luke she is sorry, because he seems to be in trouble because of her. He tells her that he was already in trouble before she got there. She wonders if he believes her. He tells her that he guesses he does, because he can’t think of a reason she would have to lie. Jade thinks his parents must be trying to reconcile themselves with her story right now. Inside, Lily and Holden are talking about Jade. Lily can’t figure out why Rose wouldn’t tell her about being pregnant, but Holden defends that maybe she was ashamed over having to give her up. Lily thinks that may be possible, and further, it would be incredible to her if she got a chance at another type of connection to Rose. Holden vows that they will find the truth out tomorrow about Jade one way or another.

Casey and Maddie continue to argue about his interruption of her date. Casey decides he doesn’t want to talk further because he has a test to study for. Maddie chides him for starting to study for a test so late. He wants to know why she cares. She tells him that he will be falling asleep during the test. He then counters by saying that her bedtime is 10 P.M. usually, so she may be the one falling asleep in class. How does he know when she goes to bed? He sarcastically tells her that he watches her room all night. Then he tells her that her room is by the bathroom. Then they start to argue a bit more, and then Casey makes a snide comment about her moving out. Maddie snaps back that she wants her privacy. Casey thinks it isn’t a privacy thing, but more a personal thing. He recalls someone calling him trash, essentially, who gets girls pregnant and then runs out on them, and that he would never compare to the likes of someone like Nate. Maddie tries to apologize again. He wants to know if she meant it. She realizes he has done a lot to make up for it. Casey replies sarcastically that he didn’t know she was handing out report cards now. She didn’t realize he was going to be so sensitive. Casey snaps back that shallow guys like him would never feel anything — right? She claims she didn’t say that. Their conversation is getting more worked up. Casey tells her that her words and actions tonight show him where they stand, and as for her privacy, she doesn’t have to worry about anything; just because they live together doesn’t mean they have to speak to each other, or even look at each other for that matter. He stomps by her and up the stairs, as Maddie stands there sadly.

Barbara wonders what it will take for Will to see Gwen in a real light. He should realize what she is capable of now. Jen wonders if Gwen really did what she is accusing her of. Barbara dodges the question by asking her if she thinks Will would have hurt her. Jen doesn’t want to believe Gwen would do this, because she likes her. Barbara vows to see her behind bars if it is the last thing she does.

Will arrives to find a nervous Gwen pacing, waiting for him. What took him so long? Will angrily tells Gwen that his mom isn’t fingering him in her attack, because she is claiming it was all her. Gwen is mortified; his mother is blaming her? Will pledges that he will never let her get away with this, as he desperately hugs her.

At Barbara’s suite, Margo and an officer arrive to look over the scene. They find a barrette on the floor and realize that it is a young girl’s accessory. Margo calls the station and asks if Will and Gwen are there waiting for her. She finds out they are not and has to reluctantly put out an APB on them both. She hangs up and stares at the barrette and mumbles to herself that she guesses that means Gwen was here and tried to kill someone.

Carly assures Nick she knows how to be cautious, being married to a police officer and all. She won’t blow his cover. She wants him to keep her secret as well; otherwise she will go to the manager and tell him that his high roller is a cop. Nick tells her to stay out of his way, then, and he will do the same. They walk away from each other. Nick sees Carly’s bracelet on the floor, and he picks it up and pockets it. Chardonnay asks who the ‘hot guy’ is. Carly tells her he is just some guy from the back room. The dancer tells her that must mean he has money, so she should jump on it; she could get lucky. Carly stares after Nick and mumbles to herself that that is what she is planning on doing.

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