ATWT Update Monday 2/6/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 2/6/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Carly shows up at the station to bring Jack his security uniform for WOAK. She worries he is working too hard and not getting enough sleep. He jokes that it’ll be like a stake-out. They need the money, and WOAK needs the security. Hopefully B. J. will show back up, and he can nab him. Carly jokes that she will block the door so no one else can take credit for his work. Jack wants her to play nice when it comes to Nick. She can’t help it, though. Nick shows up asking why Jack is still there. A miffed Jack tells him he doesn’t punch a time clock. Nick wants to talk to him about the Anatoly case. He has an idea for breaking it and wants to talk to him about it. He walks off, and a frustrated Carly snaps that he is trying to crowd Jack on a case that is his. Jack has done all the legwork, and now he thinks he can waltz in during the eleventh hour? Jack tells Carly to go home and kiss the kids, and he will see her in the morning.

At the hospital, Jade awakens and sees Lily’s face and mumbles, “It is you!” Lily asks if she knows her. Jade tells her that she doesn’t and then introduces herself as Jade Taylor. Lily introduces herself, Holden and Luke. They heard that she wanted to see them. Jade happily tells her that it is like a dream. Lily thinks she is bound to feel fuzzy after the accident, but Jade isn’t interested in that. The doctor, who has come to check her out, interrupts them, but a nervous Jade doesn’t want Lily to leave.

At home, Maddie is pressing Casey to explain why he sabotaged her date. Casey feigns that he was simply trying to take out the garbage. He then bitterly remarks about how Nate was doing his best to work at getting her alone all night. Maddie responds that she didn’t want him to have to work at that. Casey wants her to see that Nate is not the guy she thinks he is. Maddie wants to know how he knows what she is thinking. He knows her, he responds. Maddie wants him to tell her what she is thinking now, as she glares at him. He tells her no thanks. Why does he insist on ruining her life? she snaps. Casey wants to know why she thinks going out with Nate would make her life so great. Why does he care whom she dates? Casey surprises her when he explains it is because he cares.

Jen and Dusty are sitting in the Lakeview restaurant. Dusty is talking to Jen, but it is apparent that she is not listening, especially when he tells her that there is puppy chow on the menu. Jen is preoccupied with Barbara’s predicament and how she is probably not handling it well. Paul has died, and Will and she just had a big blow-up and he wants her out of his life. She can’t imagine how badly she feels, Jen laments. Dusty thinks it is no wonder Barbara is where she is after what she has done to her children.

In Barbara’s suite, Gwen and Will are stunned as they stare at an unmoving Barbara. Gwen checks her pulse and, relieved, she relays that she is alive. She quickly calls 911 to report the accident. After she is done, she places the phone off the hook on the table. Will wants Gwen to get out of the room, because it will look bad if she is found there after the public fight they had. Gwen will not leave his side.

Outside the interrogation door, Carly is eavesdropping on Jack and Nick’s conversation regarding the Anatoly case and the poker ring at the strip club, the Galaxy. Jack is well versed in the case, which surprises Nick, because Jack almost knows more than he does. They are into not only laundering money and racketeering, but heroin as well. Nick wants to go undercover at the place. There are poker tables in the back, and he can go in as a high roller, but Jack puts his foot down and tells him there's no way in hell.

At the hospital, Lily is assuring Jade that they will be right outside the room. Once outside, Holden asks her if she is sure she doesn’t know her. Lily assures him that she has never seen her before this day. Luke wants to go get a soda, and Holden decides to go with him to check on him. Lily stays behind, going back in to talk to Jade with the doctor. She tells her that she has received a clean bill of health. Lily is nervous, because a car hit her, and she thinks it is incredible that she received no injuries. Jade is definite in her desire to leave the hospital. Is she worried about the bills? Lily asks, telling her they will take care of it. Jade asks her whom she is talking about. Lily explains that she is talking about her husband and son. Lily asks again if she is sure she is okay. Jade assures her that she is better than she has been in a long time, and it is all thanks to her.

Maddie repeats that he cares about her. Casey seems to want to be honest, but he explains that it is because she has always had his back and has covered for him. Maddie thinks he is saying this because he is simply grateful. Casey answers that he is, and then stalls before he talks more. Maddie wonders why he would repay her by treating her like a dweeb. Casey tells her he doesn’t want to see her hurt. Maddie doesn’t think she is going to be. Nate was kissing her on the porch. Casey assures her that Nate is a typical guy. Maddie wonders sarcastically if he could never be interested in her, then. Does he not think she knows the difference between a guy who really likes her and one who is working her? Casey tells her emphatically, "No!"

Jen is discouraged because she knows Dusty hates her family. Dusty explains that he isn’t fond of them, and rightfully so, because he found her crying over Paul the other day and now she can’t eat her meal because she is worried about her mom. When people upset her, he takes it personally. Jen thinks she will feel better if she checks on her mom, and she picks up her cell phone and calls her. There is a busy signal, which surprises her because that would never happen; it would either ring or go to voice mail. She quickly gets up, telling Dusty that the phone must be off the hook and that concerns her, so she is going upstairs to check on her. Dusty reluctantly follows.

After arguing with Gwen about her leaving, Will decides to leave with her because there is nothing they can do now, and they called 911. They will leave the door open for the EMTs. They head for the door but are stopped in their tracks when they hear Jen knocking while calling out for Barbara. Then they hear her fiddling with her keys to the suite. What are they going to do now?

Nick is trying to defend why he should be the one to go undercover, adding that besides, he is a poker champ. Jack begs to differ. Nick thinks Jack is too high-profile with everything that has happened with him on the force, but Jack counters, saying that his playing hero with the bomb has placed him on the high-profile level as well. Nick thinks Jack is the only one who still remembers that incident. Nick doesn’t think Jack can do it with his second job. A frustrated Jack wants to know how he knows about that. Nick admits Hal mentioned it. Jack gives in; if he wants the case and to go undercover, then it is all him. He starts to walk away. Nick wonders if Jack is going to be able to work together with him, because if he can’t, he needs to let him know now.

Maddie is irritated; she knows when someone is playing her. Casey thinks she doesn’t have enough experience, which further infuriates Maddie. Why does he need to treat her so condescendingly? He is acting like no one would want to date her. Casey asks if she has ever had a real boyfriend. Maddie responds sarcastically that she has probably never had a "real" one, seeing how Casey considers his casual girlfriends. Casey wants her to see that Nate is not someone who will see Maddie as more than one night. She will blow his interest out of proportion. Maddie then responds that that would cause her to feel terrible. Casey explains that he doesn’t want her hurt. Maddie jumps up and tells him to go to hell. Casey wants to know why she is taking everything he says the wrong way; Maddie wants to know why she shouldn’t be.

Holden and Luke are down the hallway, having some sodas. Luke assures him that he is not going to explode or die, so if they could just leave this alone for the night… He walks off, and Holden follows. They show up back at Jade’s room. Lily wonders if they could call her parents. She tells them that they can’t call them. They tell her that she can call them anytime, and then they ask if they can give her a ride. She takes them up on the offer, asking if they could take her back to where she got hit.

Jen lets herself in, sees Barbara lying motionless on the floor, and immediately rushes to her side. Dusty grabs the phone and calls 911, but as he is on the phone the EMTs show up, surprising them both. As the EMTs are working on Barbara, Jen mentions she had a brain tumor a few years back. She doesn’t know what caused her to become unconscious, though, because they just showed up. Jen is confused and angered over why anyone would call and report this but then leave her there. As they are putting the neck collar on her, Jen wonders why she is still unconscious. Dusty assures her that she will be okay. She is going to accompany her to the hospital, so Dusty promises that he will take care of things with Johnny, ask Lisa about the call for help, and then meet her. After everyone leaves, Gwen and Will come out from the other room. Gwen thinks they should leave quickly, but Will stands motionless, staring at the floor where Barbara had been. His mother could die because of him.

Jack pledges that if Hal wants them to work together on this case, then he will make it work. He still stands firm on his belief that he is the more experienced one. He has six years with the Bureau. Nick reminds him that that was a long time ago. Jack wonders if he has ever worked a mob case. Jack starts to relay what it involves. Nick cuts him off; he has had girlfriends that have bossed him around less. Jack leaves, and Carly hides so he won’t see her.

After Jack is gone, Carly overhears Nick telling an officer that he is going to the Galaxy strip club and that if there are any calls to the club, no officers should address him. The officer bids him good luck, but a cocky Nick tells him he doesn’t need good luck because he is swimming in it. Carly snarls as she listens to this.

Again, Maddie asks angrily if Casey doesn’t think a guy like Nate could be interested in a girl like her. Is she not pretty or smart enough? No, that would not be the case for him. Casey answers, “Not for you.” Maddie thinks that means he is saying that she is not pretty enough. Casey is frustrated as he tells her Nate is not good enough. Maddie cuts him off; he is a nice guy, in fact, and as she talks she gets more and more wound up. He is not someone who tries on girls like neckties and then throws them away when they don’t look good. He doesn’t get girls pregnant and then lie about it. He is a good guy who is smart and is going to an Ivy League school. Those are the reasons that he needs to trash him, because Nate is everything he is not. Maddie stops and realizes she has gone too far. Casey storms out after her biting words, and she looks after him, worried.

Will recalls that he forgot about the tumor. He was not allowed to see her during that time, and when he could, Barbara was all smiles. He worries that she had been knocked out for a long time. Gwen tries to comfort him, reminding him that it was an accident. Will is distressed; what if it weren’t? Gwen stares at him nervously. He goes on; he was so mad at her. Gwen reminds him that he hadn’t gone there to hurt her. She saw the look on his face when it happened, and it was an accident. Will wonders sadly how they got to this place. He just wanted them to be together. They are interrupted by Will’s cell phone. He sees that it is Jen and answers it. Jen relays what happened to Barbara, explaining that it is not a trick. She really is hurt, but she doesn’t know what happened. She thinks that Will should come down to the hospital, but he doesn’t think it is a good idea, considering how things were left between him and Barbara. Jen thinks it doesn’t matter; he is her son and she would want to see him. Will hangs up after telling Jen he will think about it. He tells Gwen about the conversation and how Jen thinks he should go to the hospital. Gwen offers to go with him, and they head out.

Jen is sitting silently and sadly at Barbara’s side when Dusty walks in. He asks how she is doing, and Jen, somewhat detached, tells him that there is no change, but they are continuing to run tests and the neurosurgeon is on his way in. She thanks him for stopping by and tells him he can go home now. Dusty tells her that her mother is strong, but he is not going anywhere. She needs him because her mother is hurt. Jen is glad to hear him say that; she rushes into his arms and hugs him tightly. She is upset because she now thinks back on how many times she has wished Barbara away. She was so good to her after she thought Johnny was gone. She is still worried that she has not regained consciousness. Dusty comforts her; she is strong and she has many reasons to be fine, starting with her, Will, and especially Johnny. No one is going to be leaving her. Meanwhile, outside the room, Gwen and Will arrive. They ask a nurse how she is. She tells them that while she is still unconscious, she is stable. Gwen decides to wait for Will outside the room, because if Barbara sees her she will go ballistic. Will chuckles and admits that when Barbara sees him he will probably get the same reaction. Gwen is sure that Barbara will be happy, because he is her son. Will walks over to the door and sees Barbara lying there. He recalls back to when he pushed her and she fell, hitting her head on the table. He can’t go through with this and turns around to leave, but Jen rushes out and stops him. Will covers his guilt by asking what happened. Jen explains what she knows. She does know that the longer she is out, the less likely it is that she will remember what happened. Will shows some slight relief. She wants him to go talk to her, but Will thinks he should stay away after the fight they had. Jen laughs, saying that Barbara is always up for a good fight, and even though she is not awake, she might hear him. She steers him towards the door, and Will goes in. Jen sees Gwen standing over by the elevators and approaches her. She tells her that she has a lot of nerve showing up there after everything that has happened.

Holden, Lily, and Luke are searching for Jade’s backpack in the dark. They think they should look again in the morning, but then Lily finds it. She hands it to her, commenting about how much stuff there seems to be in it. Is that why she didn’t want them calling her home? Is she even from around there? Jade tells them no. Luke reminds her that she wasn’t really in the street, but more in their driveway. What was she doing there? Jade dodges the question; she is waiting for the right time to admit what she was up to, but it is not right then and there in the cold and dark, out in the street. They press; what was she doing? She says she has been there for weeks, watching them. Lily, Holden, and Luke look from one to another, confused and nervous.

Casey comes back in and Maddie tries to explain, but he cuts her off; she is right. Whatever she chooses to do with her life is not his business, and from now on he is going to keep his mouth shut. He storms by her and up the stairs as a saddened Maddie watches him go.

Nick arrives at the Galaxy and tells the owner that he is from out west but is looking for a good and relaxing time, as he flashes some money around, handing some of it to the man. The man reciprocates the non-verbal cue by telling him about Chardonnay. No, she is not a wine, but she is fine and their best dancer. He tells him to take a seat and enjoy the show, which Nick happily does. After Nick sits down, the man tells the bouncer to keep an eye on him. Carly walks in the door and spies Nick across the room in the front row, smiling from ear to ear at the dancers, as he places some dollar bills in their outfits. She mutters that he should enjoy it while he can.

Lily and her family collectively ask Jade what she was talking about when she said she was watching them. She doesn’t want them to think she is meaning to hurt them. Luke nervously asks why she keeps looking at his mom the way she does. Lily asks if she recognizes her from somewhere. Jade answers that she goes to sleep every night with her face in her memory, but she has never seen it after she woke up. She has waited so long— Lily interrupts: What is she talking about? She means that she is looking at her mother’s face. Lily looks stunned.

Jen realizes how she sounded and explains that her words came out wrong. She just meant that she knew that she and her mother had had a blow-up earlier. She thanks her for bringing Will to the hospital, though. Dusty interrupts, saying that the babysitter can stay the night, but she would like to talk to her, though. Jen thanks Gwen again as she leaves. Gwen mumbles to herself that she wishes she wouldn’t thank her.

Will is sitting at Barbara’s bedside, talking to her. He says to her that they say she won’t remember and he hopes she won’t. He didn’t mean to hurt her; he just wanted her to leave Gwen alone. He leans over and kisses her gently. He pleads for her to come back to them soon, and then he walks away. After he does, suddenly Barbara’s eyes open widely.

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