ATWT Update Friday 2/3/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 2/3/06


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Luke sits quietly at his steering wheel, trying to convince himself that he did not just hit a person, and that it was a deer or something else. He gets out of his car to see what happened and is horrified at the sight of a young woman lying in the middle of the road. He desperately touches the girl, hoping for any sign of life. He tries to check her pulse and becomes even more panicked when it appears that she does not have a pulse. As he kneels over the woman's lifeless body, he screams for someone to help him. A car's headlights appear and Luke waves for the car to stop and help. Out of the car appear Lily and Holden. They try to get Luke to calm down and tell them what happened, as Holden calls for help on his cell phone.

At the hospital, Lily informs Holden that Luke is getting dressed after his examination. The doctors say that no damage has been done to his kidneys and that he appears to be okay. Holden then inquires about the girl that Luke hit. She is unconscious and might have gone into cardiac arrest. Luke emerges from the hospital room with worry and concern on his face. He wants to know if the girl is okay. Lily tries to tell him as little as possible by saying that there is no word on her. This puts Luke into an even bigger frenzy. He thinks that if there is no word, then that can not be a good sign. Luke begins to blame himself, saying that the girl is going to die because of him. Lily tries to calm him down. Holden wants Luke to tell him exactly what happened. He wants to know why Luke was out driving in the first place. Lily hopes that the reason is because he was getting something for his sisters, but Luke's face plainly reveals that this is not the case. Luke admits that he went to a party. Holden immediately jumps on Luke's case, assuming that he must have been drinking. Luke defends himself and says that he had nothing to drink.

Just then, Margo arrives to give Luke a breathalyzer test. Lily, concerned for her son, immediately jumps to Luke's defense, saying that he can refuse the breathalyzer test. Margo acknowledges that he can, but says that his license will be suspended for a minimum of six months. On the other hand, if it turns out that he has been drinking, then he will be arrested and taken to jail. Both Holden and Lily look worried, but Luke steps up and says that he will take the test. To Holden's surprise, and Lily's relief, Margo announces that there were no traces of alcohol on Luke's breath.

Luke gives Holden the ?I told you so." Luke is still not off the hook with Holden. Holden pleads with Luke to tell him what is going on with him, before he destroys himself or someone else. Luke is almost teary-eyed. He looks anguished, as if he wants to tell Holden something. Holden continues to probe Luke, who seeks comfort in Lily's arms. Holden suggests that Luke finally fess up to what is going on with him. Luke opens his mouth to say something, when the doctor appears, announcing that the young woman is stabilized and wants to see them. When they enter the room, she appears to be sleeping.

She is beautiful, with curly dark hair and dark features. She appears to be of mixed race, and maybe in her late teens. She opens her eyes, and through her blurred vision she spots the three of them. She says, "It's you?. Lily looks at Holden and Luke, confused.

Will and Gwen sit at a table in the Lakeview lounge. Will plots how he is going to steal the money from Gwen. Gwen is uncertain and tells Will that she doesn't want him to do this, and that his mom was right about her. She feels that she has driven him to this, because when she first met him he had a car and a friend in Casey Hughes. Gwen gets up to leave, and Will stops her. He softly takes her in his arms and tells her that he would rather be friends with her than Casey, because she is a lot cuter. This forces a smile from Gwen. Will wants her to wait there while he goes upstairs to get the money. Gwen doesn't want him to go alone. Will insists that he will be fine, because he has two keys and won't have to break in. Gwen tells him that they are in this together, and that she is going with him. Will pauses for a second and then lets out his hand for her. She takes it, and they head towards Barbara's suite.

There is a knock on the door of Barbara's suite. She opens it to find Lisa standing there with flowers. She is surprised and delighted to see Lisa. Lisa tells her that the flowers are a peace offering for what happened in their discussion earlier. Barbara says that she should be thanking Lisa for firing Gwen. Lisa can't believe that Barbara is still on this. She turns to leave, and Barbara stops her. Lisa tries to get her friend to see that she lost Paul, but that she has a second chance with Will, and she is driving him away. Lisa goes on about how she thinks that there is a decent, caring person inside of Gwen. Barbara refuses to hear anything good about the girl and politely dismisses Lisa. She appears to be affected by their conversation and goes to freshen up for dinner with Jennifer.

Gwen and Will quietly enter Barbara's suite. Will heads directly to a small jewelry box on a piece of furniture. He opens it up, takes money out, and quietly closes it. He turns to walk towards the door, where Gwen is waiting, and suddenly Barbara appears from her chambers. She demands to know what they are doing there. Her eyes open even wider when she sees that Will has money in his hand. She is angry that Will has stolen from her. Instead of feeling guilty, Will matches her anger and says that they wouldn't have had to do this if she had just stayed out of it. Barbara picks up the phone, and Will rushes to grab the phone from her. The two struggle, with Will gaining the upper hand.

Will accidentally ends up knocking Barbara backward, who falls and hits her head on a side table. Will and Gwen are both horrified.

Jennifer sits in Paul's penthouse, on the couch, weeping over her dead brother. Paul leans against the wall in the other room, quietly trying to stay concealed as his sister bawls her eyes out. Jennifer continues to let out her frustrations.

Paul almost reveals himself to her, until Dusty enters with the baby. Jennifer is clearly upset and goes to pick her baby up out of his stroller. Dusty is upset that Paul has put her in this situation. He goes to grab the papers on Paul's estate and declares that he is going to burn them. Jennifer cries and begs Dusty not to do it. She says that if he does, then he is just like Paul in not letting her make her own decisions. Dusty backs off. He suggests that he and Jen leave and order take-out. Jen remembers that she has a dinner date with her mom, and Dusty is less than thrilled to eat with Barbara. Jen can't find Johnny's towel to clean his face. It's a close call as Dusty heads towards the room where Paul is hiding to get a towel. Jen calls Dusty's name at the last moment and tells him that she found the towel. Dusty turns around. The two decide to head out and take the papers with them. Before leaving, Jen looks around the apartment and says goodbye to her brother.

When they leave, Paul comes out of the room. He says to himself that this is not goodbye for him and Jennifer. He makes a weird phone call in a weird voice, trying to reserve a room. He then grabs some sunglasses, throws on a hat, and heads out the door.

At the Lakeview, Lisa tells Jen that the hotel babysitter is running late. She then takes it upon herself to grab Johnny and says she will watch him until then. Jen is handed a note from Barbara. It says that she will not meet them for dinner because she is not feeling well. Jennifer is concerned and thinks that Barbara is depressed. She decides to go check on her.

Maddie enters the house, looking extra spiffy. Her hair is full with loose curls. She has on makeup and a nice coat. Casey is seated on the couch and tells her that he has some movies for them to watch. He asks Maddie where she has been, and she tells him that she was at dinner. Casey is still oblivious, until Maddie tells him that she was on a date, and she brings her date in the house. There is a little awkwardness and shock from Casey. Maddie announces that Casey was just headed upstairs to watch a movie. Maddie's date takes her coat off, revealing Maddie's spaghetti-strap dress. Casey sees her in slow motion as she tosses her hair over her shoulders. Casey heads upstairs, but continues to find reasons to come back downstairs and interrupt their date. When her date gets a call on his cell phone, he excuses himself, saying that it is his sister.

Casey uses this opportunity to tell Maddie that it is not his sister on the phone. He tells her that he heard he was seeing a girl at St. Vincent. When her date returns, he tries to cuddle up to Maddie, who pushes him away. He asks her what's up, and she tells him that she heard he was seeing someone. He tells her that his sister goes to St. Vincent. The two kiss, but quickly break apart when Margo comes home. Maddie does the introductions, and the two go outside. Casey comes down and wants to know where they went. Margo tells him that he seems awful concerned about someone he sees as his little sister. He tells her that he is just looking out for her, but Margo can sense that he is jealous. Casey decides that he needs to take the garbage out. Maddie and her date stop kissing when Casey comes outside. Annoyed, Maddie's date tells her that he has to go, and that he will see her around. Once inside, Maddie lights into Casey and demands to know why he did everything in his power to ruin her date.

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