ATWT Update Wednesday 2/1/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 2/1/06


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Holden sits on the couch and looks guilty when Luke and Lily return home. Luke’s expression turns to disbelief as he realizes that his dad hacked into his computer to read his blog. Holden stands to face Luke, who is upset with him and can’t believe that he invaded his privacy. Holden apologizes for the fact that Luke feels that his privacy was invaded, but boldly declares that he is not sorry that he read his blog. Lily leaves the two to their confrontation and goes upstairs to check with the girls. Luke wants to know why Holden invaded his privacy. Holden excuses his behavior by saying that Luke would not talk to him or Lily about what’s bothering him. Luke’s blog stated that his mom and dad wouldn’t understand something if they knew. Holden point-blank asks Luke to tell him what it is that he thinks they won’t understand. Luke can’t believe that his dad has the nerve to hack into his computer, read his blog, and then ask him to explain himself. Luke tells Holden that he will never forgive him for this. Luke angrily storms out on Holden.

As Holden sits on the couch, Lily comes up behind him and puts her arms around him. She joins him on the couch and wants to know the scoop on what went down with Luke. Lily holds back no bones when Holden tells her that he read the blog. She wants to know what it said. Holden tells her that he doesn’t think that he should bring her into this, because it is between him and Luke. Lily can see how frustrated and upset Holden is. She suggests that the two of them go out for the evening to relax.

Holden welcomes the distraction and agrees. Luke walks past them and is headed for the door. Lily stops him and wants to know where he is going. He sarcastically responds that he is going for a walk and wants to know if he needs a leash. Lily firmly tells him that he needs to adjust his attitude and tells him not to be long. When Luke returns, Holden waits for him in the living room. Luke clearly does not want to be in the same room with Holden. Holden tells Luke that he wants to call a truce. Luke is still upset. Holden tries to be gentle in order to get Luke to tell him what is going on with him.

Luke opens up a little and tells Holden that he wishes that he were invisible sometimes. He is tired of everyone waiting to see if he is going to get drunk or die. Holden tries to understand where Luke is coming from, but he still is skeptical about whether or not Luke is completely leveling with him.

Lily and Holden sit at a table at the Lakeview. Lily can sense that something is off about Holden. He tells her about his conversation with Luke. Lily can still sense that there is something else. She flat-out tells Holden that something else is going on with their son, and she wants to know what it is right now. Meanwhile, Luke has left home and arrives at the party on the rooftop that Kevin told him about earlier. Kevin is glad to see Luke. He immediately offers a beer to Luke. Luke declines at first, but Kevin insists that it is a party. Luke grabs the beer and says, “What the hell?"

Gwen is sure that Barbara set things up to make her look like she stole the jewelry. Barbara acts offended. Lisa joins the two to try to calm down the commotion in her hotel. Gwen is angry at Barbara. At the same time, Will shows up and wants to know what is going on. Barbara and Gwen are both anxious to tell him their respective sides. Barbara says that Gwen stole a diamond necklace from a client. Gwen defends herself and says that Barbara set her up. Lisa looks uncertain, but takes Barbara’s side. Will is quick to come to Gwen’s defense. He doesn’t put it past Barbara. Gwen desperately wants to keep her job. She says that they can search her room and they won’t find anything. Will then turns the suspicion on Barbara and says that maybe they should look inside of her purse. Barbara gets big-eyed and clutches her handbag tightly. She reshifts the attention back on Gwen and makes more accusations. Lisa tells Gwen that her stuff has been packed and is at the front desk. Will goes to get her things. Barbara gets close to Gwen and tries to make her feel small. She says that Gwen is ruining Will’s life and that he is going to get tired of living like this before long. Gwen grabs Barbara by the arm and tells her that she is going to make her pay for this if it is the last thing that she does.

At this time, Will returns. Barbara plays the victim and asks Will if he sees how his girlfriend just man-handled her. Will does not care, and he walks off behind Gwen. Barbara turns to Lisa for sympathy. Lisa is standing there with her mouth open. She is appalled at the way that Barbara talked to Gwen and says that she wants no part in this anymore. Barbara catches up with Lisa upstairs in a hallway. She is proud and glad that Lisa sees what kind of girl Gwen is. Lisa tells her that she is not so sure that Gwen took the necklace. She looks suspiciously at Barbara and recalls how convenient it was that seconds after Barbara wanted Gwen fired, the situation arose. Barbara feigns being hurt at Lisa’s words. Lisa leaves her there. Barbara looks in her handbag and pulls out the diamond necklace. She sees a maid disappear into the suite of the victim. She rushes over and grabs some tissues off of the maid stand. She wraps the necklace in the tissue and places it in the trash can on top of the cart. Later, Will tells Gwen that he plans on stealing from his mother, since he knows it was her fault that Gwen got fired.

Meg is uncertain about taking the money and leaving Paul there in the cabin. Paul insists that he wants Meg to take it and leave him. Meg is concerned about his health and asks him what he will do. He makes reference to all of the medicine that she has stored there. He tells Meg that she is too big of a risk, and she gets offended and tells him that he can go to hell. Paul grabs her hand and softly tells her that that is not what he meant. Meg sits on the edge of his bed and is reluctant to go. Paul asks her what is keeping her. He jokes that it can’t be the charming company. He then picks her brain and figures that she is going to miss the excitement and suspense. Meg looks a little sad. She tells him that he can come with her to Waco and get medical treatment. Paul declines and tells her that he wants her to go there, or Brazil, or somewhere. Finally, Meg leaves Paul.

Emily and Henry sneak into Meg’s room. Henry is still wearing the ridiculous maid garments. Emily frantically searches the room for some evidence of what Meg is up to. Henry comes across some receipts for gas. He and Emily realize that Meg has been filling up her gas tank three times a week. Henry does admit that it is a bit strange, but Emily is certain that wherever she is going, Paul is there. Emily won’t let it go. Henry tries to get her to see that she shot Paul and that he is dead. Emily goes into a trance for a moment, as if she is going to buy it, but she snaps out of it. She is certain that Paul is alive. She says that it is the only way that all of the pieces fit together. How could Meg afford to stay at the Lakeview when she is unemployed? Why has Meg been stealing meds?

Suddenly, Henry grabs Emily and places his hand over her mouth. She tries to speak, but he won’t let her. He quietly tells her that Meg is coming in. They rush to hide in a closet. Meg comes in and immediately starts packing. She gets a call on her cell phone from Paul. He wants to know what she is doing. Her conversation is very short, and she tells him that she is packing. He tells her that he hopes she has a good life. Meg throws her phone on the floor and goes into the bathroom. Emily rushes out and grabs the phone and runs back to her hiding space. Meg returns and is confused when she can’t find her phone. The bellman knocks on her door and asks her to sign her checkout papers because her car is downstairs. Meg leaves the room. This time, Henry rushes out and puts a phone down where it was. He rushes back. Meg returns and finds the phone. She gathers her bags and heads out the door. Emily and Henry emerge from their hideaway. Henry reveals to Emily that he switched phones with Meg's so that she could check the call log. Emily wants to follow Meg, but when she goes to the door, she spots Lisa and Barbara talking. Emily notices a pattern of calls on Meg’s phone. She calls the last number that Meg called. Emily is speechless when Paul answers the phone.

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