ATWT Update Thursday 2/2/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 2/2/06


Written By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

Luke is at the rooftop party with Kevin.  Kevin tells Luke that he needs to tell his parents that heís studying at the library to buy him more time.

At dinner, Lily and Holden talk about Luke.  Holden thinks that heís failed him as a father.

Jennifer and Barbara meet with Cass Winthrop about Paulís estate.  Jennifer doesnít want to deal with it, but Cass tells them that they arenít understanding what he is saying.

Henry and Emily call the last number on Megís cell phone.  When Paul answers, Emily is sure that Paul is alive.  Paul calls Megís phone back.  Henry pretends to be an operator, but then Emily grabs the phone and calls Paulís name.  Emily and Henry start to tear apart Megís room to find a clue about where Paul might be.

At the cabin, Paul figures out that Emily knows heís alive.  He starts packing to leave.

Kevin is still trying to convince Luke to call his parents and lie about where he is.  Luke doesnít really want to do it.

Lily and Holden continue to talk about Luke.  Lily doesnít think that Holden has failed him.  Holden thinks that maybe the reason that Luke isnít coming to them is because Holden isnít really his father. 

Cass explains that Paul made it very clear that Barbara was to have NOTHING to do with the will or any of his estate.  Since Will is under 21, that leaves Jennifer to execute it.  Barbara goes on defense about Will getting any money because she thinks that Gwen will take it.  Jennifer doesnít think that Gwen is that way since she barely touched the trust fund that Rosanna set up for Johnny.  Barbara tells Jennifer that she has to protect that money for the family.

Kevin lies to his dad on the phone.  He tells Luke that itís his turn.  Luke doesnít want to.  Kevin wants to know why he hasnít even touched his beer.  Luke asks him if he wants to go somewhere else.  Kevin doesnít want to leave the party, and tells Luke that heís bringing him down.

Lily tries to convince Holden that it doesnít matter that Luke isnít his biological child.  Holden tells her that Luke is not like him.

Jennifer agrees to execute Paulís will.  Cass gives her the combination to the safe and tells her that she should find papers in there.  Barbara offers to go with her, but Jennifer tells her that if sheís going to do this, then sheís going to do with the way Paul wantedóalone! 

Paul hallucinates that Emily is coming after him. 

Back in Megís room, Emily and Henry have really made a mess of the place.  A maid knocks on the door.  Emily hides in the bathroom, and Henry (still dressed in the maidís get-up) acts like heís cleaning the room.  The real maid tells him that itís her room today, and he tells her that she can have it, but then she changes her mind because of the mess.  She leaves.  Emily comes out, and Henry thinks they should leave because Lisa will be after them shortly.  Emily notices Megís muddy boots and flashes back to the cabin when she thought she saw Paul in the window.  She tells Henry that she knows where Paul is.

Lily and Holden decide to go home and talk to Luke.  They call him to tell him that they are on their way.  Luke is still at the party with Kevin.  He tells them heíll see them at home.  Kevin tries to convince him to stay. 

Jennifer is at Paulís apartment looking through the safe.  She finds bills, insurance, contracts, etc.  Then she finds an envelope that says, ďTo my sister, Jennifer, upon my death.Ē

Paul is still trying to leave, but ends up falling outside.

Emily explains that she had the same mud on her boots when they were in the woods.  They both figure out that Meg is helping Paul for money.  Emily tells Henry that they have to get to the cabin before Paul gets away.

Luke asks Kevin if he ever gets sick of the constant lying.  Kevin tells him that the less his parents know about him, the better.  Luke tells him that the lies are stopping tonight, and he leaves to go talk to his parents.

Jennifer reads the letter from Paul:
            Jennifer: "Dearest Jen -- if you're reading this, then I'm somewhere on the other side and I can finally say to you what needs to be said. I know how much you hate me. And believe it or not, I understand. I can't and I won't try to defend the things I did to you. And I won't make excuses, either. I just want you to know that you had a brother once who loved you more than anyone in his life. I failed you. I know that. I let something bitter and dark take hold of my heart and never showed you the man I meant to be. It happened so slowly, I didn't realize I was changing. But I'm hoping you'll forgive me and give me a chance to succeed in death where I failed you in life. I've mandated that my estate provide a small trust fund for Will. The rest is yours, lock, stock and barrel. I know you'll try to refuse it. Please donít. It's the only thing I have left to show you how deeply sorry I am and how much I care about you. I love you, Jen. Believe me. And that's the only thing in this world that I can be sure is true. Even now as I sit here knowing I'm headed for hell."

Emily and Henry arrive at the cabin, but they donít find Paul there.  Henry figures out that there was a fire there recently since the cabin is so warm.  They dig through the ashes and find the remains of Paulís driverís license which proves that he was there.

Holden and Lily are leaving the restaurant.  She tells him to be upfront with Luke and not show him all this doubt that he has inside. 

Luke is driving fast to get home.  Kevin calls him to apologize for giving him a hard time and tells him heíll stop by with a 6-pack later.  Luke tells him that he canít.  Kevin asks if they can ever hang out again.  Luke tells him that heíll call him later.  Then Luke hits a woman and she goes over his hood of his car. 

Jennifer continues to read the letter from Paul:
            "Please don't mistake this for a gift, Jen. It's not. It's only a fraction of the debt I owe you. Not that money could ever repay you for what I've done. I'm gone now, but that's no great loss. The biggest tragedy is that I will never know my nephew, Johnny. Never know the joy of being his uncle Paul. I'll never see your beautiful smile as you tuck him in and he reaches up for one last kiss. Maybe it's a fitting punishment for me to suffer these losses for all eternity. But I like to think I'm leaving behind something that might ease your pain. So I beg you to accept the only thing that remains of me. Accept them for yourself and your son, and know that I might find some peace in doing for you in death what I didn't have the guts to do for you in life. I love you forever. Paul."

As Jennifer finishes the letter, she is sobbing, and in the background, we see Paul standing there.

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